Pluto Square Sun Transit

Pluto Square Sun Transit

Pluto square Sun transit means you are in for a test of your strength and character for a year or more. The Sun represents your sense of self, authority, and power. The challenging square aspect from Pluto brings extreme forces in the form of other people and circumstances, which means you have to know who you are and stand up and be counted.

This can be a crisis or breakdown as Pluto transforms your ego, identity, and life direction. Pluto is throwing down a challenge so that you master your power. Pluto can be ruthless in its effect, making you ruthless in achieving your goals.

If you have been too submissive in the past, learning to be ruthless is a good thing. You will learn to stand up for yourself but must also find a balance. Being too ruthless when the opposition gets tough is not always the best option. Once you have gained more power, it might be best to leave it at that or compromise to wind a win-win outcome.

Power conflicts are standard with this transit and can occur not only with authority figures like the law and bosses but also in personal relationships. The tests presented by Pluto can come through difficulties with authorities, relationship breakdown, loss of employment, accusations, and attacks on your personal integrity and health problems. Facing challenges by not backing down can lead to outstanding achievements, whether simply staying alive or total power and world domination.

This is likely to be a busy phase of life, even if stressful, but looking back, you will see that it helped you understand yourself and what you want. The re-birthing process can give you a healthier ego, stronger willpower, and self-assertiveness, which enables you to attain your goals with a new sense of vitality and enthusiasm.

Pluto Square Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Aries & Libra Decan 2January 2013December 2018
Aries & Libra Decan 3February 2018November 2024
Taurus & Scorpio Decan 1March 2023November 2030
Taurus & Scorpio Decan 2March 2029September 2037
Taurus & Scorpio Decan 3February 2036January 2044
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 1March 2043December 2051
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 2April 2050January 2060
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 3April 2058February 2068

289 thoughts on “Pluto Square Sun Transit

  1. Hi Jamie,

    Does 3-10 Aries or Libra mean born between the 3rd & the 10th or does it refer to degrees? I was born 13/10 & feel this applies to me.

    Please could you clarify. Thanks so much.

    • 3-10 degrees Aries and Libra. I’ll add that to the post.

      So bithdates March 24 – 31,
      September 26 to October 4

      For you, born October 13, Sun is about 20 degrees Libra so you won’t get this transit for another ten years.

  2. Hello Jamie, thanks for this. I was daughter who is 14 years old , DOB: September 27, 1996 at 22:38 London, UK….has so many planets in this area..Her Sun is 5 Libra, Pholus 4 Libra and her North Node 7 Libra all in the 5th, she is Cancer Rising 3 degrees, also in opposition in the 11th house is Saturn in Aries 3 degrees,South Node conjunct in Aries, and Jupiter in Capricorn 8 degrees in the 7th! There are more planets in Libra and Aries but they are out of orb for this…she is my only child and I am a single parent, just us two and the cat! She is a gifted artist, many talents and does very well in school..I can’t help but wonder what this would mean for her?? I am an Aries 16 degrees,her Moon is 15 Aries… along with all my other Cardinal Planets, and hers, are all out of orb for this one…for now… but as a parent yourself…what do you think of this for her? (and me, as her parent?) Many thanks for all your great articles, you and Marina, bless you both! Shawn 🙂

  3. Good question Shawn. My 8 year old girl has Sun at 7 Cancer so is startng to feel the opposition. I think for young ones it’s going to show as power struggles with parents and teachers. I’ve seen this ramping up with my daughter already, trying to assert her will, manipulate to get her own way. She has started having problems with her teacher, even some close friends. At this age they are trying to forge their unique identity. Peer pressure would be stronger with this transit I think, or they would feel it stronger.

    For my girl the Sun is me as dad, the authority figure at home, so I am trying to tread the fine line between being strict and letting her develop her independence. For your girl, you may also represent the Sun in her chart, because even though the Sun is traditionally the father, in single parent homes it is the authority figure.

    • I would be getting very familiar with flower essences all kinds–Bach was the first–many followed. The teen years are very ‘moon’ we as parents should do as much as possible to make the most of this precious growing and healing time. Libra sun being squared by Pluto with Saturn in sign gag, choke cough!!

  4. natives w/ pluto/sun sqaure cut people off completely, if dissappointed. pluto/sun reconsiliation is to rid the self of bad so as not to Be bad. like sweating out impurities, or running off anger, or refusing to take part in anything precieved as bad….and then in the end dualism is found to be wrong, so perceptions change again. thanks for the subject, anaylisis jamie.

    • Good idea Lucy to look at natal Sun square Pluto too. Maybe this transit brings out that side in all of us.

  5. Dear Marina,

    Does Pluto opposed Sun by transit create similar conditions as the square?


    • It would be very similar Isaac but I sometimes think the square is a more challenging aspect than the opposition. We will get to researching it before too long.

  6. Thanks Jamie, it is true there have been issues of independence, the age of 14 (half a Saturn cycle) is the rebellion age…and then the need for friends vs. the need or advice of a parent..she listens to them but not me! I have to say that there is a huge difference between age 8 and age 14 (wait and see 😉 and then with the transits influence! But I hear you!! The one bug a boo for me is that Pluto…ok, it has crossed her 7th house a while back..this brought in the first boyfriend who is a (uh hum!) a bit of a geek, also 14, loves all the geeky stuff she loves, too….and it is all innocent, as I see it, how then will that Jupiter in her 7th house be when Pluto is conjunct it? Since Jupiter is in its detriment in Capricorn anyway…and it is 8 degrees natally…Pluto being 6 degrees now? Just wonder what this means for her? (I have Jupiter conjunct Pluto natally in my 7th in Leo..a different kettle of fish but still I can’t help wondering!) Thank you again, Jamie!! 🙂 And best of luck for Parenting…the hardest job in the world, as any parent knows!!

  7. Thanks so much for this article! Pluto is just beginning to square my Sun-Pluto opposition at 9 Aries (Sun) – 12 Libra (Pluto) from the fifth house. It sure doesn’t help that at the same time, Uranus is going to catch up and conjunct my Sun in a relatively short time! O_O

    I wonder if all of this energy will ultimately discharge into the 11th house, or if all of the matters from the succedent houses will be greatly affected? I worry about my children, because of the Pluto transit of the fifth house… though my son was born with the exact Sun-Pluto square last year, and my daughter’s Cappy planets will not be transited for some time.

    There is an eclipse coming up at 9 Cancer on July 1, I wonder how that will play into this transit?

    • Hi Jenevere. The Uranus Pluto square is going to make this transit all the more intense for everyone experiencing it in the next few years. My guess is that it will bring about more extreme changes and more stress. The solar eclipse on July 1 will sure highlight this area. Marina will be posting about that eclipse in the next week or so. She has also written up those natal Pluto aspects you and your boy have:

      • So, it’s been a year and I just wanted to touch base by sharing my experience thus far with last year’s July 1 ecipse and this Pluto-Sun transit.

        The day following the eclipse (directly square my sun) my husband’s continuous betrayal and drug addiction came to a head. He completed rehab and we attended marriage counseling over the next six months, our seven-year relationship finally becoming solid as his sobriety and integrity endured. He found stable employment for the first time in years, which allowed me to stay home with our two young children – and pursue our music career (Pluto is transiting 5th house). None of this was easy, indeed, it was turbulent, difficult, and exhausting – but it was steady progress. As Pluto has squared my Sun twice now, each time it became exact, my car broke down and required very expensive repairs, rendering me entirely dependent on him financially (Sun in 8th house…). I have never been dependent on anyone financially. It’s been very much about choosing my battles, and surrendering the financial control to my spouse.

