Asteroid Cruithne

Asteroid Cruithne Astrology

Asteroid Cruithne has a very peculiar horseshoe  orbit which is difficult to describe in words. Some have called it Earth’s second Moon. The lunar association is also strong in the name of this asteroid.

The Cruithne were a peculiar race from ancient Scotland, who the Romans termed the Picts because their bodies were covered in tattoos. The Pictish Nation had a matrilinear culture where the women passed on the family name, they were warriors and goddess worshipers. We really don’t know a lot about this mysterious culture because they left no writing, just the strange symbols on the standing stones.

Astrologer Lynn Koiner has done some research and belives that Cruithne “brings an internal transformation through seeking one’s roots and our rootedness to this planet”. I’ve been interested in this asteroid for a while as I have Scottish ancestry and have been very interested in researching this wonderful ancient culture. Tonight I had the urge to write about it, and discovered that transiting Cruithne was on my Moon (10 Virgo). In my natal chart Cruithne is conjunct my Chiron and IC.

I would also expect asteroid Cruithne to have some association with the warrior goddess archetype and also the occult, as these were a dark and mysterious people. There is some evidence of this association in the discovery chart. I do wish I could have found the exact time, but that seems as elusive as this culture.

Asteroid Cruithne Astrology Chart

Chiron with Lilith is a magical conjunction, dark too, hard to fully understand. The feminine is the focus in this chart with Venus as the action point of a Yod aspect pattern. Venus on the fixed star Zubeneschamali which “will arouse, above all things, spiritual and mental forces”, and with Venus gives social success and help from women. This is very apt for a culture whose social system was ruled by strong and spiritual warrior queens.

Asteroid Cruithne Astrology

Asteroid Cruithne Astrology

The interest in our roots as mentioned by Lyn, can be seen with Chiron sextile North Node as part of the Yod. Chiron describing the healing journey, and the Nodes represent our ancestral heritage. Yods do denote a spiritual warrior energy, in this case strongly feminine with Venus, and definitely the warrior queen with Chiron on the fixed star Bellatrix,, the Female Warrior star”.

The Cruithne were like all indigenous cultures, closely in tune with their mother Earth. They were also fierce warriors living at the fringe of the world, even the Roman Empire could not tame them. Eventually the Pictish Nation fell from a series of invasions, the culture was lost, and the people dispersed around the globe. The North Node in that chart is on a star called Baten Kaitos, “compulsory transportation, change or emigration, misfortune by force or accident” [3].

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3. In “additional asteroids or hypothetical planets”, add 3753.

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  1. Neat. Cruithne falls at 5 Pisces in the 6th using Placidus/ 7th using whole signs. It makes one tight aspect, a trine to Uranus at 5 Scorpio in the 3rd. Cruithne’s NN is close to my Sun at 19 Aries.

    • My son and I had looked this one up about 2 months ago, because he was interested in the Moon, and the other possible “moons” we have.. (and because of something a friend told me once about Toro being another “moon” to Earth) and we found this.. the orbit is very interesting because its following Earth and takes a year to go around the Sun as Earth’s companion, however.. it takes about 700 years to make a complete orbit of the Earth itself.


    • Spirograph was the first thing I thought too! Such a beautiful path… 🙂

  2. In my chart:
    Cruithne in 4’49 Pisces R in 6th
    conjunct Moon in 3’11 Pisces in 6th
    trine Sun in 5’20 Scorpio in 2nd
    square Saturn in 5’08 Gemini R in 3rd
    square Neptune in 1’48 Sagittarius in 2nd

    Geocentric South Cruithne Node in 25’27 Sagittarius
    sextile Mars in 25’54 Aquarius

    I have the Heliocentric Cruithne Nodes in 6’10 Leo/Aquarius
    square Sun/Earth in 5’20 Scorpio/Taurus

    so my Sun is both trine Cruithne and square the heliocentric Cruithne Nodes

    • correction:

      square Saturn in 5’08 Gemini R in 9th
      square Neptune in 1’48 Sagittarius in 3rd

    • Interesting being conjunct your Moon Raymond. I know you were very close to your mom, but ever had much interest in her heritage?

  3. This is a great one Jamie! It really hits home being supposedly “my” ancestral peoples – Cruithne is conjunct the Lunar North Node, in Aries in my natal chart.. sort of adds to the Mars/Lunar expressions of my other planetary placements. Sort of reinforcement.

