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The protests in Egypt this January 2011 have come following the uprising and revolution in Tunisia in December 2010. This popular revolutionary movement spreading across the Arabic world is an early manifestation of the major planetary influence between now and 2015, Uranus square Pluto. This is a major generational change where we will see dramatic political and social upheavals. These grass roots movements battling authoritarian power structures is a perfect example of this planetary combination.

To find out why Egypt is the focus now we can look at the national horoscope of Egypt. This Egyptian horoscope is based on the June 1956 Proclamation of the Republic
[1]. The identity of the country, signified by the Sun, has been brought into focus this first half of 2011 because the December 2010 Lunar Eclipse was conjunct this Sun. As Marina wrote on this Ball Breaking eclipse, “My first thoughts on this was dialogue and confrontation”. That lunar eclipse and the Egyptian Sun are both on the fixed star Betelgeuse, Orion Constellation “associated with war and carnage.”

The Sun in the Egyptian horoscope also represents major events and the leader. So the eclipse portended a major event, and put the focus on president Mubarak who has ruled Egypt with dictatorial powers since 1981. The protests in Egypt now are directly related to the abuse of power from the autocratic regime, headed by Mubarak. The citizens are revolting against the state of emergency laws, which have not been lifted since 1981, and which restrict constitutional protections and grants police extensive powers. Eclipses on the Sun in a mundane chart “often signify the death or displacement of the head of state” [2].

Egypt Astrology Chart

Egypt Astrology Chart, Egypt Horoscope

Egypt Astrology Chart

Uranus brings radical change, it rules revolution and anarchy, but also the democratic popular movement which is pushing for this change. Uranus is now square the Egyptian Sun and will be through February. Jupiter has been amplifying the tensions, also square the Sun in the Egyptian Horoscope this January. Another trigger for this unrest was the January 19 Full Moon at 29 Cancer, square the Egyptian Ascendant.

I mentioned in Uranus square Pluto about the role of the internet in these coming political and social upheavals, “One big advantage we have today is global networking that the internet provides. It will be most important that this Uranian freedom is upheld, and it will be challenged by Plutonian organizations and governments.” The protests in Egypt are being coordinated on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and the Egyptian government is attempting to shut these sites down in their country.

More anger, violence and revolution would seem to be in store for the year ahead in Egypt. Mars in the Egyptian horoscope rules violence and the police, and this Mars is being harshly aspect this year. Jupiter is square it now, and for the first two weeks of February. More dangerous is the square from Uranus which does indicate explosive violence. Uranus will square the Egyptian Mars in May this year, and again in September 2011 when elections are due. The anger of the people, represented by Mars, had built up in the last year with Pluto opposite Mars, built up to the point of no return.

1. “proclamation of the Republic at 11:30 p.m. GMT on 18 June in Cairo.” Campion, “The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion, 2004, p.144.

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  1. Thanks, Jamie. It does feel like – and look like, it will expand the way you interpret. So sad. I have so much family in Egypt… This is really the only way to know what’s happening really; through astrology. If my Grandmother was alive today, I’d personally fly down and bring here to my country in a heartbeat.

    Thanks so much for taking on interest in this issue and publicizing on your blog. What good is astrology if we cannot help and learn from it?

    • Well I hope your family and friends keep safe over there Kasia. You know they have the backing of most people around the world. There will be no physical assistance from any other country, but at the spiritual level at least there is solidarity. Lots of people talking and thinking about it, chatting on the internet and all sending positive energy.

      • Hi Jamie – For anyone who’s interested, here in the U.S. citizens can provide tangible support by calling the White House and/or their elected representatives, urging President Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to maintain strong diplomatic pressure in support of democratic reform in Egypt. There’s a White House “comment line” devoted to this, so it’s a relatively simple yet effective way to get involved. Just think what might happen, if everyone who cared made a phone call.

        Unfortunately, everyone will have to wait until Monday to call, although one can also email the President. And sending positive energy never hurts.

        • I should clarify – making a phone call won’t do much, but it at least helps keep the pressure on our elected officials by letting them know we care about specific issues. Then as the situation changes, we can always make more calls urging more specific actions.

