Pluto Conjunct Moon Transit

Pluto Conjunct Moon Transit Pluto conjunct Moon transit brings major life changing experiences and these changes are deeply felt at the emotional level. Pluto conjunct the Moon will bring up intense psychological issues from deep in the soul, which will lead to a complete transformation of the emotional life. This transformation may start with a stripping away of the emotional security blanket, and you and other people have to adjust to this raw you.

The Moon also represent family and all other close emotional bonds, so these relationships can undergo changes. These relationships will become very important and this could range from greater emotional support and bonding, to separations. All things related to home and family are up for possible changes, including moving home, starting a family, becoming a grandparent, or children leaving home. The Moon can also represent the public, so this during this transforming journey over a couple of years, you may find that your most personal dramas are open to the world but this sharing can be a healing experience.

The ruthless nature of Pluto can have an effect whereby you experience others trying to overpower you or manipulate you. If this is the case you may learn to become ruthless yourself if that has not been in your nature. If you have been the dominant type, then you might find this transit mellows that out a bit. Going to extremes and finally finding a balance could be a theme over these couple of years.

In 1978, George W. Bush had Pluto conjunct his Moon This coincided with his first attempt at public office. It was the 19th Texas Congressional election which he lost by 6%. George ran a nice-guy campaign, his advisers wanted to him attack his opponent but he didn’t. George told his advisers that his opponent was also running the nice-guy campaign. 10 days before the election, George went head to head in a live radio debate with Hance and got totally hammered. For the following 10 days Hance kept up the attack. George learnt from this Pluto transit how to be ruthless.

In 2006, Charlie Sheen went through a bitter divorce during this transit. There was a very public and ruthless custody battle over the children, where his wife blamed Charlie’s addictions and threats of abuse for the marriage breakdown. In 2010, Michael Douglas experienced Pluto on his Moon by suffering life-threatening throat cancer, and by the power of Pluto he beat it. Arnold Schwarzenegger has also been going through this transit the last year, recently finished his final term as governor of California and now reading movie scripts. A re-birthing, total transformation.

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  1. An astrologer told me that Pluto opposition natal Moon sometimes means the death of your mother. I decided to check. I had that conjunction almost exact at the time when my mother died. I was her full time caretaker, I kept her house together as she slowly died of ALS. Then suddenly, it was all over and I had to clear out her house, close her estate, and find a new place to live. My life never has been quite the same.

    • Yes, hard aspects from Pluto to the Moon in general can mean this, I have talked a bit about it in another comment below. If this is the case, it seems that you are the one most involved with caring, so the most effected emotionally.

  2. thanks, jamie. pluto is on my natal moon/neptune conjunction right now. i feel like a little child.

    • how long is pluto in a given degree? it is now on my natal 6 cap moon. i was trying to look this up, but i have been overwhelmed to an almost hilarious degree today and even the simplest cognitive tasks are futile. i mean, seriously. last week i felt like i was walking on water and these past few days i have been trudging through an emotional swampland. humbled and in awe.

      • In 2011, Pluto ranges from 4°53′ – 7°30′ Capricorn. Turns retrograde on April 9 then direct again on September 16. Grindingly slow I’m afraid. I saw a Tarot reader during Pluto square my Sun, she said my feet would be stuck in mud for that year. very similar to your swampland.

        • well, i’m glad to know it’s grindingly slow… always happy to be well-informed, thank-you. at least when we feel our feet stuck in the swamp or quicksand or whatever, we know we’re going somewhere or we’re consciously trying to transition. last couple of years have been a huge blow to the head in terms of self-awareness, kind of hellish… moving towards a desired and much-needed upheaval, which has manifested in my daily life and in the stars. i welcomed this transit and it is raw. some might think i’m too young to know shit about anything, but whatever. some peoples’ shit comes at them full on earlier than others’.

  3. Mines headed to an opp pretty soon. Let you know how it goes. It will be heavy, that we know

  4. Yep, these ones are heavy. The reason I’m trying to get these Pluto to personal points, Sun, Moon, AC done, is because a large proportion of clients requesting readings have these hard transits at the moment, or are just getting over them in the last year.

  5. Hi Jamie, I sure needed to see this, thank you very much for starting this thread. Transiting Pluto is wavering near my 7 degree Capricorn Moon in the 11th, 12th ruler trines my Pluto Virgo 7th sextile my Neptune 9th in Scorpio. Chiron 1st house 2nd ruler is opposite my Pluto which trines the 9th Neptune and Mercury Cancer 6th. I tried stating 2-3 years ago to restart a relationship with my mom who is just a horrible person. I dont care who says Pluto Moon people are cold etc..I find them very balanced, my mom on the other hand was the meanest person in the world. I ended this relationship with her just a couple weeks ago. Other mother issues are children, them leaving home or the strong desire to have that happen on my part. I have one left.

    For 20 yrs I had employment in a strong position, all the responsibilities but not the offical position. I find that common with Capricorn Moons also. I used to say I felt like the company toilet paper. =) unemployed for a while, obviously not very happy and a strong desire for freedom from the oppression of the past and wondering how to get through this without damaging the relationships I love but respecting myself in the process. These are dark times and a strong desire for solitude. Would love to hear others comments.

    • Hi again SunSIne, glad you mentioned “starting this thread”. This is important for me because it’s the feedback and discussions which make these transits and aspects so valuable for everyone who comes to read these interpretations. I don’t write so much as you will find in some books or other websites for this reason, just want to put it out there and get the ball rolling.

      You wrote ” Moon is wavering near my 7 degree cap moon”. I’m guessing you meant to write Pluto is is transiting your Moon? I can go back and edit that for you if you want.

