Pluto Square Pluto Transit

Pluto Square Pluto TransitPluto square Pluto transit forces you to transform and regenerate. Detrimental habits, attitudes, beliefs, and relationships are likely to cause more problems in your life until something happens to force change. It could be some relationship drama or challenging event that makes you realize significant change is needed. Powerful forces are acting in the background, which makes resistance futile. You are being forced to evolve.

Many of the changes occurring in these months will be unpleasant because you are probably quite attached to your old ways of doing things. You can have a strong subconscious attachment to things from your past that are not good for you. You may have become used to a job or relationship not in your best interests.

Anything from your past holding you back from growth may be taken away, sometimes ruthlessly or painfully. Some people in your life may resist the changes because they are also comfortable with things the way they were. But some people may help you on your evolutionary journey. You will have arguments and power struggles now, so taking a cold, hard look at your life and sorting out the old from the new is essential. You must evolve now and leave the decaying past behind.

Pluto Square Pluto Transit Dates

Pluto square Pluto transit lasts for between 1 year and 18 months. The age at which it happens varies from 36 to 61 years old, depending on the year you were born. The table below gives a rough guide to when you can expect this transit.

Birth YearAge

31 thoughts on “Pluto Square Pluto Transit

  1. And people born in 1968, with Pluto then at 21 degrees Virgo, currently have a Pluto trine Pluto aspect unfolding. I would love to know your thoughts on that

  2. Hi Jamie. I find this SOO interesting! I was born In 1961 and last year, 2017, this happened to me big time. I literally was forced to leave my home and completely forget my past. I read this article and it sounded exactly like my life.I have now healed and feel fabulous. My new life is just now beginning.
    Does my situation fit under Pluto square Pluto?
    BD 05/21/1961 time 3:03pm. City Denver CO
    Thanks☺ Just curious? I am not an astrologist.

    • Hi Patti. You had Pluto square Pluto in 1998. Maybe you were feeling Saturn opposite Mercury transit from Jan to Sep 2017.

  3. Right now Pluto at 21°Cap02′

    On December 5, 1979, Pluto was 21°Lib02′

    Jamie, thank you for pointing out the Pluto-Pluto Square aspect today.

  4. Hi, Jamie. So TIMELY! Am almost midway thru Pluto square Pluto (9/22/80, 8:43 a.m., Wyandotte, Michigan) + have been thinking thru this a bunch lately and really appreciate your insight into the transit, which has echoed my (largely difficult) experience. Pluto is roughly conjunct (~4–5 degrees) my ascendant + Mercury + Lilith, so those are also experiencing the square. Does this tend to compound the difficulties and/or make any other transits on the other side brighter? In the midst of it all feels destabilizing enough that fear I’m becoming a less interesting person. xx Your fellow Decan III Virgo

  5. This isn’t the same for everyone, Jamie, and you know it! It all depends on which area of the natal chart pluto is located. The outcome is totally different for someone with natal pluto in the 9th than for someone with pluto in the 7th.

    • I have pluto in the 7th libra at 29.28 degrees…is this awful? Because I’m bracing myself.

  6. I’m in the midst of mine and trying to figure out how to calculate the dates. I’m Libra rising with Pluto at 19 degrees 33 minutes in the first house. Feeling like that’s coming up against saturn in capricorn. Any insight appreciated!

    • Specifically born October 23rd, 1979 at 5:57am in Calgary. Is anyone able to help with dates of Pluto square Pluto?

      • Thankful for this writing shared. Presently working through Pluto sq Pluto, Jupiter sq Jupiter, Jupiter sq Pluto & Jupiter sq Mercury. Blessing all the transformation

        10/23/81 10:13p West Palm Beach, FL

  7. I am having a pluto square pluto/saturn and a saturn square Pluto/saturn almost exact right now. I’ve finally reached a place where I’m strong enough to break free from a very plutonic relationship where I was the sun in pluto conjunct sun, the moon in pluto square moon, and also the pluto in pluto conjunct moon. Needless to say it’s been intense. I’ve been transforming for a few years now but then again I always feel I’m transforming. It’s been rough and even now it feels rough but I feel stronger than ever either that or worn out and lethargic. Any insight on this journey would be highly appreciated.

  8. Megan Markle is going through a Pluto square Pluto transit at the moment. With Saturn thrown in too!
    Good luck to them x

    My natal stats:
    14° cancer sun in 10thHouse….18° cap moon in 4thH….9° libra asc. (in 12thHouse?!
    I thought your Ascendant HAD to be in 1stHouse as a rule! Yet multiple sites state my Asc in 12thH.)
    My natal stats c0nt.:::
    24° libra pluto in 1stH….15° libra mars & 15° libra saturn in 1stH…0°³³ scorp. jupiter in 1stH.
    (25°gem merc. & 13°gem venus both in 9thH.)
    (13°cancer north node in 10thH.)
    (22°aries vertex in 7thH.)
    (26°taurus chiron in 8thH.)