        • Thanks LB. What I was trying to get at is that the US and Brittan have been supporting Mubarak for years, financial and military support so he keeps a lid on radical Islam. Now the West is very nervous, and so is Israel. Iran is most pleased. Protests are starting in the other Arabic nations who have been receiving support from the US, namely Jordan and Yemen. Add to this, just this last week a new PM for Lebanon, Hezbollah-backed Najib Mikati.

          Neptune is now starting to oppose the Israel Mars – spiritual/religious war.

          • Hi Jamie, Sorry if my comment came across as contradictory. I understand and completely agree – in general, politics are an inherently dirty business, where we can take very little at face value. Please don’t think I have any illusions regarding the United State Government’s involvement.

            My point was that the only way the world will ever change is through independent thought and individual participation, on both an energetic and practical level. When possible, even small efforts have value.

            History has taught us the danger in good men/women doing nothing.

            • For instance, the American people can call (or email) President Obama and request that certain specific actions be taken – namely that the US suspend all economic and military aid to Egypt until the government there agrees to carry out early elections and to immediately lift Egypt’s state of emergency; also that political prisoners be released, freedom be granted to the media, and the Egyptian people be allowed the right to peaceful assembly. We can also ask that the Obama administration call for free and fair presidential/parliamentary elections in Egypt and that Egypt’s constitution be amended to allow opposition candidates (such as Mohamed ElBaradei) to run, while insisting that Mubarak agree not to run again.

  2. what about
    trans Mercury on Chiron opp Uranus – communications shutdown
    trans Mars then Sun on North Node – uprising
    Mars on current South Node – people taking their power
    this chart is hotting up

    • just looking ahead also; just after Jupiter transit of AV, April New Moon on Anti Vertex with Saturn on Vertex and with trans Mars + Uranus square Egypt Mars – could be esculation, flashpoint, clampdown?! Saturn is at its closest to Earth on this day.

      • Yep, just checked April, lot of action from Jupiter then. Still worried about current transits, especially Uranus square Sun while Jupiter is square Mars in the next week or so. I think that eclipse on the Sun puts the time frame into the next few months for the major activity.

    • Thanks for that Rob, Mercury was Uranus really does explain the cuts to media, internet, phone SMS. Just got a news update that no one can access Facebook or Twitter over there, but I doubt that will stop today’s planned protest, if anything it will just fuel the anger. You can see I just focused on the longer term influences. Will be keeping an eye on this story as it develops today, look very serious.

  3. News from Egypt is pretty scary at the moment. Kasia on the forum siad there is a full media blackout, the Internet, SMS and mobile services cut, the president’s son fled to London. And from CNN, “Mohamed ElBaradei, the Egyptian Nobel laureate and opposition leader, returns to Cairo and says he plans to join huge anti-government protests on Friday”

    • Hi Jamie – got here a different chart of Egypt, based on the independence of the country on the 15 of march 1922 00’43 at Kairo.

      This one shows a much clearer picture for the present revolution with Saturn at 5 libra squares Pluto at 7 cancer… check it out. Its from the Campion Book of world-charts.

      Like very much your site, that I just discovered yesterday :o)

      • Here life updates from the Guardian in England:

      • HI Edda, transiting Pluto square the MC in that Independence chart is a good indicator of the troubles. Often you get more than one chart descriptive of a nation and current events relating to it. I would still prefer to use the Republic chart given the activation of the Sun by the lunar eclipse, and Jupiter Uranus square that Sun. Plus Pluto just gone opposite the Mars. It is usually the more recent chart for a country that works best for current political events.

        Thanks for that link too.

        • Hi Jamie,

          for sure the last chart plays a big role in the current events. Just looking back a little in the long egyptian history shows, the folks where living under a dictarship since the liberation of the english colonisation in 1922. First by the king and then by the military-regimes, because each president since came out of the military. And thats why I think the 1922 chart shows that kind of dictatorship very clearly with Saturn squares Pluto.
          But anyway, lets hope for the people, theyr revolution leads this time into real freedom. I was shocked to see, that in a few moments an all country can be kicked out of the internet and mobile communication….

