Full Moon 19 July 2016 Social Inclusion

Full Moon July 2016 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Tuesday 19 July 2016 is at 27 degrees Capricorn.  The full moon July 2016 astrology is positive with Mars energy and courage promoting Uranus change and freedom.

Full moon July 2016 requires unorthodox and original approaches to addressing personal challenges. Social inclusion can be found through trying to improve the world or through political activism.

Full Moon Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect is Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A full moon focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started since the July 4 new moon can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time.

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony. The influence of a full moon lasts for two weeks up to the next new moon, in this case the August 2 new moon.

Full Moon July 2016 Astrology

The July 19 Full Moon at 27°40′ Capricorn has a strong Mars influence coming from positive aspect to Mars plus a fixed star that is Mercury and Mars in nature. Challenging aspects to Uranus require patience to convert this hot energy into unique and unorthodox solutions to personal challenges. Uranus also represent technological advances like the Internet which can assist in your personal development.

Sun opposite Moon represents a conflict or crisis that has developed since the July 4 new moon. You may be experiencing feelings of inadequacy or weakness resulting from the new moon themes of anxiety, guilt and fear.

Others may try to bring you down by attacking your personal life, or you may have to juggle the polarity of home and work, or your needs and responsibilities versus those of others. In your personal life there may be increased tension between you and family members, with extra emotional burdens being placed on you.

You must draw on your emotional strength and instincts to overcome these challenges to your ego. The key is to balance emotions and conscious intention. Despite these challenges, or because of them, you can actually achieve a lot or progress in your personal and professional life in the next two weeks

Fixed star Procyon at 26 ♋ 00 conjunct Sun is the main stellar influence with no stars within orb of the Moon. While giving wealth and renown, Procyon also brings vigorous activity, a hot temper and violence. An association with rise and success followed by a fall from high position can be avoided if linked planets and aspects point to a patient and conservative approach.

The Sun in particular with this star gives help from friends, gifts and legacies if not afflicted, courage, and military or business advancement after great struggles and expense.

Full moon July 2016 astrology aspects to Mars and Uranus stress the need to act with caution and forethought to avoid any gains crumbling away. However, the large irregular shape of the aspect pattern shown in the chart increases your drive and conviction to succeed.

Termed the double ambivalence figure by the Huber’s [1], this configuration gives internal ambivalence which is hidden by a pugnacious attitude. Self-advancement comes from skillfully using natural talents and experience to turn challenging situations into opportunities for success.

Full Moon July 2016 Astrology

Full Moon July 2016 Astrology

Full Moon June 2016 Aspects

Blue aspects represent introspective periods of rest and pleasure where you can let yourself go. Mars manifests talent and experience.

Sun trine Mars brings many talents and skills developed in play that can be used at work. It brings self-confidence and enthusiasm, initiative and courage to make the right choice and act on it. Extra charisma and charm will help you succeed but are also handy when seeking more pleasurable activities. You can enjoy the relationship benefits that increased sex appeal brings.

Moon sextile Mars increases your passionate desires for intimacy and makes finding a new play-mate a real possibility. A more outgoing spirit and sense of adventure allows for a wider range of pleasurable pursuits. Increased initiative, a competitive nature and good instincts can be applied to achieving your goals when it comes time for work.

Red aspects represent active periods of consciousness striving to achieve your goals. Uranus manifests targeted effort and achievement.

Sun square Uranus requires open-mindedness and flexibility as you enter a stage of uncertainty. Changes in your personal appearance or self-esteem can lead to a brave new path. This is a good time to address any bad habits or addictions, as such a step would satisfy your strong urge to break free of restriction and show the world how strong you really are.

Moon square Uranus can cause rapid mood swings and impulsive reactions. This is not the time for boring routines or important duties. Your natural instinct will be to run from any emotionally demanding situations. A tendency to lash out yourself could escalate any drama. Although very upsetting, the air will be cleared and a settled state will return very quickly.

Green quincunx aspect is the ambivalent attitude between Mars fun and Uranus work. Deciding whether you should go for it or hold back brings feelings of doubt insecurity. Fluctuating between work and play cultivates relationships and communication. This facilitates the choice between the bad option which is ignored and the good option which is used.