    True Node Aries 14°22’17”
    3753 Cruithne Aries 14°53′ 0″
    in the 11th house.. some karma from the past I expect!

      • I believe that it has an echo of Mars in the first house in the sign of Cancer (conjunct the Sun and Venus) Sextile Moon in Virgo (4th house) There is a Mars directness that comes forward in my life.. and considering “Mr. Betelgeuse” Also has a Sun/Mars Conjunction, its nothing I’m going to get away from in this lifetime 😉

  4. Hi Jamie,
    I just discovered this site and it is awesome. Your writing on Cruithne was so appropriate. I did a meditation this morning and an anscestro showed up. He wasn’t tall and blue eyed, like some of my Scottish anscestors, he was shorter and dark. He was telling me about his people’s connections to the earth and he they connected through their hearts to the planet and all of creation. So your writing hit home. In my chart
    Cruithne is Pisces 5 degrees 38’52″r
    Sun is Pisces 5 degrees 2’32”
    Moon is Pisces 9 degrees 6’15”
    Chiron is Pisces 10 degrees 8’5″
    Uranus is Virgo 3 degrees 10’38″r

    Somehow this feels karmic. Again thanks for the invo

    • Glad you discovered us, and the timing is magical! Cruithne right opposite your Chiron for this moment. That’s a powerful stellium too, and interesting that it was a male ancestor in your dream with Cruithne conjunct Sun.

  5. Had to look mine up now. At 16 degs Pisces, sandwiched between Saturn and Chiron in my 10th. Just adding to my T square to the AC there. I suspect that a Cruithnee transit might’ve been responsible for my wanting to marry a Sicilian. I had a good few years of really wanting to get back to my Sicilian village roots and getting in touch with nature, howling at the moon, gazing at stars at night, meditating on mountains etc etc. Must look it up.

    • the Sicilian connection could well have been a calling of your ancestry Marina, or a retracing of the path they took, as the Picts originated on the Black Sea from Scythian roots and came via the Med and the Atlantic to the northern shores after being driven out of their homelands by the Phoenicians. They were great sea fairers, travelling in longboats and amongst other wild and wonderful things were fond of copulating where-ever the fancy took them….(Bede, Graves and Oppenheimer)…..a wondrous Lilithian folk!

  6. Thanks Jamie, for bringing us this asteroid info. I was just channeling my Scottish ancestors yesterday afternoon (haha), via my feigned Scottish accent, after spying a man in a kilt walking down the street. So your post is very timely.

    In my chart, Cruithne, at 26 degrees Aquarius, is in my 6th, exactly trine my 2nd house Sun and exactly sextile 8th house BM Lilith/Sedna. Transiting Neptune and Chiron have been conjunct recently, and I’ve been invited to stay with a relative during his last round of chemo. Everyone’s hoping Reiki might be of some help.

    Through secondary progression, Cruithne is now exactly opposite my natal 12th house Pluto and trine my natal Neptune. Just last week, I dreamt of my half Scots-Irish, half Native American great-grandmother (who died long before I was born). She was encouraging me to use my healing skills.

    All this seems to fit very nicely with what you’ve written. Thanks again. 🙂

    • Yes, the Chiron Neptune spiritual healing and the link to your ancestors is confirmed with your dreaming and channeling. Interesting this comes around Halloween too, with it’s association with remembering our ancestors.

    • Nice to think that 🙂 Something you mentioned in your reply to Marina, this may explain some ancient karmic connection we feel for each other too. Marina’s dad was Sicilian and her mother Maltese, yet she was born and always lived in Britain and feels a close connection to Britain and Ireland.

      Also with the maritime history, I did read that the Picts had a formidable navy. My maternal grandmothers side of the family came from the Isle of Skye which was apprently the naval stronghold and the place of the last stand, the last to be converted by Saint Columba. More interesting links to Ireland there with the Island being home to the Dark Warrior Queen Scathach, with her military academy based at the Fort of Shadows. Apparently the Irish hero Cú Chulainn came to her for training (and a bit more). I also read that the only other men allowed there were the arch druids to instruct in their arts.