      • Edda….
        I have to agree with the 1922 date…when confronted with several different horoscopes and not being sure which..if any might be…it is really simple to verify. Hindu dasa prediction system clears up all doubt.
        The 1922 one gave back a surprising series of dates…started exactly at the beginning of a 16 year Jupiter phase, entered 19 years of Saturn in March 1938…( second world war and aftermath) entered 17 years of Mercury in March 1957…Suez Canal affair mainly outstanding then…entered Ketu ( dragons tail) in march 1974…not sure about what that was…entered 20 years of Venus in march 1981…Hosni Mubarak took charge that year…entered 6 years of Sun in march 2001…George Bush I think made an appearance in the Middle East then…and entered a 10 year Moon phase in march 2007…which has unseated Hosni Mubarak.
        It is a highly accurate predictive system and I am reading it in the tropical zodiac as this seems to be the strongest for mundane affairs.
        Except that the time I have for the 15th of March 1922 is 10 a.m. …not sure of how come we have different times for the beginning.

  4. Hi Jamie,

    If the chart you furnished is accurate, very likely the January 26th Saturn station (17 Libra) square Mercury (17 Capricorn) in t square to Egypt’s natal Uranus (17 Cancer) may have factored into the present malaise. Where do you see this going? Do you foresee a violent overthrow of the Mubarak regime?

    • Given that mundane interpretation of an eclipse on the nations Sun, plus Uranus and Jupiter squaring the nations Sun and Mars in the next months, I would say yes, violent overthrow.

      • Hieveryone I think it will dissapate,go sidewase.Mostly because Mubarack’s chart has trans jupiter approaching natal uranus& trans uranus is waiting in the wings. And he gave a great emotionally connective speech,(albet self-serving & pitying) When ever uranius and jupiter are together things are never done w/o out the echo of political, in this case square capricorn NN/pluto/venus conq it is a power struggle. Pluto/venus/NN has the resourses, (food/energy) jupiter/uranius will only test it so far w/o becoming tierd and hungry. don’t forget saturn’s retro.

        • mubarack’s venus & jupiter are joined @ 26/22 aries. so he see’s himself as the only one who can rule, the right ruler, provider, neptune @ 26-leo is in agreement. Jupiter in Aries what’s to do right and thinks they ARE right. Mubarack’s mars @20 pisces isn’t out of context w/ his FM in scorpio & mercury/sun conq @13/13 taurus trine pluto/cancer. This is a sly, brainy, paranoid, calm, flat exterior, plotting interior man, that can effectively hide, escape, use many layers of deception, emotionally manipulate and have many friends.

          • I guess I should do a new post on Mubarak! I saw in the news he said chis resignation would cause chaos. There is chaos because he is staying!

            • I don’t know Jamie. This morning during my twilight sleep, I dreamed (???) of happy people celebrating some form of “surrender”. I also got that this day of surrender would be observed as a national holiday in 2014.

              Maybe it’s just wishful thinking, but it didn’t feel that way. Of course, 2014 is a long way off which tells me there is still much work to be done.

              Jamie, did I notice that in the chart you put up for Egypt, Jupiter is conjunct the Fixed Star, Aldebaran?

  5. CNN reports Egyptian Nobel prize laureate and opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei has been detained under house arrest.

    It should be interesting to see what happens Feb 7th. The Mars/Sun conjunction in trine to Saturn will form a quincunx to Egypt’s natal Uranus.

    • More arrests and cutting of internet will only fuel the rage, especially now the opposition party is backing the protests. I saw Iran is getting involved, calling this an Islamic revolution in the Arab countries. Far reaching effects! No wonder the US and Brattain remain relatively mute as their ally represses.

      I generally don’t pay too much attention to quincunxes in transit, but this one you found really does look important given Saturn squaring their Uranus. Using precession, I get Uranus square their Sun on February 5.

      • I think quincunxes are important in transits, because of transiting Yods. They have been turning up a lot in my readings lately. Where that finger points you got to take note.

