John Galliano Horoscope

John Galliano Horoscope

John Galliano

John Galliano is an eccentric fashion designer who rose to the top of his field with Givenchy and Christian Dior. Now he has fallen from that great height because of a couple of racist outbursts, the last one caught on film in a Paris Cafe. Christian Dior dumped him and he fronts in court on Wednesday 22 July 2011 to face the legal music.

We do not have a time of birth for John Galliano but we do know he was born on 28 November 1960 in Gibraltar. What in his horoscope could explain the racism? I’ve added the video footage so you can hear what he said because it also seems to be very misogynistic. So for things related to women we’d be looking to the Moon and Venus, and for racism I think Saturn, Pluto and the lunar nodes. Saturn rules hereditary things like our tribe and race, Pluto rules genetics and extremism, and the nodes also have a link with family lines.

You see in the chart he has Sun square Pluto which gives the extremism. Pluto is also with the north node linking any extremism to his karmic associations with groups. Moon square Venus would cause some tension with how he relates to females, especially with Venus conjunct Saturn. Possible lack of love and affection from his mother early in life.

Venus conjunct Saturn is the real stand out in the chart for what we are looking for. An underlying lack of self-love, which may have been over compensated for by the flamboyant self-expression and dress. This chart is set for noon and that gives an exact conjunction, extremely potent. Depending on the time of birth, at most the orb would only be half a degree.

John Galliano HoroscopeNone of these aspects in his chart on their own should be any reason for racism or misogyny. Sun square Pluto North Node, Moon square Venus Saturn. Perhaps all together it adds up to this tendency though. These are the likely culprits in the natal chart because both were hit by transits on the evening of 24 February 2011 when his rant was caught on film. The quarter Moon that evening at 6 Sagittarius was conjunct his Sun (square Pluto North Node). Retrograde Saturn at 16 Libra was square his Venus Saturn (exact 22 February). A couple of months before, Saturn was direct at 16 Libra when he was first accused of racial abuse in December 2010.

So again the stand out in the transit is his Venus Saturn conjunction. The negative manifestation of this aspect, brought out by the square from transiting Saturn, is cold and unloving, mean and nasty. These planets in his chart are both on a major fixed star called Vega. Ebertin says this star gives artistic talent but can lead to a debauched life for eccentrics, and that with Venus it lead to riches and fame but “if other influences play a part, this wealth may be lost again.” Well the “other influences” here are Saturn conjunct Venus and triggered by the square from transiting Saturn.

Robson hit the nail on the head in this case with his interpretation for Venus with Vega, “Hard-hearted, cold, miserly”, and with Saturn “Strong passions, opinionated, original, many Mercurial difficulties”. Mercurial difficulties in this case being his hard-hearted words. So Venus on Vega is just like the negative expression of Venus conjunct Saturn, cold and unloving, and the square from transiting Saturn brought it all out in an ugly way. One more hit from transiting Saturn, 13 September 2011. I think the Lord of Karma is coming back to bite!

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  1. Jamie – the link to the chart does not seem to be working

    looking at this man in the video he seems bitter and drunk, not blindingly but at the point where a kind of self pity is expressed through its reverse – this is a amn in the pits, drunk more on decadence and a kind of loathing (self/denied) than booze or drugs – those keep him in the wound and make his suffering all the more painful, as he must keep on coming back for more to escape…..there comes a point where it catches him out (see below) Neptune sextile Pluto in a yod to the Moon (perhaps?) show an undoing through an addictive dependance on intoxicants as a way of expressing where the action is, also seeking action through expression that is both subversively cold (Pluto in Virgo) and pernicious (Neptune in Scorpio) – he is now known to be seriously hooked – Moon transiting Sun squ Pluto triggers the self pity and brings out the wounded shadow side – this has been building for him, as Jupiter has Pluto relentlessly backtracking over his Jupiter. Natal Jupiter also feeds and amplifies Pluto in the chart, takes his power to the head and turns it on himself (self defeating even tho he has it all, Pluto conj NN) & he projects this as it is unbearable…..without knowing the exact time of birth the yod may be pure speculation, but, Jupiter was inconjunct his Pluto on the evening of the 24th feb and transiting Sun/Mercury opp Pluto licks the wound open…that for me is the fatal moment….

