Christchurch Mosque Shootings

Christchurch Mosque ShootingsThe Christchurch Mosque shootings on March 15, 2019 occurred during a particularly nasty Mercury retrograde period. The following two comments on Mercury Retrograde March 2019 – Hurtful Words were posted in the two days before the massacre:

  • Ben Gunn: Jaime, you certainly hit the nail on the head here. Bad retrograde, evil I would say. I am looking forward to 3/28.
  • Eryniqua Maiden: Yes this is by far the worst mercury retrograde I can’t wait until it’s over. 3/28.

Mercury retrograde was made worse by four other factors:

  1. Sun conjunct Mercury 0°05′
  2. Mercury conjunct Midheaven 0°16′
  3. Mercury square Jupiter 0°58′
  4. Fixed star Markab at 23°44′ Pisces
Christchurch Mosque Shootings

Christchurch Mosque Shootings

Fixed star Markab gives danger from cuts, blows, stabs and fire and a violent death. Dangers from fire, weapons or explosions, and the ability to further propaganda activity.

Markab is a true-black malefic in traditional astrology, promising injury by one’s hand or another’s, and life imprisonment.

Midheaven conjunct Markab: Disgrace, ruin and often a violent death.

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  1. NZ’s darkest day..we are in complete shock and sadness as a nation over what has happened here in our country.I too have drawn up a chart for this event and have been waiting for yr insights on this Jamie.MC is trine NN in Cancer?Im struggling with this aspect to understand it..

  2. I am concern will the world become more violent since Uranus went into Taurus, along with mercury retro? What is really causing all the violence and massive deaths in the world? or has this world always been this bad? Over time I seen love disappear and hatred has taken hold no matter what the person age. Even kids are out of control, No honesty!
    There has to be more evil stars in the universe that is causing all of this.

    • Uranus was in Taurus from 16 May to 6 November in 2018 already, just last year. I was hit by a very uncomfortable feeling about Uranus in Taurus. There just HAD to be violence of some kind involved, with the extreme volatility of Uranus and the contrasting solid earthiest-of-earth quality of Taurus in such contrast.
      Kilauea started erupting on 3 May 2018, when the ingress of Uranus was within orb (can an ingress be said to be “within orb”?). Lava = burning earth. Gaia is ANGRY.
      Of course nothing at all happens unless a whole lot of other stuff is going on astrologically to trigger the potential VIOLENCE. Which it is, right now. Which it did, in New Zealand.
      Oh dear…

  3. So true. I suddenly lost my job despite building a very profitable business for my company. My boss said that people are complaining about me. And just sacked me summarily. And they blocked my mails and are doing a financial enquiry, even though I have been honest all these years. I feel that there are vindictive powerful forces working against me.

    • ” Some take direction from corruption and are compliant.Feel blessed if you’re not so reliant.may justice and mercy be left to the divine , and
      that your conscience. so clear was by GRAND DESIGN “.Have a good day ♍

  4. In traditional astrology any planet within 17 minutes of arc of the Sun is called “cazimi” or “In the heart of the Sun.” It makes a planet particularly powerful as he is “sitting with the King.” Mercury is cazimi in this chart, and is conjunct the MC very tightly and of course is opposite the IC. Mercury rules the ASC, Christchurch, and the homeland itself (4th). Mercury is essentially weak however being in his fall and detriment and we all know retrograde. So there is the problem of a planet in a weak condition who is accidentally powerful.

    Mercury also appears to be at the midpoint of the two malefics, Mars is essentially weak in detriment and accidentally dangerous in 12 Saturn is essentialy strong in Capricorn, the exaltation of Mars, but in the malefic 8th house. Mercury is sextile both, albeit a bit wide.

    Still, it’s Mercury and harsh words are spoken all the time by lots of people all over the world and they don’t always result in mass killing. So what gives? In mundane astrology event charts are the result, and only have much value in hindsight. No one looked at Mercury cazimi and said “Somebody’s gonna die!” In fact if it were predictable, it would have made more sense to predict it when Mercury was combust, which is a serious negative, but many say it reduces the power of the planet. Again it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    So we can and should look at the controlling charts starting with the Aries Ingress in effect, that of 2018, and also the latest Capricorn ingress. Of necessity this will be brief.

