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The new moon on the 27th of June 2014 is at 5 degrees of the Cancer Sign. This places it at the feet of the mortal Gemini Twin Castor. As you can see above, Jupiter has been visiting his boys, while Mercury and Venus are not far behind in the Bull. Let us discover the meaning of this intense part of the sky.

I have not written since the Moon joined Jupiter in exact conjunction to the star Castor. It was a life-changing event for my family and I. It completed a grand trine to Saturn in the Scales and Chiron in Pegasus. To understand the Twins we must first get in touch with the mortal one, like us. I had the assistance of my eldest daughter Elyse (Mars on Castor, Jupiter on Pollux). A few days earlier she broke her foot at school and stayed home for over a week. My other daughter has Venus here and my son the Moon. Castor was setting when I was born.

I soon learnt that Castor rules fear. As the Moon closed in on Jupiter there was a blackout and all the kids went into hysterics. After settling them down my son sat next to me and said he was scared of me dying because I smoked cigarettes. They all have that fear after watching me recover from cancer two years ago. I have a fear of dying because of leaving them, being the sole parent.

That night, the spirit of Castor came into our home and shared his courage with us. We all have a way to go but have turned a big corner. It is an eternal struggle. The Twins after all, are the ultimate warriors. As a mortal, Castor he knew he would die, but as a Spartan he could not fear death. Pollux feared living forever without his brother, so Jupiter killed him with a lighting bolt so they would always be together. Together they are symbols of immortality and death. They will intervene on your behalf in moments of crisis.300-spartan-story-2

Castor and Pollux are of course the stellar version of the planet Mars. Action requires bravery and always comes with risks. This is where the dual nature of the stars becomes critical. One can assist the other, as in families. The Spartan tradition of dual kingship came from the Twins. Only one king, or one brother would fight per battle. In a time of crisis, one brother is sacrificed so the other may live.

In the beginning there was one. Scientists call it the Singularity, others call it God. Then there was two, the Big Bang or the Creation. One is not an existence. All existence comes from two. The Twins represent this creative power forming energy and matter, and the inherent dangers of splitting the atom. This danger and fear is most associated with Castor because it is a Binary Star.

The new moon at the feet of Castor will reignite a long dormant fear within humanity. One shared moment in history, panic, hysteria. Each of us hold these memories in the DNA of every cell in our bodies. We all express this fear in different ways. Some can’t shut up, some hide away, some scream, or over protect. With a strong Castor in their chart, they will break an arm or leg, or have a nervous breakdown. We know it is coming again.

Above the Twins you will see Auriga the Charioteer. This is Phaethon, who drove his fathers Sun Chariot but lost control of the reigns. Terror and panic, half the earth was scorched before Jupiter killed him with a lighting bolt. For this new moon, asteroid Phaethon is conjunct Venus.

The discovery of the Planet Sedna ten years ago has lead to suggestions that our Sun has a Twin called Nemesis. In a few decades, Sedna will complete it’s 10, 000 journey back around the Sun. The last close approach coincided with the Quaternary extinction event, or the destruction of Atlantis, or the Great Flood. Sedna is not shown in the sky map above but it is just behind the fixed star Algol.

Adding more weight to the Nemesis hypotheses of periodic comet strikes on earth, another planet like Sedna was discovered earlier this year. “It’s really quite striking how close Sedna and 2012 VP113 are to each other right now, both close to their perihelion. 2012 VP113.”

2012 VP113

2012 VP113

17 thoughts on “New Moon June 2014

  1. Good to hear from you, Jamie. I’ve had some profound revelations this week myself, which shed a different light on my marriage and some close friends. An interesting month so far. Best regards!

  2. So interesting Jamie! I have been for years thinking that Earth is pivoting somehow in order to go straight to an Ice Age. Just 10,000 years of heat allowed us to be and to experience. I don´t fight all that much (as I used to) for protecting Earth. Now, I feel quite sure that Earth was our playground to learn better, knowing that we were meant to destroy it. Earth does not care. She will go -as she has done 5 or 6 times in her life-time- to her dormant ways, to freeze a little and to start again…

    For me, it has been also very illuminating times. And I wish you and your family the best. Your children will grow to be very resolutive and very strong! They have to be strong to survive. Mine are kind of that also, though we all fear (of course). Personal projects scarce and cooperatives projects are not born yet, so it has not been easy, though I´ve been getting along the best I can and they -children- have been helpful and strong.



  3. What date did the Moon join Jupiter in exact conjunction to the star Castor? I want to re-look at events… It’s been a karmic time for me Unplanned and unintended events are shifting “my plan” ha! ha!

  4. My solar return, 22nd June and already some remarkable breakthroughs to me, maybe good maybe not, yet I am going with it.

    Good to hear you are making choices for yourself and recovering Jamie, I relate to the fear of leaving children behind as the sole parent, for I was in that position and mine were young then too when I suffered what they still cant confirm yet suspected to be a TIA in 2002. It is a very strong fear when its about keeping children safe and not abandoning them.

    Congratulations on it being time and your being able to give up tobacco smoking, along with all else you are dealing with at the moment.

