Ricki Lake Horoscope

Ricki Lake Horoscope

Ricki Lake

Ricki Lake is an American TV star and is in the news because her house in Malibu burnt down. I’ve been interested in her chart for a while now because I have the same birth date as Ricki, born 10 hours earlier than her. We share a major aspect pattern called a Yod, specifically a Boomerang Yod which I’ll elaborate on in a moment. I’ll have a look at her chart with a particular focus on our similarities and differences due to the different positions of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven. Then we’ll see why her house burnt down and mine did not.


Sun conjunct Uranus gives a different and exciting approach, but the big feature is this Boomerang Yod. The standard Yod is the triangle with Saturn at the apex, and Neptune sextile Pluto making the base. Saturn is the action point, so the mission in life is related to taking responsibility for something. Neptune sextile Pluto gives a generation flavor to this role and it is an aspect of mass consciousness.The general thoughts of the wider community are intuited and brought down to earth in a concrete way with Saturn. Saturn makes this intangible vibe into something real to share. Saturn is work and Ricki shares it through film and especially well when she had her talk back show. I’m doing it at the moment through this blog.

The energy of this Boomerang Yod configuration finds greater expression because of the planets at the reaction point. In this case Mercury and Venus mean it is expressed sharing and communication. Chatting and acting for Ricki, writing for me.

At the more personal level, Ricki and I are both single parents, and we express this responsibility through caring (Venus) for children (Mercury). Mercury and Venus are both conjunct the two most fortunate fixed stars Spica and Arcturus. This gives success, popularity and help from friends and people of influence. Though opposite Saturn these gifts can sometimes be taken away.


Ricki Lake HoroscopeWe have different Ascendants which makes us very different people. Ricki has Lilith trine AC which showed with the topics she covered in her talk show such as early pregnancies and STD’s. My AC is trine Jupiter so I’m more into philosophy and studying. Ricki’s Midheaven (career) is sextile Moon, and as Moon is the public she is very popular, and you could see her emotional involvement through her talk show. Ricki also has MC on a big star called Canopus, which on the MC gives “Great glory, fame and wealth, dignity and authority by the help of an old clergy man or influential person.” I don’t have any major star on my MC, and no aspects to it. But my Moon is square Lilith which does cause some tension with the strong women in my life…and between them. My Moon is on fixed star Zosma which is associated with depression and I have suffered that at various times in my life. Zosma also gives prophetic abilities which explains my liking for astrology. Ricki’s Moon is on a star called Mizar which is “connected with fires of a catastrophic extent”, and that brings us to the current events.


Ricki’s house burnt down within 24 hours of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction. For Ricki and I it was exactly opposite our Sun. I spent the day on Skype with Marina helping to diffuse the explosive nature of this transit. With her nagging, encouraging assistance, I managed to channel the energy somewhat onto my open enemies, as the July Solar Eclipse was conjunct my Descendant.

Ricki did not fair so well as me, the September 8 New Moon fell on her Moon (home and family) on that difficult star Mizar associated with “fires of a catastrophic extent”. No doubt there will be some healing coming up with the October 23 Full Moon on her Chiron, and she will stay in the spotlight with the October 7 New Moon on her Ascendant. It’s all meant to be, and she and her kids fortunately were not harmed. The June Lunar Eclipse was trine her Vertex.

5 thoughts on “Ricki Lake Horoscope

  1. Fire is symbolic of rage. Jamie you might not have had a physical fire, but things were certainly flaming around you at that time, there is still a lot of inflammatory issues lying about also.

    This fire in the UK happened early hours of sat morning (similar timing to this one), looks suspicious, think they tried to set fire to the whole family. A toddler died; bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-11367842 Pair still held after London toddler’s flat fire death
    That Moon on Mizar! As I said on my New Moon Blog post, it’s the “Mourning” star. We also had the Dark side of Lilith (Baby killer) in aspect with the Moons Nodes and we had Desdemona conjunct it too. She of course ended up being killed in a jealous rage by her husband Othelo.

  2. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction fell opposite my Mars-Pluto in 1st house: I had a huge row with a complete (male) stranger on a train to Paris over the behaviour of my son (Mercury currently conjunct my Asc trining my Moon – which Marina told me in Dark Goddess reading is in constellation of Cassiopeia – the proud mother!) . I am wearing red shoes today and expecting further explosions as the Sun joins the party…….

    • Hiya! I love to see how these transits work with the Fixed stars. Thanks for leaving that bit of feedback. Red Shoes eh? Very Wizard of Oz. I used to have some nice Dorothy glittery ones.

  3. Jamie – As a fellowess 1968 baby, I would love to see a write up about the age 42 Uranus Opposition.

    As for this weekend, I found myself in a very fiery speech to a dear friend who most likely needed me to be much more delicate in relaying the information. I apologized immediately, but oh dear….

    • I was very blunt and unemotional in a few exchanges myself. Good idea about writing something, I had thought of it a while ago. I’m having a bit of trouble differentiating things though because I have Sun conjunct Uranus. I’m sure I have been feeling it much more strongly than had it been simple transiting Uranus opposite natal Uranus.

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