Saturn Conjunct Sun Transit

Saturn Conjunct Sun TransitSaturn conjunct Sun transit represents a culmination of years of effort and striving toward your goals. Saturn does mean hard work and responsibility, and these are applied to those things that mean the most to you.

As the Sun is your ego and whole identity, these things you strive for are extremely important in defining your life and giving you self-satisfaction. They are central to your well-being. The harder you work, and the more responsibly you carry out your duties, the more rewarding this transit will be.

This transit is a test of your personal power because although Saturn will materialize your efforts into reality, it also presents you with challenges to prove yourself. Even though you may experience success in your goals at this time, they will not come easily; you have to earn them. There may also be restrictions placed upon you or extra burdens and responsibilities to go along with the personal advancements.

Saturn Conjunct Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Aquarius Decan 1March 2020December 2021
Aquarius Decan 2March 2021December 2022
Aquarius Decan 3March 2022March 2023
Pisces Decan 1March 2023March 2024
Pisces Decan 2March 2024February 2025
Pisces Decan 3February 2025February 2026
Aries Decan1May 2025January 2027
Aries Decan 2May 2026April 2027
Aries Decan 3April 2027April 2028
Taurus Decan 1April 2028March 2029
Taurus Decan 2July 2028March 2030
Taurus Decan 3June 2029May 2030

40 thoughts on “Saturn Conjunct Sun Transit

  1. I am totally feeling the influence of Saturn conjunct my sun and it is pinching one hell of a lot!!!!! I am doing my best to put one foot in front of the other, but its hard, so very very hard. It all feels like I am trapped and I hate that feeling, but I do feel as though I have the personal power to make some important changes right now, so I keep persevering. Thanks for this little slice of clarity. I find myself tuning into your website more and more these days. I would really like to get a chart reading so I will work my way towards this happening. Yes, everything feels like i have to work extra hard to get it at the moment!

  2. Both my partner and I are going through this transit (we are born one day apart). He is also going through his second Saturn return, so this has been valuable information. Thank you.

  3. This has been a stressful year. I have had great success this year in my most important goals, yet circumstances and extra responsibilties at home plus the weird actions of people in my neighborhood and industry toward me has kept me feeling trapped and isolated. I have Saturn in Capricorn in my third house. I have been able to work mostly from home this year, Plus I am finishing college and getting decent grades. However, with my family, colleages, and neighbors acting so suspiciously, I am at my wits end. The hard part is I don’t know why they are acting up. People keep following me everywhere I go and trying to comnnect me in really annoying ways. I stay home as much as I can now and don’t leave the house until “the gang” is not around to follow me.I would really like to know if I should move away so I can be left in peace.

    • This is exactly how I feel. Everyone around me is acting so weird cause me to allienate myself. Its so weird like I see right through them. Or am I being paranoid.. whoever is guilty its surely an uneasy feeling.

  4. Money’s been tight during Saturn’s transit through my natal 2nd, but on the positive side, Saturn’s conjunction to my natal Sun *has* brought a certain amount of personal/professional recognition. The Sun rules my natal 12th, so most of the recognition has had to do with my volunteer work and/or my spiritual “gifts” and faith.

    It’s funny how having to buckle down and accept certain limitations and responsibilities has helped me to become more centered, less dependent upon externals out of my control. I think Saturn’s transit has helped to deepen my faith while challenging me to take a new look at some of my old demons (natal Sun opposite natal 8th house BM Lilith).

    As always – thanks, Jamie. Hope you’re doing well!

  5. I’m a third decan Libran, and in the third and final hit of this transit – phew! My energies have been restricted mainly because I have young children, so am limited as to how I use my time, and have not been able to do all the things I would normally do. However, the things I have chosen to focus on, which are astrology, energy healing, and writing, seem to be really paying off now. I feel this transit has helped me to focus on what really matters, as my time is precious. Also right now, in this final hit, I have an opportunity to utilise all the things I have been studying and working towards my whole life, and it feels like I have graduated. Don’t knock this transit, its about maturity and focus.

