Full Moon 6 September 2017 Freaky Synchronicity

Full Moon September 2017 AstrologyThe full moon on Wednesday September 6, 2017 is at 13° Pisces. The astrology of full moon September 2017 suggests confusion, deception and weakness will have an impact on your hopes and dreams and on your love life.

The September 2017 full moon is extra strong due to a pair freaky synchronicities. Full moon September 2017 and the June 2017 Neptune retrograde station are on the same degree. Both charts also have Moon conjunct Neptune on the same degree. The other synchronicity involves Mercury stationing direct at the September 6 full moon on the same degree as the August 21 solar eclipse.

Full Moon Meaning

A full moon is Sun opposite Moon  which highlights opposing forces or polarities in your life. These can include your ego versus emotions, your work versus home, or what you need versus what you want. Inner tension and external pressures can lead to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon. Use you increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony.

The full moon influence lasts for two weeks and relates to the previous new moon. Your August 21 solar eclipse goals can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is the first harvest time of this new eclipse cycle. It is time to make emotional adjustments in response to your  goals. The solar eclipse brought bold, confident changes leading to long-term success.

Full Moon September 2017 Astrology

The September 6 full moon at 13°53′ Pisces is strongly influenced by Neptune retrograde at 12°49′ Pisces. The main themes of full moon September 2017 are spirituality, idealism, dreams, illusion, deception, weakness, confusion and vagueness. How will Neptune influence affect your mood and close relationships?

Moon conjunct Neptune increases your emotional sensitivity. Sensing the thoughts and feelings of others can make you feel very uneasy or physically sick. You may pick up the wrong signals so be cautious, you will be more vulnerable to deception and scandal. Dreams may turn into fantasies with a life of their own. Suspicion could spiral into paranoia, guilt or self-destructive habits such as drug addiction and eating disorders.

Full Moon September 2017 is like a double-edged sword. Conscious self-awareness will help you filter out the background noise so you can use your sensitivity for good. While some psychic impressions may inaccurate, your compassion and empathy will be genuine. You can be of great help to the victimized and outcast. Your emotional comfort will have a healing quality.

Hygiene and cleanliness will be important because this full moon is associated with weakness and illness. Higher susceptibility to germs and the effects of drugs, alcohol and anesthetics are likely. There will be an increased risk of exposure to poisons and infectious material.

Neptune stationed retrograde conjunct the Moon on 16 June at 14°15′ Pisces.
This September 6 full moon conjunct Neptune retrograde is at 13°53′ Pisces.

Freaky synchronicity like this can result in deja vu, series of coincidences and strange experiences in general.

Fixed star Achernar at 15°34′ Pisces will have a weaker but more positive influence on full moon September 2017. This bright star in the Mouth in the River acts like Jupiter. It gives kindness, charity, happiness, success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to religious beliefs or a philosophy, and a senior position in the government or church.

Full Moon September 2017 Astrology

Full Moon September 2017 Astrology Chart

Full Moon September 2017 Aspects

Moon-Neptune opposite Sun creates a tense and confrontational environment. Sun opposite Moon brings attention to your close relationships and how they are influenced by confusion and deception. Others may try to bring you down by attacking your private life. The two weeks of this moon phase will be an especially sensitive time. For as well as feeling more emotional and romantic, you may also feel suspicious and vulnerable.

Sun opposite Neptune increases the already high level of confusion, deception, insecurity and discouragement. If you cannot avoid dealing with the harsh realities of life, you will need to take some precautions to avoid loss and disappointment. Weakened defenses can attract psychic vampires. Sneaky, dishonest people who will try to take advantage of you, or sell you stuff you don’t need. If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Be very clear to yourself and to others about your intentions. There can be no gray areas, only yes or no. Any deception, underhand tactics or lying on your part will be like digging a bigger hole for yourself. If you do face disappointment and discouragement, it may be tempting to escape the harsh realities of life through mind altering substances. Remember, you will be more susceptible to addiction and overdose, as well as being ripped off.

Moon quincunx Venus increases your need for love and affection but it also increases tension between you and a particular loved one. This loved one will often be female or a close relative such as you mother, but may also be an intimate male friend or lover. Relationship tension may rise because of an imbalance involving emotional support and love. The amount of love you receive will be noticeably different to the amount of love you give.

When relationship tensions rise, a critical point is reached where something must happen to restore the balance. This can range from an argument right through to an affair. If one partner does seek satisfaction elsewhere it will involve secrecy and the risk of being caught. Such relationship issues may become a recurring problem with a continual build up then release of tension. A secret friendship or affair would most likely involve a friend, colleague or relative of the partner being cheated on.