Mars quincunx Uranus brings impatience and increasing tension when things don’t happen as quickly as you want. You have your own objectives and your own ways to get there but others will pressure you to conform to societal standards. This further increases tension to a critical point where you make a split decision and take action. This rapid release of tension calms the situation then the whole cycle begins again. The key to successful outcomes is to avoid rebelling just to cause a stir.

Full Moon July 2016 Summary

Rising anxieties since the July 4 new moon come to a head following the July 19 full moon. However, the full moon also brings courage and a sense of adventure for both work and play. The skills and confidence gained during period of enjoyment can be converted to personal achievement, resolving the conflict and reducing anxiety.

Too much fun and relaxing can bring feelings of guilt but you will bring on too much stress by working too hard. Finding the right balance between work and pleasure might be easier to achieve by avoiding mixing the two.

Full moon July 2016 requires unorthodox and original approaches to addressing personal challenges. Social inclusion can be found through trying to improve the world or through political activism. The Internet can play a central role in overcoming social anxiety by cultivating relationships and communication.

If Full Moon July 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon July 2016
Next Moon Phase: New Moon August 2016

Full Moon July 2016 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
19 July – 3:56 pm
19 July – 6:56 pm
19 July – 11:56 pm
20 July – 4:26 am
20 July – 8:56 am


1. Aspect Pattern Astrology, Bruno and Louise Huber, 2005, p.202.

64 thoughts on “Full Moon 19 July 2016 Social Inclusion

  1. Also Mars conjunct natal Uranus , Uranus trine natal Mars and Moon . Plus Sun sextile natal Venus. Moon is also trine natal Saturn

      • Yes but the harmonious nature of most of the aspects means you don’t have to worry about the nasty surprises that sometimes come from Uranus. Make sure you drop back in later with all the gossip!

  2. Aha so thats how my ‘saving grace’ of uranus conj n chaos comes into play. Squaring moon and sun…:( out of interest, what kind of orb would you give uranus? Natal mars could feel a bit lonesome.

    • In a square to the Sun and Moon I would say 5 degrees? You are the best judge really, if you have real problems dealing with changes, or you seem to have more unpleasant changes and, accidents than others.

  3. Aries decan 3…10th april 1980…I m facing a lot of relationship problems…Will this full moon make me get rid of them…Want to relocate…Is it possible during this phase…

    • This full moon has little effect on your chart. If you want to make a really big move you may want to wait for the September 16 lunar eclipse conjunct your Mercury. You have Mercury trine Uranus in your birth chart which favors air travel and travel in general.

  4. This full moon is conjunct my anti vertex (25 degrees Cap) in 10th house. Something good?

  5. I have this full moon exactly at my nodes, 18th October 1981, and the previous new moon at my moon 1º orb. I hope this brings a new love!

  6. Hi! Can you tell me what would this full moon mean for march16 78 in Calfirnia 17:07.. it is sextile the natal sun i believe… Thank ou much!

    • Actually semi-sextile which is 30 degrees. Each full moon is about 28 degrees ahead in the zodiac so the August lunar eclipse is conjunct your Sun. A semisextile is a milder version of a sextile with positive links being formed.

  7. Hiii ,Can u tell me about my job…My dob is 21.08.1983…Want to change my job n also want to change the city i live in…Will that happen this full moon…

  8. Hi Jamie,im Rachana,born on 14th Jan 1977,7.46am,will this full moon help me find a job??and also will there be any progress on the personal front,with any event like matrimony or engagement?

  9. Am a Saggitarius decan 3, 19th Dec. ’72 0240 hours. Destitution, embitterment & frustration to ultimate fulfilment of Big Aspirations, am Feeling the energies of a personal development project since 22nd Aug. 2014 now_rising, as if it will all come to a head by end-’16 or early-’17. My gut suggests that Nov. ’16, I might become financially free (really?????) with some Sept. “turnkey” unfolding… Can you help, Jamie?

    • Your intuition seems spot on to me Daniel. Financial freedom would be Uranus trine Sun transit July 2017 to April 2018.

      Saturn opposite Saturn transit 23 November 2016 is a major turning point in life. Saturn stationed retrograde just before making this opposition in March 2016 making it eel like your success was so close, nearly in reach but kept getting pushed further into the future.

