Jupiter Square Sun Transit

Jupiter Square Sun Transit

Jupiter square Sun transit can create some tests and challenges relating to growth and luck, but it might push you to make significant progress in life. You will feel the urge to expand your horizons, try new things, bigger and better things, to have more fun and make more money.

The trick here is not to spread yourself too thin, wasting your energy and talents. The urge for personal or professional success should not be curbed but channeled into fewer and not many projects. Jupiter tends to exaggerate, which will apply to your confidence and ego. You can get lucky and popular now, and it’s okay to be proud of your achievements, but being too proud or vain and expecting too much from others may cause relationship problems.

Jupiter also rules over morals and philosophy, so these areas may be subject to some tension with loved ones or others, especially men in your life. Excessiveness, greed or egotism shown by you or a partner may arise, which will take some higher and more spiritual thinking to resolve.

Jupiter Square Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Taurus & Scorpio Decan 3March 11, 2021May 23, 2021
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 1May 5, 2021August 6, 2021
Taurus & Scorpio Decan 3July 17, 2021January 3, 2022
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 1December 23, 2021February 16, 2022
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 2February 8, 2022March 30, 2022
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 3March 22, 2022May 16, 2022
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 1May 5, 2022November 12, 2022
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 3October 18, 2022December 30, 2022
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 1December 4, 2022February 24, 2023
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 2February 15, 2023April 8, 2023
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 3March 31, 2023May 20, 2023
Leo & Aquarius Decan 1May 12, 2023July 11, 2023
Leo & Aquarius Decan 2June 29, 2023November 14, 2023
Leo & Aquarius Decan 1October 30, 2023February 27, 2024
Leo & Aquarius Decan 2February 14, 2024April 17, 2024
Leo & Aquarius Decan 3April 8, 2024may 30, 2024
Virgo & Pisces Decan 1May 21, 2024July 14, 2024
Virgo & Pisces Decan 2July 4, 2024September 24, 2024
Virgo & Pisces Decan 3August 31, 2024November 16, 2024
Virgo & Pisces Decan 2October 23, 2024April 28, 2025
Virgo & Pisces Decan 3April 18, 2025June 14, 2025

12 thoughts on “Jupiter Square Sun Transit

  1. I have been experiencing this transit and it peaks today! The main theme has been how to divide my time with work, the readings/blogposts/book balance. Last week I felt like I had burnout, I had been doing a 1-3 readings a day, plus the Eclipses, plus Asteroids, plus week ahead, plus moon aspects…..this has been going on for about a month. The bulk of the work is done now, but I was getting really irritable spending that much time in front of the computer and I had also let the Yoga go too. Exercise and thinking time so important when you work infront of a desk all day.

    So this week started Yoga again, made sure not more than one reading a day unless it’s something small like a question and decide to allow for advertising to take the pressure off.
    Yes some battles with the partner ;), (sorry lovely Jamie) due to frustration and stress.
    Popular and lucky, yes yes, been getting lovely emails of thanks lately. Thank you everyone for being so kind. I’m over the hill now, coasting, and really feel like I have earned my Jupiter holiday. Wayhay! I can’t wait.

    • Bloody UNLUCKY transit! I though I was over the hill, but with precession today, it was at it’s peak. I lost my keys while out jogging and was locked out of my house for 2 hours while I waited for my daughters Dad to let me in. (THAT was lucky I guess, he has a spare)
      I probably lost them between 8.45am – 9.20am. Today at 8.46am Mars squared my nodes and at 9.39am Tr Venus squared Uranus!

  2. The description says Jupiter square Natal Sun. Does that mean it doesn’t apply to rising signs?

    • Jupiter in Cancer would be square a rising sign that is either Aries or Libra. You have to check the degree of transiting Jupiter and the degree of the Ascendant to see if they are making an aspect within say, +/-6 degrees, some would say up to 8 degrees. Jupiter is the transiting planet, meaning it will keep moving and increasing (and decreasing when retrograde ) its degree. The natal degree of The ASC of course is fixed. Today Jupiter is 16 degrees Cancer so if you have a 10 – 22 degree Libra or Aries ASC then Jupiter would be making a square to your ASC. It would read differently than a square to the Sun but would still have an effect that would have to be reconciled to your outlook, how you view things and how the others would see you on first impression.

  3. “and expecting too much of others may cause relationship problems. Jupiter also rules over morals and philosophy, so these areas may be subject of some tension with loved ones or others, especially men in your life. … which will take some higher and more spiritual thinking to resolve.”

    Just finishing this one and will be happy when its over. Trying to take the high road. I just feel so at odds with others right now. Yuck.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    I do not know where to ask this question, but I do not know anyone who addresses this. Not sure either if there is an answer to this question…why are the houses sizes different? My 10th house is quite large.. in contrast, my 11th/5th houses are quite narrow, compared to the 10th/4th… this is different with each person of course.

    Do you have any idea or what is your own view on why that is? and what is your interpretation of that?

    Thank you!

    • I don’t use houses but I do know there are many different kinds of house systems. The main one in Western Astrology is Placidus which gives the effect you see. Born on the equator, all houses would be equal. The higher the latitude, the bigger the 4th and 10th house.

  5. in scorpio horoscope decan 2, 2021 horoscope solar eclipse december 14 description is missing, however earlier when it was posted, it was revealed. kindly recheck and correct the mistake

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