Sun Square Venus Transit

Sun Square Venus TransitSun square Venus transit gives the extra push needed to spice up your love life. There may be an underlying tension inside that forces you out of your comfort zone so that you make more of an effort to have some fun or find pleasure through meeting friends or interacting with loved ones.

There is a need for love and affection, but you have to make the effort by first giving the love. Things will only turn ugly if you use people to satisfy your need for pleasure or spend too much money on things for short-term enjoyment. The need to express Venus’s energy can also be positively channeled through art and craft.

This interpretation for Sun square Venus transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon square Venus.

8 thoughts on “Sun Square Venus Transit

  1. if a new moon squares the natal venus, is this a breakup aspect from what you’ve noticed in your experience?

  2. Something interesting about this is that it can cause you to get a venereal disease.. Be careful

    • Think again Venus yes is part of the root for venereal but think more along the line of sexually transmitted – your comment is brittle, boring and trite

  3. Best weekend of my life so far because of this aspect. Women are some amazing creatures lmao.

  4. Currently in a relationship. My natal Venus(Aries) is currently squaring the Capricorn sun. The high peaks of this transit, I felt extremely insecure, and the love between us seemed to start declining, but instead of being in my head about it I’d rather love them. I didn’t want those energies influencing how I truly feel.

    • That’s exactly how I’m feeling lol right now .. the sun is opposing my Venus and I just feel like I’m playing tug a war , my relationship is at its lowest but Saturn is also opposing my Venus.

  5. I’m in a relationshis. The aquarius sun is transiting my 7th house and squaring my natal venus in scorpio 4th house. I feel very happy and content in my relationship and we are getting along great. I relate more to the desire to overspend. Other than that I dont really relate to this aspect.

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