        What a pivotal year this is. Oh, and that “stand up and be counted” thing? Such truth. This week I have found myself thrust right out there in the middle of a government issue I must vehemently fight for. I HAVE to take a stand, I have no choice in the matter. My Jupiter return is this weekend, and Uranus is ever so close to conjunction with my sun. I know I must be careful how I take a stand, being that Jupiter is the law, and all….

    • Jenevere, this is really important about the Uranus Pluto squares over the next 5 years. I need to finish the hard Pluto Sun transits then get straight onto Uranus Sun transits so we can tie them together.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Great post – I especially liked your phrase “Facing any challenges by not backing down can lead to great achievements” – I think this is a helpful perspective to have for the entire Pluto sq Sun transit period.

      While this particular transit will not happen for me for some time yet (I have Scorpio Sun), I know of people that experienced a death of a sibling (Sun ruling the 3rd house), loss of a business due to betrayal, a beginning of recovery from addictions, etc. So the transit often seems to represent significant challenges that could wipe you out unless faced squarely (couldn’t resist the pun!) but would yield much reward in the form of renewed identity.

      • Thanks for commenting Hiroki, just subscribed to your website Interested in learning more about midpoints. I have a lot of respect for anyone associated with Noel Tyl.

        I had this Pluto square Sun transit about 4 years ago and expereinced similar things to what your friends went though. Lost employement and partner through betrayal, and then also went through through an addiction recovery. Sure had to face up to those issues. Interesting about the addiction side with the compulsive and obsessive nature of Pluto. I really was forced to face up to these issues, but if I had not my life now would be totally miserable. Instead, I’m doing better now than ever before and I do believe it is thanks to this transit forcing me to address was was not working in my life, the Sun issues of self esteem, personal power and authority.

  8. Thanks, This helps a lot even though I’d rather NOT. Don’t Back Down. Stay Alive. Do some deep healing and detox.

    • Yeah, as these difficult transits approach I’d rather hide under the bed. But once they get going I actually start to thrive on the challenge because I can see the positives, even if they do take some time to pay off.

  9. Hi Jamie, Interesting article especially your weaving in health aspects into the affects of this transit. With regard to my natal chart, I have a 1 deg Aries (March 22) in the 9th & my midheaven is at 5 deg Aries. How does this Pluto Square Sun affect me? FYI, these past two years I’ve been working on political & family matters related to my sister’s passing at Kent State in 1970 ~ any connection to this transit? Thanks in advance for your perspective, L.

    • Well this is a very powerful example of Pluto square Sun. Very moving too and I hope you get somewhere with this investigation. So very Pluto, death, big faceless governement, probing, secrecy, lies, investigation. I actually think that Pluto square your Sun around 2008-2009 would have made you strongly identify this issue with your own identity and goals, your quest.

      But now you see Pluto square IC is taking this even deeper. The IC being your family roots, genes, your foundation. Ovbviously, with Pluto also square MC this is becoming a strong calling, you’re feeling compelled to deal with this issue. It’s not easy, you have to push hard and face obstacles with the bureaucracy. Regardless of the result of the investigation, at least I expect it will be very healing for you and your family. Keep up the good fight!

      • Thank you for ‘shining the light’ & your kind words of support. In 2008-9 I was fully engulfed in personal battles (legal, financial, emotional) & it drove home that what happened at Kent State is still happening worldwide today. With Pluto squaring my MC, I now see that I had a very special view from my perch & have made it my business to follow this down. A quest indeed & hopefully, a healing for more than me & my family.

  10. Jamie – this is better than therapy! I’ve already posted my experience of this transit on the other Pluto threads; would the transit opp IC be similar to your advice above? for me it was in 2009, when my father was dying, but I got to spend time talking to him, learnt a lot about his side of the family,and took on the task of recording his memories. I also became closer to my much older siblings and, having been passed over as the baby all my life, gained a voice and some respect, and there were some battles with authority figures in the form of health professionals. Difficult but rewarding time, and am now kind of absorbing my father, his influence, genes and secrets.

    • If only more psychologists did like Jung and read up on astrology! That’s right about Pluto opposite IC being similar to Pluto conjunct IC, I think anyway. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference when you get transits to the axis’ like AC/DC and MC/IC, even the lunar nodes. If one end is affected then so is the other. With your dad, there is even a lot of debate about whether it is the MC or IC which represent the father or mother.

  11. Lady Gaga (March 28) is also experiencing this transit. Can you add her to the list? Because you can most definitely see the ego change in her.

  12. jupiter/taurus today, no more galloping headless horseman, (jup/aries), but bucolic soft fields and a hankering for dairy products, adds strength to cap/pluto, but does it detract from uranius/aries? (2political planets squared, no wonder everyone hates their various tyrants! seems the comments are wrenched from depths very pluto/sun, What worrys me most is saturn, sitting beneath, helped out by nodes is the devil in disquise. thanks to Marina &James

  13. Hi Jamie How tight for the orbs? Does it still apply with say 1.32 deg/min in Aries (sun) and from the 5th house to Pluto in the 2nd with T Pluto opposing Mars in Cancer in the 8th and what is your take on this? Feels heavy duty to me but then Pluto is!!… And is a lesser impact maybe felt on Ascendants Aries/Libra or Moons? by the way…great articles as usual 🙂

    • I think you feel Pluto transits stronger as they are applying from about 2 degrees orb. When it’s leaving I think about 1 degree past then the effects would be wearing off, at least the intensity and stress. With this Sun at 1 Aries then things would have started easing up late last year. That is heavy duty with natal Sun opposite Mars being hit by transiting Pluto. Mars/Pluto can be destructive.

      • Yes Pluto went over my Mars at 26 Sag a few years ago and I was nearly killed. I’m still trying to recover and now Pluto is squaring my moon/sun at 12/13 Aries. I’ll be invincible or in coffin soon. I’m betting on invincible. I think I have Hercules conjunct my sun.

        • @ Margaret…thats full on! Invincible yes rather than the other! I wish you the best and will try to keep up with your posts 🙂

      • Thanks Jamie! Obviously not for me but I was wondering… in particular with T/Pluto in 2nd approaching the opposition to Mars in Cancer in the 8th activating natal aspects square Sun(5th)semi squared Uranus(10th).I will watch with interest.

        • I remember Pluto square my sun as the end of a beautiful era …events followingthe assasination of Indira Gandhi meant that commonwealth people with long term stay available in India either had to take up Indian citizenship or leave. I had family responsibilities at home so…agonisingly…had to leave…( had been a cave meditator)
          And nearly died too…actually…twice..was feeling betrayed. Wearing a beautiful high quality black stone on your right forefinger (most powerful) or right ring finger…good enough !….can be most helpful.

  14. Ahhh decided it was about time to check my chart out..(I may have been avoiding it!) Anyway somewhere on here someone mentioned T/PLuto on the IC being similar to T/Pluto on the MC…but what would one make of T/Pluto approaching conjunction to the MC- trine natal Pluto 5th, but in a TSquare with T/ Lilith and T/ Uranus conjunct the ASC opp T/ Saturn exact conjunction to DESC conjunct Vesta???!!! A padded room. (Eeek!) maybe or go “bring it…I can handle anything!” Or is that too “asking” for it! Any insight with you lovelies on here would be great!!! :)) I wont even bother with natal aspects activated! Still tryna wrap my head around this lot! :O

    • Pluto transiting the MC can be a very positive time for putting you on the right path with career and life direction in general. I’ve got Pluto square MC transit now and it working out OK.

      • Yes I have to admit it is very exciting at the moment…just keeping my feet on the ground right now…and aware as to how things can change in a flash also! Or maybe thats Uranus applying to the Asc talking!..and remembering to breathe! 🙂

        • T—–> PLUTO TO MC ….