    In the Aries Ingress for Christchurch, we find Mercury is in Aries in partile conjunction with Venus, but significantly rules the 8th house of death (Placidus) and Venus rules the IC. Nothing out of the ordinary here, but if you are familiar with Bernadette Brady’s use of the Fixed stars (too long to go into here), Mercury is in paran with the fixed star Algol. The Chinese associated this star with “piled up corpses.” Algol itself is on the IC. A sharp eyed astrologer, back in March of 2018 might have noticed Algol on an angle and maybe the Mercury paran, but this is not enough to make such a prediction.

    The Capricorn Ingress has the same ASC/IC axis as the Aries Ingress indicating this is the time for the fulfillment of the promise of the Aries Ingress. Mercury also rules the 8th house of death in the Capricorn Ingress Chart (Placidus). Mars is at 23 Pisces conjunct the fixed star Markab in this chart and conjunct the position of Mercury in the event chart. Here is Robson on that conjunction, but a natal delineation: “Quarrelsome, violent, many difficulties and losses through Mercurial affairs.”

    Does any of this make the events of March 5 predictable? I don’t think so. I think most astrologers, me included, would have associated a nasty Mercury with a media frenzy, or perhaps politicians getting in a lot of trouble with their mouths. Even if an astrologer spotted Mercury cazimi at the midpoint of the malefics before all of this, I doubt he or she would have said “mass killing. The paran with Algol might have caused concern.

    So let’s back up. Astrologers go back and forth over the significance or lack of significance associated with combustion. It usually is based on whether or not the planet turns malefic or gets really weak. But if we look at combustion/cazimi the way horary astrologers do, we might have a better understanding. A planet combust in horary means the thing sought after is hidden. Cazimi might be looked at as being hidden with the aid of someone powerful (No not Donald Trump, so don’t think about going there). The shooter is not a lone gunman. An accomplice was caught. there should be more to come, but don’t be surprised, if like the shooter in Las Vegas, it’s kept under wraps.

    • Does any of this make the events of March 5 predictable?

      Of course you mean “March 15,” no?

      Otherwise, well done!

      • Sure do. LOL. I confess I am a seriously lousy typist. I’d change it I could. Thanks for pointing out the error.

  5. Why do people ignore planet Mars in the 12th house…during this massacre…Mars in the 12th is very power powerful and squaring Venus

  6. Valid point. Planets, unless they are in domicile, do not act independently. They act through their dispositor. Mars, in this case, is in detriment, ruled by Venus, whom he squares, and in the 12th house. Mars Venus contacts are associated with great passion. Mars, the lesser malefic, in a malefic house like the 12th, is particularly nasty because there is nothing to check the malice except, possibly, the dispositor. We’re definitely dealing with a violent treacherous act. With Venus in the 9th (Regiomontanus cusps and within two degrees using Placidus), religion was a motive.

    We have to be careful not to project what we know of the perpetrator onto the event chart. The event chart describes the event not the perp. Mars rules the 11th and from what we know now the acts were carried out by friends.

  7. I just checked and it seems to me that the picture becomes a bit more if you were to use Whole Sign Houses. There, Venus is ALL ALONE, smack dab in the middle of that 9th “God” house. You betchum religion was THE motive.
    Ah, ain’t hindsight grand!

  8. PS
    One of my early astro teachers, Ivy Goldstein-Jacobson, called 23 Pisces “The Degree of Sorrow.” Good get, that.

  9. I’m a New Zealander & the massacre happened on my birthday. The Sun, Mercury, Neptune stellium is exactly conjunct my solar return I.C. I asked for a sign as to where to focus my energy this year….. I’m heavily involved in refugee advocacy, and have spent last year having a lot of discussions with the Middle Eastern community here about the need for more exposure + tolerance between cultures. I’m taking this as an unexpectedly clear sign as to where i should be focusing my energy for the next year…..