        • Yes I should include them when I’m working on forecast reports, especially to check for transiting Yods.

  6. Mubarak is not stepping down, which is sure to escalate the tension towards a larger confrontation. Can’t find a birthchart for Hasni Mubarak online. Wikepedia and other sources give May 4, 1928. Here’s a general birthchart…….

    What is remarkable is the Feb 2nd New Moon/Mars conjunction (13/14 Aquarius) in exact square to Mubarak’s Sun/Mercury aspect. Any observations?

    • He is in trouble! This is from Hawkins Deb on my FB profile: “Check the Solar Arc and Prog. for Hosni Mubarek’s natal chart now, as the Solar Arc NN is exactly conj. “Regulus” over his natal Neptune.
      The classic “rapid descent” after a long steady rise.”

      The February Full Moon is conjunct Regulus.

      • Yeh and that means the Full Moon is going to be on his S Arc S Node – with that Sun Neptune Mars conjunction opposite this could spell the violent disintegration of his hold on the people and with Chiron just after, painful! Wonder which way the Military is going to go…..that could clinch it

  7. Egyptians can continue to connect to the Internet for free if they do the following over traditional phone lines: FDN (Free World Dialup) to access the Internet anonymously at the following number: 33172890150 with login: toto and password: toto

  8. Hey, we had revolutions before the Internet was invented and today’s protests went on without massive Internet communication. This illustrates the other problems. Blood. Army. Hunger. It’s just barbaric.

    I want to say, I’m a beginner and learning, but you are all providing such wonderfully helpful insight. I don’t understand all the aspects. I’m looking up everything – because to tell you the truth, we haven’t been able to reach my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends today. We called everyone. NOTHING. Bless you all, this is really helping both my learning and my sanity/need to know…

  9. Very troubling and I can’t find this in the chart – perhaps some ill-dignity representing some people, I’m sad to say. There was museum looting, damage to mummies and stolen artifacts. Looters came in through the middle glass dome on ropes. Very much planned. 2 mummies damaged and a bit stolen, not too much (papyrus, etc,…) probably the Capricorn/material theme, but very much against the intent of the movement. I don’t understand it. 🙁 Elite police are now guarding the museum…

    • Kasia, this is not so much a natural tendency shown by the national chart, it is more to do with the current transits. Mars in the chart is the violence, rioting, police and military. Transiting Pluto opposite Mars, Jupiter and Uranus square Mars. People are letting all that anger out, and just like with any other country there will be a minority criminal element taking advantage of the anarchy.

    • To get an idea who those “looters” are, here some extracts from a brilliant article of courageous journalist Robert Frisk of the London Independent. He was on the streets in Cairo:

      “…They were brave, largely peaceful, these tens of thousands, but the shocking behaviour of Mubarak’s plainclothes battagi – the word does literally mean “thugs” in Arabic – who beat, bashed and assaulted demonstrators while the cops watched and did nothing, was a disgrace. These men, many of them ex-policemen who are drug addicts, were last night the front line of the Egyptian state….”

      “…And that is when the first bataggi arrived, pushing to the front of the police ranks in order to attack the protesters. They had metal rods and police truncheons – from where? – and sharpened sticks, and could be prosecuted for serious crimes if Mubarak’s regime falls. They were vicious. One man whipped a youth over the back with a long yellow cable. He howled with pain….”

      I watched Al Jazeera lifestream the all day and saw a lot of scenes that shows those brutal “thugs”. Yesterday the police were invisible on the streets – guess what they where up to…

      • Looks like the locals really detest the police but regard the army much better. I’ve been checking in on Al Jazeera too, it is the best source of information on this story.

        • You’re right, Jamie. The police in Egypt are largely bullies. They’re lackadaisical and not “on the scene” when there’s an emergency as you’d expect. They are largely used as traffic cops. No real authority and they are paid and behave as such. Many are largely corrupt and greedy. There is also something called the Secret Police, known as “battagi” which literally translates to “thugs”. They’re commissioned by Mubarak to act basically on his behalf, beyond the realm of common law. Some are even assigned to find people committing degrading social acts – such as kissing in public (if you’re unmarried), wearing something too revealing, etc.,… I recently read an article where an officer was quoted as saying – what can we do? It’s our orders…we know he has to go.

