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To create your own free horoscope, simply enter your birth details in the form below. The monthly and yearly horoscopes at Astrology King are divided into decans to give you a more personal and accurate forecast. This free horoscope is interactive, so you can hover over different areas of the chart to read information on the planets, signs and houses. Find the degree of your Sun to see which decan to read in your horoscopes. You can also read my horoscopes for your Moon and Ascendant decan. If this chart does not work on your mobile device then go to the free astrology chart online.

  • Decan 1 is from 00°00′ to 09°59′
  • Decan 2 is from 10°00′ to 19°59′
  • Decan 3 is from 20°00′ to 29°59′

161 thoughts on “Free Horoscope

  1. Nice to note the launching of AstrologyKing. Please update me in your posts . Thank You.

  2. Ugh! So confused?? I just want libra decan #1 info??
    (I really love Darkstar…and the work u two do. BUT this website, or phone? Is really getting on my “tits.” I cant access…and the screen is in half. Perhaps I need a class?

    Little Miss Pissy OCD Virgo/Libra 😉

  3. Jamie! Su fun with the interactive! Thanks! I had never seen my quincux and so!


  4. Hi,
    I just discovered your site and am reading my scope. I like your interpretations, particularly that you say something critical or unpleasant (accurate- 😉 ) unlike most auto-interps that are little more than glosses.


    • Hi Alba, hover your mouse over your chart. Underneath in a table it will explain what each part is. Start with the Sun and it will tell you about the sign and house.

  5. This site rocks. Should I come into the financial situation where I can purchase something full-sized off of you, I’ll jump at the opportunity. This is some of the most in-depth information I’ve found online.

  6. This looks really good. I look forward to reading the info in detail. Unfortunately it has turned into French and I don’t know how to change it back to English. Can you help please?

    • Something weird is going on. Just got your reply in my emails saying it was working for you, but your comment is not showing up here. Must be in that parallel universe!

  7. My chart looked really promising and lovely until I read my Part of Fortune, which seemed disastrous at best. Capricorn in the 1st house? The interpretation given was a tragic fate.. I found this quite disturbing..please help. What does that mean in respect to the rest of the chart?

    • Unfortunately, until I get smart enough to write my own software, this is what we are left with for chart makers. I do not pay attention to the sign or house of the Part of Fortune, nor much else really. What I look for is any aspects to the Part of Fortune, and any fixed star influence. It is not that critical a point in the horoscope unless conjunct a planet or the AC, or MC.

  8. Jamie,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I’d never heard of the part of fortune before, so I appreciate you putting it in to perspective for me. Can’t wait to save up a little for a proper reading from you.

  9. I love your site. It’s very cool, but also difficult to remember all these plants and houses. Is this chart for monthly reading or for general? My sun sign is Leo, Ascendent is also in Leo, Moon is in Capricorn.

  10. Very helpful the Mean/Good Lillith – Mean/Good NN.

    Thanks Jamie,


    • This reflected who I have been… 8th H.Though, the old ones also reflect me (by arc and degree…)



  11. This is an awesome tool Jamie thank you! I have been studying (well sort of) astrology and my own chart for 20+ years now, and this gave me a few insights I hadn’t even thought about yet.
    Love it! Will definitely make good use of this page. 🙂 Thank you so much!!

  12. Wow My Dominant Signs are Sun, Mercury, Uranus and the strongest Pluto. I am a stranger in my own world. :/. I basically don’t believe in honesty and the mysteries in life… Pretty much when it comes to money I’m screwed… which is true. 🙁

    • I said don’t believe… I mean believe in no BS and only in honesty and mysteries… I think faster than I type. Fail, sorry

  13. Hello Jamie, I am a capricorn 3rd Decans. My ascendant is aquarius. Could you tell me what is the decan of my ascendant. I am born on the 20/01/1986 in Cape Town – South Africa, at 07h35 in the morning. Thanks a lot for letting me know.

  14. tel me from april to dec 2015 about my business growth financial with health & also get to know about my new business

  15. Hi Jamie, I’m not sure what Decan I am. I was born on September 22, 1968 at possibly 11:00pm in Cohoes, NY. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Elizabeth, your Sun is o Libra, basically right on the cusp between Virgo and Libra. You will have to read both Virgo decan 3 and Libra decan 1. I use time periods a lot in my horoscopes. eg, Mars in your decan from Jan 1 to 20, In Virgo decan 3 it will be the later days, in Libra decan 1 it will be the start of that period. All the best, Jamie.

  16. Hello Jamie, actually I am trying to know if I am Libra rising or Virgo! Because my birth is : 9 July ,year 1953,time is around 12 noontime ,Beirut Lebanon. Will you pls if you have a bit of time answer my Question and tell me my Decans?
    I appreciate your efforts in making it easy for us.
    MEYA a friend on Facebook.

