2018 Midterm Election Prediction

2018 Midterm Election PredictionThe 2018 United States midterm elections will be held mostly on Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Americans will elect members for each of the 435 House seats and 35 of the 100 Senate seats in Congress. Donald Trump and the Republicans are fighting to maintain their majority in both houses. However, the Democrats have a healthy lead in the polls and have a good chance of taking the House of Representatives. [1] The stakes are high because a Democrat victory in either chamber would grant powers to open investigations into President Trump.

2018 Midterm Elections Astrology

The chart below for the midterm elections is set for noon on November 6. Being a 0° Aries chart, the Ascendant and Midheaven can be ignored. Even the position of the Moon is not that helpful because polls open and close at different times all over the country. But there are some significant planetary aspects that give some clues about the outcome.

2018 Midterm Election Prediction Astrology

2018 Midterm Elections Astrology

Jupiter quincunx Uranus is tightest aspect in the midterm election chart and is exact on November 8. This aspect does point to change, with candidates and electors swinging between optimism and uncertainty, confidence and anxiety. For some there will be sudden good fortune, positive change and excitement. But for others, a sudden reversal in fortunes and more anxiety.

Jupiter rules the House and Senate, the Supreme Court and the Justices. So the 2018 midterm elections should result in a realigning of social consciousness, common values and belief systems of the United States.

Sun trine Neptune suggests this election will favor the Democrats because Neptune rules socialism. The Sun in mundane astrology represents the president but also the general character of the nation and the way foreigners view the country.

So the changing values and beliefs shown by Jupiter quincunx Uranus will probably lead to a more sympathetic and compassionate United States. This is a good omen for equity, social welfare, health, immigration, human rights and relations with the United Nations.

Venus Retrograde Opposite Uranus

Venus is the most important planet in the midterm election horoscope because it is the most aspected planet. It is also retrograde which happens only 7% of the time. Venus rules peace and harmony, money, the stock market and banks, food production and the entertainment industry. While the Moon rules the women in America and how the country views women, Venus represents the “feminine archetype” of the nation. [2]

Venus retrograde points to introspection and reassessment about those things ruled by Venus. It suggests the voters will be especially concerned about their finances and lack of harmony so noticeable within politics, foreign relations and society generally. Venus retrograde also suggests the Me Too Movement and the sexual exploits of the president will have a big impact of the outcome of the midterm elections.

Venus opposite Uranus is another indicator of change. This aspect makes the voters feel uncertain about their financial stability and more likely to rebel against the current government. It suggests a large protest vote and makes radical ideas more appealing. Strikes and street protests are possible. Changing economic conditions could manifest as a sudden change on the stock market, or in the value of the US Dollar or Treasury Bonds.

Uranus rules new technology and the internet. So Google, Facebook, Twitter and independent online news organization will be more influential than ever before in determining the outcome of the midterm elections, and more controversial. Hollywood celebrities will be louder than usual in their support for the Democrats.

Venus conjunct Ceres emphasises the importance of the Mee Too Movement in this election. Minor planet Ceres rules working mothers and single parents so it is possible their votes will be the deciding factor. Climate change and the environment may sway many voters. This conjunction also supports the more sympathetic and comforting influence of Sun trine Neptune.


It seems the major theme of the midterm election astrology is change. Uranus is the planet of change and rebellion. It is involved in all but one of the most important aspects in the chart. There is also a strong focus on feminism as well as compassion. So the astrology for the day of the 2018 midterm elections seems to support the opinion polls.

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65 thoughts on “2018 Midterm Election Prediction

  1. Hey Jamie, how did your Hillary prediction work out? And I guess you didn’t know that there is already an investigation into Trump’s “collusion” with Russian hackers, which is going exactly nowhere since the DNC files were not hacked.

    • Astrologers typically lean democrat. Their political bias and personal views of Trump always affect their predictions. Take what they say with a grain of salt. The outcome of the midterm election lies in the hands of voters. Get out there and vote for whoever you want.

