Asteroid Urania

Urania Goddess

In Greek Mythology Urania was one of the nine Muses, the eldest daughter of Zeus and Mnemosyne. Urania was the goddess of astronomy which was the same then as astrology. She is also associated with Universal Love and the Holy Spirit.

“To each of the Mousai men assign her special aptitude for one of the branches of the liberal arts, such as poetry, song, pantomimic dancing, the round dance with music, the study of the stars, and the other liberal arts . . . For the name of each Mousa, they say, men have found a reason appropriate to her : . . . Ourania, because men who have been instructed by her she raises aloft to heaven, for it is a fact that imagination and the power of thought lift men’s souls to heavenly heights.” [Diodorus Siculus, Library of History 4. 7. 1 (trans. Oldfather) Greek historian C1st B.C. ]

“Corymbus of Helicon . . . formerly the Musae’s friend, to whom Uranie herself, knowing full well his Stygian destiny, had long foretold his death by the position of the stars.” [Statius, Thebaid 8. 548 ff (trans. Mozley) Roman epic C1st A.D.]

“While Urania shows involvement with astronomy, astrology, mathematics or any kind of theoretical, abstract or symbolic knowledge, it is also the ability to extrapolate principles and relevant data from a mass of facts”. [Mechanics of the Future – Asteroids, Martha Lang-Wescott, 1988]

Asteroid Urania Astrologers

Jonathan Cainer conjunct Pluto
John Dee conjunct Saturn
Elsbeth Ebertin conjunct Jupiter
John Frawley conjunct Neptune
Augusta Foss Heindel conjunct Mercury
Deborah Houlding conjunct Moon
William Lilly conjunct Jupiter
Joan McEvers conjunct Pluto
Jeff Mayo conjunct Mars
Johannes Morinus conjunct Neptune
Eileen Nauman conunct Mercury
Ernst Ott conjunct Sun Mercury
Robert Pelletier conjunct Moon
Vivian Robson conjunct South Node
Lois M. Rodden conjunct North Node
Zane Stein conjunct Saturn Vertex
Noel Tyl conjunct Lilith
Sonna Van Toen conjunct Mercury
Robert E. Zoller conjunct Pluto

Find Asteroid Urania in Your Chart

1. Create your chart HERE.
2. Choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
3. In “additional asteroids or hypothetical planets”, add 30.

37 thoughts on “Asteroid Urania

  1. For the love of the cosmos, I hope that the conjunction will mean something good!

    (It has to, says this Libra.)

  2. I really think it will Deb. The New Moon is on a really nice star and trines Neptune.

  3. Hmm, I just ‘discovered’ Urania, hence a Google search to find out more, since she sits .04 degrees from my sun. Thanks for your article.

  4. Hi Penelope, that’s a close conjunction and I didn’t find anyone in the list of astrologers with Urania conjunct Sun. Our friend Karen has a special interest in asteroid astrology, she says of Urania “astrologer, psychic, mystic, priest” [Asteroid Profile – The Muses]. Might be interesting to find where Calliope and Polyhymnia are in your chart.

    • Interesting, I just stumbled upon your site again and see I’ve been here before, but didn’t found your reply until now. Karen’s site seems to have disappeared, but I did find I have Calliope also within a degree of my Libran sun, Polyhymnia in last degree of my 4th house in Virgo. Anyway, I’m pondering Urania as I look for help with my digital publishing start-up: putting lovely work out into the ether/heavens. Thanks for your words, Jamie.

      • (In reply to your reply which I can’t see now.)
        Well, that prompted me to look at the launch moment of and see that Urania was right on my own mid-heaven at that time. That helps, as I go through the turmoil of beginnings . . .

        All the best to Marina, too.

      • Cool, Marina want to start writing a book soon and we had thought of e-books. We had asteroid Urania on the Midheaven of our wedding chart.

  5. Hello,
    I get back to this 2009 article about 30 Urania.
    Urania was part of the last New Moon in Aquarius (with Sun Mars Ceres conjunct, and Saturn Libra in trine)… Almost an anniversary.
    In addition to Uranus, could this asteroid be of some use to precise the way we do astrology?

    The discovery map of 30 Urania is quite impressive by its illustrative touch: (for 22 July 1854 London.. I tried around 11PM):
    – Urania in conjunct Ceres in Aquarius;
    – At the mid point between Neptune/Pisces and Chiron/Capricorn (semi sextile with both of them);
    – In opposition to Mercury; and double square Uranus.

    The whole picture brings us back to the idea of abstraction, between logic & intuition, and relates pretty well with astrology…

    Maybe, 30 Urania with Uranus (in relation to Saturn, Mercury, Ceres, Neptune..) could also give hints about the way astrology is considered and developed, right from its study on the maps of the different nations (??)