          The Egyptian Army on the otherhand is revered. My Uncle who is a high-ranking official is now retired but has always enjoyed the best of the best treatment. We’d be allowed to army-personnel only vacation sites, hotels, special services all over Egypt, etc,… When my family came in from Canada to visit our relatives in Egypt, we’d get an army escort and speedy trek through customs. This is for my Mom and her 4 kids! Anyway, point being is that the army is respected, a very strong force since ancient times. It’s especially repected for Oct. 6 and the Israeli War win.

          I see this as the pivotal force. If the army went against Mubarak’s orders, this would be victory.

        • Yep – you are right, they are the best :o) They reportet allso, that plenty of joungsters were building a chaine of security around the national museum, befor the army overtook the job.

  10. You’re right, Jamie. The police in Egypt are largely bullies. They’re lackadaisical and not “on the scene” when there’s an emergency as you’d expect. They are largely used as traffic cops. No real authority and they are paid and behave as such. Many are largely corrupt and greedy. There is also something called the Secret Police, known as “battagi” which literally translates to “thugs”. They’re commissioned by Mubarak to act basically on his behalf, beyond the realm of common law. Some are even assigned to find people committing degrading social acts – such as kissing in public (if you’re unmarried), wearing something too revealing, etc.,… I recently read an article where an officer was quoted as saying – what can we do? It’s our orders…we know he has to go.

    The Egyptian Army on the otherhand is revered. My Uncle who is a high-ranking official is now retired but has always enjoyed the best of the best treatment. We’d be allowed to army-personnel only vacation sites, hotels, special services all over Egypt, etc,… When my family came in from Canada to visit our relatives in Egypt, we’d get an army escort and speedy trek through customs. This is for my Mom and her 4 kids! Anyway, point being is that the army is respected, a very strong force since ancient times. It’s especially respected for Oct. 6 and the Israeli War win.

    I see this as the pivotal force. If the army went against Mubarak’s orders, this would be victory.

  11. If Israel is going to show some force in the situation its going to start looking like national diplomatic russian roulette in the mid-east (when did it ever not) – the astrology starts to look very difficult for both Egypt and Israel – very hot times with much building energy (too much astrology to unravel yet) …and the coming new and full moons are looking decidedly difficult for both – Feb 8 is also key date with Sun conjunct Mars trine Saturn, Venus conjunct Pluto square Jupiter, Moon opposite Saturn sextile Sun+Mars – and I agree, the army in Egypt is going to be key; which way will they go….the ‘big’ players are actually very quiet at the moment, on the surface…

  12. Me to, I am hanging for hour in the egyptian revolution… but here something quite funny: As Baradei walked out of the mosque on friday, he got a good shot with a watercanon and was drenched to the bones: Uranus Transit opposites his Neptune and squares his sun…

  13. Thanks Edda, I been doing client readings for the last few hours so glad for your input. I get frustrated when I don’t have the time of birth, because in these cases there is probably a strong transit from an ecipse, Pluto or Saturn to the MC for both of these guys. That would tell us so much.

  14. I just went out to look at the stars and Betelgeuse seems to have changed appearance since the last time I noticed it. Flashing very brilliant red at the moment where usually it is more of an orange color. Anyone else noticed a change? There are diagrams down the bottom of this post: Betelgeuse which shows where this star is in relations to Orion from the northern and southern hemispheres.

    • Several online news sites have reported that the star Betelgeuse will undergo a supernova explosion next year — that’s 2012 — and shine as brightly in the sky as a second sun.
      But according to scientists, it’s all nonsense. “Betelgeuse is losing mass, and it will turn into a supernova soon, but that ‘soon’ means on an astronomical time scale: It’s as likely to happen a million years from now as it is tomorrow,” University of Illinois astronomer Jim Kaler told Life’s Little Mysteries, a sister site of

        • There is something to this story, astronomers have found that Betelgeuse is 15% smaller than it was fifteen years ago, which has led to the predictions about it exploding. Aussie astrologer and avid astronomer Ed Tamplin was commenting on our Facebook page a couple of days ago. He lined up Betelgeuse in his telescope and said it did have a reddish tinge.

