Coronation of King Charles III

Coronation of King Charles III

The coronation of Charles III is mainly of interest to Anglophiles and royal fanatics. But it is a historical event, and we can always learn something from looking at new astrology charts. The transits to the horoscope for King Charles III are very interesting.

The Coronation Timing

The coronation of Charles III is on May 6, 2023, in Westminster Abbey, London, England. The most critical point in the ceremony to cast an astrology chart is the crowning, or more specifically, the moment the crown touches his head:

The King will then be crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury, with the crowd chanting “God save the King!” at the exact moment St Edward’s Crown touches his head. At the moment of crowning, the bells of the abbey will ring, 21-gun salutes will be fired at 13 locations around the United Kingdom and on deployed Royal Navy ships, and 62-gun salutes and a six-gun salvo will be fired from the Tower of London and Horse Guards Parade. [1]

I watched the football and missed the crowing. Thankfully, Kammy commented on the lunar eclipse post that it was 12:02 pm. I searched using that time and found this corroboration:

At exactly 12:02 pm (11:02 GMT), the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby placed the solid gold St Edward’s Crown on Charles’s head as a sacred and ancient symbol of the monarch’s authority. [2]

Charles III Coronation Astrology

Charles III Coronation Horoscope

Charles III Coronation Horoscope

The timing of the crowning was so crucial because several fixed stars were rising on the eastern horizon at midday in London on May 6, 2023. The Ascendant moves one degree every five minutes.

The Royal star Regulus is the brightest of these, however, it was below the horizon and the furthest from the Ascendant by orb. This means the less favorable stars have a more substantial influence on the nature of this Kingship.

  • 27♌36 – Alpha Hydrae, Alphard
  • 27♌53 – Zeta Leonis, Adhafera
  • 28♌00 – Ascendant
  • 28♌13 – Zeta Leonis, Adhafera
  • 00♍09 – Alpha Leonis, Regulus

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Adhafera (0°07′) gives great military preferment and riches. But this star in the mane of the Lion is connected with lying, stealing and crime.

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Al Jabhah (0°13′) also in the mane of the Lion gives loss and many dangers, a violent and intemperate nature, and to a military officer danger of mutiny and murder by his soldiers. These characteristics are most marked when the star is rising.

Ascendant conjunct fixed star Alphard (0°24′) gives much trouble, anxiety, and loss in connection with estates and buildings. Alphard is also associated with immorality, revolting deeds, and poison.

Sun conjunct fixed star Menkar (1°14′): Great trouble, sickness, legacies and inheritances attended by much evil, and loss of money. Menkar causes disease, disgrace, ruin, loss of fortune, impediments of many kinds, worries, and tests of endurance.

Venus conjunct fixed star Polaris (0°05′) causes much sickness, trouble, loss of fortune, disgrace and great affliction and may give legacies and inheritances attended by much evil.

Imum Coeli conjunct fixed star Zubenelgenubi (1°31′) in the Southern Scale of the Balance. Symbolically called the Insufficient Price, this star represents negative karma, as opposed to the positive karma of the North Scale Zubeneschamali, the Full Price.

The May 5 Lunar Eclipse at 14°58′ Scorpio, also conjunct Zubenelgenubi, highlights the Insufficient Price paid for the royal wealth on display. The “much evil” attended by these “legacies and inheritances” includes stealing, slavery, murder and genocide.

Just as the monarch’s reign is beginning, a number of Commonwealth realms are considering independence and re-examining the legacy of British colonialism. Some Caribbean and African leaders are also pushing for reparations from governments and institutions for the suffering and damage caused by the trans-Atlantic slave trade. [3]

With the Sun, Uranus and Midheaven opposite Zubenelgenubi, Charles is well aware of the karmic debt owed by the monarchy:

Last month, King Charles announced he would confront his own family’s history and examine the monarchy’s links to slavery, issuing a statement, saying he took the issue “profoundly seriously”. [3]

The alignment of the Sun, Uranus and Midheaven also means that significant progressive change is a primary goal of this Kingship. But radical change is coming, regardless of the kings’ awareness or intentions.

King Charles III Astrology

The bi-wheel below shows three significant transits to the Charles III horoscope.

King Charles III Transits

King Charles III Astrology

Pluto square Moon transit (0°04′) rings intense psychological and emotional purging. This will be associated with the reason for the coronation, the death of his mother. But emotional trauma may also be felt concerning the impact of his affair with Camilla, his divorce from Diana and her death, particularly on his children. The recent claims of racism in the royal household would also be associated with this transit and the family history associated with slavery and other crimes in the name of colonialism.

Saturn opposite Saturn transit (0°31′) represents the tradition and turning point in history. It has brought a culmination of his career, or calling, with tremendous responsibility. Past failures are exposed and must be addressed, not only personally but also those associated with his family and establishment.

