America’s Pluto Return 2024

America's Pluto Return 2024

Many astrologers made predictions based on the U.S.A. Pluto return in 2022, but they were all wrong. The actual Pluto return for the U.S.A. is in 2024.

  • The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776.
  • The orbital period of Pluto is 248 years.
  • 1776 + 248 = 2024

Why did they all make this fundamental mistake? Like all Western or Horoscopic astrologers since Ptolemy, they chose to ignore the reality of the precession of the equinoxes.

For celestial objects in general, the orbital period typically refers to the sidereal period, determined by a 360° revolution of one body around its primary relative to the fixed stars projected in the sky. [1]

American Astrology

The most commonly used horoscope for the U.S.A. is called the Sibly Chart. I assume the astrologer Ebenezer Sibly had inside knowledge about the time of the signing because he was a Freemason.

When the U.S.A. was “born,” Pluto was at 27°33′ Capricorn. Because we use the Tropical, not the Sidereal zodiac, we must include precession at the rate of one degree every 72 years. In 2024, the precessed position of the U.S.A. Pluto is 01°01′ Aquarius. The American Pluto return is basically occurring all year, but the exact dates are:

  • February 22, 2024
  • July 16, 2024
  • December 30, 2024

In the Sibly chart and in the year 2024, Pluto aligns with fixed star Altair, currently at 02°07′ Aquarius.

The Eagle Star confers a bold, confident, valiant, unyielding, ambitious and liberal nature, great and sudden but ephemeral wealth, and a position of command, and makes its natives guilty of bloodshed. [2] The native can become a mischief-maker. Negatively, it creates disgrace, misfortune and possible ruin. [3]

Constellation Aquila the Eagle gives great imagination, strong passions, indomitable will, a dominating character, influence over others, clairvoyance, a keen, penetrating mind and an ability for chemical research. [2] In mundane astrology, it rules the U.S.A., space exploration, bombs, missiles and drones.

Most empires last about 248 years. If they do survive their first Pluto return, they undergo dramatic transformations. The American government has become corrupted and weakened by greedy and selfish lobby groups and endless wars: extreme polarization, extreme violence, extreme disparity and extreme solutions.


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22 thoughts on “America’s Pluto Return 2024

  1. What are your thoughts on this next election with this chart? Do you see us becoming better or will Trump get his way and this be it?

    • Hi Isabella. I am still working on the election astrology. Both Biden and Trump hasve favorbale transits so it is hard to determine a woinner. But I will try!

    • How is Trump bad for our country? Are you watching mainstream news? He is literally the best choice although not perfect especially this damn death shots. Biden is as corrupt as they come, a dementia patient and a deep state puppet. I am not a far right Republican at all. Not affiliated with any party.

      • The only politicians thats should get poeple vote are the ones who had the wisdom to speak out against the lockdowns and mrna experiments.

  2. Well, for me started on 2022 but ends this 2024, and you are right. But also we need to have in count that Pluto will leave Capricorn in November and the last degrees are the hardest.

  3. I see July 16 as one of the dates listed. Trump’s sentencing is on the 11th, the Republican convention on the 25th. Buckle up everyone.

    • Check out the dates for Uranus and Mars conjunct Algol too. Which, incidentally, is also conjunct Trump’s midheaven. His sentencing and the RNC convention are bound to be interesting, and you know the curse about living in interesting times…

  4. I think that America’s birth was on the date when the Battle of Lexington and Concord was fought, April 19, 1775 at 5 am, that would be 2641 Capricorn, so the return would be about oo 12 Aquarius…Again, with multiple hits in ’23 and ’24

    • A prisoner in jail can declare freedom but she is not free until released. I recently read that the British Crown ‘released’ the colony sometime after Cornwallis surrendered. The Sibley chart has always been suspect to me.

  5. I though an AI ruse afoot with Saturn/Pluto mentioned at Blaze Star and mentioned again by Vic at Full Moon, so I post Pluto transit Saturn in response to Vic spook, and it sets off USA Pluto Return looting here.

    • ‘USA Pluto Return Artificial intelligence ruse’ draws our attention away from the real looting going on from AD1215 Magna Carta libertatum -exalted Saturn judicial and kings artwork loot- progressed chart to AD1217, which is like the real Hush issue, see ‘Lips Sealed’ astrology.

      Is America doomed for the Monolith art? Remarkable worldwide trade, truly unblemished. I am grateful to be of service.

      • USA Pluto Return counter theory chart

        I thought I’d sleep on my previous evening muse, and in the morning reassess.
        “And it’s no surprise the Venus rise, Moon repose with Pluto.”

        USA Pluto Return is also a last hour Election punt.
        “Gather ye your bosom all the data covered in kings sauce.”

        • Last 24 hours rather epic.

          Assange free, Scheat conjunct his Part of Fortune, Neptune mundane.

          A local by-election with surprise batch of dessert sauce that makes a winning banana split. For discriminating Social Media adjudicators… this is a complex metaphor that restaurant managers 👀 for.

          Flying Canoe, noted and appreciate the consensus.

  6. Excellent catch and analysis! I’ve felt for awhile now that Pluto’s dip back into Capricorn will turn the tide for Biden, who is late Scorpio

  7. Jamie, would you post a new Sibly chart with Pluto at 01 01 Aquarius? And how does that affect all the other planets?? Thanks! Sandy

  8. The current standing government of the USA did not come into being until 4 March 1789, 13 years later, with the ratification of the Constitution. Before that the land was governed under the Articles of Confederation, which was a very different government– no power to tax, amongst other things.

  9. As an aside, scientists now believe that there is a ninth planet beyond Pluto.

    Might the coming times be ripe for such a discovery and its implications for astrology?

  10. America Pluto return, 2024, also show up in the progressed Sibley,
    11/12 October.

    immortilized politicians Bowman and Cuomo, reminding us to bear witness.

    The exactness is off 06 minute tho, but the power of Pluto’s ‘turning direct’ is worth consideration.

    Also, the Progressed Sibley shows Jupiter exalted 15Can, umm, yeah, cant forget this if looking at Progressed Magna Carta and Saturn exalted 21Lib

  11. Could you give some historic examples of other countries/empires experiencing a Pluto return? I’d be interested to hear.

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