      • some of the stones (and there are not so many now) have remarkable glyphs that recall the tatts of the Scythians and earlier central asian peoples – they were placed for prominence and have been connected to clan totems (they are known to have had totemic affiliations) – however – a feeling I have always had about these folk is that they had a well developed star knowledge (navigation not withstanding) and knew how to hide their knowledge – although, perhaps fittingly, this knowing is like a voice carried on the wind, I get this as a resonance when contemplating the stones

        my own Scottish/Irish/traveller ancestry has come through every time I’ve tuned in to them, much more so than the Gaelic branches where I find stoney silence…..

        ……interestingly, Bede mentions that Pictish was still spoken in the north around his time (8th century) but the language is distinct from either Brythonic or Gaelic roots, just as Basque is to Spanish

        lovely feeling from this post Jamie, and perfect way to work with the energies of Samhain – ahhh, the Fort of Shadows – now theres a name to conjure with……

        • I’m with you, Rob. I also get a strangely comforting feeling from this post. Glad to hear someone else feels it as well.

          Good post, Jamie.

  7. Nice post. I just found mine is in the 7th house of my chart at 2 d pisces in a seperating conjunction to my saturn in aquarius which is at 29 d aquarius. Interesting. My chiron is also in pisces. I wonder if it hits any midpoints. I should check further. Thanks for this. I had never heard of this particular Celtic tribe. Great stuff.

    • I am revisiting this cause I was reading Lynne Koiner’s article the new centaurs. I did an chart for myself again and found out I was totally wrong and it is in libra at 26 d in my third house.

  8. Congratulations for paying attention to Cruithne, our co-orbital asteroid (or quasi-satellite as it is sometimes called) but please, please, please DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE INFLUENCED BY THE NAME. There is still a chance to observe what this body does astrologically, since there is no consensus (aka sheep stampede) to muddy your judgment. You are too good an astrologer to fall into the Doctrine of Names nonsense.

    • You’ve brought up a good point Axel, and thanks for the compliment too.

      I’ve thought about this name question for a while as it applies to asteroids and to planets, especially the modern ones (since Saturn).

      I can’t help feeling there is something very non-scientific going on with how these objects end up with their names, like “it was mean’t to happen”. Pluto is a good example. Since the discovery and naming there has been lots of astrological research into the effects of Pluto, there is a good consensus among us now, and the astrological nature of Pluto does closely resemble the mythology. We are finding the same with Ceres, Chiron etc.

      Now the astronomers who named these objects had no idea of what astrological effect they might have, it wouldn’t even have crossed their minds. So what is going on here? It seems as mysterious to me as how astrology should even work in the first place.

      However, I do agree with you that we need to observe and record what these new bodies do in charts. Thats’s the wonderful thing about having blogs these days, people can add comments about their experiences so we all have more to go on. Unfortunately I have not found an easy way to add new asteroids like Cruithne to chart searches, for example it’s not possible on SolarFire.

      So I do rely on my intuition based on observing the effects in my own chart, that’s the one I know the best. I’m all for the scientific approach, but I strongly believe that it has to be alongside the intuitive approach. The feedback in the comments above about synchronicites and dreams just confirms that for me.

      Thanks again for sharing your wisdom Axel, much appreciated old teach.

      • Yes I am so with you on this Jamie. I used to think you were crazy looking at Asteroids, I used to be such a skeptic and such a conventional Astrologer. Since the Neptune/Jupiter/Chiron conjunction to my Mars/Lilith my whole life has changed. The more I trust in my intuition now the stronger it gets and I am still astounded each time when things happen to back that up.

        I have been using these minor asteroids with my Lunations for almost a year now, this is purely going on their names because most of them are so tiny there is not much else to go on BUT that. For me it works. It IS pure intuition, but I trust it now.
        As with all asteroids you’d go crazy if you had to factor them all in. They are useful to get another layer in or for fine tuning. When they are tightly conjunct the AC or MC they will be useful in a natal if relevant to the profession or if a person feels very strongly about a mythical figure like Merlin or Hekate for example. But they should never distract from the big guns.

        Otherwise one will just bubble up from our little group here to give us a message like this one did yesterday. Wonderful how Astrology can do this.

          • The fact that we don’t yet know how astrology works doesn’t mean we have to let the mythology dictionary do our thinking for us. For starters, I don’t see how the action of Pluto the rock mirrors what we know of Pluto the god, unless we stretch things a good bit. As for the newer rocks, people come to conclusions very quickly after peeking at the dictionary and then there is a cascade of conformation from others who are easily influenced. Nor do I see what this has to do with intuition. All great scientists advanced their disciplines with flashes of intuition. What has intuition got to do with being influenced by a name?