      • Yes Jamie, Actually I made quite a few erros in that post-spelling. I notified a few friends that you started this thread, we are all going through it also. I guess like the ole AA theme, One day at a time.

        • OK, put my Virgo stellium to use and did some editing 🙂 Thanks for spreading the word! I didn’t have children when Pluto was square my Moon, but did go through a relationship split where wanting to start a family was an issue. Sounds like you are finding your power, hang in there!

  6. Jamie – In 1971 when Pluto was conjunct my moon, my parents were making plans to uproot our family from a beeeyootiful (now historic) house and neighborhood in the midwestern US and move to New Mexico – they were just waiting for me to graduate high school. When we moved, it was to a gawd awful desert town off a horrible street in a boring house (I’m clearly coming from my Libra moon here! I need beauty!). I was miserable and hung around for 4 years and then split never to return until 2006 when Pluto was creeping up on squaring my moon. Mom had a stroke and I felt compelled to spend time with her and take care of her. I saw the 2010 square to my moon approaching long before this and knew that if I didn’t do my pluto transit pluto would do me. So now I’m in the aftermath working on getting back home where I really belong. Oh and don’t even get me started on the Saturn triple pass over my moon! That had more to do with caretaking someone within the final months of life. Next up, Pluto conjunct my sun in 2012ish. Oh and both parents natal Pluto opposes my Sun! Niiiice!! There’s a connection to the Pluto Uranus conjunction of the 60’s and the coming square about all this too but haven’t really processed that yet. Love your site and commentaries! I just love the Plutonian side of astrology because ultimately, it is about healing the soul.

    • Thanks Mary. Pluto is soul evolution. Jeff Green wrote an great book about that. I did write up on Uranus square Pluto not long ago and mentioned something about the generations in a comment. It’s going to effect some more than others, depending on aspects it makes to our chart, plus if natal Uranus or Pluto are aspecting personal planets in our charts.

      You have a valuable story there and thanks for sharing. Looking back at two major Pluto transits to your Moon and tying together the two experiences. I had Saturn going back and forth over my Moon the same time as Pluto was squaring my Sun. Imagine a 38 year old man staying in a room under his parents house, crying on the bed because of not being able to see his kids after a relationship breakup. That was the worst time. But just like Kim mentioned in a comment earlier, it was a “huge maturity process, I rely on myself more now than ever, have firmer boundaries and am not so light-hearted and am not as trusting of others anymore”. I got so ruthless with Pluto squaring my Sun, fought all the way, in the courts, outside the law, physically, anything it took. Things turned out OK, I have full custody now and my life has improved out of site.

      • In responce to the maturity process. I feel like I am holding on for dear life not wanting to loose my kids or let them go and finish growing. It is really terrifying to to be alone. I guess I am having a hard time dealing with this.

      • Thanks for the reply, Jamie – I’ll read your piece on Uranus square Pluto.

      • Oh yeah, hello, Sun at 12 degrees Capricorn here! Wonder what’s in store with all those Uranus Pluto squares dancing with me? Yikes! Somehow changing my career and location seems like child’s play under those aspects!

        • Yep, it can be a bit daunting to say the least when you look ahead and see something in your chart is going to be hit by two big planets like this. I had the Jupiter Uranus conjunction opposite my Sun which was stressful but turned out very positive. I’ve got Uranus on my IC later this year while Pluto is square it, wondering if I will be moving house?

  7. @ 4 years ago transiting pluto approached my 0 degree
    Cap moon in the 8th house and my Mom died. My moon is opposite my Mer/Venus in late Gemini and trine my natal pluto, sextile my neptune. I had huge inheritance issues with my siblings, resulting in my being betrayed and not speaking to any of them but 1 (scorpio sis). I had a rude awakening about my Mother and had tremendous emotional pain to deal with. (I’m a natal Cancerian, ruled by my moon) Needless to say it was a huge maturity process, I rely on myself more now than ever, have firmer boundaries and am not so light-hearted and am not as trusting of others anymore. Pluto is approaching an opposition with my sun….my 96 year old Dad isn’t well. I’m more prepared now…I think the pluto/moon transit was the worst of my life.

    • Hi Kim, I didn’t specifically mention Moon as the mother in this post but this is true. I have been getting feedback on other threads and on our Facebook page about this so I just edited the post to include it.

      Robert hand in planets in Transits does mention possible loss of mother, “this transit can transform all your emotionally based relationship, such as those with your spouse, family and parents, particularly you mother. One of these relationships may end completely for any number of reasons, occasionally including death.”. p.491.

      I think it is most important to point out that the age at which this transit happens would have a big bearing on this matter.

      • Thanks Jamie…yes, and the house this takes place too. 8th house often deals with death, transformation and inheritance. Moon being my ruler intensifies things as well.

  8. it’s interesting b/c my mom is going thru the sun/pluto conjunction transit now and is officially according to her and to me having a nervous breakdown. i am going through moon/pluto conjunction; i am having more of a heart murmur, soul explosion, rapidly in flux. this has brought on a deep sense of severing moon/neptune (i have the conjunction) ties with my mom, which i have always had with her, being her eldest child and her coming from such a dysfunctional, neglectful household and being a very lonely only child. i have always felt her at such a deep level and it has become insanely toxic for me, because she has never accepted me as the very lilithy daughter i have always been. these imminent circumstances have become so much more apparent because i now have a child myself to care for and to be healthy for. she needs my approval so much that it’s difficult to be around her, but the disconnection that i have long been hoping for is now taking place under this most oddly and powerfully auspicious set of conjunctions from lord/lordess pluto. individually, and from day to day, i am struggling, but i feel stronger than i ever have.