          This periods ushers in a time of radical transformation of
          your goals in life. It is very unlikely that you can continue your job in the same manner as in the past. Either a job change comes, or a radical transformation of your existing work. The fact is that you are dead tired of the work you are doing and can hardly drag yourself off to your job in the morning. Why continue with something that is killing you? You need – and you will soon find – a job which fulfills you 100%, so you have to find the courage to make the change, even if there is no promise of security.
          It is also possible that you will find yourself
          subjected to a dictatorial authority figure who makes your
          working life very difficult. There may even be a hint of
          cthat is what it takes to get you to totally redefine your goals in life. It is of benefit now if you choose a work direction which makes demands on your psychological abilities or your interest in social commitment. Computers may also be an important area of expansion at this time. You may feel the urge to work late into the night to achieve goals.

  15. I have a stellium in Virgo (Jup 17 48; Pluto 22 40; Sun 22 45 and Uranus 29 10) so have just finished one decade of change that has been a powerful roller coaster ride characterised by periods of self employment, break up of a relationship, death of both parents and transiting from male to female. So yes, Pluto and I are old acquaintances.

    That my moon is at 0 32 Cancer and has been harassed by Saturn AND Pluto in recent years, Chiron in Aries, not to mention my Venus/MC/Mercury conjunct in Libra, opposite Saturn in Aries (which is the focal point of a Yod from Sun/Pluto and Neptune) – I should say there is quite a bit more to come!

    • Lordy! Rose…umm what can I say??!! Yes and agreed re more to come! I must keep up my reading of the posts on here! Its giving me a load of insight and thought. Thankyou. Should the theme song be ‘Im a Survivor’??
      To all of you out there wading through this…much love! <3

    • Rose, you must be born the same week as me, I have Sun 28 Virgo. What a @#$%ing decade that was!!! I’m really hoping I’ll be around for Pluto trining our stelliums.

      • Thanks Ann Louise x

        Hi Jamie, 15/09/68 here.

        Thank god I have a Sagittarian Ascendant and my Virgo Stellium in the 9th house – at least I can have a grounded laugh at myself and be philosophical ;O)

        Lots of interesting stuff on this topic. Seems to have pressed a button for lots!

        • to elaborate…having lived through Pluto opposite, trine and square (touch wood) sun, in hindsight, the trine was where I built up some dangerous illusions both positive and negative about life, love and lead paint. I met the man of my dreams (not)and found the house of my dreams and was completely in thrall to lifestyle magazines and paint finishes. worst of all were the loss of self, the panic attacks and crushing fear of death. Fortunately, the square transit has dismantled it all, and i feel free of those particular illusions. it’s as though the trine was where the skittles were set up, and the square where the bowling ball struck. Anyone else had that?

  16. Hi jamie …..More information about this Transit……
    IDENTITY: Personal transformation
    This is the major time in your life in which you undergo a
    deep, transformative purging of your identity. The image of
    yourself you have cultivated in the past, and the ideas you
    have had about yourself, will now be cast off – you have
    simply outgrown your previous self. You may feel
    exhaustion, with a strong sense that old goals are dead. So
    now it is just a question of burying them and discovering
    what you really want to do, no matter what it costs. Crises
    will lead to self-examination. Layer after layer is peeled off,
    until you come to the core of your being. This can be a very
    trying psychological process. You may feel that you are in a
    dark tunnel, with no hope of light at the other end. Your
    trials may seem to go on for ever, but within a year you will
    have experienced a profound transformation and developed
    a profound insight into yourself . Therapy or psychological interests are favored at this time. You will discover your personal power. Women
    who have lived out their identity through their father of
    partner will cast off the chains of their projection. Powerful
    men are eliminated from the consciousness, as you assert
    your own identity.

    About business/job ..This is very likely to be a time of power struggles , probably with someone in authority . Either you are ruthlessly trying to attain it or they are . Either way , you must resist . Do not step on other to realize your ambitions , and dont let others step on you . Dont forget there is such a thing as mutual compromise .

    About health …..If you resist handling the energies of this transit , which wants to your ability to andle yourrself in power-struggle situation , you may experience serious health problems that cause you in come to a grinding halt , forcing you to begin a program of physical rehabilitation . ………..

    • yes Dr Wasam, identity definitely purged,am acting authentically within family for first time, trying to cast off chains of projected identity with father and another male but that’s harder, especially when I have literally taken my father’s anchor chain home with me! health spot on, too, that’s exactly how it has been for me.

    • Yes, Dr.WASAM AL-SAIFI. This is a very good description of what’s going on. 🙂

      • THANK YOU VERY MUCH ….. INTERESTING (Rachel & Sharon ).

  17. …..seems anything Pluto touches gets the ‘treatment’, though the complexity of accompanying aspects also invariably give shape to how it manifests, and I would say that this can also mean aspects in the charts of significant others as they tie in to our own – here is an example….

    Pluto squ MC/IC axis shakes our ‘world-tree’, through which our deepest source of personal power and its highest expression find form in the world, and this can be very visceral – but, it seems that how it expresses outwardly to assist bringing about that big shake-down within can also be shockingly manifested through the lives of significant others – in the run-up to my own Pluto squ MC my former partner had come through a complete recovery from cancer (Pluto squ her moons nodes, her NN conjunct my IC), a process that changed us both and helped us seperate but move forward in very good way, becoming great support to each other, as if, ironically, we found the ideal form for our relationship through this – she was killed by her new husband exact at my Pluto squ MC – ‘change’ is not the word to describe how this hit my life, turned inside out and upside down, I went into complete withdraw and was out of any kind of action for 9 months following – however,it was a bridge to another transformative experience and following years also saw my own entry into family life – all things change when the little ones turn up!

    Pluto squ Sun is in 5 years for myself, will coincide exactly with second Saturn return and will be accompanied by Chiron conj IC – 5 years in a world that is itself undergoing deep transformation, impossible to foresee how this will pan out, but, big thanks to all for the rich vein of comments here, helps with some foresight

    • Yes Rob! This is wonderful information re everyone’s personal and professional take on it…and am so sorry for your former partner. No one deserves anything as horrendous as that. Reading how you saw it as a bridge..later on….truly amazing. I have just finished reading a book by Daphne Rose Kingma called “The Ten things to Do when your Life Falls Apart” and although Im not usually into these books usually… I have found it really inspirational and I find what you and others on here are saying is too! So thank you to you all sincerely! Now I really must get another copy of Jeff Green’s PLUTO book! :))

    • rob; one thing I learned from my sisters death is to choose love, for what ever reasons you rationalized about letting your, (1st?) wife go, were not as strong as your love for her! If I had taken a stand against my sisters doctors and family she might be laughing w/ me now. It’s extremely hard when love takes a new form, your wife finding a new mate etc to keep antenni up, not follow cliches’…giving space, finding common ground…independence…. (my beautiful sister was poisened by chemo, (liver failure)) It’s important to stay vigilant with your kids, think ahead for them, place clear protective barrier surrounds so nothing can hurt them, never let anyone you love go…pluto forges ahead…strikes out impurities, makes us most ready. managing life hurts and it’s impossible to find a place of complete protection and even if you did pluto will look through the key-hole