            It wasn’t always this way. It took Pearce many years to come to his conclusions about Neptune. Read the section on Neptune in the second edition of his manual, which came out 32 years after the first.

            The Doctrine of Names is the greatest perversion of astrology ever to have occurred.

  9. More on the intuition from observing the influence in my own chart, and synchronicities. I first brought this asteroid up for discussion on the Horoscopic Astrology Blog on Myspace about 18 months ago, with some good feedback from Zane Stein. When I posted there I looked into the transits again, and found asteroid Cruithne transiting conjunct my Chiron, which is tightly quincunx my Mars. That same day I had gone to give blood which I have to do a few times a year to control a genetic disorder particular to people of Scottish/Irish descent, hemochromotosis.

    Mars for Iron in blood and cutting, Chiron for the wounding to heal, quincunx the health and also the karmic aspect, Cruithne activating the hereditary link. One event on it’s own doesn’t mean much, but in combination with writing and bringing it up for discussion, and then seeing similar synchronicites over time it means a lot for me. Something we cannot learn by studying the charts of people we don’t know, even better than studying charts of people we do know.

    Again, that is the beauty of having these blogs. I don’t write too much on the interpretation of natal aspects and transits we are are researching, I’m more interested in just getting them out in the public arena and building up a database with comments from people sharing things about there own lives.

    • Jamie – I am with you on this – great that we have the technology now

      one of the absolute key events in my life also threw up one of the most startling set of transits – have just factored in Cruithne and am blown away….theres a lot but here are the key aspects :

      Saturn conj. natal BM Lilith forming grand trine with Moon opp galactic centre and with Jupiter + Vertex conj. natal Neptune
      Moon quinc natal AC
      Mars conj. Pluto on natal AC
      Mercury conj natal NNode
      Uranus conj Neptune (7′) opp natal Vertex
      DC on natal Saturn
      AC on natal Mercury
      Juno opp BM Lilith
      Kali on natal Pluto
      Lilith corridor containing Ceres, Eris and Cruithne, and natal Sun + natal Venus
      Cruithne conj natal Venus
      Eris conj natal Sun
      Sun at midpoint of natal Neptune and natal NNode

      this was the day of my first shamanic initiation – not an event that looked, felt like or resembled such, but, the real deal….

      if ever I needed any kind of proof that astrology gives clear insight and that transits work………

      hope this is useful!

      • You have Cruithne in your Lilith corridor as well as ALL those others!? WOW! You’ve got a whole coven in there.

        • well this transit moment was life changing (again!) and they’re lovely ladies to be escorted by (kept Chiron out of the list – sometimes think its best to keep a little something back…..promise this is an innuendo free comment Jamie 🙂 )

          but, I am really loving the energy building for this Moon….just trying to keep earthed!

          by the by, we just today entered the last period of the Mayan calendar which will culminate on Oct 28th 2011 (not the date that the media is touting)…the energy is definitely in these posts – beautiful

    • I just on a whim wondered about that Sicily connection and the first thing that popped into my head was my dads death. So I looked up where Cruithne was the day he died. It was on the tip of my Yod at 22 Gemini. Absolutely everything in my chart plugs into that. Its the hottest spot in my chart and its also conjunct the AC. You couldn’t get a bigger sign than that for me. It was a real Ah HA! moment.
      Bear in mind it is conjunct my Saturn natally in the 10th (Parental house). So “wisdom from ancestor” you betya!

      Just a little side note. My Dad died 6 years ago now, I often wonder what he would make of Jamie. I take his Sun being on Jamie’s Saturn (Yod Apex) as a bit of a sign. My dad was pretty unconventional and he married twice too. I think he’d approve. I will look with interest to see where Cruithne is on our wedding day. I know he will be there in spirit:))

    • I hate to make light of a serious condition, but its obvious that such a condition could only develop as they do because of the “warrior” gene.. since in so many people anemia is a serious problem due to lack of iron, and is ALSO in many a genetic condition.. this inverse is probably related to surviving many a wound in our collective history.