  10. According to wiki the Spiral of Violence in the Moari musket wars Peaks in 1832/33. So if we take the Sun and align it with the Galactic Centre (the spiral), the day becomes December 16, 1832:
    Sun 24°Sag31′
    Galactic Centre 24°Sag31′
    True Node: 24°Can43′

    IslamChurch transits:
    MC 24°Pis30′
    Sun 24°Pis08′
    Mercury 24°Pis13′
    True Node 24°Can50

    Between the spiral peak in the NZ Inter-tribal Moari Musket Wars and last weeks IslamChurch, 10 complete Lunar Node Cycles.

    If you dont want to see this happen again, I recommend bringing in Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  11. Jamie, the picture you chose for this post is simply marvellous. Heart-rending, but beautiful. It really hits home in a very painful place.
    I would like to express condolences to all the shattered people who are affected by this tragedy – and aren’t we all?

  12. Chip, this is an astrology site. I challenge you to support your assertions with at least one astro pinkie, lest we spiral out of control and clog Jamie’s plumbing.

  13. CHIP ELLIOTT…..You are clearly a very dysfunctional human being, and clearly not a New Zealander. We do not want your American or Australian racism imposed on our culture. You can’t even see who we are, separate from your own world view. You’re clearly unaware that we have a country where white people [Pakeha] live in equality with brown people [Maori, Pacific Islanders and anyone else from around the globe who has chosen to live here].

    • As I am an American , I have to point out that we have made great with racial relations. There are still pockets where there are challenges to be met.
      Although slow in coming the cultural divide has been closing and because I’ve been around for several decades I can attest that in general people of all races are more accepting here.Unfortunatly ; Politics haven’t , and it doesn’t help when they open old ‘ retro ‘ wounds particularly around election times and play good cop bad cop to garner minority votes , and a media that is ever so willing to help fan the benefit their own ends.
      I’m not a big fan of social media but in some ways I think it can help bring people together If used properly.I think it has a lot to do with the maturity of the user , and as we know there are some where there’s a lot left to be desired in that department.
      Most of the fringe hate groups in this country are just that :’ FRINGE ‘ and represent a small.minority The majority of Americans are dismissive of them as a quirky anomaly.Sad , sad people.

  14. I had to remove a very long comment (rant) by someone because it had nothing to do with astrology. Thanks to Gerald and Essa Mac for challenging him.

  15. Don’t ask me why but i had been dreading the Ides of March this year. Is there a chart for the perpetrator at all. Not that I want to give that individual any glory at all, just curious how it aligns against the event chart. I am making a special effort to put good back into the world by picking up any rubbish I see anywhere I go now because the perpetrator also professes himself to be an ecofascist 🙁

    • Last time I searched there was only a month and year, no day for his birth date. He is from Grafton which is only 1 hour south of where I live.

      • Thanks Jamie, I travelled through Grafton and Coffs Harbour last year, beautiful parts of our country.

        Reflecting on the waxing Uranus square Pluto cycle that we went through from 2012-2015, perhaps the occulted alt-right agenda is only now beginning to fully manifest … the criminal gangs linked to drugs and money laundering working together with the police offering protection to the public that vivien mentions … whoa, are they for real! Mercury retrograde in his finest raiment indeed! The smell of deception is strong.

        At the time of the event there was a stellium of Mercury Rx Cazimi Sun + Vesta + Neptune in Pisces IX (radicalised messenger of “god” in the temple of innocents) in grand square of Gemini Ascendant (conveyor of manifesto) square Orcus Virgo III (punitive messenger from hell to punish oath breakers) in square Ceres Sagittarius VII (the “nurturer” punishes / hidden political deals).

        Here’s a wild card for the nurturer (Ceres Sagittarius VII): the Cathars and the shining ones were / are a breakaway sect from Catholic dogma, and were also involved in the crusades in bloody conflict with the Catholic Church.

        I still need to look at asteroids, but the grand square immediately jumped out of the event chart when I pulled it up.

  16. On the 13th of March there was also a School Shooting in Suzano – Sao Paolo . This is not very common in Brazil, guess that sky has been cloudy this days, hope nothing comes out of this mercury retrograde.