    • Thanks for sharing that Michelle, valuable informations because these are the sort of feelings and events others might go through with this transit.

  9. yes, i think the transits comment areas are great for sharing, commiserating with, enlightening and empowering each other in terms of what we’re individually going thru during these times.

  10. Well, while the day is a little brighter and
    the moon is my leo sun, I will climb out of my
    cave and say hello. It gets dark sometimes with PLuto on the moon
    old things pop up that you felt you worked out a long time ago.
    Ihave been in counceling for 2 years now but getting into
    thigns that are coming up. Memories that were hidden and anger
    over the issue but you still try and stuff those issues also.
    Oddly, my relationships with my sons are really good, cutting the cord with them and they are becoming men is nice. I raised two good kids, we had trials but they are good at heart. Trust issues are getting better. I
    think this transit which Ihave been reading about will cut through the emotional clutter of my mind. Just trying really hard to handle it gracefully.
    WHen Pluto does direct again I think it will pass my moon and
    officially move into my 12th house. Any idea’s on what to expect?

    • Hi SinSine, nice peom! Seems like you have a good handle on this transit and you made great progress and got a lot out of it. I wouldn’t be worried about Pluto in the 12th house. marina wrote something on houses and found that the 12th house is actually a power zone. Which House System?

  11. Jamie and all,

    My natal moon is at 2+Taurus in my 10th house. My father passed away in Nov of 1984 when T Pluto was at 2+ degrees (4th house). I am female, however, my dad was my “mentor” and nurturer.

    I have natal Moon square Pluto, and my mom was not controlling nor manipulative , she had given birth to 22 children (hows this for “another interpretation on hard moon pluto aspects?)!! and 10 of us survived to adulthood (she did not have time to to manipulate nor control anyone.

    I’ve been married “forever” to my husband, and we flow back and forth with control issues (he has moon in Capricorn inconjunct Pluto ,but, hey, two scorpionlike people can’t sting each other to death!!!



    • Hi mida. Very interesting relating your Moon to your Father. Marina and I were talking about this just yesterday regarding my eldest daughters chart. I’ve been her main carer most of her life, and have had all the kids on my own for a few years now. So we were thinking that the Moon in her chart could represent me.

  12. Jamie,

    I would say that you are the moon in your daughters chart. We tend to think of one point of an axis in a chart, but, as you know, the moon is about “emotional support”, thus it also points to one’s spouse, or signficant other if that person is the nurturer (sibling, etc).

    BTW: I forgot to mention that in 1984 when my dad died Pluto was in Scorpio (2+ degrees).

    Also, my husband has natal moon at 6+ degrees in Capricorn (transit pluto 6+ degrees cap), conjunct his moon that is inconjunct with pluto in natal, and his elderly mother has advanced Alzhimers, and we got a call from her nuring home about 3 hours ago, that all her vital organs are “shutting down”, so we are preparing for the “inevitable, death to occur at anytime very soon. Nancy Reagan called Alzhimers the “long goodbye” and mom has been this way for 8 long years. I call it the “Zombie disease”. This will be a “release and blessing for her and the family as well” , The Plutonic transformation begins for us all.

    Transit moon is in Scorpio (now), and his ( my husband) natal Saturn is at 27+ Taurus, and natal Uranus 0 degrees Gemini. I would not be “surprised” if the transit moon in Sag 0 degrees opp his natal Uranus will not “sever the silver cord ,(quickly)”.

    I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks for your forum and reply.


    • Hey Mida,

      I see you have the 6 degree cap moon also. besides mother issues are you personally having a hard time? Example, my relationships with the kids are better but I feel so much pressure inside my head if that makes sense. I really have to push myself and that push doesnt take me very far. I have even noticed some cognative issues so I take things really slow. I feel damaged. Now last yrs uranus/jup conj did sent me to the hospital after and accident-concussion but I have noticed this for a while. When it went into cap I think many lives went into a tailspin for us who have lots of cap! Anyhow I thought I would ask how you were feeling. Best to your family….and Jamie, I spelled this time twice!..I think.

  13. Hi Jamie and all,

    My mother-in-law passed away this morning (USA, Mountain Standard time) at 7:12 a.m.)

    My husbands natal moon is at 6 Cap 47. Today transit Pluto is at 7 Cap 2

    Transit moon 13+ degrees Sag. Transit Jupiter 6 Aries 51 and transit mercury 6 Pisces.

    One door has closed for us regarding our child/parent (in-law) relationship, however another door will open for us all in the family.

    Astrology used in a positive way can prepare us for possible/probable events and also how to avoid situations that are not beneficial to one.

    On my Solar Return for this year my MC is at 13 degrees Sag. This would by derivative house counting would be my husbands 4th house (in this case his mother).


    • Sorry to hear about that Mida, but glad you have a positive outlook on the astrology. I actually get some sort of comfort from looking at my transits even during really difficult times in my life, at least I can find some explanation, or reason, and see that it is just a phase.

  14. Jamie,

    Thank you.

    Although I’m not a professional astrologer I’ve been an “Aficionada” for over 20 years. When ever I go back in astrological time to events in my own life, I’m always “amazed” at how accurate astrology is (especially Solar Arcs combined with the heavy transiting planets, like in this case Pluto. So, now, rather than only looking back in time I look at the “now” and the immediate future to prepare myself for the events that may unfold in the life of my loved ones, friends and family.

    “Look to the Past to reveal the Future”. Author unknown.