    I have not yet given up smoking, due to my sensitivity level and the empathy that goes with that and may be never will completely as I still use the herb tobacco for the purpose nature provides it although I am reducing and gradually breaking the habit to only choose to use as required ya know? It is the original “peace pipe” used for a long time by in particular the “sensitives” of tribes in ancient cultures without it causing disease. For me personally to not use it, especially when intuitively guided to, would actually be of more danger to my health and my affect on others, than smoking it is. I have an understanding of how an unclean or unclear mind affects my physicality and as I am working a lot with the “shadow side” of peoples nature psychically, it is easy for my mind to be energetically infected, until my mind is completely healed itself. That has been a tough choice for me to make due to the overall medically given perspective on it and how the fear of smoking has been highly trained into our minds and our childrens, so I do empathise on that also. I just understand, why it is different for me and may be some others, even though many in fact most, would charge me with being stupid or some variation on this, I happen to know myself in this and although I do not contest the scientific data, I do know that the natural purpose for the herb has now been over looked and rendered useless, so I accept that. I dont smoke Marajuana, yet I do see where it does have its benefits as well as its detriments and of course now adays it is also used by medical science for its benefits, may be tobacco will be recognised again, just for its natural purpose once more, rather than it having been simply a big money making product in the past to which they added substances that caused toxicity thus more addictive and then the overuse renders it only as destructive.

    The only reason I gave that spiel above it to encourage you now that you have given it away, to also let go of the fear that because you have smoked in the past that you may still be at risk, time to clear your mind of all the brainwashing so you are able to enjoy good tobacco free health now, with your children 🙂

    • oh yeah and relating to the post hahaha, along with the obviously the sun at the solstice as always being my solar return, there is much positive potential being triggered, finally after so much cardinal condemnation, in my natal blue print supported by my progressed and solar return charts. This New moon is Semi sexitle Leo MC, sextile Pluto at the end of my 10th house in virgo and trine my Chiron in 4th and trine my Neptune in 1st,,,lookin goooooooood 🙂

      I also have asc 26Libra, mars is on it at the new moon too….

  5. Hope you’re doing well :). I am pisces 5 degrees and i am hoping this new moon in my 5th house will be a good one for me. do you think there will be positive effects?

  6. I’ve read and I’m a hoping that the trauma of this year for Virgo natives will end. That this is a new beginning with the planets finally going direct. MARS IN LIBRA for eight months wasn’t fair.
    Neptune Opposition in March almost destroyed me. I almost destroyed me. Never is it a sin to get down, only to stay there. LISTEN to your kids. think positive get positive. Don’t believe everything you think………….the best of you is yet to come……

  7. Hi Steven, I have a brother who is a Virgo and yes it has been hard, especially as the Virgo trait to be “hyper critical” as shown of others I am aware is much harsher within the “Virgoan” towards themselves. My brother unfortunately hasn’t used the other Virgo trait of grace and attacked cruelly and behaved destructively. I honour your strength, courage and Grace to have listened to others and honestly encourage others to heal and be of pure mind as a result of these transits, it gives me hope for my brother too which I had almost lost. The good potential of Neptune in Pisces which the opposition seems to have given you is forgiveness and humilty which will serve you well. Blessings to you!

  8. I still haven’t recovered from Neptune opposite my Mars. Mars on Regulus was so feisty and sexy, fighting spirit. Got knocked down a peg or two.

  9. Did it knock you back or perhaps just break through the illusion to have you be aware of where you are actually standing and what tries to delude you…

    • The reason I posed that question is that I have Mars at 26 Leo, so I experienced that opposition back around 2009 ish and it is only now, that I am able to decipher between what is and isnt good, what is real and what is illusion and what I was deluding myself about or other were trying to delude me about etc However I have also just finished Chiron return and Neptune going over Chiron at the moment, my Chiron opposes Pluto in Virgo, so that may be why it has taken a bit longer needing to go very deep in order to settle it Karma as well?

      My natal mars is in 10th thus Neptune was going through 4th in opposition, family versus public “impresssion” of me, plus others “pretending” publicly to be better than they are caring and authorities of their area and often “privately” in family situations being cruel dictatories thinking they know everything, a bit sociopathic because of the houses involved and the revelations were provoking revolt in me and were quite a revolting experience in the other meaning of the word not just seeing others as they really are, seeing how I had been “infected” thus was at times at lest expressing that same arrogance or subjecting myself to that revolting way, myself?

      Obviously you have share your health issues on here and I had some life threatening symptoms myself, but I am feeling good, it just took a while to figure out what that neptune/mars thing was all about for me, we have the answers just gotta figure out the right question to ask ourself in order to be truthful with self and be able to access the answer? yep that is part of the mystery, we are constantly looking for answers yet we already have them we are here to find the good question, that is why life journey is referred to as a “quest”?

      • which actually comes back to what many leaders have posed including JFK, ask not what others will do for you, ask what you may do for others, as in “how may I serve better” being a good question, then of course paying attention to the mysterious and subtle answers which only ones intuition is often able to guide one to be able to see. Gut instinct doesnt quite work the same way yes something triggers a response instinctually through fear and the reaction to fight flight with instinct for immediate survival, intuition however is only ever supportive of what is good to do or good to not do for the long term which means the opportunities and results are not immediate and follow a process through cycles, instincts will have you see or know of the threat pretty quickly, the psychic world is subtle as is Neptune, as is Pisces, as you know 🙂 and takes as long as is natural, to manifest.

        • oops didnt explain, Mars is instinct, Neptune is intuition, they are different yet able to support each other, Mars is about immediate survival or gratification, Neptune is about long term, eternal life and feeling truly eternally, grateful?


  11. I don’t come here often but I have often wondered lately if U are okay mr astrology king … Sending light your way

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