  15. Mohamed ElBaradei Horoscope.

    This chart for AlBaradei is a noon chart because we don’t have his time of birth. Hard to find much in the transits one way or the other to see of he is a likely successor. It is interesting that in his natal chart the tightest aspect is Mars sextile Uranus which gives a passion for independence and I suppose democracy. This would also give courage to stand up for freedoms, it’s a “freedom fighter” aspect.

    • Hi Jamie,
      Jupiter and later also Uranus are in sextil to his Uranus/Saturn conjunction in Gemini and trine his Mars/Moon/Pluto Conjunction in Lion…
      looks to me quite ok for beeing the successor. I will check out his progressive chart.

  16. Using the thermo nuclear and gravitational models of the universe for study of stars etc does not stack up at all.

    Read Here on Betelgeuse and more.

    This quote is from

    “From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms. There are no isolated islands in an electric universe”.

    This gives a highly interesting slant on fixed stars. I notice that Scheat is in Pegasus and the stellar body mentioned i this link – i.e a binary star system in Pegasus named II Pegasi produced a flare so massive the if the sun had done this we would be toast.

    My point is – using thermo nuclear and gravitional models of the universe and its contents doesn’t work any more.Some stars are changing nature and doing things at a rate not consistent or predictable with the old paradigm.
    The electric force can travel infinite distances and is ten to the power 39, that is ONE THOUSAND TRILLION TRILLION TRILLION times stronger than gravity. So while we might as astrologers, be looking at things local to us for effects on earth, there are things going largely unobserved or little observed which may well be having huge impact.

    Since the actual nature of some celestial bodies is changing rapidly in time scales not predicted in the old model – e.g V838 Monocerotis a “new” star of 10th Mag was observed to increase to Mag 6.5 then fade away again over two weeks. it has now faded down to 16 but in jan 2002 for two weeks or so it was brighter than any star in our galaxy.It totally baffled astronomers and astrophysicists.

    FG Saggittae, Sirius and others all behave in ways outside the thermo nuclear model of stars – the ancients (Cicero, Horace, Ptolemy, Seneca) caled it coppery in colour – Seneca said i the days of Nero it was redder than Mars and descrobed Juipter as not at all red. In the 10th C Al Sufi did not include it as a red star. And now of course it is a brilliant blue white.

    We need to look afresh at what is actually going on with the stars anf planets physically to know how they are affecting us/earth etc

    Anyone who has laboured through Alice Bailey’s cosmic Fire will know she describes heirarchies of rays of influence – i.e networks of power and she talks ad nauseam about the influence of electricity.
    Electric Universe theory now explains that stars are points on a huge network or grid system of electric force.
    Anyway – have a look at this link as see what a little known star is capable of.
    Soe astrophysicists say this couldn’t happen to our sun because it is a stable system… sure it is! Its not generally accepted its an electric body but it is not know what activates the electric force – although AB would have a different view!

    Given Cairo (Chi Rho – The Cardinal Cross??) is at some sort of power point on Earth can we assume the unrest which seems to have surpassed what it was originally “politically” about has been activated by the force of a lesser spotted star or even Scheat which is in Pegasus of course but not the same star as Ii Pegasi.

    This article on Earth as an electric body is excellent – there are also electro magnetic fields with “anomalous” features around earth which have been activated recently – referred to as Vile Vortices (!!) they may well be instrumental as charge passes between earth and outside for the weather paterns i Queensland and earthquake in Haiti.

    Its all worth consideration and may give us astrologers more accurate insights!

    • Hi Uberqueen

      “…..while we might as astrologers, be looking at things local to us for effects on earth, there are things going largely unobserved or little observed which may well be having huge impact.”