Venus quincunx Neptune will complicate already tense love relationships with all the confusion and deception mentioned earlier. It brings the victim/saviour dynamic into the relationship. If you have a poor self-image and don’t like looking in the mirror, full moon September 2017 will bring a tipping point where you are forced to make adjustments. You cannot go on trying to balance a lack of self-love with self-sacrifice or self-abuse.

Mercury stations direct less than 24 hours before the September 6 full moon. This is a critical point in the Mercury retrograde cycle with a greater chance of communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays and lost items. Aggressive or defensive thinking can bring nasty words, arguments, outbursts of temper and impulsive actions. You will not have the patience for anymore excuses for disloyalty, deception or infidelity.

The solar eclipse on 21st August was at 28°52′ Leo.
Mercury stations direct 5 September at 28°25′ Leo.

More freaky synchronicity like this brings more deja vu and strange coincidences.

Full Moon September 2017 Summary

The August 21 solar eclipse is helping you make bold, confident changes for long-term success. The September 6 full moon brings, idealism, dreaming, illusion, deception, weakness and confusion. You may lose faith in your dreams for the future. Confusion and deception may put at risk your long-term success. Relationship problems, illness or financial strain may lead to disappointment. You may feel weak and discouraged but don’t let your loving kindness be mistaken for weakness.

Romance is possible but remember the difference between fantasy and reality. As well as emotion and romance, there will be suspicion and vulnerability. Mistrust, secrets and lies can poison an important relationship. You will likely lose your patience with any continuing problems in your love life or finances. If you do begin to lose hope, remember this full moon is distorting your view of reality. Things are not as the seem.

Focused and acute thinking will clear away the fog and expose the secrets and lies. Discovering the truth may hurt but your ambition and sense of adventure will return. A sense of urgency will bring swift and positive change. Excitement and passion will replace mistrust and disappointment. Determined and sustained effort will bring the growth and happiness you wish for.If full moon September 2017 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your Monthly Horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Full Moon Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse 21 August 2017
Next Moon Phase: New Moon 20 September 2017

Full Moon September 2017 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
September 6 – 12:02 am
September 6 – 3:02 am
September 6 – 8:02 am
September 6 – 12:32 pm
September 6 – 5:02 pm

23 thoughts on “Full Moon 6 September 2017 Freaky Synchronicity

  1. Full moon conjuncts my Descendant – what could that mean for a man experiencing that?

  2. Will things ever look up for Pisces? This heavy energy just seems to drag on for ever and ever! I know this sounds dramatic, but really I can’t remember what good feels like anymore! I’m a Pisces Decan 1 w/ Leo Rising… 2/20/1983 Texas Born.

    • I totally feel your pain. I think the last really good year I had was in 2010. Has to get better. We Pisces have been taking a beating.

    • I’m a 7° Pisces Saturn 1st house. My life for the last 7 years has been “what even is the ground?”.

    • I’m a Pisces Decan 1 too, the last decade has been rough for me (with the exception of most of 2014). Sometimes I feel so weary and tired of it all. Hoping things look up soon for our Decan, I barely got through August and the monthly forecast for September for us Pisc Decan 1’s is looking even worse! 🙁 Universe help us … Hoping Jamie has some cheerful news for us all soon. Good luck to everyone – I’m scared of Mars opposing my Decan from tomorrow!

      • This whole conversation is so intriguing… I too am a Pisces who has had a hard time since 2010/2011! Any idea what is causing it, some long term transits I guess? I have no idea how to research this, I barely even know understand what a “transit” is to be honest…
        Astro King, do you think you could do a post about this, explain what is going on and indeed, tell us when life might get a little bit easier?

        • Yes I should do a general post on transits. But for now you can read more about your Pisces decan in the weekly, monthly and yearly horoscopes. I only use transits my horoscopes. A transit is how a planet in the sky at the moment makes different angles to where the Sun was when you were born. Hard angles like square (90 degrees) are challenging. Soft aspects like sextile (60 degrees) are good luck.

          • ASC, Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Pisces Decan 1. Can confirm that its been a long, rough ride. The August 21 solar eclipse and this Sept 6 full moon were both crucial and pivotal trigger points of events that caused total and complete upheaval and crisis in my life (Tower Card level destruction). Oh, and my Pholus is also Pisces Decan 1, conjunct (exact) my Mercury. I’m Pisces to the core, for better or worse. I hope it gets better but since I’m still standing at this point I think it’d take a tsunami to take me out.

    • Will someone please answer when things are going to get better for Pisces? I’m serious, I can’t take this anymore. There comes a point where enough is enough. Are we talking months? More years???