  17. I don’t think u can draw any conclusion without looking at the shooters chart.No one else shot anything up that day

  18. This incident has activated a White Hole.

    look at the chart for GRB 0601614 (June 14, 2006)
    Im using Noon Hour, State College, PA.

    Sun 23°Gem28′
    True Node 0°Ari22′

    Select the stars in Constellation Indus.

        • Thank you Gerald, and the same to you (and everyone) belatedly.
          Not such a happy time right now, is it. Perhaps the balancing factor in the equinox will have a calming effect.

    • It looks to me as if this GRB is somewhere in the area of theta & gamma Ind.
      Is that what you worked out, Gerald?

      • I don’t know where it occurred in Indus. Thanks for having a look. Moon 1Aqu, if noon hour is used. Chiron 9Aqu, which sets up the t-square. And there are two or three Indus constellation stars at 9Aqu.

        Anyway, Islamchurch appears to be a false flag, actors and the like. But it did help re-orient us to the Dark Rift/Black Road, the Galactic Centre and Heart of the GreatMother.

        • On, I used UT and Greenwich as the place, seeing that it was a satellite that photographed this anomaly.
          That came out as noon hour, but the Moon is at 29Cap05, almost at the 5th house cusp of 29Cap40 using Placidus. ChironR is at 9Aqr15, opposing Mars at 6Leo29, Vesta at 7Leo20 and Saturn at 8Leo22. The Apex of the T-Square is JupiterR at 9Sco41 in the 2nd house.
          After digging around for hours at astronomy sites, I think that the GRB is closest to theta Indi at +- 4Aqr12, which happens to oppose asteroid Juno at 4Leo08.

            • LOL, Gerald!

              So, what are we going to DO about interpreting this White Hole? The astronomers are being cautious about defining it, aren’t they!
              Diana Rosenberg connected constellation Indus not just with Native Americans, but with indigenous populations around the world, and also with non-Caucasians everywhere.
              So, that fits this horrendous occurrence to an extent, though there are plenty of Caucasian Muslims.
              It would great if it would also tie in with a huge influx of white light, and a new beginning… a radical change in attitudes world-wide.

              Just by the way – in my natal chart, Juno is conjunct Regulus, the “king” star. My significant other has his Sun on Regulus. In our composite chart and in Davison, Jupiter and Juno are conjunct on Spica… LOL!

            • char555 yes you are correct about indigenous populations and interestingly this is the United Nations year of Indigenous Languages which includes white indigenous peoples. for instance my mother’s indigenous dialect from northern Italy is listed as a traditional language at risk of extinction through assimilation. This issue of the risk of the disappearance of white people is in fact real and unfortunately also part of the perpetrator’s manifesto. If the white hole in Indus has indeed been activated then perhaps all Indo-European and other Indo- descendants, for instance Australia’s Aboriginal peoples, are at being recognised as one people.

  19. Ill take your word for it.I to look at the natal with transits for the potential ; like say ; The Pittsburgh guy had Ceres conjunct Pluto natal ; stuff like that.I’m not being critical.

  20. It is good that Jamie doesn’t avoid it and tackles a difficult topic. Frenchman Georges Muchery on Mars in the 12th. “In this house Mars often exhibits a credulity approaching stupidity, so that this position causes great difficulty and strife.” Power loving Saturn (waste)and Pluto (killing) in Capricorn leave their fingerprints on this. Fifty-six religious worshipers were killed the previous week in West Africa. Inter religious killing has become almost an everyday thing. What interests me is how the powers that be leveraged this into seizure of power. Weapons innocently held are now apparently illegal and discussion of the event is suppressed also. Uranus moved into Taurus 1935-1942, a period marked by the success of German National Socialist aggression in Europe. 1942 was the high-water mark for their racial persecutors and action against dissidents. Uranus in friendlier Gemini perhaps put an end to it.