    The examples of personalities cited in the article above (like Ebertin & Lilly with Urania conjunct Jupiter; Holding’s with Moon; Robson’s with South Node, etc.) also help to think the asteroid responds pretty well. It could turn to be a fantastical tool for astrologers.

  6. I love that Urania was conjunct Ceres at discovery. I don’t know how I missed her being conjunct this moon. I do like to keep Asteroids at a one deg orb however, like the fixed stars.

    I was pleased to see her on the MC of our wedding chart also:)))

  7. @Marina, I love Urania conjunct the MC of your wedding chart. Who wouldn’t want a little “universal love”? 🙂

    Lately I’ve been thinking more and more about my North Node as I try to move away from some of my more negative, unproductive (and reactionary) South Node behaviors. With Urania conjunct my 2nd house Libra North Node/Venus, the message clearly seems to be about love, since I know I wouldn’t make a very good astrologer. It is interesting though, how astrology has helped open doors for me.

    I think I’ve also read where Urania’s placement can lend a certain eye for detail, which in my chart, comes across in both practical and spiritual ways. My art can be very detail oriented, with intricate designs. And I try sooooo hard not to be hypocritical in my spiritual beliefs.

  8. Hey,

    I have uranian in 4 degrees in Capricorn, also moon and polyhymnia in 20 degrees. Moon is trine to Pluto (virgo) and Saturnus (taurus. Moon squares uranus (libra). I have stellium in scorpio with sun, jupiter, merc,venus,neptune and opposite is saturnus. So pretty hard aspects. 🙂 And one more thing is true node in 29 degrees of aquarius and Pars Fortune (taurus) opposite neptune so all in 29 degrees… not sure if this counts but I think guess this can be grand cross due to nodes 🙂 How do you feel, any change to become an astrologer ? My uranian is in the 6th house which makes me wonder if there is a reason why i am so interested to learn more and more in daily basis.. =)

  9. There’s a thread in the AD forum that’s been running for a while about this asteroid. The later pages are more informative than the earlier ones. Urania’s practical capabilities with astronomy/astrology are its strengths, while asteroid Asteria seems more involved with the intuitive experience of astrological associations.

    Urania is at 1 Sagg in my 1st house, trine Aries Moon 5th, trine Mercury 9th, square Pluto 10th, and sextile Saturn 2nd. I’ve always been interested in depth-psychology, and astrology became part of this tool-kit by the time I was 18. I’m currently in my 3rd and longest immersion now. I spent a couple of years in my early ’30s studying the principles for the first time with good mentors and a solid library for research. I haven’t examined any pertinent long-term transits to the Urania 1 Sagg position that would explain these cycles, but with Saturn sextile Pluto in my natal I suspect the Pluto transit to Saturn (in a cross with Sun/Moon/Nodes) which began in late 2008, is responsible for the most recent immersion. Urania’s trine to Mercury in the natal bolsters my intellectual interest, and also gives me the ability to communicate about astrology in a versatile way. Saturn sextile Pluto are methodically guiding me on a path to make this my profession going forward. Urania’s been transiting my 7th, opening me up to everything that’s available in cyber-space now and testing my “best relationships” to astrology with others.

    The more intuitive Asteria is interesting to me, as it conjuncts my Moon at a yod apex from Pluto and Neptune. Sometimes I doubt my astrological conclusions and panic over the myriad modes of study, but the synchronistic motifs that continue to occur through astrology in relationship to others cannot be explained away. I allow Asteria to guide my interests, learning, and associations with others in the fabulous mystery of it all !


    • Thanks for your reply, pretty interesting. I`ll check new site. I understand you feeling frustrated when there is no planets to inform something when you try to eplain something.. its hard sometimes. There is things what we cannot explain even we would like to, unfortunately. I am in a situation that I quit my job last summer and trying to find out what I really want to do, it seems that I am stuck in my astro studies. 🙂 But this is what i really want to do. Not sure what life brings but it seems that uranus and saturnus are changing my life in age of 40-41 totally. I have today read from Anne Massey book Venus that individuals born with the retrograde station will by progression experience a change in about 40 years and it really feels like.. Its pretty interesting because I have been always single and for somehow I feel that there is no way to sort that out because work seems to be number one always. Well, radix tells that too but its not that easy to change life.. For some reason I feel that everything happens when its a right time.. maybe I am wrong but if somebody can show me something else, then i can believe it :)) I have learned astrology only a year and last 3 months read about 20 books and been in courses so last 3 months been intensive studies because now i have time to put time on it. And it feels so good that I cannot even express. I have to learn more about Urania and Asteria because I have never even heard about those before. 🙂

  10. simple synchronicities- I suddenly decided to look up Ceres on my chart, then randomely picked Urania as well ( conjunct my moon )and am sitting digesting them both when I read your comment that the two were in conjunction when Urania discovered :)) As above, so below I suppose.