    • I have to agree with you. And what people FAIL to understand is the massive support POTUS has. I was just at a Trump rally and trust me, lines for hours. I also drive ride share for extra money and I RARELY pick up any dummycrat supporters, well unless they are from CA and even then its 50/50. I pick up mainly Trump supporters such as myself.

      For someone such as myself, I’m an American WOMAN, and a brown one at that. Don’t believe the hype of the FAKE media. The Trumpster has a ton of support from us AMERICANS of all colors. Women, well us intelligent ones are more than our sexual organs, this is not feminism or liberation. It’s actually a stifling point of view, lacks expansion of your soul. Isn’t this what astrology is all about? A blueprint to help us evolve? Just sayin! Regardless get out and vote, ~ Peace…

        • Totally! The lack of emotional intelligence can really make you come off sounding… well, unintelligent. And I just simply disagree. People may be sheep and easy to manipulate and lead, but intelligent human know right from wrong, come on now. I will be surprised if this prediction is wrong. I will be surprised and hurt, because I really do care about this world and those occupying it.

      • I’m a black woman from NJ and I would never vote for a KNOWN RACIST what type of character do you have to have to support and defend someone that denigrates people of color, is a known pussy grabber, a defender of pedophiles a pathological LIAR a TRAITOR to America. A man that puts brown babies in cages like animals snatches them from their mothers lies about healthcare gives tax breaks to the 1% and old people with SOCIAL SECURITY and Medicare to pay for the tax cuts. I work in New York City and Trump is a con man and a trash bucket and he’s despised because of his racist white NATIONALIST reviews. You need to Google and educate yourself you’re too old to be conned like this how is it that you have no feelings for him Caging babies you’re still supporting him WOW

  2. The injection of personal bias as to what is noble and slant towards socialism, make this prediction sound more like a personal manifesto than objective analysis.

    • Neptune rules socialism. Sun trine Neptune must therefore favor socialism. And change is obvious in the chart and that must favor the opposition whoever they are.

      • The Sun rules the highest authority, the President. Trump is seen as people friendly, for the majority.

        • absolutely untrue and wishful thinking on your part Trump is an obvious disruptor and laughingstock

          • I think you are right. He doesn’t live up to the status of the sun. And I agree with the astrologer that he is then simply combined with a country as a whole, being the sun. But, we shall see. And it will be a real astrological teaching moment.

      • Neptune is not just socialism but also idealism and romantism. If the Sun is authority or President, wouldn’t Sun trine Neptune also mean idealisation or worship of the President.

      • completely
        right on Jamie…. I live in the good ole USA… and the illussion that Neptune has brought in its transit to the Nations progressed Sun is about to be broken..

    • President Trump is fighting for the sovereignty of America and represents the US constitution. It is a miracle he got elected while most presidents before him were selected by globalist Autocrats. Our liberties are at stake!

      • Lol. You elected an admitted sexual assaulter. Zero credibility. But keep your eyes on those mid terms and Mueller’s next round of indictments. Heard he has a few more to add to his 100 criminal charges, 30 indictments, and 7 guilty pleas. Happy holidays!
        And Jamie, your work is corroborated by Vedic, which shows Trump out by February 2019 and facing trial later in the year.
        To quote Michael Cohen, “Donald Trump is not loyal to this country.” Wow! Who woulda thunk it.
        Tick tock Trumptards. Mueller put away Gotti.

        • Trump did not sexually assault anyone. Where are you getting your information from? CNN? If so, they are now the equivalent of the National Enquirer. And no, I don’t trust Fox News either. Trump has had extramarital affairs, which is not right. However, the democrats already established that extramarital affairs are ok based on their adoration of Bill Clinton who actually does have several rape accusations.

          • Bill Clinton was kicked out of Oxford for raping (she went to police) another female student there. Well documented except in the Cultural Marxist media.

          • Youre not only unbelievably biased but wilfully ignorant
            Trump ADMITTED he sexually assaulter SEVERAL women you toss-pot

    • I’m a democrat that predicted trump would win in the 2016 election despite the polls at the time in summer of 2016. This video sums up why I predicted him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHlU7XWjnvM&feature=youtu.be

      I am predicting the democrats will dominate the november mid-term elections. Complaining about predictions when the author provides reasoning just makes you look stupid. If the predictions bother you or you don’t agree, why not provide counter arguments with planetary placements/transits that you feel will favor the other side? It’s so cowardly to hate without providing any substance.

