11 thoughts on “Horoscope Update

  1. Thank you for your knowledge and well-honed superior insight. Truly helpful.

  2. Thank you Jamie, for providing us with guidance in this difficult times.

  3. I regularly check on your post, sometimes i get so impatient when the weekly and monthly update is not yet out, its nothing but enlightment. You are a GIFT to the world.Thanks

  4. Hope you don’t discontinue the old way of doing updates, it’s good for those of us using RSS feed readers! Thank you Jamie. 🙂

  5. Always beyond grateful for your canon, Jamie! Wishing the health and peace.

  6. I want to know deep knowledge about 12 SIGNS,can you please send information about 12 sings any books about 12 signs

  7. Hi Jamie! Feel very good to be with you.Thanx for the updates.About me, being a Spiritual Person .This time,you will have to Update the Annual 2020 Horoscope also.Not majorally but slightly due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

  8. many thanks for your news letter—i have great attraction for this.I feel you should have “free personal astro.comments”
    weekly basis based on date of birth like other well known astrologers from the world.

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