  17. I’m very confused. I was born the 7th of October 1999 but I can’t figure out which decan I am.

  18. Hi, Thank you for the great site and your work. My sun sign is Leo Decan 3 and Ascending is Libra again Decan 3. In 2016, the readings for these two decans contradict each other so that Leo will finally have a better year ahead but Libra Decan 3 feels really stressful.I am already stressed and even depressed because of employment and financial restrictions.I am therefore starting a new business and I need to succeed or else seems will go broke- not something I can face as a mother with a teenager of special needs to support. Other chances seem dim realistically so I really have to give this opportunity a go. Can you help me about how to interpret these two decans? ( moon , aries decan 1)

  19. Yes Ash, your rising decan applies to your partnerships, whether personal or business, and also your open enemies. Your Moon decan represents your emotional, home and family life plus mom.

  20. Hello sir, i am ramya. i don’t know how to find the decan in my chart. Pls clarify me which one to read. I was born in 18-april-1985, 23(11pm) 45 minutes. Place: Trichinopoly > Tiruchchirappalli (Tamil Nadu), India. Pls help me which decan to read…..

  21. Hi Jamie, My name is Rohit, birthdate is June 3, 1982 and birthplace is Kota “Rajasthan” India. Can you please help me with my signs ?

  22. hello dear …i am 10 july 1982 born Karachi Pakistan …23:30

    i am aries asc 4 degree …aries decan 1
    sun in cancer 18 degree …cancer decan 2
    pisces moon in 7 degree… pisces decan 1

    i am really confuse each and every decan predict different for me in 2016 … i am really worried about my marriage and settlement in abroad after marriage will i get married in 2016:(


    • Good question Parizaad. Questions about marriage relate directly to your rising sign, in particular your Descendant. So read Aries decan 1 for all relationship issue.

  23. Hi Jamie, could you help me with working out my decans please. I was born 3rd july 1983 at 8.30pm to 9pm in Lucea, Jamaica. This is all new and confusing to me, Thank you.

  24. Thanks again Jaimie. You’re very knowledgeable about this field, very glad I found your site, I will be avidly following. X

  25. I am Amrita, birth date is 26 Nov 1984 & birth place is Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Time is most probably 23:15. Please specify my sign with decan

  26. My husband born on 28 August 1978 around 6:10 pm near to Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Please suggest which report ( sign & decan) should followed for him

  27. Hi, my husband born on 25th November 1988 at 8:48 pm.. Dindigul, tamilnadu, india.. Please tell me which sign and decan should be followed for him.

  28. Hi Jamie, could you help me with working out my decans please. I was born 1st july 1970 at 22:59 in Mumbai, India.i can understand that I belong to the 1st decan but I don’t understand what does ascendency mean and how does it affect meThis is all new and confusing to me, kindly help me
    Thank you.

    • Sun – Ego, goals – Cancer decan 1
      Moon – Emotions, feelings – Gemini decan 2
      Ascendant – Relationships – Pisces decan 2

  29. Hi Jamie, could you help me with working out my decans please. I was born 8 januar 1958 in Lodz poland

  30. Found this very interesting site whilst looking for my horoscope for 2016. Is it possible to find out more about my star sign of Cancer, 16/7/62 born 06:57am Glasgow Scotland…….I read my sign from time to time, however, do not recognise any traits for Cancer

    • That’s because Sun signs are useless for interpretation. They were only ever intended to be used as mathematical divisions, which is how I use them to write horoscopes. All I use for interpretation are aspects and fixed stars, both of which you can research from the top menu. For example, your Sun at 23.13 Cancer Sign is actually in Gemini Constellation, conjunct fixed star Pollux, explaining your interest in occult subjects like astrology.

  31. Thanks for your response Jamie, I have always been curious in regards to what sun sign I belonged to. Your answer confirms my previous misconceptions. I will certainly read up on the fixed stars.

  32. Hi Jamie, I’m a Leo born 30/07/68, 18.25, London, UK. If you are at all able to look into my chart as I have been experiencing much turbulence which is affecting me at soul level. The past 6 full moons have been extremely tough. I don’t know if being a Leo the moon has been affecting me more. I am quite concerned what is likely to happen over the coming full moon Jan/Feb. I need to have an understanding of what’s happening in order to find find a way to bring some peace and calm within me. I’ve been in a karmic relationship here in Mumbai with an Aquarius male (Cancer Ascendant) for 4 yrs which most likely is a key factor in all of this. Any help you can give would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Reena, I don’t look at individual charts but the moon phases of late have been very intense and will continue for at least the next two months. Karmic relationships are a strong theme running through all moon since the September 2015 solar eclipse. I have written about all moon phases up to the end of this current eclipse cycle. I’m sure you will get some help by following them: Moon phases.