    • We’re on the same page there, though I haven’t got into Solar Arcs yet, despite being on Noel Tyls Forum for a while. I do know they are very accurate for prediction. Marina has been looking more into them. All these different techniques, when used together show just how amazing this astrology is. It blows me away all the time.

  15. Jamie,

    I also am a member on Noel’s forum, however, it has been amost a year since I have posted on it. I do read it everyday and also have read all of the articles that are posted in the/his menu website.

    I do not have his Solar Arc book, however, I’ve printed out exerpts of it from the web.

    I have seen some of your posts there and on Astrodienst (been a member there too for over one year and don’t post often, however, under mundane, Worlds oldest horoscope, I been “active” recently there , ( under Leone West (Mida is my middle name) and have “respect” for your insights and topics.

    I have a “huge Solar Arc progression, about to start or more than likely my mother-in-laws passing has started its influence with the “plutonic event” and will no doubt be “manifesting” more directly pertaining to my own chart.

    I have SA Pluto 42 minutes away from conjoining my Nadir at 13 Libra 02 (which implies pluto/moom type themes). I also have secondary progressed Mars retrograde, conjoined with my MC at 13 Aries.

    According to SA “reckeoning” this major SA will be “active for six month before exact and 6 months after. The Solar Eclipse at 13 Capricorn on Jan 4, 2011 most certainly has trigged this SA to my MC and IC.

    Both you and Mariana are contributing “much” to the astrological community and visitors and is very much appreciated by me personally.

    Being “forwarmed is forearmed”, so I’m paying very close attention to what’s going around me in my life right now and what has occured in the past when Pluto transited my nadir. I do have “things going on around me that will for sure “play out here”.

    Mida (Mydah).

    • Thanks for the update Leone, and for the compliments! Neither of us are getting much time to chat on the forums at the moment, this blog of our’s has become to busy now, plus we have readings and all that. AND I want to get more of these Pluto transits done.

  16. this transit lately has been fortifying/equipping me with a strong ecstatic/erotic pull towards marriage with the self, the goddess-self…. if only i could push the slow-down button on my propensity to project this desire onto others!?! big time awakenings… reinvigorated, primordial essence breathing electricity into all chakras. : )

  17. once again. PLuto hanging on this moon. I jstu realized my sons uranus conj my moon less than one degree and we are having a doozy of a time. He is trying to push me away ..he wants me liberated. We love each ther very much (jupiter/venus conj.) It is really strange how sometimes I feel very calm and others I have actually been madder than I ever have been in my life but it is also rightfully so but scary. I am not used to having those feelings. I feel an internal power which I beleive Jamie mentioned earlier in the post. Not sure which what the wind is going to blow or what direction my life is going to take. Unemployed for 2 years. I also heard 12th rules unemployment..with trans Libra in the 8th, I dont see much opportunity. I have a 5 degree AQu asc. 2 degree jupiter and leo sun 2 also… Anyhow, I thought I would put my insight up or lack of for anyone else who is going through this. I do have the pluto pluto trine and neptune is in scorp 9 sex-ing this conj so hopefully this will also work out posative.

  18. Hi
    The comments I’ve read here re the Pluto/Moon conjunction and other hard transits meaning possibly the death of the mother are freaking me out, so much so, that Im posting this. I have two kids the oldest has her Moon at 20 Capricorn, my younger son’s Asc is at 19 Capricorn. I realised recently with Pluto close by, eventually they will have Pluto transiting conjunct these points in their chart – and so apparently that might not bode well for me the mother? My son’s moon is at 28 Cancer, and so will also involved in an opposition with Pluto, sometime a bit later. When I checked an ephemeris these transits happen through 2017-2018. Does being forewarned help in anyway? – are there other things that it could mean? Because yikes – its a scary thought.

    • Most of us do not loose our mothers when we have these transits. When I had Pluto square my Moon there was no ill health for my mother, the transit effected my relationship with my partner, a divorce. Remember these transits effect the person first, you have to look at your own chart to see what’s directly happening for you at that time you are worried about.

      I have the same AC as your younger son, there is an eclipse on our DC in 2018 while Pluto is on our AC, should be intersting times!

    • Hi Amanda, I have Pluto wavering across my moon as we speak to I thought I would jump in and tell you what it has happened to me. First, it is on the cusp of the 11/12th house and trines my natal pluto. I have alwasy been distant-litterally from my mom. She is 3000 plus miles from me and we have not seen each other for many years. I tried to open the door only to get it slapped in my face which is ok, I tried one more time but will never try again. No, she did not die. I also have a cap son and a virgo son. It has changed my relationships with them. Things that were not ok wit me then are NOT ok with me now. I am learning to put myself and my needs at least somewhere on the board. My son has a cancer moon, the cap. He has matured and we have a nice understanding. The virgo still rocks my world and I am ready to move on my own. You migth want to check the ages of the kids involved and see, is it time for them to leave home? Go to school? I am working on a lot of unresolved issues of motherhood, trying to figure out who I am. I am not just her daughter or their mother-I am that strong woman who raised her kids alone and was proud of my accomplishments. So w/ the kids I am trying to find a level playing field because I love them. All you can do it do your best w/ kids because ultimately they will do what they perceive as being the right thing to do. I also worried how this would effect my cap kid, they did not go very well but he is ok. he has 6 planets in cap starting with uranus. Just be the best you can be and know that it will all work out in the long run…The best advice I was given is to just go with it and dont fight it. Again, look at the ages of the kids look at the transits for that time frame.

