Alexei Navalny Death – Assassination?

Alexei Navalny Astrology

The death of Russian politician Alexei Navalny on February 16, 2024, was the latest in a long list of early deaths of opponents of Vladimir Putin. The poor guy already survived one sinister attempt. There are several indicators of assassination in Alexei Navalny’s astrology chart.

Alexei Navalny Death Transits

The biwheel chart below shows the Alexei Navalny horoscope inside. The outer wheel is his time of death. The data for Alexei’s birth comes from Astrodienst. [1]

Reports said his time of death was recorded as 2.17pm local time. [2]

Alexei Navalny Horoscope

Alexei Navalny Death

The precession correction value of 0°40′ is added to natal positions.

Pluto opposite Saturn transit: Pluto represents powerful outside forces, dictators and abuse of power. Saturn rules confinement and hardship. Together, these planets represent fate and death. Interestingly, Alexei’s Pluto is conjunct fixed star Vindemiatrix (0°38′): This star known as the Widowmaker “figures strongly and regularly in deaths that are in some way dramatic, newsworthy or are resented in much more than the usual degree by those left behind (assassinations, common criminal murders, executions, airline disasters etc.)” [2]

Neptune conjunct Descendant: The Descendant rules partners and open enemies. Neptune rules deception and conspiracies, so it is linked to assassination. Therefore, Neptune conjunct Descendant transit is an indicator of assassination. Alexei Navalny’s Descendant is conjunct fixed star Scheat, associated with extreme misfortune, murder and controversy.

Moon conjunct Mercury: Both conjunct fixed star Algol. More than any other star, it is associated with brutality, violence and murder.

Vertex Point conjunct Neptune: The Vertex point represents fated events and destiny encounters. In an event chart, it acts like a timing device. So, on Neptune, it points again to suspicion, deception, and assassination. The fixed star here is Alwaid, associated with violence and criminality. Note also that transiting Neptune is conjunct his Vertex Point.

IC conjunct Arabic Part of Assassination* (19♍44): The IC at the bottom of the chart represents the past, ancestors and history. In a chart like this, it could relate to the origin of his death, its planning or where the order came from. The IC for the death chart and Alexei Navalny’s Part of Assassination are conjunct fixed star Denebola. With IC, it brings “a death that will be famous and known to all.” [4]

*Arabic Part of Assassination = Mars + Neptune – Uranus. [5] For the time of death, it is 09♐24.


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27 thoughts on “Alexei Navalny Death – Assassination?

  1. far more likely British intell killed him — he was ore use to them dead and it also allows tucker carlson interview and reports from russia which followed to be buried as well as the crushing lo9ss of Avdeevka — i think you need to i8nvestigate these harts with an empty mind to get to the truth — you seem to have a pre-concieved idea and this will simply produe a preconcieved result.

  2. Bad move on Putin side. Killing him will make him a legend, an imortal figure. To silenced a voice od freedom during Pluto in Aquarius?!?! Foolish decision. This will be the reason for the upcoming revolution during Neptune/Saturn conjuction. Transisting Pluto for some time opposed his Saturn, adding now Mars made this awful news. Pluto will be back fort the last time in Capricorn later this year. It will make another opposition to his Saturn but also a trine to his ASC – strong image. I think the upcoming lunar eclipse would conjunct his Pluto…Next 2 years Jupiter will conjunct his Gemini planet and then his MC. I think he will be famous during this time. Brave freedom fighter – Leo Mars in the 11th house

  3. Didn’t listen to too much of this as it is painful. But what I did overhear referred to him as something like the voice of a new generation of Russians. Some say Pluto is generational. Putin isn’t the only one struggling to maintain the old guard that is too far gone to relate to where the human populace is in the present.

  4. @Jamie – well it could be . The signs are there . There’s also an interesting article ‘ Russia in Chaos ‘ on Adrian Duncan blog who says …the WORST is yet to come .

  5. I heard an echo, I think. I don’t mean martyr to be a bad thing. Because if you get the call, you get the call.

  6. Sudden death syndrome. So where’s the body Vlad? Let’s have a look see. He obviously didn’t take an ‘accidental dive’ from a building. But there’s always the famous poison tea. Or??

  7. British intelligence? Lol
    All the propagandists tell everyone to keep an open mind when they clearly have a biased motive they want you to reach. Anyone who would think anyone other than Putin ordered this is clearly showing how deluded and closed their mind is. Because they’ve been brainwashed and they don’t even know it. They just keep finding truth in lies and claiming to be a “free thinker” this is the greatest threat and sickness we as humanity face. Polluted minds.

  8. Just learned a new word. Vranya. Translation is transparent lies. Was surprised at how much has been written about it in reference to Russian regime and how and why they use it. That is all beyond my scope but I love having that word in reference to those kinds of liars I run into in my microcosm. Have been referring to it as ‘the game’ but vranya is tight. I like it.

