Ronnie Lee Gardner Horoscope

Ronnie Lee Gardner

Ronnie Lee Gardner

Ronnie Lee Gardner will be executed by firing squad in Utah State Prison early this Friday. He murdered Melvyn Otterstrom in 1984 and Michael Burdell in 1985. This case is getting extra attention because this will be only the third execution by firing squad in America in the last 33 years. Gardner chose this method of death before Utah outlawed it.

We have no time of birth for Gardner, but we know from Wiki that he was born on 16 January 1961 in Salt lake City. He will be executed “shortly after midnight Friday (2 a.m. ET)” CNN.

The natal chart doesn’t say much without the time of birth in this case. The transits for the time of execution shed a little light however. Transiting Pluto which rules death, and transiting Mars which rules violence and weapons make interesting aspects to his chart. Transiting Pluto is opposite his Mars, this Mars is also being squared by Jupiter and Uranus.

Transiting Mars is conjunct his North Node, suggesting his violent end is is karmic path. His North Node is conjunct the brightest star in Draco, Thuban “killed by public execution.” The interpretation states this is possible if on the Descendant with involvement of Mars. Interpretations of the fixed stars for the Lunar Nodes incorporate Sun, Moon and Ascendant.

The current Lilith, Chiron, Neptune conjunction falls on his Chiron. Thats a heavy duty Chiron return. Wounding for him, but the sacrifice of his life may hopefully goes someway to healing the families of his victims.

One thought on “Ronnie Lee Gardner Horoscope

  1. The *state sponsored killing of convicted prisoners is wrong, and the pain some of us endure (from the court ordered death penalty) is made even more unbearable when we see that the fbi/cia/pentagon torturers & assassins and serial killers are rewarded and praised as heroes and patriots for their mass murders and other atrocities.

    The greatest societal contradiction of our time is the celebration of selective killings & torturings of our Brothers and Sisters, even as the most dangerous and destructive human monsters around us continue their own murderous agenda on behalf of the corrupt and out of control United States government.

    *From Good Morning America
    June 18, 2010…
    “After a quarter of a century on death row, convicted killer Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed in a barrage of rifle fire Friday morning. At 12:15 a.m. Mountain time, the rifles exploded; four bullets perforated his heart and lungs. The straps held his head up. A metal tray beneath the chair collected his blood. After the shots were fired, he could be seen clenching his left fist. ”

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