      • …..Pluto’s is an ineqivocal process…..and, I should add that Linda’s (who was killed) NN was 1 degree from my IC and Pluto did several close passes to squaring this over a couple of years before finally passing beyond squaring her NN and hitting my IC exact square (and there were other synastric aspects involved, her Uranus conjunct my Moon was in another transit aspect, but, thats another story involving other planets)

        yeh Lucy – thanks for yours and Anne-Louise kind words – I feel your comment needs answering though – I am well aware that love never dies, but changes shape – and Pluto’s lessons do need to be learned, hiding is not on the agenda, is denying soul lessons, and these are not an airy fairy kind of psycho-babble or a kind of expendable currency in everday life – they will come around again and again until they and the true nature of their reality are learnt – sound like no escape? Well, why would we want to – Pluto, especially square Sun, asks ‘is that what Life is for’? No, I would say if Pluto can help us ‘do’ anything it is break out of our narrow enculturated chrysalis (I agree with Terence McKenna – in this respect ‘culture is not your ‘friend”) and fully embody our unfathomable awareness in all its mysterious glory… Linda’s case I guess this came in as-radical-a-lesson as you can get; and I am not being crass here – perhaps I can explain a little from my own perspective; yes, once she had overcome cancer she gained a powerful new lease of life – I was well aware of how strong her life force was, more so than ever before, and saw also how, ironically, in its very drive it may have led her towards her death, which she did actually get many warnings of, but which that thirst for living to the absolute hilt of truth nearly blinded her to – this is one of those occasions where ‘fate’ it seemed would have its way – her new African husband needed desperately to return to his homeland, was deeply disturbed by the ‘West’ (not an unrecorded or unrecognised phenomenon) – the warnings were all in there, and she did pay heed, had bought him his ticket home, would be following on after……the ticket was delayed and, had it arrived on time, she would have lived, I am certain……..but, it would take a personal conversation beyond this (which I am willing to have) to explore the full intricacies of this and their meanings, astrological and otherwise…..

        As scarey as all that might sound, it might help to consider that Pluto’s lessons are rarely, if ever, ‘beyond’ the person they are given to, and, if anything, help us to become more of what we already are (which is always more than we ‘think’ we are)…..they may also equip us to become more compassionate and understanding towards others in dire straights (Pluto or not in their lives), at least they would in an ideal world – I consider Pluto to be a greater pragmatist than Saturn, in so far as Pluto also teaches us that an ‘ideal world’ has less to do with ideals than with how well we can regenerate ourselves in the face of the most challengingly transformative experience……the Sun throws up the ideals and, in the square, Pluto brings them down again with an energy that pulls them well below the surface into the meltdown zone of inner truth, progressively deeper the more we resist – the square also gives us the illusion of choice and, if we keep on throwing up new ideals, we simply get more of the same until the ego submits, and a new (spiritual) body of ‘realism’ is germinated and bursts forth through the whole being from that molten core of truth……is not the Phoenix the esoteric symbol of Scorpio?

        I would say that the Pluto square Sun, rather than the conjunct or opposition, presents us with the challenge of transformation, from both outside and inside, in a way that helps us to individuate through differentiation, ie through choices which retain ‘a sense’ of self purpose – where-as oppositions and conjuncts are all encompassing and absorb in totality, feel more like we are being ‘done to’ – its not all bad either; when Pluto crossed my Scorpio Asc it was a deeply challenging but very positive experience – all the masks of personality (the culturally acceptable ones that we usually clothe our physical self with) were stripped back and examined, exposed for their falacies, and once the cats out of the bag I found I could not hide it from others, no matter how much I might have tried (for the sake of living a ‘normal’ life), infact it was a relief – Pluto also gives us our own ‘genuine’ masks to wear and square Sun teaches us how and helps us to do so with conviction – yes, Lucy, cliches become anathema……

        • beautiful writing, all choked up. more prefection,more freedom, masks happen in the MC a pluto square flattens to the AC especially scorpio, that felt the reality of her death. One reaches heaven by the MC….

        • A wonderful post Rob! Thankyou for sharing! I must admit I have had some Pluto hits over the years either by transit or progression and certainly..during the crunch..each time I have emerged with a more defined and rounded psyche…like polishing one facet of the diamond..complete that…but then its like “Wait! theres more!!” So although it sometimes feels like one wants to run and KNOW that facing it head on will most definitely change your life for the better…another facet to brush up on/polish! Having Moon square Pluto natally…I wholeheartedly agree with you re your….(quote)” As scarey as all that might sound, it might help to consider that Pluto’s lessons are rarely, if ever, ‘beyond’ the person they are given to, and, if anything, help us to become more of what we already are (which is always more than we ‘think’ we are “(end quote)…and this so can so relate to also! Many many thanks for your insights.. underneath my fluffy Leo, Aries rising and Pollyanna’ish Sadge Moon ..I love wading in the pit…find the gold! 🙂

        • Hi Rob.
          I was stunned and touched by your post regards Linda and her husband.
          As you probably know I have lived for the most of the last 5 years in South Africa. Many tals to tell… but – and please don’t anyone be tempted to shoot me downin flames for this – African culture is so different form ours in such profound ways. I didn’t knwo this until I lived there and became close to people I employ, made friends with others and got to listen to stories.
          As an inhabitant of the 12th, I tune in quickly, pick up moods, currents etc and I began to realise that there are stratum of – I’ll call it STUFF – on the subtle levels which is different.
          Sometimes I would JUST HAVE TO COME BACK to the UK as I couldn’t deal with those undercurents. I couldn’t put my finger on them either. Not exactly.
          So I cold understand Linda’s assailant husband’s feeling of being “deeply disturbed by the West” – although what he really meant was the North…??
          Where in Africa was he from?
          Subsaharan culture is different from Western Culture in some very profound ways. I’m not going into it here.
          But Terence McKenna’s point – That Culture is not your friend (I have a feeling Crowley may have said the same thing) – rings very true, because it takes a lot of courage to break with cultural norms. Conversely if a cultural norm is accepted and just accepted as that then one is free to explore/work otherwise. e.g as a yogi one can choose to be a “householder” – but then don’t deify the role and get on with the meditation…
          But I digress. My point is that we have all entered into a happy clappy cultural mishmash exchange. Sharing a drink and borrowing someone’s hat does not make for a real cultural exchange. I now believe that some cultures cannot be exchanged. Not at all.
          It is non PC to wave murder stats around where Africa is concerned. Unfortunately when you live ther you get a clearer picture – that violence and murder are an answer to far too many problems.
          In case anyone is thinking this is a black white issue – well it goes further.
          In making friends with white South Africans I discovered that the absence of media during the 60s meant absence of one of the biggest cultural revolutions in the developed world.
          This now extends into what I’ll call New Age in SA – the rich cultural layers embedded in Europe are absent. And what the currency is now, is bluntly very 2 dimensional.
          But bringing it back to the PLuto story…
          Transits of Pluto – it passes forwards and retro over sensitive points 3 times. When the Grand Lesson is activated, there is karma way beyond the scope of Saturn. I am reminded by what the Theosophists (and others of course) refer to as the 3 permanent atoms which are unique to a soul as it comes into being (not physical to start with) and passes through every incarnation of the soul’s journey.
          When PLuto activates a story it is a very long one indeed.
          Linda’s story reminds me of my sister who did not get the all clear, her lung cancer spread
          to her brain. She did a lot of work on mending her life but the one thing she couldn’t/wouldn’t stand up to was her husband who’s own Pluto was so controlling on himself but also conjunct her moon in synastery. All the warning were there…
          When she died, after surgery to remove the tumour, what had shown up on the scan was sizeable but expected to be of reasonably soft tissue and the prognosis for removal was good.
          What was actually discovered was a tumour made literally of such calcified material it was impossible to saw into it. After forty minutes of drilling only a small impression was made… Along with PLuto square her moon and asc was saturn conj her asc, sq moon and pluto… eeughghg.
          PLuto squares – a prison you can’t escape from until the work is all done on every level?
          We talk about The Soul a lot in connection to Pluto but perhaps forget the soul’s work is not totally dependent on the body and so it continues…

    • Rob…and everyone…for future reference…umm…turmeric has been known for ages to cure tumours…whether benign or malignant. Recent research confirms that it kills cancer cells highly efficiently…starts working within 24 hours. Combined with stress free attitude high fresh fruit and veg …it is becoming well known. About two or three heaped teaspoons a day…stirred in water and drunk is a good way to do it…a bit apart from food. It also dissolves plaque from the brain and is a cure for alzheimers. Nice spice…!