North Node conjunct North Node transit (0°22′) indicates Charles was born for this role; it is his destiny. It also reinforces the heavy karmic responsibility for the historical crimes of the British Royalty.


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24 thoughts on “Coronation of King Charles III

  1. Charles begins his reign during a Mercury Retrograde and a lunar eclipse? Boy, royal court astrologers ain’t what they used to be!

  2. Interesting that the May 5th eclipse chart for the U.S. also has late Leo rising with Sun-Uranus conjunct the MC.

  3. The last sentence, It also reinforces the heavy karmic responsibility for the historical crimes of the British Royalty” gave me shivers – so true
    never though of it this way

  4. That was a great article, thank you Jamie! Reading the stars and what they mean was horrendous; mutiny, evil, and dark deeds.. interesting how immediately after the coronation South Africa called for the Cullinan diamond back, saying it was just taken and presented to the king. I remember going to the Cullinan mine and museum house just outside Pretoria. Back in the day(I think around 1905) the conditions of the mines and miners must have been horrible. I thought maybe the monarchy was on its way out completely but it looks like he will need to deal with the karma of his ancestors. Seeing as they arrested most of the anti monarchy groups on the day, looks like England are keeping them.

  5. In Babylon, a Full Moon lunar eclipse pointed to the death of a king. Thus, they elected a temporary king on that day and killed him afterwards.
    In Mesopotamia, a lunar eclipse on Jupiter – May 18th, 2023, 2 days after Jupiter will become visible again – pointed to the death of a king.
    Adding to it the Mercury retrograde and 7 aspects to the Moon – We, the People – in the coronation chart, I’d say they didn’t, as usual, consult good astrologers^^.
    The only obviously favorable aspect seems to be the Nodes return to Charlies birth chart.
    This king won’t last long. May the crimes of this family be revealed during his time.

    • Hi Devapriya. Thank you for your analysis. I love that old-style astrology. Do you have any good sources to share?

  6. There is a yod in the crowning chart. Resolution opposed Moon at Algol. Lots of reparations for horrible past actions required. Then the Moon is almost void. Very tired

  7. Jamie- can you share Elizabeth II crowning chart to see how that played out? That would be really interesting with your knowledge of the fixed stars. It would give us a deeper understanding of what’s ahead for Charles.

  8. He’s a good man . Obviously not perfect . His Personal choices are his Alone . He owes no explanation/justification to Anyone except God . To quote the Biblical saying …“He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone …” . I believe he’s aware of his limited time …Also there’s something reminiscent Pisces (♓︎) about his saying ” i came to serve not to be served ” .

  9. Hello, I have now transite Pluto square natal Moon, and yes my mother died last year. It was veru difficult time for me.

  10. Astrologers should NEVER use mainstream media in an attempt to pad out their interpretations. (eg your link to
    To do so (albeit unintentionally) leads to misleading people into accepting popular falsehoods .
    Worst of all , in my opinion, it dishonours the Science of Astrology itself.
    Politics and truth are mutually exclusive.
    In todays times politics reigns well above truth and the general public no longer know the difference!
    We are already living in a sea of lies today.

    I came across the article you gave link to, already prior to finding it here, and immediately spotted the propaganda therein, as well as ‘the intent’ behind it .
    Feel free to ask to elaborate on specifics.

    I recognise that working as an astrologer requires years of specialised focus in its own right,
    therefore it is practically a ‘given’ that astrologers cannot equally have awareness of the difference between propaganda and truth in the outside world .(..unless some intrinsic factors in their own chart)
    It is just a fact .
    Wishing you well.
    Thank you.

    • Wait a minute here, is it being suggested the coronation didn’t happen? That was some programming feat then.

  11. So it sounds like he is carrying the karma for the family. Perhaps his only err was going with tradition and marrying as prescribed. But his marriage with Diana was important to what has broken down with the royalty. The people liked the princess. I don’t know how this jibes with England’s chart or if it really makes a difference in the world at large. It’s just tough for the royals. He may surprise everyone yet. I don’t know that it could get worse for him. Past travails have most likely made him stronger, as that’s the way it works, as I don’t see him shirking his position. It’s those that forge forward gracefully doing their work when under attack that I admire. They give me strength. What exactly is his crime anyway? Seems like he is just another target for people’s personal unresolved anger issues. I am not a fan, I am not not a fan.

    • My biggest quandry is is it possible to get beyond the atrocities of the past. Drowning the present in the past does not seem fruitful to me. And reverting to the past or denial is not working,at least in the U.S. anyway.

  12. The astrologers picked that day and time intentionally. The clue is with the malefic lunar nodes. Think: The Alpha and The Omega. I think Charles’ astrologers suggested a brilliant interpretation to do the coronation on that particular day and time. And the way the astrology will unfold will be shocking to the metaphysical community. I think many astrologers will question their skills and methodologies of interpretation. Stay tuned!

  13. Another clue is the anointing and not the coronation, per se. The moon was not VOID during the anointing.

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