    Neptune had also been straffing his Chiron through this time and Chiron latterly conjunct that Sun/Mercury point opp his Pluto + Neptune returning to natal Chiron, he is will not escape the consequences yet….

    • Good interpt Rob, fixed the chart link too thanks. I would not be surprized at all if his Moon was the action point of a Yod. With Moon around 9 Aries it would be on the fixed star Algenib “With Moon: Dishonor, loss by scandal, exiled or forced to flee, ill health, trouble through writings.” That would fit with those transits you
      mentioned triggering it too.

      6:00 am birth time would give that Yod, and puts Regulus on the MC for prominent career, downfall from scandal triggered by Neptune transit. Uranus conjunct MC for eccentic career.

    • Very good interpretation. Don’t You think that there was some kind of projection ???the lack.of love from his father and CD owners who were jewish ? In his documentary/film he stays that he produced 36 collections every year for them and that he didnt remember he was offered a 6 months License to get recovered when the Scandal exploted. Saturn is also the father…and is conjunct Venus. That also fits for CD owners…

  2. honestly, i don’t understand what is wrong about having their opinion. DId he hit someone, harm any one?? He just have his own likes& dislikes. I don;t like gay or homosexual, teenage pregnancy. Plainly Disgusting.

    This era is funny that with the fancy excuse of ‘discrimination’, we are blocked to express what we like or dislike.
    I once said about the smell of homeless while joining charity event and talked about how to host the event better next time. Some people attacked my opinion saying, ‘we should not discriminate other because of the smell.’
    Who cares about my/ attendees’s hygiene situation? Same thing. Discrimination come from our sense of security. We, human being, have right to protect us.

    Maybe Galliano has horrible experience about ugly people or certain race. Look at how vulnerable he look like. HE likes Hitler so did he torture anyone physically?

    I once worked for south korean. Their nationalism is almost racism. I now discriminate them. It comes from my sense of security bot to be burnt ever again.

    The definition of discrimination is too fancy enough to ignore our basic psychology of sense. Maybe my examples were a bit far. but still I don’t see any problem of white hates black and even saying it.

    • Discrimination is Saturn, of course, thanks for pointing this out. We do discriminate every day, we do have to make judgements all the time. Saturn is also boundaries and John has over-stepped in this rant because it is anti-social and offending. We all disriminate, it’s an essential survival tool. For example I would not want to live next door right wing orthodox Jews with machine guns, but then I would not go around verablly abusing secular Jews just because I hate myself either.

      • I feel offended and intimidated when beggars on the street saying ‘F’ you’ to me. but I haven’t seen anyone to think I need to sue them

  3. If I remember correctly John said that something derogatory about his sexual orientation was said by the people he got into an argument with. He later said his behavior was uncalled for and he was seeking help. Could Venus conjoining Saturn also speak to a love of men rather women (in addition to problems with his birth Mother)?

    • Could be the case Dee because Mars (men) is opposite his Venus Saturn. He kept calling the women ugly which does sound like Venus Saturn to me, but he might be saying what he thinks of himself.

      • That makes sense; he fines the beauty (Venus) of women restricting (Venus conjunct Saturn) but finds polarity with Men (Venus opposing Mars). Do you see Saturn as an indicator of male energy (in addition to Mars) or no?

        • Saturn is male energy for sure, usually represents the father and authority figures, strict discipline.

  4. I think its hugely hypocritical of Christian Doir to sack him for what amounts to a drunk gay bitch fest, the sort that happens everyday in that sort of fascistic fashionista environment. The only difference is he got caught on camera.
    The fashion industry is run by a very “ugly” mind set. One that worships narcissism, exclusivity, elitism and unnaturally skinny women. That to me it true misogyny. Yes he might well feel ugly, and he might feel a rage against women (Moon square Mars, Ceres quincunx Lilith. I think the fashion industry does attract very insecure people who want to be part of the exclusive, “Beautiful people” set.
    Christian Dior must be seen to do the right thing, but all Galliano did is show the demon that lurks beneath the lipgloss.