  6. I am a third decan , and have been feeling the financial pich a lot for the past few months , with nothing working out in my career and been blocked up.Please confirm when exactly is this transit going to end.

    • Decan 3 Libra? If so this transit has finished now. Saturn is behind you which is a strength.

  7. I’m Scorpio Decan 1. The minutes Saturn entered Scorpio on the 5th of October this month. I’ve been feeling really depressed. Hopefully I’ll chase the blue away soon.

  8. I’m a Scorpio Decan 1…but the cusp of decan 2. I receive a Saturn conjunction to my sun beginning in December and lingering until next October. My sun’s in my fifth house and boy does it ever show. I’m a playful, risk taker, energetic, lots of friends are always confused that I’m a scorp because I behave so much like a leo until they get to know me. Lately, I don’t feel like playing, I feel like focusing. In fact, I’ve felt this strange sense of relief as Saturn has entered Scorpio. Even though it’s still pretty distant from my sun, I feel like something inside me is going “Okay, now I can cut the crap and get to business about the things that will put me forward.” My romantic needs have become lower, and while they’re still significant, they feel less distracting. One thing I’m concerned about it my father. I’m looking at buying my own home in the next year and I’m Bl**dy terrified that I’ll have to take care of him and that it will hamper my finances, my freedom and my love life. He is a wonderful man but has made childish decisions and can behave like a child (smashing up *your* things because he’s had a bad day.) I’ve worked SO hard to get what I have right now, I went through my first saturn return in which I lost everything but gained so much (lost my home, my possession, my means of income, my country, my friends–by way of moving). I’m feeling good now but apprehensive of any further curtailing of my freedom. Uranus, Venus and Mercury are all conjunct in my 5th house, too, so freedom is a BIG deal for me. Big. (nervous but resolved.) Not sure what to expect.

  9. What the heck is going on this oct 24-25? ive read not to sign contracts or start projects on these dates because of saturn conjunct thr sun? my b day is sept 14 1969. virgo with sag rising. ive also read this wont be good for anyone…?

  10. I am Scorpio Decan 1 (24/Oct/71), and this entire planetary movement is taking single ounce out and seems last phase will continue till Nov 2013.

    It started in Aug 2011, started loosing everything and felt like being tossed around in order to get some footing. (Practically across country, across jobs, across relationships) I am really worried where it will end. It looks like going into circles over the period, starting and ending at same place difference being this time around lost everything on in this particular time period.

    In my entire life, never gone through such a time, where not allowed to find solution but to seat back and watch what is going on. I am the one who never ever believed in fate, but this time not single thing working out. Hope can able to cling till last.

    Is this was Mayan referring to? Since there is a major planetary shift across all the signs this year. Or just ‘The Choices’ you have made across the path.

  11. “In my entire life, never gone through such a time, where not allowed to find solution but to seat back and watch what is going on. I am the one who never ever believed in fate, but this time not single thing working out.”

    Hi Sam, I read your statement and it is the story of my life so I just wanted to say god bless your soul my brother and good luck (haha, not with Saturn) you’re going to need it. I was born Sun-Saturn conjunct in scorpio 3rd and I definitely believe in fate.

  12. Just iinteresting. I am living overseas, i have satu rn and NN conjunct my scorpio Sun in II , also I have stellium nept venus jupiter there, and my boss, who is a Little bit in love with me ask me to leave the company!!!!

    I have to go to London next week… I am UE no imigration but visiting headhunters..

    Nothing has happen between us still… Both will Virgo Ascendant and same Geminis Moon, LOL

  13. HI StarLove

    Thanks so much for your feedback, with venus ruler of 2 and 9 NN and Saturn ruler of V on my SCo Sun 08º19 I hoped a new husband!!! Not that someone to ask me to leave the company! LOL Probably a New Cycle in Europe in another Company … He has neptune opp his natal venus in virgo ruler of his VII… Where I am? Thanks so muchhhhhhhh

  14. I have had Saturn transit of my scorpio sun in tenth house. this is the second time. Very hard. Spend a lot of time alone. Want to get a blog going because writing as long been my desire and redo my book about relationships. Been unemployed for two years. staying at mom’s, which is hell. want to get out of here. I am single female with no kids. Will this really end?