  19. My son has Moon in Capricorn and I am Sun Aquarius–we never really got a long. I was too young to give birth to him, but somehow it gets better. he has Pluto (transit) conjunct his natal moon in Cap trine natal Mars in Scorp and trine natal Uranus & Pluto in Virgo–I believe. He must be having quite a growth year. My moon is in Libra with Saturn transitting there in the first house–I am finally waking up! Moon conjunct Neptune rising in Libra is me with Sun Aquarius in 5th house. Does this sound compatible between mother & son?

    • I don’t know about the compatibility, but your relationships with him is sure in for some transformation at the moment. His Pluto transit is transforming his mom, and your Saturn transit is making you take responsibility for mothering.

  20. I have transit pluto coming into an exact conjunct to my cap moon in jan 2012-my own personal 2012 apocalypse-yikes. at the same time it opposes my mars at 8-9 cancer (been feeling this already-so i am quite raw at this point). any comment on pluto conj natal moon in the 8th house? my mom is already deceased and i have very few close female relatives…so maybe i am leaving the body-8th house?! i guess i should prepare…thanks, love your site.

  21. The 8th house is not just about death. Its about psychology, sex and the taboo also. I am bemused why we choose to see the worst possible scenario with transits. Better to be ignorant of astrology altogether that be fearfull and pessimistic. Maybe its time astrology was brought out of the medieval doom-saying mindset. Transformation NOT is not the end.

  22. Unbeknown I had progressing moon cross my natal pluto in leo.taking a month or so. Now it will cross my progressed pluto on 4th cusp. It’s been difficult but sure doesn’t last long. They say hard worker and I work compulsively and determinedly.I seem to have work persecution from the women.As well,my mom’s been going through a capricorn mars pluto transit and we actually came together in tears. She was committed to Alzheimer’s 7 yrs ago but she looks younger now than when she went in. The newspaper’s in Van. are full of senior abusive s and care homes so that is very mass plutonium. I cried within over my long dead grandma but from whom I suspect I had much security and so miss that. They say on one site the emotions can dry up if they get too high and I think that’s true. You know what that means! It’ll be over in the New Year. So will my saturn long conjunct vesta in cancer, the family. What a great new year.
    I started yoga intense poses with great determination. But most of all I saw a white dove within as I was lookin up. It grew more and more bright and expansive. I read that scorpio rules the mother dove at it’s high end.
    Reading these posts where Jamie says he gets comfort from even difficult transits by seeing them in the charts and I do too and so often I hear people into astrology express how “it never ceases to amaze”. Yes so true.

  23. Is there any insight you might share with me about a T-square, Moon in Capricorn 12 degrees, Saturn in Libra 13 degrees, and Uranus in Cancer 16 degrees, with Pluto stationary, retrograde soon, it will be 2013 -14 before it will transit my Moon, square Saturn, and oppose Uranus?

  24. Well, I’ve got this natally, pretty much exact, nine Virgo, third house (in a moon-ruled chart). Anyway, I was hoping to get a little insight into transiting Pluto trine Moon, as that’s in play now (and tight, with Pluto recently at nine Cap.

  25. Should’ve added, “thank you, your site is a nice find.” I see you’ve got transiting Pluto sextile Sun; I’ll check that, as that’s going on too and take a look around while I’m at it.

  26. It is just starting for me! I have Mars & Moon at 9 degrees Capricorn in the 2nd house. Been exercising & purging my diet of junk food. I have been doing alot of deep thinking about my life, my self esteem, my Mother (never been close to her). You hear that Pluto is about death & transformation. I guess I will see for myself. I have also heard that when Pluto comes around is when you come into your power.

    • Do you know what they say is Capricorn’s ruler saturn is the area of the success your looking for. The rule I used for Pluto was “a genuine desire to help another or resistance = karma. On the other hand it is “not to dominate an other but to use it to improve your own life.” go figure. Pluto removes the barriers between us within and it is hidden inner actions ie occult, and reactions that shape us.
      Boy here I am the big authority figure today. Hope I’m on abit at least. Pluto is where the most energy is so you can do a lot there.
      For ex. the 4th house pluto can renovate forever and never run out of energy. But best if the work is done for the larger good than just for one’s own profits. Power is destructive without love. We here in BC are having BC Hydro acting out and costing us big time. Pluto.?
      So much power they’re a cold unfeeling machine now.

  27. oh goodie, if this is the toughness of the conjunction I am so looking forward to the square to my moon when Pluto gets to 14 cap, and here was me thinking i was free now he’s finished opposing my sun and merc in cancer….good lord hasn’t my Libra moon had enough from Saturn, especially as i have a 12th house moon, maybe i ought to book myself a room in a really nice asylum now 🙁

    • I wouldn’t say Pluto square Moon is going to be easy though. I remember it was tough on me. I will get to writing it up at some stage.

      • I am chuckling as I write this as I NEVER would have believed I am about to say this but, I am sooooo grateful to have just endured pluto opposing my merc! yep thats what I said I am grateful, why? because Uranus is squaring merc of course and I also have mars and merc trining merc, the last 24 hours the passion with which I think and feel thought thoughts has been powerful and unstoppable the words flowing straight through my mouth as if skipping all reasoning at full force, if pluto hadnt done such a diabolical job to have me wipping my shadow side into shape, it would have been destructively shameful instead of direct respectful and constructive……phew!

        • I just stopped chuckling in realisation that the next full moon at 7 virgo is conjunct my 6 virgo pluto…

  28. Jamie, this is so interesting. When Pluto was conjunct my Moon, my grandmother became ill with cancer and died. It was a total transformation of my emotional life and there was a lot of public recognition of that in family and friends, even friends of friends, because everyone talked about how much my grandmother and I had adored each other. It totally transformed mothering as well since she had been my primary caretaking figure and when she died I looked to my mother for the first time really in my memory as the person to nurture me. Pretty wild how perfect this article is!

