Venus Square Sun Transit

Venus Square SunVenus square Sun transit does increase the need for love and affection which should go well. However, there may be a little friction if you don’t get so much back in return. If you have to go to work it may be difficult to get into the groove because you would rather be lazing around enjoying yourself.

You may have a selfish attitude at the moment which others will pick up on and give you a hard time about, but you really couldn’t care anyway. You would rather not get involved in any dramas, and prefer to indulge yourself in non-productive, though rather enjoyable pursuits. Overindulgence with money is something to be careful of at this time as racking up unnecessary debt on the credit card is a real temptation.

4 thoughts on “Venus Square Sun Transit

  1. Question! Which one is stronger? I will be having Venus transit both my sun and ascendant with two very different aspects. It will be trine my ascendant in Scorpio and square my Aries Sun in the 5th house. How exactly does this play out? Is one aspect stronger than the other? Or would the effects of both aspects apply?

    • A square is stronger than a trine. Always a balancing act for you with Sun quincunx Ascendant.

  2. Transiting Venus in Cancer is the focal point of the dynamics involved in both aspects ..The ruler of the house in which Venus is transiting will also influence the aspects as well as the house placement….btw- Venus transiting through the 7th is usually favorable for legal matters or marital cooperation since it’s the house of the natural rulership of Libra.

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