      I agree with you – and, the whole picture that we have is expanding – when we pay attention to this, without prejudice (and thats really important), our active consciousness, as awareness, expands exponentially – and hopefully our astrology with it too….

      what makes absolute sense to me, especially as a healer and diviner, is that we are integral to the energetic electro/magnetic matrix, are alive to the current, the charge it carries and expresses, both locally and non-locally, and are equally capable of both travelling outwards with consciousness within this and receiving inwardly – in many senses, the solar system has a lensing effect on the ‘incoming and outgoing’, so, while, as astrologers we may not register the source, when we work with the chart as a ‘field’ it allows us to also work with the lensing effect, although the spacial analogy would be better replaced simply by saying we are ‘tapping into the ‘field’ with our consciousness’ – consciousness is not bound by time and space

      it might also be more accurate to say that the Sun and planets, the luminaries and key participants in the chart, operate as transponders and transducers within the localised field – given our own electric nature we have this capacity within ourselves, we co-respond, as well as having a subtle energy system that works within this as an interface between the ‘physical and the ‘non-physical’ , and this is where our intuitive and more visionary capacities play a part within the practice – the old astrological models have always carried the potential for this but its up to the user to realise its potential and I would like to think that we are beginning to open out our capacity to work with this potential, beyond the old physical, Newtonian, mechanical paradigm – and the arena in which this is preponderant too is consciousness, for which our evolving science is a useful vehicle – bringing the fixed stars more into the process I am sure also aids and abets this, as does openess to evolving the practice itself – where attention goes, energy flows, as the saying has it

      regards Giza – I do not doubt that you are aware, it has long been held that the ‘earth matrix’ has key nodal intersections that function in a similar way to those within the subtle energy system, the key places being like ‘Earth Chakras’ – this is ancient knowledge and within this Giza corresponds to the throat chakra – Egypt is giving voice – the planetary matrix steps this up to a more stellar level, an interface of increasing non-locality, or wider locality – there are energy workers around the globe who are currently working with this level of focus, for the greater good, as there have been for millenia – people power is very real in this respect as well, the whole point of ‘convergence’ – also, the power structures that maintain the holding pattern within the physical will have to change as the intrinsic nature of the energy field changes – the forces, including paradigmatic consciousness, and cultural/political idealogies, that seek to maintain the integrity of the system, can also produce resistance to this process, which is why entraining with it is so important – resistance produces stress – in the physical (in an electrical circuit too) this can be expressed as latent potential energy, agitation, heat, as well as an increase in potential/voltage that produces an increase in the magnetic field – governments get ‘heavy’ trying to maintain control, to contain the increased energy, while the people strive for its release, realisation, en-lighten-ment – there are going to be a lot of ‘light-bulbs’ switching on inside us – pyramids too have the capacity to restore integrity and balance within, which brings particle/energy-unit alignment – ever try putting a razor-blade under a pyramid? – its edge becomes sharper in time – put a tomato under there it wil stay fresh longer…..

      thanks for the great links!

      • Rob, that central Iron crystal also sheds light on the Earth matrix, Ley lines etc. It does spin faster than the surrounding molten material, creating a dynamo effect. So the Earth is producing it’s own energy inside. The dodecahedron structure could explain the pattern of Ley lines. I see this core as like a processor, receiving EM energy in many forms from all celestial objects, mixing these with it’s own energy, then emitting them up to us on the surface. A good model for astrology, the constant changes in the cosmos being reflected in our lives.

        • looks like we’re on the same page here – Sun’s connection too…..leave this to the imagination for now – but, the lunar cycle becomes interesting in this light, eclipses and especially Solar eclipses are definitely not just psychological in their impact