  29. Hi there,
    I’ve just found out that that pluto will be conjuct my moon (within 3 degrees at most) until Jan 2016 when it will ease off a little to 3 degrees – which is still pretty tight! Gees, I hope the effects of this conjunction will ease off some by then too. Have i been feeling it! I’ve been wondering why my emotional life has been so intense over the past several months. I checked my chart recently and it all makes sense.
    At the moment I feel so exposed, uncomfortable and soooo challenged. God knows how I’m going to survive this for another 3+ years!
    Please someone give me some tips here!

  30. Hi all,
    as I’ve red all you wrote here had to comment a bit. T Pluton just finished with my Sun 5 Cap, and now is heading for Mercury 15, MC and Moon 17 Cap. I’m a bit wooried specially after reading all your comments 😀
    When Pl was on my Sun in 9 H (ruler of 5H) my life, my world and my understanding of that world and my self fundamentaly changed. i was kicked out of college with only 5 exams till diploma (maybe it was little my lazyness but others worse than me continued studying) because of strange misunderstandings and new rules wich shouldnt be aplied on me but did… long story short my whole world based on that college crashed. I chose that college cause of prosperity not my deep interest and had to pay the price. the worst was that i built my appearance on that proffesion (computers) so i felt i was ripped out from my roots, totaly naked and doomed. emotinally i hit the bottom and then everything started to change.
    To save all those years of studying i managed to enter another college, similar to my first, to finish what i started, and at the same time started studying (on another college) philosophy and teology- my deep love but pushed away long time ago because there is no money in that (my father was crucial in choosing life path for me). As I have exact So sq Ma in natal, when Pl started my transformation problems with my father occured. especially when i went studying philosophy (was 29 when started). at one point he even told me that i was to blame for all bad in his life (all my life i’ve addored him and everithing i did with my life was to make him happy). that was wery difficult time for me. father who has hateful fixation on me, two colleges and job. it was paintfull on emotional, spiritual and phisical level, transformation all over (at the same time T Pl trined my Ac, squared Saturn -strongest planet in my chart). now i have new direction, one diploma in my pocket, other (the important one) on the way, heading for PhD in philosophy… my believes and seeing of life changed in a big way. oh yes, i started painting and met soulmate 🙂

    so now i’m freaking out about next Pl moove. I know when it finishes with me I’ll be fine but how to go through all that at the same time??? (Mer, MC and Mo). Me is rooler of my 3H in gem, and Mo 4H in can. Transit over sun was paintfull on emotional level, what will happened when it hits moon??? 🙁 Natal Mo is in squares with Sa and Pl in 6H and Sa is rooler of Mc…
    could anyone say something about that? what to expect (except death-hope not)?

  31. This thread has great personal relevance to me, since I have Cancer sun 18 deg, Cancer Asc 14 deg, Cap moon 13 deg and Saturn in Sag 8 deg. I have built-in guilt for every and anything, with a Cap moon.
    I’ve been dreading Pluto’s transits there for years. Right now, Pluto has not exactly reached my moon and will station retrograde just minutes before it this year, then transit it direct for the first time in about a year from now.
    Our big dog died two years ago, leaving a whole in the house. Then one month ago my sweet little 14 year old chihuahua died from a brain tumor, despite living a very toxin-free and loving life. Her Cancer sun was right on my Asc 14 deg Cancer along with a tight Cancer stellium – Sun, North Node, Merc, Venus and Mars. She was like gold to me and me to her. I miss her and grieve for her very much.
    But my husband of 10 years is very ill (severe heart attack 2 and a half years ago) and most definitely dying, declining dramatically this past week. I’ve been coping with illness for many years but have made the effort to look after myself more, by walking, running, hiking, and planning to Nordic ski and snowshoe lots this winter, as well as spending a few months in SoCal to see a particular physical therapist who has helped me. But I won’t leave him as ill as he is, of course. I’ve known all along I have to get away for a few weeks when he passes, or I’ll drown in misery and grief.
    I feel things very deeply, esp as I age.
    One of the most important, nay, vital things for me now is to accept all the changing energies. I’ve been affirming this for years, since it always helps to accept and feel grateful for all we have in life. But that practice flew out the window when my little dog got sick 4 months before she died and all I could genuinely feel was longing and grief, unable to feel accepting of her life’s trajectory for more than a few seconds at a time. I still cry whenever I think of her, which is often.
    Now I am trying to keep my acceptance of all the transformations I’m experiencing, but I have felt depressed a lot since the heart attack.
    I used to get regular CranioSacral therapy which was incredibly helpful. Now I don’t fit with that practitioner, nor with my backup practitioner – there’s just no dynamic between us anymore, so I will look for another, since the combination of the patient being willing to let go and having a good facilitator from time to time, is truly powerful.
    I am also using Breath as therapy. There might not be anything stronger than breathwork for dissolving or dissipating negative energy. The obstacle is my own willingness to release negative energy.

    This post is rambling, not nice to follow, but I don’t feel like creating a nice compostition just yet. Am lucky to have the knowlege I have and to have a place to write these words and read your stories about Pluto-Moon transits.