      I find this condition fascinating because I have an “elevated” hemoglobin level which has always been considered extremely healthy but ranges within the “normal” level of a healthy MALE instead of the normal range for females.
      I have given blood often in the past and stay the heck away from too many iron rich foods because I KNOW I absorb more. Its just the way I’m made. I didn’t know there was any kind of condition like this, much less about an inherited condition. I am going to look into it to see if there is anything “unhealthy” occurring due to this elevated iron level since this is the first time I have read about it.

      Thanks for sharing this very personal information!

      • Worth getting it checked out for sure. Symptoms are similar to anemia too, but it’s usually picked up in males moreso ebcause we don’t have your natural way of loosing blood. Genetics has shown Hemochromotisis started as a mutation in southern Denmark I think about 1500 years ago, spread to Scotland and Ireland through Vikings. Surviving battle wounds was a fortunate side effect, but the main evolutionary reason that it is so common in the descendants, is that women more often survived childbirth, hence could have more children.

  10. A very interesting asteroid.

    With its ‘bean’ trajectory, its proximity -even closer every november of each year.. The study of its astronomical caracteristics, along with an eye on particular events, on top of checking personnalities map wherein Cruithne appears very strong, could lead to even better knowledge of its role or ‘effects’.

    – Its last closest approach of the Earth was in 1902 (said wikipédia).. between other things.. the first fictional movie:

    “A Trip to the Moon” by Georges Méliès

    It’s a pleasure and a ressource that DSA adds asteroids research to its palette. Thanks.

    • I just realized, in Italy they celebrate “I Morti” (The Day of the Dead) on the 2nd of November. When this blog was posted. Blimey Jamie. Right on the button!

  11. Marina, your comment made me curious where Cruithne was when my dad passed away. Sure enough, it was conjunct my IC (as well as a few asteroids), which is part of my mystic rectangle. And he died in the home I grew up in.

    • Wow you see?! Those angles, so important. As well as hitting points in important aspect patterns. Interestingly my sisters DC is conjunct my AC so Cruithne would’ve been conjunct her angle too.

  12. That’s interesting. I have been caught up in my ex husbands tribal mask brought home from his travels in South America which is so African Chief looking and now seeing suddenly my daughter with the same identical plumped out face and my grand daughter. I certainly am curious about my ex’s side of the family. His father’s name “Bedard” his wife European – where does this “other” come in.
    My cruit is 28 degrees pisces. Speaks for itself coming to attention NOW. Roots.
    Another great story from your site. thanks again.

  13. I’ve been amazed at the energy and personal stories this asteroid has brought out, for so many of us – so, I had a closer look at the discovery chart you show here for Cruithne and found it at 1d 38′ Taurus for midday – it is square Mars (1d 04′), trine Neptune (1d 35′) and opposite Pluto (4d 50′) at this time of discovery and was in retrograde phase – even if we allow that the exact degree for its discovery is either 1 to 3 Taurus the midday time seems close as it would put it on fixed star Tyl in Draco, which feels right, and looks right – compare Draco with the serpent on the Aberlemno Stone above! – Sabians for its discovery degree, even if 1 to 3 Taurus, all have some resonance as these first three degrees are connected by a symbolic process describing “the substance of the individual being…fecundated by the experience” of primal energy – in retro the keywords are “Natural Fulfillment” though “Visitation” of “Its Own Nature”, which all echoes integration and remembering of ancestry and bloodline…..following it back to its natural roots and intrinsic nature as a transformative process

    the above has come about as I have been experiencing a curious and compelling energy around this asteroid, mediating and dreaming with its energies has brought up a real need to know – so, I looked at its present position – found it now exact quincunx its position at that time I was initiated, and very close my natal MC – the magic is that, since this post appeared, the opportunity and means to meet with the person who initiated me on the shamanic path has come up and we will be meeting, at the same location, 17 years on, almost to the day

    Alterego and Jamie, the “warrior gene” and evolutionary aspects of Hemochromotisis are fascinating and resonate here, but, so much in everyones comments here seems to be backing up the symbolism you and Lynn Koiner brought to the table for Cruithne – so, Jamie, do you think we can refine a little and confirm our understanding of Cruithne from the fascinating answers that have been coming out here?

    • Yes, I will try and put all the feedback together and add a summary in the main post later.

  14. Hi,

    I had to look this up because I am also Scottish. I have it in the 11th house tightly square my 7th house stellium. It is exactly square my 7th house neptune.

