Mars Trine Sun Transit

Mars Trine Sun Transit

Mars trine Sun transit increases energy levels, self-confidence and sexual desire that is well-balanced and not aggressive or threatening to other people. This is the most favorable time to achieve your desires and reach your goals because people warm to you and admire your directness and confidence in all your relationships, love, and work. You know what you want and have the extra energy to go after it with a perfect chance of getting it.

This is a great time to initiate new projects in your personal life and career as you meet little opposition and even gain assistance, especially from men. Mars trine Sun transit is also most favorable for all physical activities like exercise and competitive sports. Your sexual desires are also high now, as is your sexual attractiveness, which fires up existing love relationships or makes finding a new love easier now than at other times.

8 thoughts on “Mars Trine Sun Transit

  1. I have this transit now, Jamie, and a kind man -so he seems to be- got in touch with me. I feel happy. I´m living the experience.



  2. Not at all, Jamie! He appeard and the disappeard so fast! Though, very strange, ´cause he was speaking of love, already… :S (strange!).

    So, I lived the experience and kept my center. Discovered that I do not seem to be so needy, in spite of the not easy conditions I face right now.

    But good days are approaching and I feel happy.



  3. I Feel this 😀 New career and increase self confidence.. I Feel happy..
    Thank you for these websites 🙂

  4. still im so confuse on what’s happening at work,this week was a waiting period if there’s something that the higher position will do.i don’t know if my job was on stake for being honest and truthful.please help me out if you can give some answer it will really help me and appreciate it so much

  5. 2nd Decan Virgos: is October bringing you relief from our Saturn opposition? Have things finally started going your way? I am curious because it’s been more of the same for me. That is, if it weren’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all.

  6. I seem to experience Mars-Sun transits a little differently than most. Mars is energy, and the Sun is the self. During these transits, I feel a fire within me like most people, but then I go deeper into it until I feel completely encompassed by the energy, like I’m a being made of pure energy. It’s not a time of action for me, but simply being. Too bad these transits are so short. I would like to master that feeling. It’s so positive.

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