      • Great stuff tumeric. My daughter attacked my copious supply when she was two and stained her entire body and the floor yellow…
        I use a chinese herbal first aid liquid which contains it. If I cut myself I smell like curry!
        I heard it was being outlawed in Thailand – maybe because its so effective?? More likely its not an indigenous root??

  18. hey guys, greetings from berlin

    i think the we survivors from the pluto/uranus/saturn/chiron generation really have experienced the meaning f the proverb ‘may you live in exciting times’ over the last years..

    i hope the saturn transit has prepared my gentle 8 libra venus for the big pluto/uranus square in july 2012, seems like heart surgery without anastetic..

    • Hi Mads. You must be born around 1967 then. I think your generation are going to very important for helping others through the Uranus Pluto squares. We talked a bit about this here: Uranus Square Pluto. I will be posting about that July 2012 transit you mentioned too.

      • hey jamie, im from august 65, so my chiron connection requires a generous orb definition.

        but i can boast of being born the day before an exact saturn uranus opposition and of course of having uranus/pluto in the 12th house…

        my brother from february 1967 is born the day before an exact chiron (conjunct saturn on asc) uranus opposition:)

        the survival stories from our generation sometimes reflect a monty python sketch. but incredibly enough so much of it is true.

        i just talked today to a collegue from may 65 who during the big saturn transit over uranus/pluto lost his identical twin brother to a nasty cancer disease.

        so hard to imagine such a loss, and made me once again think about why some of us are still here while so many are not anymore.

  19. Dr.WASAM AL-SAIFI: About business/job ..This is very likely to be a time of power struggles , probably with someone in authority . Either you are ruthlessly trying to attain it or they are . Either way , you must resist . Do not step on other to realize your ambitions , and dont let others step on you . Dont forget there is such a thing as mutual compromise .

    In my case this was very intense, working as a nurse at a Catholic nursing home. The boss wanted me gone but refused to fire me because she would have to pay me extra. I refused to quit because if I did I would not get social security. This went on for two months with dramas nearly every day. I was accussed of things I didn’t do, many false accusations and lies, but stood my ground and she finally sacked me. Very hard financially for a couple of years after that but now I am doing what I love for a living.


    About health …..If you resist handling the energies of this transit , which wants to your ability to andle yourrself in power-struggle situation , you may experience serious health problems that cause you in come to a grinding halt , forcing you to begin a program of physical rehabilitation . ………..

    To make money after being fired from the nursing home I went to work as a farm labourer, first on a vegetable farm then on the banana farms in the hills near where I live. My body did not like it! I happily quit that one after a few months and took it easy. I geuss the farmng was rehabilitation but not farming was also a nice break. Now I get to sit on my bum all day in front of the computer. My body likes that 🙂

    • a banaana farm! halarious, clearly your chart is master of ceremonies, we are characters on your site, you set stage, choreograph and like the indulgent parent(or MC/venus/mercury/libra/conq) let everyone shine

  20. PLuto transits to the Sun seem to tirgger the death of an outmoded mode of self, something which doesn’t serve. it actually puts the subject into some sort of breakdown, which, depending on other factors, may be liveable with or not. Sometimes people become obsessive under PLuto, so with a square to the sun possible obsessive in maintaining that ego self if they aren’t predisposed to change – or indeed familiar with metaphysical.
    I wonder if the square is more doable than the opposition because containment is important in a breaking down situation. Or if it presents a containment one needs to get out of.
    I had a client with a natal PLuto Moon conj. When PLuto squared it she decided to have a child but miscarried. She conceived another child but succumbed to awful PND afterwards. Her natal obsession with cleanliness meant she kept her baby only in white clothes in a white room with no toys. She actually attempted to jump from a window with the baby. She also did not want the baby to grow up and underfed her, taking pride in the fact she was so tiny… thank goodness for the baby clinic which spotted the child was not thriving.
    Control was a huge issue with this women. PLuto Moon is definitely controlling. This client also has Mars and Jupiter on ALgol… People in her life suffered immensely under the weight of her control issues. Her husband committed suicide when transiting PLuto trined her PLuto Moon conj.

  21. My Sun 11 degrees in the 12th house of Capricorn is natally square my Pluto in Libra 11 degrees…. and now my Sun is conjunct transiting Pluto by a 4 degree orb…and square transiting Saturn in Libra. Whew!! Not to mention my Capricorn stellium (Sun, Asc, Moon, Mercury & Part of fortune all conjunct in opposition to natal Saturn) this process will be a long one. The funny thing is I’ve never been happier…I must thrive on adversity with my turbulent chart. Hope I’m not speaking to soon. 🙂

    • Most likely… as you say – the process will be along one…
      And PLuto isn’t at 11 degrees Cap for ages yet. Check your ephemeris. Report back in 13 years!

      • Yes I checked the ephemeris…you are right it will hit by degree in 2013… I knew I spoke to soon. I have an astrologer friend who seems to think I should feel the effects now just because it’s in Capricorn… and I have been going through quite a transformation for the past two years… completely eliminating the dead weight and rebuilding my inner strength. It’s been all positive thus far… but we shall see. 🙂

        • yes, and the transformation you will continue going through over the new 2 years will prepare you for the breakthrough that Uranus opposite your Sun will bring in June 2013 just after the first exact Pluto Sun square – then the meaning of transformation will take on whole new and unforesee-able meanings, though there is every chance that you will also discover more of yourself that you always felt (from the 12th degree) was underneath your surface knowledge of yourself – this has the look of initiation about it….

          • Actually Uranus in Aries will be square my sun…and then in December Saturn will conjunct my Scorpio North Node…. It’s funny you say initiation…I was drawn to a book on the subject…and have had that feeling too… like something bigger than myself. I posted a chart at the bottom of this thread…the visual always helps me. Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

            • ok apologies for the mis-reading SM – yes, I get confused without the visual (and with!)- but, the Pluto conjunct Sun in squ amps it up, to a more decisive level – couldnt see your chart – is Saturn also around 11 Cancer – looks like a cardinal squ shaping up… there is also a sense that you and your life purpose are converging….good that you have a positive outlook! Could be very challenging, but, that maybe thats what your here for….

            • ok now I got your chart – glock right? interesting you and I have our NN conjunct exact! Cardinal X does not apply so much but MC, Neptune, Jupiter all put a more positive spin on things and you have benefited from a lot of transits to Jupiter recently – no wonder it feels good…

            • No need for apologies. 🙂 Yes the positive thinking has been part of the transformation…I kicked that victim mentality to the curb… and as my inner world transforms so does my material world oddly enough. Saturn is at critical degree 0′ Leo…Yes I have a cardinal square natally & a mystic rectangle and two T-squares. Ouch!

            • Yes Glock. lol You mean the feeling won’t last?! 🙂

            • The north node conjunct is very interesting… Pluto in Capricorn has brought me many contacts and connections with people and a fated quality.

      • Are you saying that with pluto moving so slowly that the transit doesn’t acutely manifest until the exact hit? At what degree of the orb would one start really feeling it?

  22. Well let me tell you that Pluto is already on its work and has completely transformed my ego, identity and the way of my life.Thanks for the share..!

  23. Pluto Square Sun natally and conjunct by transit….plus a mystic rectangle and a homicide degree at 16.59 degrees Mars in Gemini…any advice?