    • Ok I figured out my decan. I’m decan 2, will the intensity of the transit ease up after October 2014?

  15. last time saturn entered sag my wife left me with a child to raise. now its here again and i have a strong marriage with kids. vitality is certainly down and responsability is up. oh well, its only 2 years.

  16. Ik heb nu in nov. Saturnus conjunct Zon (ben dubbel boogschutter, maan in kreeft). ik heb net voor de tweede maal een belangrijke healingcursus achter de rug (wat voor mij een nieuwe start kan zijn , een hele grote stap in het doel van mijn leven). Anderen helen, Goddelijke taak, wat me herhaaldelijk al gezegd geweest is .Alleen weet ik nog niet goed hoe het praktisch uit te werken (en financieel) En ben in contact me iemand (en een boek van haar aan het lezen)waardoor ik meer inzichten krijg, welke te maken hebben voor me mbt zelf-verantwoordelijkheid.Ik word eind deze maand 46 jr.

    • Translation:
      I am now in Nov . Saturn conjunct Sun ( ‘m double archer , Moon in Cancer ) . I just the second time a major healing course behind it ( which for me could be a new start , a big step in the goal of my life). Others healing, divine mission , which I repeatedly been said is .Only I ‘m still not sure how to work out the practical ( and financial ) and have someone contact me ( and a book of her reading ) causing me more insights get, what to do for me about self – verantwoordelijkheid.Ik become final this month, 46 yr .

  17. Hi again, Im a sagittarius sun, libra ascendant and leo moon, born 27. november.Is this transit for me over in december? It has been a rough year, so I hope this will be the last month for me, so I can start looking forward, and moove forward in my life…

    • Right in the middle of it Maria. Your Sun is about 5 degrees Sagittarius and Saturn is now 5°47′ Sagittarius.

        • No, that’s it. But Saturn did turn retrograde on your Sun in the middle of March 2015, so you had a double dose of this transit. Once in March and now again in mid November. Will be over by the beginning of December.

  18. Hi I am 45 years of age ,born on 17 th of January ,since last 8 years things dont get right for me,every thing I try goes to bin .nothing comes better,thing’s gone worst that I have to live with parents,unemployed need your help to see when the good time will come for me.

  19. Why no talk of meeting your karma with this transit? Isn’t this one of the major karma transits? Reaping what you’ve sown for 28 and a half years?

  20. Greetings I am from India soon Saturn will conjunct my natal sun (7th Lord) and mercury(r) 5th and 11th Lord , in house 11 so what can I expect

  21. I’m going through this right now and I must say it is terrible. My sun is at 25 degrees Sag. My bf cheated on me and promptly left when I confronted him about it. My father is upset that I broke up with my bf and isn’t speaking to me. My finances are at rock bottom with a literally pile of bills coming up. I can’t breathe because of the stress… HALP!

    • My progressed Sun is @24 Sag. And I`ve been going tthrough very similar hell for months: I`m broke, my son died, I have hard time communicating with my dad [unlike usually]. I feel just devastated andd without any hope.

  22. Hi Linus, I’m born 17 Jan too. Since 2008 when Pluto went into CAPRICORN I lost everything. Son, Company, Health, Home, basically my identity. Now than Saturn is conj our natal Sun for the last time I’m suicidal. I’m not sure how much more I can take. The only positive is it’s very clear now I can have NO addictions. My natal Saturn is in Pisces and my Sun is in the 6th. I lead a very quiet life as a Massuese with no confidence or passion now. I’m just holding on Linus. Life is suffering as BUDDHA said. Saturn conj natal Sunnis depressing and Pluto could kill me. Jupiter made me compulsively eat when it stationed Retro earlier this year on our Sun, for weeks it was. With the world the way it is it’s very hard to move forward and my question is always “where to”? I hope you make it and become a success, I hope I do too. Bless You

  23. Lily Star, did you actually move? I am curious because I have exact the same weird experiences with saturn transit sun in 3rd house right now!

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