    The transit of this is on my natal lilith by 1 degree!

    I’m still trying to figure out what all this means!Any insights would be great!

    • That’s a hard one to work out Ella, anything square Neptune is confusing. Mysterious like the culture.

  15. This made me go check and see where Cruithne is in my natal chart. I’m not sure exactly what it means, but here it is, in my 10th house of Pisces:
    sextile SUN @ -2S
    square MOON @ 1S
    conjunct MC @ 3A

  16. Very inrteresting. And yeah I think I have gone crazy trying to look up every single ateroid and fixed star and find out its meaning and how it applies to me. =P I’ve been trying to find out where Cruithne is in my chart. Still can’t find it but at least while tring to find that out, I found out where asteriod Lilith is in my chart. (aquarius) Wich I’ve been trying to find out for a while.
    Anywho, when I do end up finding out where that is I wonder if it will help me figure out some missing roots, no one knows what country my great grandpa came from. My mom has a few guesses. Scotish, french, spanish, hebrew. I just don’t get how that never came up where he came from, I guess he like ran away or someting like that. I do know that I’m Irish, British, and Polish. I have no idea where I get my Olive skin color from. Mom says it comes from her dad’s side. My dad and sister are fair/sunburned, and my mom is beige. (I use to get a mean tan from being outside alot when I was younger)
    I want to thank Jamie and Marina for your site. Its awesome. No one does it like you guys. Keep up the good work/information. (p.s. my spelling sucks :/)

  17. Axel, had to make a new comment because we run out of space for more nestled comments.

    Did you know that you have asteroid 19810 Partridge conjunct your Moon? Right now asteroid Partridge is conjunct your Sun.

    It’s an ungody hour here so I’ll reply properly later. I’m enjoying your challenge, most interesting given that the July solar eclipse was on the fixed star Castor, your AC and my DC.

  18. I have a relatively uncommon maiden name, and when I began doing genealogy research I discovered my paternal ancestors had originally spelled it a little differently (still uncommon). Just for fun, I looked it up and was surprised to find an asteroid by that exact name. Wouldn’t you know it, it’s exactly conjunct my natal Sun, within 7 minutes! And Cruithne is exactly trine.

    • That’s what I mean. How do you explain that or is it just a crazy coincidence? I think this post hs raised an interesting discussion about the use of Asteroids in general. The use of asteroids in astrology does not use the same rules as planets. Like I said before. Many of then are simply space rocks indistinguisable from another. The only thing specail about them is the name and which group they fall in. Are they a centaur? A Trans-Neptunian? A dwarf planet, a Lilith or a scattered disc object? There are even Greeks, Trojans and Hildas(!?!!) Gotta love those Hildas….

      As for the stars. They are all the same really, some brighter than others. So how did joining the dots and coming up with the constellations that then become stars signs be any different than looking at myth over astronomy. Tropical astrology has nothing to do with Astronomy anyhow. It’s just talking about the Sun through the seasons which is fair enough. But what about the meaning of Venus in Scorpio then? Isn’t that just pure symbolism and synchronicity? Do we REALLY believe its meaning came about by hundreds of years of observation of people with Venus in Scorpio. Or is it rather just a symbolic interpretation of the Goddess of love going into the Underworld and the transition into Autumn, the beginning of decay and decomposition?!

      Off to look up my Partridge!

      • Axel, can you live with paradoxes? I can understand your angst if you can’t!

        I’m interested though, what would an unperverted version of astrology look like and how would it work?

  19. Axel I don’t really know how I can answer what you have written. Does that mean I have to ignore the Asteroids that are conjunct the Moon everytime I do a lunation post because not enough research has been done on each one?
    All I can say is the whole “rock” asteroid phenomena seems to work by some strange synchronicity. It’s just interesting is all I can say. What Jamie just said about Asteroid Partridge kind of backs that up or is that just another odd thing that doesn’t mean anything?