  24. Watch out for the July eclipse at 9 degrees of Cancer – saturn on your natal PLuto is very close by quare to this eclipse. Saturn is on your PLuto/Jupiter opp in Libra Aries axis – will you be restricted in a competition for something?? HAve the lid firmly closed on your natural ebullience and desire to come first/lead etc?? SInce the sun is 12th house maybe its all behind the scenes? This eclipse is in the “empty” arm of your cardinal cross.
    Look on this as an initiation into a different kind of consciousness. But expect something to trigger it. Eclipse is a 2 year process.
    Help me out on this – not sure but fixed star Facies – associated with physical risk taking is at 8 one degree of the eclipse point – but not sure if this counts???

  25. Thank you uberqueenofwands for your feedback. Yes this eclipse has me a little nervous. I have plans that weekend…I don’t like to let astrology dictate to me but I am considering canceling my plans.

    • Checking out the astrocartography might be a good idea -otherwise just make good prep!

      • I just checked’s travel link…where I reside is ruled by the moon…and where I’m going is still ruled by cancer… so I am in the eye of this eclipse storm. SOS!!

        • But what actual planetary lines go through these locations and if none, take a ruler and see where they connect horizontally?
          E.g if a line of the moon goes through where you live, check out whether it is a moon line on the AC, mc, ic, dc as this will further qualify it. As for the place you are visiting, do the same with any planetary lines passing throughout it. I’m not sure you can quantify an experience purely by rulership of sign at a location. It has to be an actual planetary line.
          See if you can get a copy of the late Jim Lewis’ book on astrocartography. Also, if you use’s map, you can click on any location and get a basic explanation of what energies are prevalent there.

          • Light bulb just went off in my head… my second conception (my son) …is ruled by my 7th house Cancer. And his ascendant is 9 degrees Cancer… I need to keep a close watch on him during this time.

  26. SM (Glock): No need for apologies. as my inner world transforms so does my material world oddly enough. Saturn is at critical degree 0? Leo…!

    …which is the way that things stop happening ‘to us’ and start happening ‘with us’ (kicking out the victim), and once that gets home the good feeling usually stays on-tap too….anyway, I was wondering what the link was that had me commenting on your post here and yes, the NNs, as well as your Saturn cj my Uranus, yr Mars cj my Mars, yr Neptune cj my Saturn….should you want a look you’ll find my chart in the thread under Admin Update in What is Darkstar category….

    • Wow…that is karmic. I tried unsuccessfully to find your chart link. Well as an astrologer you know nothing is a coincidence. 🙂

  27. Bringing it back to PLuto –

    The primordial feminine/chaos is presented in any hard PLuto aspect. The Tower of the Tarot often comes up at these times… likewise Death… or both.
    Going back to the myths of the underworld –
    The anarchic Magikal writer, Christopher S Hyatt postulates that the damsel in distress (Persephone etc) had to be created as a device for the male to rescue himself from his REAL feminine attributes… those of the primordial Kali quality, the Chthonic…
    It is not unusual to see men who have dallied with these energies become prurient after the event!!! or even at the same time… we get the archetype of the mother/whore.
    In mythic terms we have Orpheus who went to rescue his lovely wife from the underworld, i.e his pure side against the darker one… when he failed he railed against the lusty dionysian Maenads… became a pain in the neck, i.e cut off at the neck … and was beheaded…

    PLuto needs to be examined more in the style of Kali as destroyer and rebirther. The myth presents the underworld as too patriarchal with the split aspect i.e PLuto/Ceres part of the myth too reliant on a mediating feminine. Sometimes Kali has to RAGE!!!

  28. pluto is squaring my x’s midheaven (7 libra) and his venus (7 aries) with his natal pluto very close to the square (3 libra) as well as his sun (10 aries). Pluto is currently trine my venus (7 virgo) but in my progressed chart it’s squaring my venus (7 libra) and conjunct my DC with mars (10 cap) and neptune (4 cap) very close. In mu progressed i also have uranus/moon conjunct (18 sag). We have both been going through an extremely difficult/complicated breakup that stretched over a year (and even more). If anyone is interested in helping out with an interpretation I’d really appreciate it as I still very much have feelings for him. Thankyou =) xx

    • I wouldn’t be concerned about progressed Pluto because it moves so extremely slowly. You should be able to move on with Pluto trine Venus transit, even finding new love is a real possibility.

      • Hi Jamie, thankyou very much for that =) I’m concerned about how all those harsh transits may affect him because I know he made mistakes, but I care about him a lot and wonder how he is doing. How does a saturn neptune conjunction affect a relationship in synastry? other aspects we share are
        moon trine pluto
        moon conjunct ascendant
        mars conjunct north node
        venus trine north node
        saturn trine asc
        ic conjunct pluto
        ic trine mars
        Whats also really interesting is that in our progressed charts there seems to be a large amount of aspects involving chiron!
        my sun is conjunct his dc
        sun trine chiron
        my dc & mars conjunct north node (pluto currently transiting) north node conjunct chiron
        moon & uranus trine chiron
        moon & uranus opposite saturn
        pluto trine eros and mars
        saturn conjunct chiron
        uranus & asc trine chiron
        sorry for the long message… <3 thankyou xx =)

        • Marina does our synastry charts so I’m not to sure about Saturn Neptune. One thing I did notice is that Mars conjunct North Node can means this happen quickly, ie start and end quickly.

  29. I’ve been dealing with Pluto Square Sun since it crossed my I.C. four years ago. It hit all of my angles which are on critical degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn(0 to 1 degrees) as well as my 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses where their 29th degree overlaps the 1st degree of the cardinal signs.

    Pluto also squared my Vertex in Aries, natal Pluto in Libra, my Libra Ascendant and opposed my Cancer Midheaven all at the same time.

    I’ve been dodging astrological sledgehammers for the last four years and it feels like it’s now starting to ease up.

    • How has the Pluto square Sun transit affected you? I am curious. I have Capricorn Sun, Aries Moon.

  30. Sounds like a major transformation. Pluto over the IC and through the 4th house alone is a bear from my perspective and yes, a long haul. Just finished it. (29 degree Scorpio on the IC, then a 1 deg moon 2 deg saturn conj in sagitarius squaring natal pluto in the twelth and opposing natal venus conj the MC. When Pluto was conj. the moon my mother had a stroke and I walked out on an intolerable job while in a home situation entirely lacking in support. After twelve months I found a new and most wonderful job which I am still in. For the rest of the 4th house transit my already difficult marriage slowly dissolved, culminating in a January 2007 cancer diagnosis and a 2009 divorce (moved out during the cardinal cross of June 2010 after Pluto went into Cap in the 5th. I was truly transformed and SAVED by my work environment which challenged me and helped to grow greatly as an individual during most of the transit and provided much comfort. As for now, I am curious – when t Pluto in the 5th squares and Uranus conjuncts my 8th house 10 deg Aries sun do you think it will play out in the twelth where Leo is on the cusp? I have just been reading about following the transited planet that is activated to the natal house it rules to determine where the experience will be expressed.

  31. Great article!

    I’m a little dubious about Pluto, I’m right in the thick of the Pluto sq. Sun transit (8 deg. Aries) and to make it more “fun” Pluto is also opposing my natal Moon in Cancer. Pluto is sitting dangerously close to my 6th house cusp.

    I’ve definitely been in the middle of what feels like some major transformation stuff. I’m a bit nervous about health issues I could be facing as Pluto crosses my 6th, but I’m trying to get ahead of that by focusing on improving my diet and getting regular exercise.