  3. No one in the United States cares about who the President did or did not. boink. He has been married to three incredibly beautiful woman and in this country a politician’s sexual conquests are seen as a plus. I can assure you a man who does not drink alcohol or do mind altering substances knows exactly what he is doing when he has sex. The commoner in this country is happy about the revival of the USA dollar. I am not a republican-I am a libertarian-most foreigners would have a hard time understanding we don’t like a NANNY government and want politicians out of all our affairs-especially sinking tax dollars into more RULES, LAWS and other tax payer expenses. The average commoner does not appreciate all the dollars wasted on trivialities-we want money in our bank accounts and our pockets. If the USA is so bad then maybe all these foreigners need to stop trying to get here to escape the TAX BURDEN their flawed governments impose on them.

    • I’ll thank you not to speak for me or anyone but yourself, portiajane. As a fellow “average commoner”, I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    • Eww. You have some pretty dark and shallow thoughts running through your head. I can just tell from the statement that you are a candidate for brainwashing. None of your “opinion” are shiny thoughts.

  4. I really liked the way you put this together! I always learn something new. I don’t do charts for politics, although I track President Trump! The Venus Rx is very interesting. The fact it is rx talks about going back over certain situations. I looked up the last time Venus went rx, March 4-April 15,2017 Aries/Pisces. This is when the witch hunt started. Without the President knowing that those in high alphabet offices were conspiring behind his back. The firing of Comey. What better time than when Venus rx to clean out the swamp? The fact the Sun is trine Neptune, shining light into the unknown as to expose the very depth of what has gone on. Change is on the horizon and while it won’t be pretty for those in the elite classes the rest of us minions are happy! I predict a red wave that will knock out Dems for eternity in November. Might be wishful thinking but very tired of the dog and pony show the dems have subscribed to through the decades. There are many aspects here that are amazing.

  5. You’re a leftist and should not be injecting yr personal beliefs into your “predictions” Democrats are no moral group of people as it is well known Hilary, jon pidesta and the likes of many other democrats are satanists and pedophiles. Justice should be served upion ALL of the poiliticians and the global evil ruling the world before those kum bay ya ideals you speak of could ever permeate through our country

    • I actually interpret charts how I see them. When I wrote about Donald Trump’s horoscope I was accused of being a fascist. Now because I say Neptune rules socialism I am a leftist.

      • Thank you for your writing, Jamie. It is a gift to be able to read it. I deeply appreciate the work you do and how you put your heart out into the universe. I hope you’re able to ignore and let go of those few who leave unkind comments on here. I promise there are many of us who benefit from your work and appreciate it greatly.

      • Your bias blinds you to an impartial, and therefore accurate, interpretation.

        Notice the midheaven, Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Where’s Saturn? In his own sign, Capricorn, in the house of authority, the tenth house. Saturn is the highest and most elevated planet in the chart. The current ruler or authority figure is hereby shown to be strong and in charge.

        Now, consider the IC, the opposite point from the MC (midheaven). Cancer is the sign on the IC, and the ruler of Cancer, the Moon, signifies the opposition to the authority currently in power. The Moon is in the midsection of the third quadrant as shown in your chart, which places it in the eight house, a house in which it is weak and debilitated as it cannot “see” the Ascendant, giving it no direct way to express itself in physical reality. Notice next the sign in which the Moon finds itself: Scorpio, the opposite of the Moon’s exaltation, and therefore the sign of its fall. So the Moon, signifying the opposition to the current party in power, is weak and ineffective both by sign and by house placement.

        You can look at modern planets and asteroids and even satellites if you’re thusly inclined, but if you ignore the major significators for party in power and opposition party, your predictions are likely to miss the mark.

        • Hi Cathi.

          Sounds like you have been blinded by your bias.

          You seem to have missed what I wrote above the midterm election chart:

          “Being a 0° Aries chart, the Ascendant and Midheaven can be ignored.”