  9. This looks pretty convincing to me…even if British intel killed him it would still be an assassination.

  10. Eclipses have a way of eclipsing people 4-6 weeks before an upcoming one Lunar ♎️ 5°07 Mar 25/24, at the half way point (Jan 28/24) of the previous one of Oct 28/23 ♉️ 5°09, give and take several weeks. The total Solar April 8 in ♈️ 19°24 promises fireworks with a stellium of planets in ♈️ as well as ♓️

  11. Jupiter is obviously acting as a functional malefic, in the 8th (affects Uranus and SN) as is Venus, with Pluto and Mars in the 4th, and it appears so is par of fortune, conjunct natal Uranus-did not know that could happen-(Mars/Pluto (death) in 4th house of end of life affairs). saturn, MC (outer image) and Neptune in house of health-public loss of health-Pisces and Neptune rule endings and loss. SN in house of natal Pluto. Could it be a fit of anger/impulsive by a person whom he trusted as a friend? Ascendant/Natal Mars in 11th house of friendships. Vertex conjunct natal Neptune in Scorpio/Scorpio rules poison and secrets. So many bad aspects at once.

    • yes 888 jewels juppi can blow up bad things and evil…you can see this i.e. in nazi horoscopes…

  12. One more thing I found is that his natal Chiron is in Taurus, and it is often involved in the charts that clearly show death aspects, though in his case, it seems a more general effect on his 8th house of death. This would also suggest dark psychological wounds he would be unable to heal, or outright physical wounds that cause death-transit Chiron in Aries would suggest to the head.

  13. Well I missed the one punch to the heartdeath scenario, though Asc at natal Mars in Leo possibly shows that

  14. Hi jamie am i wrong or did you write “navalny’s neptune is conjunct scheat” ? I think you meant the transiting neptune on 26′ pisces which even only a wide conjunction…in fact navalny’s neptune is on alwaid which doesn’t make is much better…greez from globalist zone no.1 🙋

      • yeah jamie nice to get an answer from you :)… you see i am not always that confrontative haha…i like your site and work as you know so i have fun to contribute…greez to you and your family and stay that way !

  15. If you see putins stars you know he makes no prisoners. Neptune and uranus COULD have given him a spiritual note BUT his saturn and even more lilith/pluto on midheaven are much stronger. Pluto is birth ruler so he uses the gifts of uranus (evil genius/technology) and neptune (lies and poisons) only for his power. His mars on galactic center adds to this and also some fixed stars. Thus his mindset is: There is no king besides ME (midheaven in leo) and only I am the No 1 in russian empire. Like jehova said: thre are no gods besides me. And i use all that ruthless power given by the stars only for that purpose. The jewish oligarchs beresowski and chodorkovski wanted to be no 1 in russia. So what did putin do ? You know what… But jewish oligarch abramowitsch did obey so he can go on making business BUT always with permission from the KING….so what about navalny ? He has dominant sun-neptune so HE wanted to be the king in russia thus he ended up as a looser. Didn’t he KNOW what kind of man putin is ??? C’mon – thats ridiculous…He knew that and thus he went back to russia cuz he WANTED to die as a martyr. – just as some mentioned here…now there are vague hopes that will change russian mentality in the future…maybe maybe not. Some hope for a saturn-neptune revolution in russia BUT before that uranus goes over ALGOL and PLUTO over selenskyis sun….and THAT is both very dangerous and we can only prey NO NUCLEAR WAR…Therefor germany for example shouldn’t give the TAURUS nukes to selenskyi if we don’t want apocalypse…i tell you putin WILL then push the button ! Do we really take that risk ?

  16. Further on: Navalny was also a russian nationalist as i read somewere…he could have ended as a second boris jelzin preserving the russian empire with war…therefor don’t believe the media hyping people as the new saints…there are always interests. I wouldn’t go this far mi6 or cia had murdered navalny…read what i wrote thats totally ridiculous…BUT western intelligence, politics AND jewish world community surely supported ALL enemies of putin so THEY can take over in russia. It is always a game like VIC wrote. It is NOT about human rights or values as they always tell us. Who controls that brainwashing media ? They !!! It is all about money and power. And therefor putin is shurely not the only culprit in this game…if you complain about navalny’s destiny then what about the enemies of US-establishment ? What about julien assange rotting 100 years in prison ? Is this the US-version from putins “let them die slowly” or what ??? What about edward snowden if they get him some day ? Just some thougts…

  17. neptune conj. point of fortune — happy martyrdom ? Glad to be a lamb to the sadist slaughter alwaid ?
    And what about his ac conj. markeb and mc conj. beteigeuze ? Surely he was a motivated and spiritful soul BUT…

  18. Interesting… he has mercury as both ruler over ac and mc on ALGOL !!!! So in the end also his radix is NOT that lightweight… also saturn square uranus… so there was a lot of danger for him right from the start…

  19. “he studied law and how to deal with financial, markets, assets, trading and the stock exchange. He also was sponsored by Yale university where he learned how to organize groups of interest in social networks” I cite this from the german “Munzinger Archive”. When i read all this i think the neoliberalists wanted him for President in Russia. Also if i read “sponsored by Yale” immediately skull & bones emerges in my head. You cannot bring a large group of people behind you with the aim of taking over in russia if you have no SUCH background ! Somewhere all the money, backing and knowhow for all of this has to come and it does seldomly come out of the blue….

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