  11. What a wonderful conversation thread. My Urania is conjunct Venus in the 8th (and Tanith, whose arose in a dream in mid-2010 for me) is there as well). My sense of Urania’s energy and influence is very much aligned with what you shared from your friend Karen. Polyhymnia is 22 Leo in the 4th within orb of Mars, and transiting my 5th.

    Thank you for sharing your musings!


    • No, the software I have doesn’t allow chart searches for asteroids other than the main ones.

      • On second read it seems you do address this after all:

        QUOTE: “While Urania shows involvement with… any kind of theoretical, abstract or symbolic knowledge, it is also the ability to extrapolate principles and relevant data from a mass of facts“. [Mechanics of the Future – Asteroids, Martha Lang-Wescott, 1988]”

        Urania conjunct within 1 deg of Athene, Mars, and Ascendant

  12. Interesting, I have Urania con Sun in Aqua and Asteria con Moon in Leo. have to read more about this topic.

  13. Hi,
    I’ve been reading up on asteroids lately and your information on Urania made me look into it. Was great to notice it conjuncting my IC to the degree 🙂 Could really use a bit of cosmic TLC since I have already the Uranian planet Hades in there (ugh)…

    Must look further into your site, thanks for the info 🙂

  14. Urania conjuncts my natal Mercury in Libra, 4th house, which is conjunct Pluto in Libra, 5th house. I have studied astrology at home since I was 21. I remember being a 6 or 7 year old child and asking my mother about her Aries necklace. She said “I’m an Aries and your a Libra” and I remember being so interested and fascinated by that, but also left curious as to what that meant. I was always curious as a teen as to *how* the cookbooks came to the conclusions they did and I wanted to know the inner workings, I wanted to be the engineer and look into it more deeply. So I did. I studied with an Australian online school, joined the VAA, went to conferences, and have been a life long student (I’m 40 next month) and I have managed to keep this tool hidden. It’s a tool I have used for my personal and private life path of self-awareness. My home is full of astrology books, solar fire charts (of close friends and family that only inhabit my home get the privilege of my skills and I made a pact with myself as a 21 year old to only use the power of astrology for good because my path of self-awareness was chosen so I would do less harm to others as I saw first hand in my childhood the very definition of toxicity, harm, abuse, all out warfare, and threats by both father and sister that they will “end my life” – I, being blessed with a malignant narcissistic father, (also a martyr of a mother who ended up through cognitive dissidence from the idealisation phase and then devaluation stage with my father in Stockholm syndrome to him), and an 18 month older disturbed sister, who was clinically diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, was probably a bit on the psychopathic spectrum too and she ended up having 3 acute episodes of psychosis during her life (drug induced) and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. So roughly a few years after commencing study I found out through my step grandmother in Germany that my Opa was an astrologer. He was a mathematician at a university north of Hamburg and pre- computerised charts, hand-draw calculated charts. I met him once when I was 12, the only time he came to Australia. He was hidden from my family before then, even my own mother didn’t know he existed until her German-Australian father died, which she was deceived by her mother to believe was her biological one. My astrology-loving Opa hated my father, and I remember the entire visit was fought with conflict. I wonder now if he ever looked at my chart. My step-grandmother (his second wife) said he loved astrology. I went to Germany in 2004 and saw his astrological book collection. I was impressed and knew then in that moment he knew what the fuck he was doing. All the books were in German, and I do not speak or read German, but authors names don’t change :). My step-grandmother said I could take one of his books in the collection to keep. I took Dane Rudhyar “Astrologie der Personlichkeit”. I’ve gone through every page. On page 383 with the title “Widder” my grandfather has placed a bookmark of sorts with astrological info in German and underlined 11th house (hund) 1994. The year he died. Also on the first page in blue pen my Opa has handwritten “Kuchenbecker” – his last name. When I first started studying astrology one of the most standout first things I saw was that I should be studying psychology, the potential to be a psychologist was being handed to me if I was willing to do the work, because I was certainly able, and ethically-minded (Mercury trines Jupiter in Gemini conjunct my 26 degree Taurus ascendant (yes, I’m a feminist, one had to become one when confronted with Peruses always trying to take my power away). I ended up doing a Bachelor of Science and majoring in research methods and design and I did a Bachelor of Psychology and it all just happened like clockwork and I achieved high marks moving into health based research field, and later working in medical sales as the govt ceased funding govt-based research. I about to apply over the next 3 weeks, for my honours year, 12 years later, as Jupiter transits over Mercury conjunct Pluto in libra on 4/5th axis, and my solar return sun (23’13” Libra) is in the SR 9th house and my SR ascendant (27 Aquarius) falls in my natal 9th house (ruled by Aquarius, which is conjunct both my North Node and Mars in Scorpio, natal 6th). The SR ascendant is trine my natal Libra sun. My natal ascendant/Jupiter falls close to my SR nadir, and the SR moon is conjunct Uranus in Aries (and conjunct the arabic part of honorable aquaintences) in the SR 3rd House, opposing my natal Sun, squaring my prog moon (24 Capricorn, natal 8th), and squaring my natal moon in 24 degree Cancer. SR Venus at 27 Scorpio (conjunct the Arabic part of marriage) is angular in the SR 10th and closely conjunct the MC and conjunct my natal venus 24 Scorpio, which falls on my descendant natal, 2 degrees out in my natal 6th, but places my SR venus in my natal 7th, angular (double whammy with the angularity of it’s SR 10th house position, it’s in it’d own triplicity and face, giving it more strength and trines my natal Moon dignified in Cancer (natal 2nd) and all the while still my SR venus in scorpio falling on my natal descendant and conjunct my natal venus is conjunct the part of marriage! the dispositor being in the 11th house conjunct the antivertex and Mars exalted in Capricorn. My marriage is for love and it’s to psychology, and the opportunity to study has come from an ex who says he really wants to try to be friends now and offered help fund my rent so I can return to uni. And all the stress of being a strong independent woman, now lies in the hands of a tricky and difficult ex who I suspect my pull my house from underneath me at any time over the next year and I have no family to catch that kind of fall. It’s wild and stressful, but it’s a labour of love and passion all dressed up in opportunity and opportuniry is knocking, but it could just as suddenly be taken away or is that all in my head? This ex (with a mask of “friendship”) has financial power over me and I do not like it and I want to break free but this is an opportunity not to let fear and insecurities get in the way of… Right? This coming year is my once in a 12 year Jupiter transit through Libra, my 5th house, passing over mercury and pluto and ultimately toward my natal sun conjunct Spica. I was studying at uni 12 years ago and I also managed to travel around the world that same year and it was the best time of my life, but it was also the most stressful, not much money to travel with, went with an ex that was first my friend (although, not on the dark triad like I suspect the current one is and 100% trustworthy he had my best interests at heart. But, our security was totally uncertain and stressful and we didn’t always have a place to stay while we travelled, we slept in a hire car a few times and ate $1 cheese burgers twice a day while we drove from Banff to LA. It was still the best time of my life, both at uni and the semester I took off to travel on an around the world ticket.