    Cheers to all

  32. pluto just transiting MY natal moon – feels like an emotional storm. it dredged up some dark hidden impulses (sorry, but I would rather not talk about it in too much detail) and threw my life in disarray. heading up for divorce and into an emotional no man’s land haunted by the phantoms of the urges and cravings I never knew I harbored. tough, very tough time. and it came without any warning, like a bolt of the blue. I suppose the only thing I can do is be patient and ride it out. but it hurts like hell, and it feels like hell

  33. Hello. I’m reading the comments and also other articles on Pluto transiting over Moon.
    The problem is, Pluto is transiting over my Mars in Capricorn and it has exactly the same effect that people ascribe to Moon.
    Transformations? Check. Emotional storms? Check. Deep, powerful feelings surfacing in therapy? Check. Breakup with family? Check. Working on health? Check. Ruthlessness? Check. Loss of security? Check.

    Pluto will transit over my Moon in two years and I have no idea whatsoever what new it can do. It sounds like another violent revolution. I’ve been through it with Uranus, Saturn, Neptune and Mars, all in Capricorn 6th house. But I honestly can’t imagine what stone unturned could there be in my life. None except settling down with a good job and wife, but Pluto transits aren’t like that.

  34. So my natal moon is in Capricorn and is square my natal sun Libra. With Pluto in Capricorn right now, it is square my natal Sun. Will this go on until 2024? This has been one of the worst period of my life and the thought that I have another 9 years of upheaval, uncertainty and trauma is very discouraging. Any positive feedback would be much appreciated.


    • A Pluto transit will only last for 18 month or so. The dates above are for a whole decan which is ten birth-dates. You need to find the degree of your Sun to be more precise. Once Pluto is one degree past the square you will be feeling better.

    • same with me! worstttttttttttttttt ever.
      then my saturn transit in sag (my ascendant)
      big transformation?? with a lot pain :””)))

  35. Hi Jamie. Love your site. My progressed moon is at 12 Capricorn fifth house cusp Pluto stations this week direct at 12. Would the pr moon be as affected as in description of natal. Also. I do diurnals and the 12 to 13 cap is exact late October on my diurnal ascendant.

  36. Born at a full moon (11 Cancer sun, 15 Cap moon, houses 9 and 3) so Pluto (now at hits both these years.


    — A maddeningly itchy full-body mystery rash: Tender new skin working to the outside in a day rather than a month, Cancer sensitivity embodied. (“I have no skin!”) Only my face and toes were spared.
    Started in May 2014, slowed by a six-pack of prednisone that September, finally played itself out this summer. Docs baffled.
    — Husband and I acquired opposite thyroid conditions in 2013/14. I got fat, he got skinny and bug-eyed. He’s just coming out of fixing all that.
    — September 2014 I quit/retired my job on impulse. Having two autoimmune diseases seemed to be suggesting a long vacation, and it’s been great, with severance pay coming in just now as a good surprise.
    — Now there’s some compulsive behavior — eating too much with too much wine, absently picking at the few little scabs left from the rash. It’s semiconscious now, at least sometimes.

    But overall I think my life is good, love, family, garden, going well.

    Can TPluto-conjunct-moon continue to be good surprises? Or am I being a Pollyanna about the dread ahead?

    (Natally Pluto is at 12 Leo, two degrees before MC. Asc is 7 Scorpio.)

    • Thanks for this detailed feedback. I have not heard of surprises being associated with Pluto conjunct Moon transit before. But perhaps these are simply the results of the transformations. Also remember that Uranus rules surprises and it has been square Pluto for a number of year. Uranus has been retrograde and gord back to 16 Aries in December 2015.

      • Looking a my progressed chart for the day I quit my job, Pmoon and Puranus are conjunct to the second (in Gemini). That sent me looking for the hire date progressions: Mars was 2 degrees past Uranus in the same place.

        This illustrates why I can’t predict anything — there’s no way to know which aspects will prevail, never mind how one will handle those energies. It’s a tale best told in hindsight, by me, anyway.

  37. Taurus male 62 years old and I am expecting Pluto to conjunct my Moon early March 2016 at 17 of Capricorn, goes retrograde mid April, stops being exact early June and then early 2017 it will be conjunct again. I was recently diagnosed with a bladder tumor (smoker for 40 years) and will have it removed in early January. Scorpio rules my 6th house.I am extremely stressed about this and not looking forward at all to the next year. My Moon is in my 8th house part of a grand cross in Cardinal signs involving 6 planets. It is opposed Uranus at 15 Cancer so anything could happen. Needless to say the fear of death is consuming my thoughts right now, although I try to counter each negative thought with a positive one but it’s difficult. I just needed to vent so thanks for being here.

    • Thanks for sharing Andy. I went through cancer surgery a few years ago and you should expect to have challenging transits for such a thing. Do not get yourself worried about house placements, they are not based on any real thing, only imaginary human constructs. Like the Signs, they are used for symbolic meaning, much like a Tarot reader uses cards. The fixed stars provide more accurate interpretations, especially regarding health. All the best mate.

      • Are there any fixed stars in particular I should be concentrating on? And where do I find an ephemeris that lists them and their positions? I try not to predict anything with astrology, I like to watch for any correlations and then look back after the fact to see if anything matched up.

        • Being born around 1953 means you will need to add 0°40′ to your natal planets, or subtract 0°40′ form the fixed star positions listed here: Fixed star in Astrology. I prefer not to predict myself, more to gain greater self understanding. But it is always good to know why you are feeling good or bad at a particular time.

  38. Andy
    I am a 62 year old female – very similar situation – former smoker and diagnosed with bladder cancer Nov 2012. All is well now tumor removed and recent cancer scope tests clear of cancer. If you want to talk more about this I can provide you with more details. My email address is Hang in there!

