Mercury Trine Sun Transit

Mercury Trine Sun TransitMercury trine Sun transit brings harmony between your thoughts and intention. Your ideas and opinions flow easily into words to make conversations pleasant and fruitful. This is the perfect time to socialize or relax.

Tact and diplomacy allow you to convince others and negotiate better deals. Positive developments and productive interactions help your plans come to fruition. You have the mental clarity to solve problems, clear your in-tray and resolve disagreements. You could play an important role as a mediator.

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  1. is this the good time to take board test? how will be the results. thanks

  2. how about an interview scheduled on 14th.july 2016 my date of birth is 06 april 1987 12 .05 pm

  3. Dear Jamie,
    Will i be able to move jobs,for a better career opportunity?Also im interacting with someone for matrimony over a long distance i’m in mumbai and the guy in AUS,and younger than me,pls do let me know if there could be chances of him being a life partner,my dob is 14-jan-77,time 7.46am,mumbai,Rachana

    • The six months from the September 1 solar eclipse should bring the results you wish for. It activates a lovely pattern in your chart supportive of a passionate relationship with someone from a different culture.

  4. Dear Jamie,

    I have natal Mercury conjunct Sun, and now transit Mercury trine Sun. Will the conjunction mess up the wonderful trine effects you describe?

  5. Cribbed from

    “This is a favorable time for all kinds of mental work and communication with others. Now you are able to state your case forcefully before others if you have to. Any mental work requiring a broad overview of the situation is favored. This is also a favorable time for all kinds of group discussions and negotiations, at least from your point of view. Any kind of business negotiation will work out well because you can spell out all the requirements in detail. This is a good day for organizing yourself, another person or a group, again because of the clear-headedness indicated by this influence which will help you balance your own individual ego needs with those of others. They will feel that you are giving them a fair shake.”

    Natal Sun 21Cap17
    Transit Mercury 21Tau22

    May 7, 2020, 2:30pm PST

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