      • 23 November as a major turning point – fills in nicely with a 380-day “countdown” (my intuition!) I had oddly envisioned 2-3 years back about stepping into a new line of work, leaving the old dead-end job behind. Now seeing growing promise for a successful vocation, new.

        Would late ’16 be a great time to call it a day (groundwork first on the new!) at my present work?

  10. Saturn at 28Cap2 apex of a yod with Cancer Sun and Leo North Node…interesting, thanks

  11. Hello! How would this moon affect march16,78 5:07pm in CA?? It’s sextiles natal sun. Thnx

    • You rill have Sun trine Sun transit but this full moon also activates Sun square Jupiter and Sun square Moon in your chart. A good time to work on those challenging aspects.

      • Overall then, is this a good or bad full moon for myex? I can’t tell with the trine and the combo of squares. What part of their life will it be effecting, your guess? thanks

  12. Just wanted to say – I’m pretty socially isolated with health problems that keep me homebound. I just received an invitation to a small gathering not too far away – and its on July 19th! How interesting.

      • Hi Jamie

        The invitation was changed to today (Jul 18 2016) and keeping in mind this theme of social inclusion in your article I went (even though I have been struggling with a lot depression and anxiety and agoraphobia), and I had such a wonderful time. Met a very interesting lady and we ended up chatting pleasantly for almost an hour. I thought of you and this article. I felt like I was part of a social group after many many years today. Thanks Jamie. Hope I get invited again. It’s been a rare beautiful evening during a very tough few months. Will this theme of social inclusion continue or was this just a one day thing?

        • Wonderful news! It should continue for the 2 weeks of this full moon phase, until the August 2 new moon. Very happy for you.

    • This would place a focus on relationships dynamics but especially your most intimate ones. This is a great time to resolve any disagreements.

  13. Hi Jamie
    My Venus is at 22 Capricorn & Jupiter, 24 Capricorn. I’m considering asking someone out this weekend. Auspicious time or too wide an orb?

    • I know I’m a bit late but that is still a very fortunate full moon for you. Even if not on that weekend then you still have a good chance for romance until the next new moon.

  14. Hi Jamie, I feel like a lot of things are supposed to be starting as opposed to concluding as we approach the full moon. I’m a Pisces Decan 2 and the solar eclipse coming in Septemeber seems like it relates to this full moon specifically, ‘Social Inclusion’. Am I connecting the dots correctly? Paul

    • Yes Paul, but I would still say things are concluding until those September eclipses. You will of course be intuiting the new start ahead but things are not quiet yet in place. I Should have both eclipses written in the next week and they will appear on the Moon page. Solar eclipse September 1 at 9° Virgo almost in decan 2. Lunar eclipse September 16 at 24° Pisces still close enough to your decan to be influential. Lunar eclipse better than solar eclipse.

  15. My dob is 02/06/86. A lot of positive changes happening. Work is excellent. My spirits are high. Relationship on the verge of ending although most likely for the better. Any insight for me? Thank you!!

    • Hi Sarah, people use different styles of dates around the world. Are you born on February 6 or June 2?

  16. Hello Jamie,

    Regarding the July 19th full Moon at 27°40′ degrees Capricorn, my rising sign is at 27°56 ′degrees Capricorn.
    I’m fairly new to astrology and was wondering about this influence.
    Thank you, Lorraine

    • Good question Zoe. A full moon puts the focus on one to one relationships. This is also the main theme of your Ascendant (AC). The AC is you and the Descendant (DC) opposite your partners. AC represents the physical expression of your soul, how others first see you.

  17. Fascinating given the sudden rise in popularity of group Pokémon hunts 🙂 positive social outdoor activity uniting random strangers

    • Oh I hadn’t put two and two together Karin. Thanks for pointing that out. So proud of myself now 🙂

  18. What if this full moon is conjunct my MC & IC (Sun conjunct MC, Moon conjunct IC)?

    • This will highlight the polarity in your life between home and work with your aim being professional advancement and attaining personal goals. Home and family may be more needy and feel neglected.

  19. My Saturn is 27 Pisces, my Jupiter 25 Cancer and my Venus 23 Leo.
    I think I can handle this!

  20. on every full moon , i always felt clarity of thought, due to which i can express my thoughts very clearly to others. but not a conclusion of work started on previous new moon. this full moon was in Capricorn which is my 8th house of partners wealth/lenders/creditors. like in a lunar eclipse situation, they don’t fall in exact straight line, sun ,earth & moon , but moon hangs in slight angle & appears as a complete circle on the night . wen they fall exactly on straight line , then its a eclipse, which is known as a aspect.

