Philippines Holiday

mSince my last personal update in March 2016 my health has continued to improve. This allowed me to get ahead with the 2017 and the monthly horoscopes as well as major transits and moon phases. I had even caught up to date with responding to comments.

Now I am on holiday for a week in the Philippines to visit my new partner for the first time. Yes I have fallen in love so writing new posts and answering questions is not a high priority this week.

My Facebook friends will have seen my relationship status change from “single” to “in a relationship” to “engaged” in less than two months. Now comes a long twelve month wait for a visa applications so Maila and her two children can live with me and my three children in Australia.

I hope you all understand that responding to comments now has to be a lower priority as I need to earn more to support a larger family. Eventually I hope to offer personal readings but initially this will be to previous clients only.

Thanks again for all your support over the years and I wish you and your families all the very best.

53 thoughts on “Philippines Holiday

  1. Congratulations! How wonderful that you are feeling better and have a new partner. Lots of health and happiness.

  2. Thank you everyone. I am going back to Philippines in two weeks with one of my kids. One whole month this time!

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