    • What missed is the definition of ‘beauty’. We do sometime or many times have moment of ‘puzzled’ by what was depicted as beautiful in art and in fashion as well.

      We are offended by Galliano’s standard of beauty when he mentioned ‘ugly’ to certain persons thinking his and ours are the same, which is not. We could just laugh saying’ look at you who wear wretched outfit thinking it’s art.’ What was the reason the person just couldn’t ignore his standard of beauty but offended and even felt insecure? It think because he is in authority in beauty/art industry and the offended one felt inferior-basically.


  5. It’s more disturbing to me that Galliano faces prison for free speech, albeit incoherent babble. What would happen to public transportation if all countries acted accordingly?

    • I agree. People need to toughen up! But on the other hand, bad words carry bad magik… what are we to do?

    • Exactly.
      He didn’t perform his free speech for his profession but at the BAR. It wasn’t even former setting. With what sense, we need to be restricted to have certain mindset?? Communism isn’t it??

      It could make ripples but he had to apologize in court??

      This is certainly another NAZI era.

      Funny thing is Galliano should certainly know how hitler treated homosexual but he likes him anyway. The point is he has his OWN opinions and expressed at the bar drinking booze. And he was asked.


      • Yes I agree, its ridiculous to be imprisoned for expressing an opinion. And yes it smacks of Nazism. I’m not sure when this story broke , but this was filmed back in February so no Mars on Algol then. But it did make the news during this Moon so may I remind you of the “acid tongue” that Lesath on the eclipse brings.

        “This is not going to be a peaceful six months at all. Lesath is “Of the nature of Mercury and Mars. It gives danger, desperation, immorality and malevolence, and is connected with acid poisons”. [1] A piercing intellect and an acid tongue then. There is even a semi-sextile from Mars to Mercury to make things even more cutting. Stinging words in the media. Someone is going to take revenge and spill their story, their tell-tales will have a devastating effect.”

  6. Neptune and Mercury in Scorpio…he does like his little poisons! And isn’t it odd how as misogynistic he and his kind are, these men just have to dress up like girls!! All the time dressing girls to look like freaks.
    Do we know what was said before he reacted?
    I notice he’s got Uranus opp Ceres and Chiron, deep Mummy wound/sporadic and sudden exposures of that/cut off or estranged from the way to heal and feel deeply secure/outrageous overindulgences of good things?
    Was Mars on Algol at the time off this rant as it would have squared his Uranus.
    I think Uranus in Leo also has a problem with permanent youth too. In the fashion world, to age is a tragedy. And to be fair, (me?? fair … must be getting soft…!!!) he must be getting a hammering fmor the transits of PLuto and Uranus through his little Capricorn stellium.
    I like using the word little around him.. he looks so pathetic in his little elf costume… its too sad for a man of 50 dressing like an elf in public…

  7. Modern mind and body is increasingly chained and imprisoned due to technological surveillance of citizens everywhere. Information on internet and cameras (with sound) haunt you everywhere. And if the eye of state is absent, the private eye is there to catch you in every bad moment of your life. This is so close to Orwells ’84.
    This is a lousy thread; the astrological approach here should be whether the legal system of USA today is inclined to take on issues like this – let alone convict the person for it. Uranus, the modern ruler of the 3rd house, transiting the Sibly IC (and Saturn the modern ruler in its planetary return in the 10th house)could be a better start for a reasonable discussion than looking for astrological flaws in the natal chart of a drunk, defamed and unlucky citizen.

    • Not sure we are looking for flaws – no one has a perfect chart – but looking for indicators? Which as someone learning more and more about astrology, I find useful.