  20. Just read your thing about the Cruithne asteroid and am smiling. Here’s a poem I wrote a few years ago. We’re really not that mysterious : )

    Cruithne (pron. Cree-nya) Long before they called us Picti
    If you read books of history they will say
    The Romans discovered us when they came our way
    But my Granny told me, as I sat at her knee
    The stories and days of my ancient family
    Long before they called us Picti

    We came out of the Earth as the great ice melted
    We watched as it carved out the Great Glen and lochs
    It pushed up the mountains and flattened the glens
    As it made its way to the sea
    Long before they called us Picti

    My people, my ain folk, Cruithne (Cree-nya) of the Earth
    They told ancient stories as they sat round the hearth
    The seers, the healers, the wise women too
    If you listen quite closely they’ll tell them to you

    We were put here to nurture the sea and the land
    Mother Nature/Father God’s helping hand
    Gifts we were given to help on our way
    And a light to shine for those gone astray

    If you read books of history they will say
    They’re not sure about our ancient way
    They found no weapons till the Romans came
    And they think we disappeared in modern day,
    But my Granny told me as I sat at her knee
    The stories and days of my ancient family
    Before, and after, they called us Picti.

    We watched the Celts, the Gaels, Angles and Norse
    Come settle the lands to the south, west and north
    They came peaceably, the earlier ones
    We thought they had come to share abundance
    The Romans they plundered and we took up with arms
    They frowned on our ways, our healing and charms
    In the days when they called us Picti

    They killed our menfolk, burnt wise women at the stake
    And well meaning people thought our children they’d take
    To raise them in their ways, to give them a chance
    To stamp out our language, our song and our dance
    Not knowing our blood carried ancient memory
    Long before they called us Picti

    We are the Cruithne (Cree-nya) of the land and the sea
    They say disappeared into history
    But we are the seers, the healers, the wise women too
    We are still here, we walk among you
    With our gifts we were given to help Mother Earth
    Long before they called us Picti

    The sailor who hears a storm on the brew
    The shepherd who feels the pain of his ewe
    The farmer who tends the land lovingly
    The women the sick and the birthing come to
    We are the Cruithne, they called us Picti

    It’s still in our blood, the gifts of the Heaven
    To help shine a light on the Earth
    When you stop killing us we will put up our hands
    Join ancient sisters and brothers across all the lands
    Return to the truth of our ancient family
    We are the Cruithne, they called us Picti

    My ancestors call, our carved stones whisper
    Time draws near to shine our light
    For ancient folk across all the lands
    To stop the rape of Mother Earth
    To share the wisdoms we’ve known from birth
    My Granny told me, as I sat at her knee
    That this would be in their time for me
    It was written long before they called us Picti
    I have my place in ancient history

    (c)Smileyjen101 2007

    • Absolutely amazing Jen. You’re prove that it’s in our genes. “Not knowing our blood carried ancient memory”

  21. On the day my deceased mother managed to get a “message” to me via a kind stranger (referenced in my comment left on your December Forecast post), transiting Cruithne was exactly conjunct my natal IC, which is part of my Mystic Rectangle; it didn’t occur to me until now to check out where it was, but it makes sense.

    Currently, transiting Cruithne is almost conjunct my Saturn in the 4th, which is pretty close to transiting Mercury. My natal Saturn sits at the exact midpoint of my Mercury/Moon square and also at the midpoint of my Neptune/Moon, so that’s a very sensitive point in my chart – I’m curious if I’ll receive any other “messages”. With transiting Cruithne so close to transiting Mercury, I wonder if anyone else will experience unusual communications.

    @Jen – I loved your poem.

  22. I have Cruithne conjunct Venus/Lillith, on my DSC!
    I have been called a gorgeous woman with a warrior spirit…

    Other than that, what effect does this have in the 7th house, since it is the house of marriage/relationships?

  23. I’ve really enjoyed the Asteroid articles and looking at them in my chart. As it turns out, Cruithne is retrograde and conjunct Ceres in my chart (the orb is 12′) and on my DC as well, Traci. I wonder if this in my chart could possibly relate to my having been given a lot of responsibility for mothering younger children in my family when I was still very young myself. I suppose it is more likely to do with my conflicts with a romantic partner as well as in a work partnership over my children and mothering.

    I also have Scottish heritage, Jamie, so thank you for writing about this asteroid with its intriguing orbit.

  24. Another intriguing post. I’m really starting to love these asteroids! Cruithne is trine (21′) lilith in my chart. (4th & 7th houses in whole signs) Lot of powerful feminism going on there!

