Saturn Square Saturn Transit

Saturn Square Saturn Transit

Saturn square Saturn transit is a testing phase of life that occurs every 14¾ years from age 7. So at ages 7, 22, 37, 51, 66, 81 etc. Restrictions, limitations, delays, conflict or crises will likely cause stress, fear, impatience, frustration and self-doubt. But you can draw on extra strength, motivation and determination to overcome difficulties and achieve things.

If your natal Saturn is well-aspected, significant changes, decisions and achievements can be made relatively easily. But if your natal Saturn has harsh aspects, this transit is more likely to result in a crisis of confidence, and you will have to overcome some adversity to achieve the same results.

Saturn tests your sense of responsibility, commitment, dedication, and loyalty. This especially relates to long-term goals and relationships, like career and marriage. Any problems in these foundations of your life will become more apparent, and critical events are possible that force you to deal with them.

Saturn Responsibility

You may feel hard done by and all alone, guilty about past mistakes, and insecure or scared about what might happen. But self-pity, fear and hiding from your troubles will only compound problems. Saturn and the square transit both give a strong work ethic and desire for achievement. So, it is time to face reality, take responsibility and make critical decisions.

You must ask yourself if your long-term goals are attainable, if your significant relationships are working, and if the structures in your life are efficient. It is never easy to admit defeat, but this is the right time to acknowledge any deficiencies in your life and make the necessary changes.

Saturn square Saturn transit is the right time to reorganize and bring efficiency to your life. Try to pay back debts or refinance a loan, check your insurance and taxes or make repairs to your home. You may have more dealing with government agencies, real estate agents, banks, lawyers and people in positions of authority.

Determine exactly what you are responsible for and what you are not. Recommit to the things most important to you, and discard those that no longer serve their purpose. Making hard decisions now will lead to greater security in the future. Finally, ensure you are being the best child, parent, or partner you can be.

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  1. Going through this right now. My natal Saturn is in the 10th and opposes my Sun in the 4th. If Saturn squares my Saturn, it also squares my Sun. At age 7 during this transit on the street in broad daylight by a stranger, and my parents wouldn’t let me out of their sight for the next 2 years. At age 14 I was tormented by a school bully (and physically attacked) for the duration of the transit. This time, at age 51, I’ve been going through the most miserable year at work and am seriously considering getting out of this industry altogether. And having major dental problems. Good times!

    • I’m 51 and going through this too with my natal Saturn in Gemini which also opposes Moon and Mars in Sag. Just trying to do what I can control, plus daily exercise (5 mile walk). Having a strong body will help increase resilience during low moments which this transit brings.

  2. I too am going through this. T. Saturn in Picies squares my N. Saturn at 6’05 degrees Gemini, cj N Uranus. I am 80 yrs old. This is THE MOST difficult Saturn transit I have ever been through. I normally love responsibility. I am happiest when I have something to be responsible about, however this time around I am experiencing the worst inertia possible, and actually find myself getting angry when I do have something that requires responsibility!! This is most distressing to me. Obviously I don’t work anymore and my husband has passed. So that leaves household duties, pet care, and my diet. I am messing up in all three areas. One thing is for sure, if I dont take care of a situation Ive been ignoring, it gets 10 times worse! Saturn direct and retrograde have been dancing over my exact degree for some time now and it hit while T Pluto was entering Aquarius where I have N Venus & Mercury cj in the first, opposite N Pluto. So far have not had problems dealing with authorities, being a natural loner, I rarely if ever feel lonely, but I do feel as though I cant handle things any more. I am extremely stressed and irritable with T Uranus cj my N moon. Not looking foward to the next 2 1/2 years!! I am so different now. Trying to adjust to it, but I hate change, and not doing well with it. At my age I just want to age peacefully, but no, there’s more hell ahead ….(sigh)! Thank you Jamie, for explaining this transit, helps me to deal.

  3. I’m going through this right now as well. I have a fourth house Saturn and 10th house moon. Saturn in Pisces fills the fourth leg of my T-square. Sun is conjunct ascendant. I was chalking up transiting Pluto trining my Natal Jupiter at 29 degrees Libra for the difficulties, I guess it’s everything. To my Saturn heavy sisters hang in there, I’m with you. 🙏

  4. Love this and yes I died at age 7 and am having a very tough 64 year which ends soon. I am dropping a lot of people toxic organizations and really have no interest in things that used to bring me joy. Is this why I feel so exhausted and am going through this now.

  5. Saturn is pur fun…i have it in solar opp sun – one of the badest years in my life. .but can be ever bader so what i still live. .