  21. Hi Jamie and readers, I’m an expat kiwi from Christchurch living in Perth WA .These appalling events occurred between a new moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces and a Pisces full moon the following week. Both sides of Poseidon, Neptune, ideological delusion (I’m a hero and want to save the white race) and the eruption of heart felt NZ idealism (Kia Kaha stand strong, we are One) I haven’t had the chance to look at the NZ chart yet with the chart for the event, will comment when I do. Meantime it seems to me that when Hell’s Angels, Black Power and the Mongrel Mob hongi (open up the third eye) with police and offer to guard mosques all over the country “until Muslim brothers and sisters feel safe” new explorations of race, culture and identity are underway, and they are echoing beyond NZ.

    Here are the words of the second verse of the NZ national anthem (English version)

    Men (sic) of every creed and race
    Gather here before thy face
    Asking thee to bless this place
    God defend our free -land

    From dissension, envy, hate
    and corruption guard our state:
    Make our country good and great
    God defend New Zealand

  22. OK so Jamie put up the chart for the First mosque attack at 1.40 pm in Christchurch NZ, correct as first call to police was 1.41pm.

    I d be interested in musings..
    Some history
    The Treaty of Waitangi was initially signed by a rep of the British crown and some, mostly northland chiefs, including 13 women, on the afternoon of 6 Feb 1840 at Waitangi across the bay from the settlement at Russell, Northland NZ. It’s usually drawn for 1pm given that it’s known the chiefs had debated long into the night and were keen to leave and Hobson was rowed across the bay at noon.500 more signatures were obtained during a grand tour of the country in the next few months with some notable refusals. Cynicism about control of resources aside this document can be seen as a genuine attempt to document the intention from all sides that both peoples would endeavour to live together in a just and equitable way. It was largely ignored by British in the next 30 years leading to the land wars, but has always been referenced by Maori. In 1975 the Waitangi tribunal was set up and much land and money in compensation was given back to Maori tribal incorporations which was largely invested in lands and fisheries management and tertiary scholarships..this commitment to a bicultural society by successive governments of both major parties has set the scene for the much more diverse multi cultural society of today. Which is not to say that assumptions of white superiority and privilege don’t still exist. It’s this that has been challenged and I believe is shocking and angering NewZealanders as much as the abhorrent and tragic loss of life.

    A Constitution was then created and signed at an unknown time on 17 Jan 1853 in Wellington. I tend to use noon but won’t discuss here. I feel the Treaty carries more of the spiritual intent and the constitution the nascent political will.

    1) Mars of the event was in Taurus on the likely Asc of the Treaty.

    2) The Moon of the event at 1Cancer 37 was conjunct the Chiron of the Treaty at 4 degrees 25
    in the first house of the event but second of the treaty using Placidus (values)

    3) The Sun conjunct Neptune Mercury and Vesta in Pisces of the event is conjunct the stellum of Moon Uranus Mars Hygeia Psyche North node and likely MC of the Treaty, (setting off the radical healing potential after disaster of such a stellium?) This stellium sextiles the current challenging Pluto Medusa south node in Capricorn.

    4)Jupiter and Demeter/Ceres of the Treaty are in the seventh the of the event (expression of care?) but Saturn is also there on cusp of the eighth

    5)Hecate of the Treaty ( sister of Zeus /Jupiter and mistress of the three realms)is on the IC of the event chart suggesting the need to go deep into the collective ancestral roots

    6)Venus of the event is with the Sun Neptune Medusa of the Treaty in Aquarius..

    I also feel like the healing of Poseidon’s rape of Medusa, and the restoration of feminine power and beauty, (shown in Greek myth by Medusa’s ultimate reunion, absoption into Athena’s breast plate) is being lit up.

    Discussion would be great and maybe a look at Australia’s chart at Federation with these events.

    • Vivien, I find both of your posts amazing. What you have said is far beyond my relatively unsophisticated way of expressing myself – but I DO understand and appreciate what you said, very much.

      I feel that we ARE on the cusp of finding a new and better understanding of ourselves and others. I just hope it lasts… but at least the ground is broken now.

      It had not occurred to me that Medusa (she whose eye is called Algol) had been accepted back into the fold, so to speak, by her depiction on Athena’s breast plate – thank you for that insight.
      Athena has a circular temple at Delphi that reminds me of the circular temple of Vesta in the ancient Roman Forum.

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