  25. I have Cruithne conjunct Venus (Orb of 0 Degrees, 10 minutes).

    I am intrigued by Lynn Koiner’s definition of transformation and roots. I also have Venus conjunct my North Node (orb of 3 degrees) which I have always pondered if I will eventually have a “soul mate” type of love connection.

    My dating/love life has been a rocky, strange and confusing path so I would assume I have a lot of past life karma I need to work through before I ever find Mr. Right.

  26. The Picts did not need to be tamed by anyone especially not the barbarian Roman invaders. The Picts have lived freely in Scotland for thousands and thousands of years, they had structure, council, social care, advanced buildings, a navy and advanced weapons long before Rome existed.
    The Picts never disappeared at all through mysterious circumstances or by invasion that is untrue. Most people living in Scotland today are the desendents of the Picts. Religion in the form of Christianity was responsible for the demise in Pictish culture and ways but as a people they live on in me and my countrymen. Scotland is a Pictish nation not Celtic.

    • i am the daughter of the pictish royal king kennith mc alpin, i don’t understand why you say you know nothing of the pictish as yet you say they are dark,the pictish are indigenous to there sacred ground,they were also closest to native americans of the americas,indigenous peoples,today i do ceremonies to my pictish ancestors as i sage and burn and bury my tresspassors,and re-claim my ancestors heritage,and culture,we are eternally embracing our past, present and future genetics,awaking our dna memories thru rituals,awakened wind, 2012

  27. p.s they also left several examples of a written language which no-one has yet deciphered. High in the hills where I live there lies two stones which contain written language and a standing stone. A demolished Roman fort once stood nearby. When excavated they found the remains of many Roman soldiers. Its quite likely a battle took place here and was marked by the Picts. There has also been the ruins of a Broch/Dun found in the immediate area. This area was once on the doorstep of the Antonnine defensive wall/line and must have seen many battles. We are the Picts.

  28. Arise, arise, arise!

    I have it in my 9th house, right in between Vesta and Merlin.

    I read, that it is hard to “down load” them, because they were so scared by the rippen world (I sure am!). They are affraid to act.

    Mine are! And I am supossed to “bring the magician into action” by the mayan calendar!

    (I would not know how, though).

    This day, has been a crying one for me!

    Thank Godess I have my healing new era drops. But my mars is angry as any one can be…



    • Rocio, you mention the Mayan calendar a lot in your posts and it always fascinates me, the meanings of the days. Where can one find information on this? I was born very late Feb 19, 1986. Would have been Feb 20 in Guatemala. (Where my father was born) Thank you for any insight and wishing you all the best always.

      I find this website to be a community of information and support that spans the globe. Much love to you all and especially Marina and Jamie for helping to bring the dark stars to light. 🙂

  29. Wow, what a fascinating asteroid! So much history and folklore behind it. I just had to input it into my chart.

    1) It is conjunct my Venus in Capricorn (9th house), which is part of a stellium which over arches from the 9th house (cap)- 8th house (sag)Venus Psyche, Jupiter & Neptune which overarch into my 8th house Sag. Does this make me a warrior of love? Or maybe being wounded (Psyche) in Love (Psyche) could wake up the warrior goddess (Crucithne) in me? Any other possibilities?

    2) Right now in transit, Crucithne (along with t-DarkMoon Lil) is conjunct my ASC which is conjunct my Chiron-rising…. Can this explain why I’ve felt so bitchy lately? Hahaha…..

    Any other insights to this fascinating asteroid?

  30. I was thinking about the origins of humanity the other night. No ideas as of yet, but the image of the rock with carvings that was on this post when it was located at darkstar popped into my head. Just located Cruithne in my 7h conjunct P.O.F. Maybe the Picts were clued in on our origins.

  31. Perfect!
    Mine is square my sun and opposite Pluto – almost exactly for both. No wonder I write books about past lives!!

  32. Sun conjunct Cruithne exact.
    Makes you a conservative, carer or guardian of the Earth and the spiritual connection, roots to the earth, gives you two sides, a “Home and away”. Sensitive and interested in helping the world.

  33. Sounds a bit like the shadow moon idea — if I recall correctly, the shadow moon relates to our roots that we have lost — which seems very related to Cruithne’s involvement in getting people interested in their distant ethnic/genetic past. Does that make sense?

  34. How interesting – Cruithe is trine my natal Moon in 12 in Leo, and I am a past life therapist and write books based on my past lives too ☺

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