    I hope you enjoyed my story of Urania conjunct my natal Mercury and the follow on story of Urania conjunct next months Jupiter in my SR chart, which also happened to parallel Mercury (which is conjunct Jupiter in the SR 8th).

  15. Astrologer in training here… Urania at 4 Scorpio/5th house, trine Jupiter at 4 Pisces, 9th house.

  16. Urania widely conjuncts my Ascendant in late Gemini and trines Pallas, Echo, Saturn, and MC in Aquarius. I am an aspiring psychologist but I have a growing interest in astrology. My Mercury is squared by the Aquarius cluster and in detriment in Sagittarius but I seem to have less trouble expressing accurate astrological insights, which in turn fosters my studies in astrology…

    Apprehensive with how things might shake out during my first Saturn return in a few short years. :/

  17. My Urania makes a square to natal Ceres and Part of Fortune, how this work out?
    My Urania makes a conjunct with Pluto in synergy charts….what that means to me?

  18. Whistle blower astrology:

    Urania conjunct Galactic Centre (27°Sag08’40”)

    26Sag51, 21 March
    27Sag04, 22 March
    27Sag16, 23 March
    27Sag28, 24 March
    27Sag40, 25 March
    27Sag51, 26 March
    28Sag02, 27 March

    28 March 2021 Full Moon
    8Lib18 Moon, 8Ari18 Sun, Conjunct Chiron 8Ari49

    • The above shows the geocentric Mercury, Uranus, Makemake octave.

      Change the chart to heliocentric to consider the Moon and Venus higher octaves:

      Moon, Ceres, Sedna
      Venus, Neptune, Haumea

      If you are considering The Artworks Moon,Venus,Uranus relationship, the 5th Finnish Nuclear Reactor offers the higher Octave sequence.

      This past weekend’s heliocentric opposition, Neptune opp Earth/Moon, produced a reactive Sun to salute the achievement.

  19. Huh! So how many times I am searching something and end up at your site!

    I am being yodded all over the place goading my complacent natal mars rx into action. I look to astrology for reasons, confirmation. I would be functioning the same without it maybe, but it helps answer the ‘what up with this’ factor. I had to ask why. Natal Uranus on IC opp Pluto MH? I am being moved?

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