Pluto Trine Moon Transit

Pluto Trine Moon TransitPluto trine Moon transit takes relationships to a whole other level and can signal the beginning of a new life changing relationship. You will start to feel all things at a deeper level but most of all it is intimate relationships that facilitate your emotional transformation.

You will connect in more meaningful ways to other people. You will love more deeply and may even experience totally new emotions. The evolution of your subconscious results in deeper emotions but also has a profound influence on your maternal, nurturing side.

Your family bonds should strengthen and female relative in particular will be there is assist in your positive transformation. The invisible threads of family ties bring you close to home. Expect more contact among family members and the healing of old wounds. You may be drawn to genealogy or learning about the ways of your ancestors.

Any new relationship would be most significant indeed. People entering your life bring positive karma. A new partner would most certainly be a soul mate. Existing relationships will also grow emotionally with more love and affection.

You do not need to over think things during Pluto trine Moon transit. Your intuition and psychic abilities will be on time and accurate. You are being guided in spirit through dreams, visions and gut feelings.

Profound growth is likely in your relationships, family and home. Experience and share as much as you can of your rich inner transformation. You can be comfortable showing emotions in groups and with the public.

This is a great time to visit counselors, astrologers and healers. The more open you are with psychics the more you will learn. Past life therapy in particular would be deeply moving and revealing. Bad habits, addictions, attitudes and prejudices and be eliminated. This will free up space for new friendly feelings and memories.

6 thoughts on “Pluto Trine Moon Transit

  1. Hi Jamie – How long does this Pluto/Moon transit last, what are the dates of its effective influence, before and after?

    • All Pluto transits last between 1 year and 18 month. You need to know the position of the Moon in your chart to work out the time of life this transit may occur.

      • Wondering if you could clarify your comment above. To work out this transit would you use the native’s progressions, solar arc, solar return or some other approach? As someone who has had Pluto transiting my ascendant (in Capricorn) for waaaaay too long, I’d like to get an idea of when this one hits (or has hit) too. Thanks

  2. Okay thanks. I thought there was one happening now, and I was referring to that as it applies to all of us right now.

  3. Pluto is conjunct my natal moon in the 8 house. My relation of 20 years was never so bad.

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