  8. thanks to outloud, ole, for raising these relevant and good points – the fact that this has become any kind of ‘news’ at all raises questions – for every pointing finger there are always, but always, three pointing back…so, why was he being filmed, did he know he was being filmed (it doesn’t look like it) and was this an abuse of John’s rights to free speech; given he was asked, that he was inebriated, was he taken advantage of, the film used against him, his personal space made public, a set up….the evidence, in his defence, and the reaction from Dior, looks that way, very much….the ‘gallows’ reflex is rife in our society and the media love it and feed it – we all need to be careful of this

    I think you are right to ask why? are we looking at this, and highlights the three fingers pointing back, but, it also asks many other questions, which are also ‘cans of worms’, many of which have been asked before and need to keep on being asked, such as, about the presumption that astrology has the right to look into another persons life without their permission; does the fact that they are a public figure give any justification for this, by-pass their right to privacy, does the content of their speech justify this; can racism or mysogeny be found in a chart (I doubt it, conclusively, which suggests we should be very careful in pursuing that notion), and then, in fairness, should we be looking at other charts for better examples of this, or, to put another slant on this, is one man’s chart a fair example of this when a nations chart, in which are enshrined the values of the legal system (at least to some extent), that seeks to judge him on these factors, is the actual context by which he is being literally judged….you are right in pointing this latter out

    …..fact is, whichever way our individual leanings, he looks like he is being made the public scapegoat for those values, which are deeply embedded within society, and, because of this, us all, ….whatever we may think of them

    …given this as a strong possibility, is there any way this can be turned around….

    If I have any personal investment in this it is to look at the astrology as a way of putting prejudice in perspective, no matter who it belongs to, but, that makes our means woefully inadequate, unless we have access to all the evidence, if we are honest….also, whether any one person can achieve even this is questionable, which is why forums are valuable, but, this is not a justification for posting alone. The problem is, on its own it is an unstated ethical assumption that this is why people participate in a forum such as this, and clearly some of those backward pointing fingers are pointing here too…

    looking at the chart for John Galliano WITH an astrologer might be able to accompany him in learning something about this event, what he can do about it in terms of his own self knowledge, gain some advantage from this debacle…truth is, he hasn’t asked for a reading, shows that this is a clandestine practice when it comes to public figures, does point up the responsibility of the astrologer, writer of the article and respondents to be mindfull of their motivations and, once the cats out the bag, so to speak, ask whether any redeeming actions can be taken….for example, we can all look at the national charts, but, if we were to look at the charts of ALL the people directly involved, and particularly Dior’s, would this really make it any more fair, or would this be digging a deeper hole and make anyone participating, furthering the discussion, no better than people standing around a public execution, watching….’knitting’ while the guillotine drops…especially given the fact that in all likelyhood we wont’ make any difference to the outcome, beyond pampering ourselves and our self importance (self included)….as UQW suggests the energy of the event is infectious….despite the best intentions, the danger is that that energy will get the better of people and expose our own prejudices; discrimination being one thing, discernment another, best used a priori….

    …for what its worth, I hope something of value can come of this, but, that is only going to happen if justice is well and truly done, and, given the way things are ‘set up’ in this situation it seems unlikely that this will happen…ironic, as this will likely only happen if the public discussion takes place, but, in full view – dangerous, that one, but, a necessity in our times where the very nature of ‘freedoms’ are so strongly being questioned, and THAT is the only justification I can come up with, so must ask whether we can shift the spotlight here….and be shone on those who seek to mete out justice,define other people’s freedoms

    apologies for what may appear to be an extended rant, for labouring the point, is well intentioned, but…..can astrologers ever be so objective that astrology ever be used for this ethical purpose anyway? So far, I have to say, the evidence from the vast majority of forums I have participated in says, again, unlikely….even when there is an objectivity practiced, it is rarely done so, by its very nature, with compassion or without some form of vested interests and expression of personal bias, which unfortunately for astrologers, no less than for members of a jury (in my experience) often enough becomes all too apparent…

    • From The Golden Bough – on Scapegoats –

      Fourthly, the employment of a divine man or animal as a scapegoat is especially to be noted; indeed, we are here directly concerned with the custom of banishing evils only in so far as these evils are believed to be transferred to a god who is afterwards slain. It may be suspected that the custom of employing a divine man or animal as a public scapegoat is much more widely diffused than appears from the examples cited. For, as has already been pointed out, the custom of killing a god dates from so early a period of human history that in later ages, even when the custom continues to be practised, it is liable to be misinterpreted. The divine character of the animal or man is forgotten, and he comes to be regarded merely as an ordinary victim. This is especially likely to be the case when it is a divine man who is killed. For when a nation becomes civilised, if it does not drop human sacrifices altogether, it at least selects as victims only such wretches as would be put to death at any rate. Thus the killing of a god may sometimes come to be confounded with the execution of a criminal.