    I am also feeling like a rebellious teenager at my core – I want nothing more right now – in my life to have my own little “domain” where I can be free to be a wacky middle-aged cat lady who has a bunch of wacky hobbies, throws fabulous parties, dresses eccentric, etc. I feel like.. “I’m tired of trying to be what other people want me to be”. It’s almost as if my inner Aries is really boiling to the surface and will not be contained 🙂

    Let’s just hope that doesn’t mean I’m going to set my wings on fire in the process.

  32. Hi this is the best libra forcast so far , my soulmate of 14 years left me and took my 2 children who i adoured and that was dec/jan.
    Have to move house and little prospects of seeing kids . all this from a perfect family to nothing it is scary how life can turn around and mybe in the end its the fates that decide your hopes and dreams. esp when i didnt see this coming .

  33. Some of my Vedic astrologer friends think Pluto has no power, of course we know otherwise.
    Today as Mercury was conjunct Pluto it crossed Joran Van der Sloot’s natal Moon as the transitting N Node was in his 12th Lunar house. He got 28 years in jail today for murdering a young lady in Peru.

  34. an astrologer said natal T square of sun mars mercury and nth node( 4-8degrees) Libra with saturn in capricorn opposite cancer moon indicated a friend’s ex was a psychopath-lives outside the law…always moving on to other places because people get angry when realising scammed, but he keeps returning to scam more money, car, etc…trying to entice teenage family member away with him so he can get on the pension and get teenager to grow dope for him.
    does transiting pluto conjuncting his natal saturn and transiting uranus in aries completing a grand cross mean he is going to get caught out by the law? so many people either frightened to stand up to him or?…… mesmerised by his mythical projections he is really a hero saving the planet and they have to support him because he doesn’t earn any money for his efforts

  35. Wow! My insides and outside life are upside down, just like Alice through the Looking Glass. First Decan Libra. I have been an avowed dog hater for more than 50 years. Got a rescue mutt for my husband. The dog won’t leave my side. I’m learning to be a pet person. A gypsy soul (Gemini moon) leaves me always looking for the next adventure, backpack on my shoulders. I just inherited a 21-year-old nephew who was suicidal last summer. He came to live with us and begs us to stay. Suddenly, I’m a surrogate mom. The boss just told us to find another job. That means we are losing two jobs and a house within the next two months and now I can’t just hop a train out of town, (metaphorically speaking) as I’m carrying a 6’3 tall young man and hefty dog in my backpack, not to mention the husband recovering from cancer. What more can the Universe throw at me? More importantly, when will it all end?

  36. Hello Was looking for transit conj Vertex. That will come before Pluto will arrive square radix sun. I remember when Pluto was in conj. my stellium in Libra and making opp.Jupiter and square Uranus. My hole live was up and down and full of changes.from my outside live. But in that time I was younger and could more scope on the energies.When uranus and neptunes came in capiricorn transit and Pluto transit Pluto radix asc. and progression moon in Taurus conj star Algol and was making a aspect with Pluto radix square and opp tr. Pluto in Scorpio (4 house) I lost the botem of my live and on the same time my innerlive was born. I lived between heaven and hel for some years,but because of the inner opening I could face the hole operation…..sometimes in deep fear.Now iwondering what wil bring the square pluto to my sun. Tll now the square transit Pluto mecurius,saturn thit not give real problems.Maby because my progr.moon is in triangle with this for some time. Has any of the readers expericence with the Vertex conj.Pluto?
    Thanks for any replay. I do hope you can read thise English its not my .

    greetings Johanna

  37. My bday is 3-29-77, 12:50pm. My entire life changed last year, job, starting school again, moving in w my boyfriend, death of a dear friend and an aunt, close friend moving away. I felt turned upside down both in a good way and sometimes quite stressful way. Things seem to remain intense and fast paced, though I feel it more around me like I’m trying to settle into this new skin I have. I have never had such an intense year in my life, I’m still trying to catch up it feels like. And I feel exhausted and energized and more creative at the same time. I’m hoping to focus more on my relationship with my Gemini boyfriend (6-6-78) this year. And hope this year is not as intense, but I’m not sure that will be the case…

  38. I was originally under the impression this transit would last about a year but it started for me at .50 degrees about a month ago and is at .18 degrees now. Meaning it’ll probably last for about 3 months total. Is this normal? I know square aspects generally dissipate faster then trines and conjunctions but 3 months seems like just a little time for a Pluto transit. I feel more deeply and darkly aggressive. It’s one of the more prominent feelings under this transit. I guess I’m pretty set and sure of who I am.

    • Are you taking into account retrograde motion? There would be three hits from Pluto over about a year. It does go over the one degree orb in this time but for such a strong transit I would still say it’s affecting you the whole time.

      • I guess I didn’t take the retrogrades into consideration. Do major planets usually have retrogrades in their transits?

    • I was under the impression that transits last approximately two years and then they move on, except for my Pluto trine Venus transit which only lasted a year then it got overshadowed by my Pluto opposing my Saturn and squaring my Neptune, which is no fun. My astrologer tells me that during a year Pluto will move back and forth in your chart, and become exact at certain months when it is the strongest, and then go retrograde at certain times. It’s pretty much a two year cycle as far as I can see, having Pluto squaring my Sun from January of 2013 to November of 2014. The waning time should also be considered as it tends to fade out.

  39. This scares me a bit. Pluto squares my Sun/Moon Opposition in 2014. Uranus will be conjunct my Sun about that same time. And, Pluto will be sitting on my girlfriend’s IC and Uranus will be on her DSC. I’m trying not to think too much about it since it is a couple of years until it happens. But I certainly can’t help but to wonder what this major event will be.

  40. Hey Kirlie, you’ve got a sun/moon opposition? I do too and Pluto recently began it’s square on my Sun.

    • Yes I have an Aries Sun/Libra Moon. How has your square been going? Is it as scary I’ve been reading online? What houses were involved?

      I guess what scares me is that Pluto is going through my 8th house. When Pluto was conjunct my 8th house cusp my grandmother, step-grandmother, and uncle all died within a month of each other. So with it squaring my Sun and Moon, I’m sure you can guess what my fear is! But in my chart, the sun rules my 4th house and the moon rules my 2nd. And Uranus rules my 10th house and will also be involved. So it could be something financial that involves my home and career. Jupiter will be in my 2nd house supporting my 10th house planets. So it might not be anything that bad. It’s a couple of years still, so there’s no real way to know how it will go.

  41. Wow interesting man, I’m Aries sun/Libra moon too. Pluto’s transiting my eight house and my Sun rules my 11th my Moon rules my 5th.

    I was actually excited about the Pluto square Sun transit, it’s real powerful and cause it’s effecting my hopes and wishes house (Sun) it’s causing alotta determination in me to accomplish my goals with a kinda, it’s GOING to happen attitude. The more negative affects from what I could see are sometimes real deep negative feelings and a more dark kinda anger when someone opposes me. I read about if you’re not really set in who you are these deep negative feelings could result in personal confusion and unsureness causing you to really find your inner strength or just kinda breaking down.

    I’d suggest you really try get together who you really are before this transit hits cause if I didn’t know who I really am I think the negatives would be worse and not just manifesting in more intense feelings against the people who oppose me.

  42. I have the Sun, Moon and Pluto all three conjunct in natal chart. So the square will be also with moon and natal pluto. The worst part is that transiting Pluto is making the square from 8th house. How bad this can be?

  43. Exact Pluto square Sun 4 degree Libra – death of my father 🙁

    • I’m sorry for your loss, Libra6603 – when my mother died, Pluto was within four degrees of my IC, and Chiron was nearly exact (within minutes) of my AC. Mars and Saturn were on my DC. Something strange about it though – Hygeia was within a degree of my natal Moon in my second house. Have you noticed other things in your chart about what your father’s death will present in terms of learning opportunities?