          • 8pm eastern Uranus moves back into Aries and Uranus is conjunct the midheaven at that time.
            Transit Mars conjunct US Moon in AQ.
            Who riots? The left or the right?
            Republicans sweep!

            Due to, in part, Democrat violence and hysteria. Mob tactics as seen in SCOTUS conformation a few days ago. The left always riots because they believe the left media and leftist astrologers who promise them a win as seen in 2016. I think the media and astrologers actually fear their own readers which is why they do this.

      • There is no winning for an astrologer when politics is involved. Probably is fun on the outside looking in, but not so fun when one is inside the bubble.

        I drafted a midterm election chart for Washington DC, tropical, placidus system, 8:00 PM and it looked like a mixed bag to me. It is very difficult to do with so many states involved and different opening and closing poll times.

        I went with the full moon chart for Washington DC to kind of gauge the mood of the people leading up to the election. I definitely think the Me Too Movement will have an influence. Moon (the people, women, etc) conjunct Uranus (unexpected, protestors, etc) at the IC opposing the Sun (POTUS) in the 10th. It is a bowl pattern with the Sun in the lead. POTUS will be a big influence. In addition, the Sabian symbol for the Moon degree is ‘An electrical storm’. I am not going into the entire chart, but I think some surprises (Uranus) are in store.

        Who is going to take the Senate and House? I’ll let the readers make up their own minds. Not going there. (Smiling)

        It is interesting to note that the South node will conjunct the Sun in the POTUS inauguration chart a few days later.

        Jamie, you are a brave soul. Take care.

      • This person is obviously projecting their own methods of coping. Not everyone is capable of being an astrologer and looking objectively at a chart. I do it all the time, regardless of what I want/ or thinks it me say. I can be surprising and rattling. But you stand back and look at the chart and say, it is what it is. It can be surprisingly and rattling. But you stand back and look at the chart and say, it is what it is. And you are a free human being, so you can write whatever you want and if people don’t like it they can look Elsewhere.

          • Obviously, you don’t know anything about me.

            Thanks for the advice about not becoming an astrologer, but you are many years late with that.

            “A method of coping”, really? The hell you say.

            Let me know when you can predict the birth of a child within ten minutes or the death of a terminally ill patient. Please don’t forget to inform the caregiver/family member about the crisis periods. Keeping in mind that one can’t diagnose, because of laws.

            Just be objective and tell it like it is, huh? Sorry, but I prefer theraputic communication sprinkled with compassion.

            “Surprising and rattling” is not an option. I spent last evening talking with the mother of a teenager with mental issues. Her child was in the throes of a full blown episode. I could hear the child crying, “Mommy I can’t take it anymore” and the mother has been dealing with the situation for awhile and was distraught.

            I chose not to wade into the politics of winners and losers in the election. Instead, I looked at the mood of the country, which is one of divisiveness, if you haven’t noticed. My choice.

            So, you can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    • How ’bout that First Amendment, alayna? On Jamie’s site, we’re privileged to read Jamie’s perspective. We are guests in his house here—and free to leave if we don’t like the atmosphere.

    • Oh dear God. Put down the crackpipe nut job.
      Seriously. When Dems get in, you will have to take a mental fitness test before you get to exercise your franchise.
      “Satanists and pedophiles.It is well known” 😂 😂😂
      Wow. Let me guess…barely graduated high school ( your spelling is adorable) and a follower of Q?
      You do realize Q is a Dem who is playing you right? No, of course you don’t.
      Lmao. How’d you like the IG report…and uh,whose boat provided WWG1WGA again? Stop. Embarrassing. Yourself.
      Thanks for the reading Jamie. Their der Furher with his MC conjunct Algol is screwed…on Inauguration Day ( per Michael Reilley) his Pars de Fortune was in a harsh aspect to Black Moon Lilith —seen in only 2 other charts: JFK’s and Nixon’s. This will not end well for the Orange Baboon though it will be stellar for the country.