  21. Oh man I’m really feeling this one in a huge way. This moon is making so many exact aspects to my natal planets it’s crazy, which in turn has sent me a little crazy it seems, totally lost my cool and went emotionally overboard in a big way. The sun conveniently sitting in my 7th house atm so no surprises where this explosion was directed.
    Moon Exact conjunct my cap ascendant (wide orb opposition to my cancer sun)
    moon exact sextile with natal Uranus
    moon exact inconjunct with natal Venus
    moon exact semi sextile with natal Neptune
    Moon exact sextile with natal pluto
    Moon exact trine with natal Ceres
    My question is though is it significant that so many exact aspects with the transiting moon coincide with it being a full moon?

    • I’d say so… I had the worst night terrors of my life thus far tonight. By an order of magnitudes. I was clenching my jaw so hard in my sleep that it still hurts, and I got up over half an hour ago. Feel free to let me know how it affected you.

      • The primary issue that came to a head Is the allocation of domestic duties. I work full time for my partner at his business and then when we get home each day I work another full time job cleaning the house and everything else that entails running a household with children(teens). He refuses to contribute to household tasks and is also an incredibly messy person. I have over the past 5 years worn myself ragged doing it all and used as much of my energy again fighting him to pick up after himself. I have no say in anything. Work or home. It’s like I am this annoying background noise that is always tuned out. However he recently employed a new 27 had old woman who walks in and he immediately acts on her suggestions without argument. These same things I have been saying for years that have been ignored. Is he was given my desk and I have only gotten a new desk 3 weeks later. Only a few weeks prior to that another new employee took my old desk forcing me to use the other one which is the on she was then given so I literally felt like I had no role and no say and no place to even put my handbag down. He is making it out that I am being a jealous female but that’s not the case at all. I am angry at the level f disrespect shown to me and I am resentful that my ideas and thoughts are immediately dismissed but a stranger has walked in and gets full respect. So I refused to g to work until I had a desk and then copped it every day about not showing up to work. I literally had a meltdown. The few hours before the full moon I just was so emotionally overwhelmed and frustrated that I erupted in fury, I wanted to go on a rampage but instead got drunk until I passed out. This is just not like me to do this. He just won’t listen to how his actions and lack of consideration affect me. But I am dependant on him for a car, my income, a roof over mine and my children’s head. If I leave I will be destitute. The business has no money because he has a gambling addiction so it’s not like I can take him to court for my share of nothing. My children’s father is a control freak who would take immediate action if I was to become homeless (he has done this before because he didn’t like the property I was living on because it was off the grid let alone no home at all) and I can’t risk that either. My partner changed for 2 days following the incident and put in a small amount of effort but it was effort nonetheless folded some washing did the dishes and ironed his work clothes. The. The 3rrd night he decided that he wasn’t doing it anymore. Back to square 1 again.

    • Yes Rachel, a full moon is far more significant than simply a transiting Moon. Sun conjunct Moon and Sun opposite Moon are the two strongest aspects in astrology, which is why a full moon is said to last for two weeks.

  22. This full moon in capricorn,my sun sign,occurs at the time of my birth,356pm,1953.what can i expect,need some financial gifts.

    • Unless is is also your birthday I think this time has no astrological significance. If you know about numerology it does sound important though.

  23. Germany on wrong side of this full moon? 18 July Mon train attack, 22 July Fri Munich shooting, 24 July Sun machete attack. All perpetrators are male youngsters (late teens early twenties), of foreign origin (serious problem with “Social Integration”), acting alone (as investigated so far)…. These acts are totalling sudden and shocking, but most fearfully it seems to be happening globally, just that 3 happened in Germany within 1 week, shows there’s some strong forces at work.

    • Not to mention an attempted coup in Turkey and presidential nominees on both sides of US politics acting like dictators, assuming they are already crowned

    • Well pointed out Yunah. I wish I had time to look at the Germany horoscope. One of my passions is mundane astrology but it’s hard to find the time for something that does not pay the bills.

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