      • Thank you.

        Well,i had Uranus Conjunction my North node and also Pluto square Mercury 2 degree Libra (not exact) but Mercury is ruler of my 10 th house( father).I also had this square in my Solar return card and Conjunction Saturn Sun.

    • cannot believe it…when i had eactlt pluto square my sun in aries at 3 degrees my father died at my home….devastating

  44. how come this particular pluto/sun oppose transit only lasts 2011-2013 and
    it will be 2012-2018 so much longer for the cancers (2nd decant) to come next?
    i also read that this is a rare transit… is it really?
    is it that not everyone goes through this transit in their life time?

    • I have updated “Pluto Square Sun Transit Dates”. 5-6 years for each decan. It is a rare transit. The orbital period of Pluto is 248 years, so you will only have Pluto square your Sun every 124 years.

      • Jamie

        i was born 7/6 closer to 1st decan. there has been many break then make, old to new
        transitions since 2010, then intense process last year along with the earthquake since
        i live in Japan.

        am wondering if some people born closer to 1st decan cancers have already started this
        pluto/sun oppose transit? also, what is the positive effect if there are any of this particular transit?

        • So you’re about 13-14 Cancer. Pluto has just turned retrograde at 9 Capricorn (within 4-5 degrees) of opposite your Sun. Not close enough to be too significant yet. 2014 you will really feel it.

    • I have Pluto square my Sun coming up in 2013 and 2014. According to the Pluto square Sun Transit Dates, as a second decanate Aries, I will have it until 2018 but my astrologer says that is not true; it only goes on until 2014 as each planetary transit is approximately 2 years in duration, no matter what your sun sign is. Hope this will enlighten you. I believe my astrologer. He’s usually right.

  45. thank you Jamie.
    i went through mercury / pluto opposite which was the hardest period of my life
    still recovering, along experienced capricorn/cancer eclipses etc… past 4 years has been THE hardest.
    and now i am having this again soon which sucks and it seems so unfair i get the “rare unlucky”…

    • I feel for you, cancer7676. Pluto squared my Sun from when I was about 14 to about 19 years old. I had a serious conflict with my father during the time the square was exact and then when the square became exact again (Pluto was retrograding and moving back to square again and again during this time) I had a serious conflict with my best friend who was my rock during these times I felt so alienated from my parents and family. All I could think of was to get away from my family – a few times I was very self-destructive. What got me through some of the worst of it was writing creatively and connections with a few teachers and my friends. By the way, Pluto was transiting my third house so writing makes sense I think. So, stay connected to people you trust and journal would be my advice – or maybe whatever the activities are of the house where Pluto is in your chart would be healing for you?

    • Don’t say that friend 🙂 Maybe we are lucky to have this transit 🙂 It’s ” once in a life time opportunity ” is great thing for spiritual development.I lived my deepest fears and i survived, feel so stronger now, i feel like i can get over everything now, feel so strong inside really feeling of power over yourself.And my ego is transformed,Yes, is great feeling to.You will see, when the transit is over …u will like” new ” you 🙂

      4th degree Libra talking here 🙂 and 2 degree Mercury ..i had those squares, in the same time with Conjunction Saturn Sun , but now am having trine pluto ascendant, so i see good side of Pluto now 🙂

      There’s always sun after rain. Maybe is just great opportunity , dont feel unlucky , u will see what am talking about when the transit ends.

      My advice is ” forgiving “.

    • It is unfair. I have seen the nastiest people get the most amazingly good transits and people who are kind and loving get these crappy ones. I have seen careers skyrocket and other careers get completely destroyed. I don’t know if it makes you a better person in the end. All I know is that I feel very angry and resentful that everything I worked for all my life has been wiped out while all my friends are having a grand old time. It is hard to bear. That is why I do not believe in karma. It makes no sense. You could ask: “What is God thinking?” You wouldn’t get an answer to that one either. I have gone through Pluto opposing my Saturn and squaring my Neptune for the last two years and soon I’ll be going through Pluto squaring my Sun. This scares me. When will it end? I ask, and what kind of shape will I be in when it does end? We won’t be getting any answers so all we can do is hold on and pray it will end some day and we will be in better shape.

      • You know spiritual life is like that, like in school, the higher you climb on spiritual path, the lessons we learn are harder.That’s why good people have crappy transits 🙂 Its makes logic to me 🙂

  46. thank you for the insight… either ways i have no choice but to make the best out of

  47. My ex broke up with me almost on the exact hour of the total solar eclipse on July 11 2010. The planetary action at the time in comparison to my natal chart is just crazy.

    The eclipse was at 19 Cancer which is on his DC and exactly opposite my moon (19 Cap).
    Transiting Saturn exact conjunct my IC (29 Lib)
    Transiting Pluto exact conj my Neptune (3 Cap) forming a square aspect to transiting Jupiter (3 Ari).
    Transiting Uranus was also conjunct my MC (29 Pisc)
    Transiting Mercury (4 Leo) (conjunct my Merc @ 2 Leo) also formed a square aspect to my Pluto (4 Scorp).
    It was the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced… but Pluto wont square my sun until 2095… it will however be opposite my sun in 2022… I will be 36. Can anyone tell me what I can expect with Pluto Opposite my Sun?! thankyou xx

  48. Just lost my best friend this week…took his own life at the time he had Pluto exactly square both his sun and moon (both in Aries at 8 degrees).

    • I am so sorry to hear that, Julie. I am an Aries myself. I have Pluto squaring my Sun in 2013 and 2014 and I am very nervous about it. Don’t know where my Moon will be but having undergone Pluto opposing my Saturn and squaring my Neptune, and as well, Uranus squaring my Saturn and sestiquadrain my Moon for the last two years, I am already depressed and depleted enough. How I look at it is, God does not want us to suffer needlessly and obviously your friend was suffering greatly. God Bless.

      • PS. Gemini with sun in 12th here again. My sun is exactly squared Pluto (and mars and moon and uranus, all within a few degrees) in my birth chart, and I have spent my ENTIRE LIFE walking away from people and their power trips. I walked away from jobs, homes, relationships(took MUCH) longer!) name it, over and over. Still do. And I am no ones doormat, ever. When the mind fuckers come (excuse my french here) I sling them a good, gritty, or sharp bumper sticker: like, to “you can’t just always walk away from people”etc., I quip: as long as I meet assholes, I will be turning my back on their stink”. You know? . . . Put those Gemini feet firmly planted. Stand your ground. Find people to surround yourself with who you can respect (for their heart) and who make you feel supported and respected… . . And keep walking till you find it, and walk away EVERY time you find anything else. . . I hope this is of use. . . . But if this advice does not apply, feel free to ignore it. . . Best of luck.

        • Well, I’m sorry to hear that, Ruby. I know you are a Gemini. I am an Aries. I have not spent my entire life walking away from people as you have. I’ve had a great life until 2010. Great marriage. Great friends, great career, everything. People have been kind and usually I don’t encounter power trips, except at work and that can’t be avoided. I just haven’t had those experiences and now am baffled at finding myself getting into arguments with people because I do not feel respected or heard anymore. I have a circle of friends who love and suppoort me. I get into it with them too. I know it is this square. I do not walk away from nasty people. I let them have it back. So, I keep asserting myself and find myself fighting a lot with people, but I will not be treated poorly by anybody. I am not a victim. I have never been a victim. If I don’t like someone’s company, I ask them to walk away. I don’t walk away myself. I stand my ground. This is a different way from how you handle things. I know this transit will end eventually. I’ll just have to keep fighting for my rights until it does.

          • Won i am trying to be that person. No more nasty People in my life.
            I wish I had the courage to do this. Before.
            I having been door matt mOst of my life. I know I am paying for it

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