Neptune Conjunct Saturn Transit

Neptune Conjunct Saturn TransitNeptune conjunct Saturn transit is potentially depressing and confusing but also highly enlightening. Discovering that some of your perceptions of the world are in fact wrong can cause disappointment and anxiety. The resulting fear and loss of self-confidence can then make you feel disoriented for no clear reason.

Your safe and secure realities will be challenged by exposure to some possible realities. Scientists at the CERN Hadron Collider are working on discovering extra dimensions:

Even if extra dimensions are small, they can still have an effect on how we experience the world…  Models of string theory, for example, require the existence of at least 11 dimensions. [Extra dimensions, CERN]

Knowing that physicists believe in extra dimensions may help you move from confusion to enlightenment during Neptune conjunct Saturn transit. You will hopefully begin to understand the true nature of the illusion once known as reality.

At a less esoteric level, the best way to handle this strange phase of life is reduce stress level by surrounding yourself with familiar people and situations that make you feel comfortable and secure. Added stress will only prolong the confusion so avoid making major decisions if possible. Your mind probably won’t be seeing things clearly, as they are. Avoid difficult or demoralizing people because they will make it harder to see the new truths emerging from the fog of confusion.

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