  33. Hi Jamie. I have read about my planets and all the aspects that apply to my chart, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts on the significance of my Sun, Moon, and Ascendant all being in Libra, with Moon and Ascendant almost exactly conjunct. I haven’t been able to find reading material addressing those. Pluto is in 1st house too, 6 degree orb of Sun. Thanks!
    DOB: October 19 1979
    5:44 AM
    Wilmington, Delaware, USA

    • Well done for doing your homework Linnea. Yes, Moon rising is significant but I have not written about it yet. Try searching Moon conjunct Ascendant. You could say you have Sun conjunct Pluto but other than that, there is not real significance about having all these in the Sign of Libra. Much more important is what stars are in your chart. You have Sun conjunct the two most fortunate of all fixed stars. Arcturus and Spica.

  34. Hi Jamie, all this is confusing to me. I was abandoned at birth. When I found my birth mother years later, she didn’t know when I was born but said she suffered from depression in the month of October every year. Since I was in child protection services, my birth certificate says I was born Nov 20/66. Any predictions, readings, etc are NEVER right. anything I read does not apply to me. I don’t know what to do or what to think as my life is full of turbulence and negativity all the time. Bad things happen to me always. People tease me and say they have never seen anyone with such bad luck as me. I lost my health, my job, my children, and others are trying to take my home and vehicle now that I am without defense. I’ve been bullied since I was in grade school. I have been unwell without dr help, living in poverty, experiencing loss repeatedly and nothing ever goes right for me. I have been in court for 8 yrs now and being litigated against is not considered harassment by law. I am miserable, I mourn my 4 babies forcefully taken from me 7yrs ago (I never saw them again). I have given up on getting well after 20yrs of trying to find a dr’s help. I have been the victim of slander and my system is in “fight or flight” almost all the time. I am constantly unprotected and no one agrees to help me with anything. It’s excessive and I don’t get it, what is wrong with me? I am not a drama queen and this is no exaggeration. What am I to do?

    • Hi Victoria, you could contact the hospitals to find out for sure about your birth date and time of birth. Does your birth certificate has time of birth? If date is correct then the major source of your drama is Mars opposite Saturn. This is one of the more frustrating of aspect and your is made a lot more challenging because Mars is conjunct Uranus and Pluto.

      Researching these aspects will help you a great deal because of Mercury tine Saturn and Mercury sextile Mars. Mercury, your thoughts, act to bridge the gap of your challenging opposition.

  35. Dear Jamie ,

    First, I would like to thank you for receiving the comments directly to my email and faithfully being a Facebook friend and a constant readers of your smart Blog, I permit myself to ask you this question; is it convenient to do Surgical operations on a void of course moon ? As my daughter she is Sagittarius born on 30th of November 1980, she has an admission into Hospital to operate a gallbladder stone on the 20th of March which happens to be here in Kuwait, a void of course moon , nearly all the day !!!! She is insisting to delay the operation, but I told her to just wait so that I can ask your opinion regarding this matter, before cancelling the admission, i appreciate your kind reply and your courteous and thoughtful response.
    Sincerely your’s

    • Hi Meya, I pay no attention at all to void of course Moon. It is based on Sun Signs divisions which really are human imaginary constructs, not reflected by anything in the sky. Have faith that the date was set according to destiny.

  36. Many Thanks for your Kind reply Jamie , I appreciate your will to present this exact and reasonable explanation to us. We were in a desperate mood before We got your answer . Many heavenly blessings towards you and your Family .

    Best Regards

  37. hello sir,
    thank you so much for all the help. the information you gace regarding the buisness and money came true. i folllowed the date you gave me. thank you again from the heart. you are so accurate.

    i am planning to take my test this month(april). please help me again. which dates are best to take the test? is there any luck to pass? i will follow your advice .
    DOB: jan 16,1987 at 3:15 Nepal.

    thank you again!!

    • Great to hear Angel. Unfortunately I don’t see any good days for taking exams in April. The best luck in the long term is Jupiter sextile your Sun in October 2018. But I only look at your Sun, not other planets in your chart.

  38. Hi Jamie,
    It is great to see your website, I stumbled upon it recently and have enjoyed reading your posts.

    If I may solicit your advise in reference to my job situation, which I do not have since June of 2013. Opportunities come by very close and at the end I do not bear positive results. I have been trying very hard in my line of work but no success till today ( April 23, 2016). My DOB Oct 29 1961; Time 10:39AM, Birthplace: Mumbai India. But for many years I am settled in California US. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely. KS.

      • Thank you, as I was not aware of Mercury Square Saturn. I do not seem to have such pessimism, as a matter of fact I network a lot. Can you suggest some remedies and advise better period for my job situation. Thank you.

        • Check your monthly horoscope and take advantage of any Mercury sextile or trine. These are the best dates for sending applications or meetings.

  39. I could not make what this drawing means. My DOB is 22/11/1973 at Calcutta. What Deccan & of which jodiac should I follow?

  40. Hello nice blog… Can i know when i will finish my phd? My birth details are
    27 October 1985
    Time 20.02
    Place pune india

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