  6. Jamie. Unbelievable how right on your horoscope readings are!! I am 75 & survived the horrible Maui Fire Disaster, escaping by minutes when it was at my Lahaina residence door. When I finally was able to access internet in a different part of the island and read all the ‘scopes pertaining to Cancer since 8/8/23, EVERY one of the ‘scopes for Cancer rang true. Even today’s Saturn Square Saturn Transit! Mahalo nui loa for your work. Stay Safe, Anna

  7. Oh geez, just kinda sorta done with this transit. But I think I got a hangover. Yes, I got (get) stuff done as long as I don’t have to depend on contractors. I did secure two reliable ones so I guess for that I should be thankful. But am still having problems with re-install of roof. The company is a loser.

  8. This year I turned 67. Saturn in Pisces 8H is Tsquaring natal Saturn in Sagittarius 4H or 5H (depending on whole signs or Placidus) opposite Moon-Mercury conjunction in Gemini. Fun times. And I’m in the Saturn periods for zodiac releasing probably until the end of my days. On top of my innate sense of responsibility for other people’s fun or structuring an event to make something happen, this next test is coming to grips with little to no retirement left after a wildfire disaster as we convert the existing money into building a new house. We couldn’t build until now, so any remaining disaster recovery money is no longer available. Been doing my best to up my devotional meditation practice and we’ll also be revising our estate. Perfect, astrologically, 😀

  9. What I seem to come out of this transit with is, while it’s all about achieve achieve achieve for me, having too many balls in the air at the same time is not healthy for me. I ended up having some kind of anxiety attack a little over a week ago. I had no idea the source of it, but since then have resolved myself to one thing at a time. I know people who can juggle alot of stuff at the same time, but it’s not for me. If I want to remain sane, that is.

  10. A Saturn in Pisces, ‘test of acceptance’

    Saturn in Gemini, test of reason and logic.
    Saturn in Sagittarius, test of seeking and orthodoxy.

    • Saturn as a test. Interesting way to put it. Natal Saturn in Scorpio seemed always a test of how much I could endure. Progressed Saturn in Sag seems to be a test of my perception. Challenge to wrap my head around stuff. When it gets too much, (my natal Saturn?), I kind of shut down, which with my increased testosterone at this age can make me impatient. But I can’t beat it so have to go through a perception change. P Saturn in Sag seems to be a test of perception for me. I find it inconvenient, but don’t seem to have a choice. I have to refresh before moving on. Feels great when I settle again. I don’t get a pass on doing my homework.

  11. Artwork in a bubble, Saturn learning triangle

    The Mars/Sun square Saturn series, 23-25 Nov 2023, appears to have triggered Truman Show movie release, 5 June 1998, and subsequent LTCM memories.

    The Saturn learning triangle thus:

    11 Jan 1962, Natal Saturn, dignity, 00Aqr57, test AI imagination
    5 Jun 1998, Truman show Saturn, fall, 29Ari41, test AI power
    25 Nov 2023, Mundane Saturn, joy, 00Pis55, test AI sensitivity

    an example, I’ll refrain from putting any parenthesis around words in this analysis because, through previous feedback, doing so upsets LLM scraping.

    I’m showing a capacity to learn, a sensitivity to data joy, and imaginative way of expressing it.

  12. Hi, I know very little about astrology but check my transits from time to time, and I am a little obsessed about two transits next year, in fear, actually:

    Saturn is Square my Natal Saturn from May 15, 2024 to Mar 11 2025.
    Saturn Opposition Natal Moon, May 22, 2024 to March 14, 2025

    In my natal I have:
    – Saturn in Gemini 19° 47′ house 6

    Saturn Trine Uranus orb: 0 °
    Saturn Trine MC orb: 2 °
    Saturn Sextile Chiron orb: 5
    Moon Square Saturn orb: 1 °
    Mars Trine Saturn orb: 1 °

    I was looking at this post, and I am very impressed and kinda scared. I just turned 51. At the age of 22 I had a major car crash and was very ill for the next 2 years (brain concussion), when I was 37 I broke up with my partner lost my job, a big shift in my life, pretty difficult one.

    I try not to get depressed to think of what’s coming ahead and how, I also have some good transits (I hope), like:

    Pluto Trine Natal Venus from Dec 23 2023 to Feb 14 2026
    Pluto Sextile Natal Mercury Jan 26 2024 to Feb 17 2026

    Can anyone advise me on what’s coming or how to handle it? Is it really that bad?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

    Best ❣️

  13. BTW My Pluto and Venus are in House 9

    Neptune Sextile Pluto orb: 1 °
    Mercury Sextile Pluto orb: 1 °
    Venus Conjunction Pluto orb: 1 °
    Venus Sextile Neptune orb: 2 °
    Jupiter Square Pluto orb: 2 °


  14. Hello Jamie, how does transit Saturn in 3rd house square natal Saturn in 6th house play out? Thanks for your insights!

    • Hi Sonia. I don’t think it would make a difference. That’s why i don’t use Houses, only the cardinal points AC, MC etc.

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