      Poor wee elfin man…

  9. I like Rob’s point of view; when this first came to public attention I remember thinking it odd that he would say these things in public (while being filmed–and seemingly drunk).

    There is a tacit rule that says fame comes with a loss of privacy, whether this is fair or not, it makes no difference. Once fame enters the picture (at least in the Western world) nothing is private, including your birth chart. At best, astrologers and the public can look at a chart and see in it some bits and pieces of ourselves (both good and not so good). At worst, we could use it as weapon to predict prejudices, sexual orientation, or God forbid, a return to the burning times when astrology, divination, etc., were thought Satanic or evil.

    I love to learn new things and astrology has provided countless years of enjoyment. It is a helpful reminder though that behind the symbols in a chart lies a human being and what we do with said chart ought not be taken lightly. Publicly or otherwise.

    • once it is done in court, it applies to ‘everyone’ not just to the public figure. It is no longer certain famous people’s matter any more. That’s why it is disturbing

  10. Hello

    Why my email adress is published,please????
    I don’ like

    For Galliano: Eris 09° aries
    See transit 02 March 2011 – 09.13 UT
    it’s very interresting
    Bye and best weekend

  11. it’s only sagittarius honesty, really, aires moon is offended by ugly, all that capricorn is bold, self assured and scorpio mercury, neptune seeks to wound so not to be like ‘them’. this is society and a bit preverse, attack what you most fear…that others will see you as a ugly little gay man dressed like a jester. Also there’s a ton of 2nd,3rd, quarter, ‘them’ planets, the 1 lone aries moon holding down the I am and mars cancer is notoriousely self protective, opp capricorn saturn, jupiter; mean. So here is a nasty little man in great need of a slap down and he got it! And because of the predominance of 3rd, 4th house connotation the whole damn world is brought into the fray. he also has 6th/hs/pluto/SN/conq so he better watch the booze!

  12. Re John Galliano. I worked with John Galliano in the late 70’s early eighties for a well known clothes chain back then, this was before he became famous and was still a student studying fashion design – i think at St Martins school of Art… He was the Saturday ‘boy’ window dresser for the store we both worked in. I don’t know what happend to him between then and now( probably the Fame, age, drink, drugs loosing touch with reality ? )My experience of john was NOT one of a ‘nasty little gay man dressed as a jester’, nor was he cold hearted and up himself! He was funny, UBER talented, generous and great company to be around. I spent my lunch breaks lamao every saturday. As a joke we used to pretend we were boyfriend and girlfriend..We were both in our late teens v early twenties… My best friend at the time used to model for him for his presentations. I think the 6th house pluto reference is quite right (I have this placement to, and have to watch myself with alchole… plus i’m a working well known psychic so more reason to) Sag can be clumsy with their mouth, Merc in Scorpio can be sharp tongued! I haven’t seen him for years but he always remembered me, and always said hello lets get together etc, if i saw him socially, which occasionally i did in London and this was all at the height of his fame. I think what is worse is the self sabotour in him. He probaly hates himself for his clumsy ‘out of order’ rant. I don’t agree with his references at all,and I hope he can & will recover..John isn’t a Bad person, he allowed hes lower self to come out in a big bad way, under the influence of drink and probably drugs ! BIG shame!

  13. Yes Rosa, I felt like he’d been made a scapegoat. I think I said in an earlier comment that he just became the mouthpiece for a certain kind of bitchiness that comes from people in fashion. He’s no worst than anyone else. I went to art school and the fashion people were always very sharp of the tongue shall we say, but it was done in an ironic, tongue in cheek way, sometimes this doesn’t translate, and if your are off your face drunk and being goaded then the worst demon is going to come out to play. I would’ve liked to see where his Eris was, she’s good at putting her foot in it!

  14. Hi Marina Thanks for your reply. The first comment at the top of the page says John’s Eris is @ 09 degrees Aries. Your interpretation of hes chart and aspects is so well written…

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