    6months ago, I completed the tr. Saturn/Pluto conjunction to my natal moon.
    (Note: My South Node @ 13° cap & IC @ 11° cap)
    Rn, my longterm transits include:
    tr. Saturn square Jupiter/tr. Jupiter square Pluto/tr. Pluto square pluto
    —>please pray for me.

  10. I’m going through a Pluto conjunct my Venus right now and someone from my past currently, an ex lover, is going through a Pluto square Pluto which conjunct my Venus. Ummm… and all i can say is, things are getting interesting. My advice to you is FEEL the intensity, stay with it, don’t push it away because it will come back to haunt you. Grow from this experience by being extremely honest with yourself and let go only when you are ready… you will know when it is done because you will feel better! Trust me, it gets a lot better.

  11. I had Pluto square Pluto going on the day I had the car accident that paralyzed me and made me a quadriplegic. April 6, 2007 around 11 am was one of the worst days of my life.

    • Hi Clarinda, I’m so sorry to hear that. I can’t even imagine.

  12. Thanks Nikki. I’ve adapted and embraced my new normal. Life is actually good despite losing my mobility.

  13. I am. Currently in pluto square pluto with natal pluto in 3rd house. What effects should this have. I have pretty much realised that I have a very unhealthy relationship with my brother that I feel to let go of. I w wonder if that is related

  14. Ohhh reading all this reminds me of the most important time in my life when Pluto passing over my tenth house squared natal Pluto in my seventh house. At the time, I was married to a Misogynist who subtly but severely repressed me and would never have had the confidence to leave, then two people entered my life. First, a man from Indonesia who saw what was happening and used Javanese ‘magic’ on me, then a ‘Neptune’ man who is psychic came along and I fell horribly in love with him! (Transiting Neptune was also squaring natal Neptune) Metaphorically speaking, I ran off with the gypsies. Got a whole new life. Pluto is like a wrecking ball IF that is what is required. I studied Astrology in order to understand what happened to me, Neptune man later left me to pursue his various addictions and I had to grow up and learn to live alone which I did. Completed my education, became a Therapist and I also teach art. It has all gone well on every level. No regrets. Pluto knows what he’s doing.

    • Thank you for sharing your story Maria. What a ride. Very helpful to hear from people who have already come out the other side. I’m currently experiencing transit Pluto (in Capricorn) square my natal Pluto (29 Libra) and dealing with transit Pluto conjunct my natal Mercury (28° Cap). I have a Stellium in Capricorn also including my sun, BML, Venus, and my ASC so I’ve been through it for what feels like more than a decade. I’ve certainly transformed for the better, but I’m also really really really ready for some calmer times. Much love to you all

  15. Have same pluto aspects as u! Natal pluto 29 degrees libra, mercury 0 degrees aqua, its been a lot the last few years!

  16. Mmmm Maria thank you for sharing. My Pluto square Pluto exact is approaching – natal is 7th house 29Libra57, and Pluto in Capricorn moves through my 10th house. Much career challenge (unemployment!). I have never been married, never even in a serious relationship. I don’t know how much more loneliness I can take. I do feel pressure is on to stand on my own two feet, career-wise. For the longest time I’ve believed I cannot begin my career without having met my partner. I feel pressure to accept that I may never meet my partner. That I just decide a direction for my life and lean in, on my own. Lots of grief, so hard to surrender hopes of sharing my life with a beloved, and of being a mom. Screaming ovaries. I don’t feel made for living forever alone. But – Pluto is pushing me to accept it with grace. <3

    • Pluto has also transited my MC. It’s crazy, until it did I was always the type to work 2 jobs. Since it has been there not only can I barely find loveable work, but there is always, ALWAYS drama. Plus I am in entertainment, I have had people I have never met or interacted with sabotage my efforts. Like…what? Whst the eff. I can’t wait for Pluto to get out if the MC for good.

  17. I practice 3 ° orbs when I look at my chart I will get a sneak peak at this transit just after Pluto enters Aquarius. Then a full experience next year though 2027. Exact on June 28th, 2025. Thank you for this post so I know what to look forward to. I think just practicing surrender.

    Which is ironic because Pluto is already sextiling my sun and moon, lol. Interesting times.

  18. Let’s just say I have the same configuration as you (7th house Pluto in Libra), and I’ve just lost everything I held dear in life – marriage, relationships, monye. I’m sure I’ll bounce back, but I’m literally having to reconstruct my life from scratch.

  19. Thank you for this info! Trying to figure out when or if I already had my Pluto square Pluto transit. I feel like I may have but I’d love to know the date. My birthday is February 10 1984, 1 pm Gainesville FL, USA

  20. Hi – I recently had my Pluto SQUARE Pluto. It was QUITE the experience. Here were the exact dates, OVER THE YEARS. 🙂
    March 7, 2016 to May 31, 2016;

    from January 4, 2017 to August 29, 2017, exact March 14, 2017, May 27, 2017 R;
    from October 27, 2017 to March 23, 2018, exact January 9, 2018;
    from May 22, 2018 to January 14, 2019, exact August 24, 2018, November 5, 2018 R;
    from August 19, 2019 to November 13, 2019;

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