  6. Change is coming, no matter how much you Trumpsters are in denial about it. Women are sick and tired of being abused, the new generation of Alphas want to go to school without getting shot to death, and the general public has had enough of the crooked GOP. This Brett Kavanaugh nomination will be the final nail in the coffin of this administration. Watch and see how many turn out the vote. The Blue Tsunami is coming. Get your lifejackets, Republicans.

  7. Yes I add my personal feelings to my writing. This is to share my intuition about the horoscope, to give my interpretation if what the major themes are. Otherwise you can get a computer printout of planets in Signs and Houses from your standard astrology website.

    • Thanks for your insight and interpretation, Jamie. Your take is always interesting and thought-provoking, and I for one am grateful that you don’t steer clear of fraught topics!

      • Than you Elle! I always know to expect a lively debate when I post about US politics. Fun to watch from the outside 🙂

  8. Where to begin with this one Jamie? You mention it a 0°Aries chart because the election is a process over several hours. The Moon transits the 0° Scorpio degree as the polls open. Uranus is at 0°Taurus, the Node Axis is 0°Aquarius/Leo. So we have a classic Fixed Grand Square. More change coming as Katty says. It is said you want to go to the North Node, and there it is on the Cusp of Oscillation

  9. Jamie:
    I hope you can post about Kavanaugh’s chart? Maybe you can determine what fixed stars are in the area of his mystery moon, and get a good approximation of his birth time?

    In addition
    For several months now, I have felt transported back to 1982
    Anyone else know anything about 36 yr triplicate Jupiter return?
    Very eerie. The new “Africa” still playing on the radio!!!

    • Brett Kavanaugh’s noon horoscope is shown here.


      ” The Sep. 9 New Moon occurred right on top of his Uranus-Pluto conjunction so that he has been directly affected by the diversionary racket that the Democrats have stirred up. Pluto, the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hades is connected to the story of the rape of Persephone. Since among other things Uranus rules friends as well as sudden revelations, the triggered conjunction has brought about a rape charge by a high school friend. But as Nick Fiorenza informs us the stars that form the backdrop to the conjunction are about diversionary tactics to muddy the waters.”

      • Also not to be forgotten
        The current transit to this conjunction: Neptune opposite

        Universe is asking us (and Senate) to go to the higher level of Neptune

        To embrace our HUMANE nature
        Above our human natures.

        Seems like that’s what will save us after all?

        • Universe or Uni Verse has a connection to the opposition aspect here, as one Verses the other is often the definition. So with Neptune oppositions, the positive would be a call for unification, the negative path leads to dissolution. Not that one or the other is right or wrong, but within the bigger picture (higher level) of slow moving planets, such as Uranus and Pluto, we get a fuller picture. In other words, the origin, or entymology of the Word Universe is the springboard to a deeper understanding of Neptune, especially as we seek to Integrate the energies of the planets beyond Saturn.

  10. look at all the people the media are calling his “friends”
    you want such friends?
    that’s why people should have no friends! Then they can be call “secretive”

  11. not sure when you wrote this…. but Feels like the Kavanaugh thing might have an impact which rings a bit with what you wrote…. Agreed.

  12. Looks like a lot more people are waking up according to tghese responses. I dont consider myself a member of either party, and coming from a democrat family: I can honestly state I will never vote democrat again! The most ruthless, greedy criminals!
    With that said, perhaps the neptune/ sun aspect means that the established standard of the party In office losing out on midterm elections will be shaken up. Trump’s win defied all predictions/rules. It’s making the liberals crazy because they’re in fear of being exposed and losing their grip. Everyone get out and VOTE!

  13. Anyone who says that they are going to vote Democrat on November 6th is either ignorant, stupid, crazy, or lying!

    • I voted today. Of course, it was straight Democrat. As the wife of a 28 year Army retiree, I am a proud American and happy with my decision.

  14. No..Feminism defeated again. Look at the moon in 4th phase (crone period), Ceres and Venus rx all having negative/challenging aspects to Uranus whereas Jupiter and Sun (ultimate male authorities) are rejoicing and prevail.

  15. Apparently, you watched a different election. Women were elected to Congress at a record level in the US.

  16. Kemp/Stacey – Georgia Governor vote battle appears to be over. Nov 16, Venus stationary direct, Mercury Rx.

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