      • Oh, Renee – i feel your pain. I have been in a horrible, toxic, extremely negative work situation since April 2010. It just keeps getting worse. i really need a new non-toxic job. My colleagues are horrible.

      • On a French website I read that Saturn at least would finally leave us alone mid-December! Not sure what transit it was referring to and if it was indeed the one that made our life miserable for several years, but that’s good news anyway! 🙂

        • i hope so Tonia – i, too, cannot remember when i’ve had a good year. And – to top it off – i had read that 2010 was meant to be the best year ever – well – i accepted my current position – the most toxic work environment i have ever been in with constant unrelenting ridicule and negativity, my long-term relationship evaporated, and my mom died. And this was meant to be “the best in 20 years”? If that is the best – i do not want to experience the worst. Let’s hope that things get better for all of us Pisces soon ! Seriously – i am 57 and the past 7-8 years have absolutely been the worst in terms of work and relationships. Not one happy sustainable relationship for sure ! However, i am blessed with 3 amazing children born in the 90’s

    • I’m a Pisces sun with a Pisces moon, born in 1995- Life has been LITERAL crap since like 2006. Which has been most of my life. I do remember easier times! What is going on?! This heavy load is getting to be heavier and heavier each year, then it lightens and is SUCH a tease, and then things get even WORSE. Someone tell me what’s going on with my liiiiiifeeeee.

  3. My descendant has progressed to natal Neptune. Neptune is currently conjunct my progressed sun. Do these influence eachother?

  4. It doesn’t sound dramatic to me. I don’t know what good feels like either. I have been bombarded by Saturn for several years. When it turned direct and started toward the final hit, I felt some hope that it would soon be ending.

    This full moon is conjunct my Sun, Ascendant,Fixed star Achernar, trine Uranus/Jupiter, trine Saturn. Saturn is trine Ascendant/Sun. I choose to remain hopeful even though I can’t help but have doubts.

    I hope both of you can find some peace and good fortune soon.

  5. Ohhh, can I make a guess? I’m a complete amateur but I found this relevant.

    It will be conjunct asteroid 37117 Narcissus, which I have at 1° Capricorn conjunct my almutem figuris, promethean direct Mercury, which is in higher declination than the 28° Sag Sun. I have compensatory NPD, a form of narcissistic personality disorder which is hypervigilant in regards to what other people think about us and which focuses primarily on intellectual pursuits.

    With transit Narcissus conjunct Neptune and the Full Moon right after a solar eclipse… I guess this can be really bad for people dealing with narcissistic abuse, or make them be willing to enter such a relationship.

    Asteroid Horus is at 11° Pisces now, it was conjunct Neptune 2 days ago. In Egypt he was the son of Isis and Osiris. Maybe watch out for relatives who seem like wonderful people in particular to most people, but that with you, a thrust of personality that is always present and needed, no matter how many years go by or what that person is doing, is being felt. Particularly if a family dispute is involved.

  6. Hi Jamie,
    This full moon will be in my husbands 10th house and squares his natal jupiter (1st house) as well as natal neptune (7th house). Will it bring bad news regarding his career?

  7. This Full Moon will affect Pisces born on March 5 the most. If this Full Moon happens to be in the 4th house, watch out for water problems, such as drains, flooding, leaky plumbing etc. In addition, beware of chicanery and Neptune’s illusive, deceptive influence in your relationships. It’s influence can be felt with a plus or minus of five days. Mars transits over the eclipse point of August 21st. What was happening that day?

    Personally I was at the doctor and he ordered a CT for lung cancer. I received a letter yesterday stating I had no coverage for it and was denied. A couple of days ago the State was here working on a culvert under the road and damaged my drainage container and didn’t fix it. We were told they were going to reframe it and they didn’t. Then they said they were just going to stack some concrete bags around both ends of the culvert. Then the next day, they said they weren’t going to do anything on my end of the culvert. Then they reframed the neighbors across the street and told him it just wasn’t finished yet. They did nothing to our end. Water, chicanery, lies and deception (Neptune). Neptune has to do government officials too. Two officials showed up on my property the last day of the project and we had a discussion. Then I received an email from the person I had filed the initial complaint with stating that she understood that I was now happy now. Really? You’ve got to be kidding me. Mercury (communication of all types) played a part in this too. It has been retrograde and will go direct on the 5th.

    Hang in there. This too shall pass. It has been a rough few years for Pisces. I feel your pain and wish all of you the best.

  8. reading this was right on. eg. just had a synchro for 25 years back, flyer for a show i did posted by someone in the same act. and i’ve watched my “psychic daydreams” eg. intuition from givens go waaaay out in the last week. opposition to neptune yes, natal conjuncts. good interpretative skills here, well done. not always with you but this is as good as astrology can get imo.

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