  39. Andy, as someone else under that Pluto transit, it may help to know I too am going through a fear of death. (Transiting Pluto currently at 14 degrees 36 minutes of Capricorn right now sits on my natal moon 14 minutes later at 51 minutes.) Moon is emotional, Pluto is transformational, Hell yes I’m afraid of extinction. I’m settling my affairs!

    But… Years ago I read a newspaper story about a tour for terminally ill cancer patients of a number of healers based close to each other in Mexico. The reporter went on the tour, which visited, over several days, a wide variety of healing modalities — the surgery/radiation/chemo familiar to us here, Europeans’ electricity, magnetism and colonic approaches, esoteric and shamanic energy and herbs, laetrile, you name it. One by one, most of the patients resonated to someone or something along the way and made arrangements for treatment. I recall one who was greeted by a healer who empathized with how much those who had treated her already had hurt her.

    The baffled reporter asked the tour guide, who’d led a good number of these trips, “What works?”

    The guide said, “They all work. What matters is the decision to fight for your life.”

    I’m grappling right now with whether that needs to be a new, different life, although I really like my cozy Cancer nest. (Natally Sun opposes Moon and both square Neptune in Libra, but Moon is the last of the three to be touched by Pluto.)

    I’m open to leaping, I tell myself.

    • Good question Rachel. It will be similar but an interpretation of Moon conjunct Pluto transit would be better. There are differences depending on which of the planets is the transiting one. I haven’t written so many Moon transits yet.

  40. Also what is your idea about the conjunction of progressed moon conjunct with natal Saturn & transit NN in 4th opposite the natal moon in 10th. thanks a lot

    • South Node conjunct Moon transit I would expect to bring strange events associated with relationships to family and women. I generally don’t see too much difference between the nodes. I believe that in Vedic astrology the South Node is the good one while in Western astrology the North Node is the good one.

      Try reading Moon conjunct Saturn transit for the other one.

  41. I don;t know what to expect out of the conjunction, my moon in 1st house..cancer rules 7th, scorpio rules 10th but it;s a relief to hear that once the exact degree is done, it will get better, except that Pluto goes retrograde…

  42. Pluto has been on my Moon at 16o 27′ in the 5th for a while. Last March I had a heart attack, in hospital two times for that. On the 31st of March, my youngest son’s wife committed suicide. My birthday was the next day. Abdominal surgery to remove three masses, in June. Shortly after that, my second son cut off communication with me due to his wife’s attitude toward me and I haven’t heard from him since that time. Do not underestimate the power of Pluto!

    • Hi Carrol,
      I have had this experience of my son cutting off from me because of his wife’s attitude toward me. Most unpleasant. As Pluto sits on my moon, I wonder if it will influence this situation?

      All the best to you.


  43. Can’t wait to read your thoughts on a natal Pluto conjunct Moon!

  44. Hey! So, Pluto is sitting on my natal Moon right now. As it goes retrograde. Strange, I haven’t really been feeling a “total emotional make-over” so far. I do feel more emotional. And I am reading Ernest Hemingway, and feel very touched by his depiction of male emotion (I’m a woman).

    I do however feel open to an emotional remake. I wonder what that will look like?

    My kids have recently left home for their studies and I feel more comfortable with this.

    Perhaps I am remaking myself. At least Im open to it. New phase in life. I like that!

    Thanks Jamie.

  45. Jamie, what is the point of a Pluto bashing? Pluto retrograde is just a degree off my Moon now. So far, I am feeling nothing. But the conjunction on the direct run was nasty; it completely destroyed my social life. Three very influential people (in my circle) quite unexpectedly did their utmost to make me feel that I am persona non grata. They succeeded to destroy my social life, for my instinct was to withdraw and hide. I had never before experienced anything like this. It really hurt, and the sheer injustice of it was searing. I suppose I can live through it again, having done it once. But why? Am I supposed to be learning something? And if so, what?

    Yours is being a nice experience, lenni68. Good for you, and God bless! But I’m puzzled: Just how broad is the meaning of ‘transit Pluto conjunct Moon’ if it embraces such vastly different experiences as yours and mine?

  46. i have also retrograde Pluto standing on my natal moon now. and Im experiencing extreme manipulations. going through many unnecessary quarrels with some crazy people who have very unclear intentions. They just stare at me like i was an alien 😀 and it seems impossible to understand what they want. I told them to fuck off like three times 😀 not all people do this, just a bunch. though it never happened before. I have transit chiron squaring my natal sun also and transit saturn sitting on my natal sun too.

  47. I am trying to research Pluto-Moon conjunctions and unmet needs. For the entire duration of my own Pluto-Moon conjunction thus far, I have been in nothing less than hell, consumed by the pain of a deep, unmet need. It was not taken from me; it was something that was simply never there to begin with. Currently Pluto is retrograding over my Moon and will visit it for one last time by conjunction this November. What becomes of these unmet needs during this transit? Do they disappear at last, are they finally met, or do we simply burn in hell forever?

  48. Dear Jamie – this is great writing! it gives a bit of hope that a person can benefit from this transit. My son has challenging chart and is sort of little eccentric genius ( Neptune conjunct Jupiter and Chiron in Aquarius) who does not get along easily with conventional people ( Mars opposite Pluto square Mercury) he will have Pluto on his Moon conj Lilith at 22 Capricorn together with a whole bunch of other planets in 2020. What would you suggest may help him? How to support Capricorn Moon – such a detrimentL position..
    Born 02.55pm 31.08.2009. Gliwice Poland.

  49. I have moon conjunct pluto transit in the 8th. Its been a rollercoster, things breaking, physically and emotionally. However i feel i finally let go of a lot of toxic people which i didnt have the energy to do before!

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