          there is also a theory, which I only have WOM, that there are localised EM surges within the earth matrix that correspond to the intersection of the core’s crystaline nodes with the outer nodal points – it is known too that heavy meteor/asteroid impacts create plasma plumes which leave EM signatures within the matrix – some of these have left traces from more recent impacts and the same theory has it that Pyramidal structures condense the ‘memory’ of these (interesting with Jupiter recieving one in recent times – have’nt looked at the astrology/events surrounding this) – given that the asteroids are remnants of a planet that was impacted, it doesn’t surprise me that we are working with these in astrology – the stone at the center of the Kaaba in Mecca is thought to be meteoric – but, the effect of millions of people focusing on this daily, and circumambulating the black stone during the Hajj (when it is of a ‘higher order’), is in itself extra-ordinary – quite a dynamo – I’ve experienced this effect in circle dances, esp. observable where living trees are at the center – the tree responds with a powerful surge of energy, the more so when the dance pulses in and outwards with the tree…..concentric circles of people, each holding on to the one in front, and each alternate circle going in the opposite direction to the next, not only create a unified field but, if the dancers shut their eyes, the circles will assume perfect symmetry reflecting the integrity of the field, not collide with each other and increase in rotation – getting dizzy thinking about it!

  17. Betelgeuse being an “electric star” does make sense just when you consider the effect it is having when activated in a chart. I don’t buy the gravitation model myself. Our friend Catherine Concannon wrote a great article for us a while back: Earths Core Crystal. Science is proving this, that the inner core is a single dodecahedron shaped crystal of Iron, nearly the size of our Moon. What an electric conductor!

  18. now w/ venus/NN/pluto together in capricorn the desire for normalcy, get out of smelly cloths and go home (venus/capricorn are wonderful house keepers) and w/ trans jupiter heading towards Mubarak’s the rebellion will slowly disperse if he doesn’t anything stupid. It’s like the protesters will rethink, want simple pleasures… political contraversy is better addressed inside a coffeshop. Mubarack has really got to play it cool no paranoia and hold out real carrots

    • You could be right there Lucy, it will loose some steam now but with elections due in September I would expect things to heat up again. Uranus has yet to square the Egypt Mars (June and August 2011).

  19. @ LB, yes the Egypt Jupiter is on Alderbaran, i didn’t notice that. Obviously still a lot of developments to unfold. Your vision of Surrender day may be coming soon, I saw on CNN just a minute ago that “Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s son and key members of the ruling party resigned party posts, as the vice president began talks with opposition leaders”.

    • I hope so, Jamie. Another interesting twist is that when I left my comment, I hadn’t realized that in Arabic, the meaning of the word Islam is “surrender” or submission. Apparently, this refers to a protective relationship with Allah, wherein by surrendering to the divine will, one achieves a certain level of peace or safety.

      Although I’m not sure, I don’t know that we need to read anything overtly political in that – I like the spiritual connotation.

  20. what happens depending on ascention to office, the chart of the president becomes the country’s chart. if the day of swearing in is void, as in the case of us barack obama than the country isin a leaderless limbo.

    mubarack’s chart is the chart of egypt so egyptians feel they are fighting themselves.
    mubarack’s pluto and moon are paternal, protective of womem and he is treating the protesters as rebellious teenagers. don ‘t forget the happy, charasmatic combination of aries venus/jupiter trine saturn/sagittarius that is trine trans libra saturn. his chart is royal and protected. but he must not abuse his power or ‘children’ becsuse it will hurt him, as the energy works both ways. thank-you jamie for letting me comment

    • Haven’t used this method before, I think the president’s chart would definitely have an influence, but I would be looking at both of them. Wish we had a birth time for him though.

  21. Rob, I started a new thread because I want to put in a video. Most interesting, reading your words about the stones made the think straight away of one of my favorite movies.

  22. Oh boy, do I love this film – brilliant analysis here too from – Kubrick was a genius, no doubts, so, wondering, have you looked at his chart, do we have a birth time to add to 26th July 1928 Manhattan, New York?

  23. In Egypt there is some news about USA army in the Medit. Sea in front of Domiatta and in the Suez Canal & Israel army on the boarder(Rafah)and in front of Port Sa’ed . Can you see anything like that in the charts? External powers?

    • As soon as I heard about trouble in Egypt I wondered if it would end in the USA going in and taking control, under the name of “democracy”…just like Iraq….Barb

    • Just briefly, the Full Moon next week is on the Israeli Mars, which is trine Jupiter. Makes me think they take the initiative.

  24. News for today, “Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed Elbaradei has warned that “Egypt will explode” if the army does not step in after defiant president Hosni Mubarak again refused to quit his post this morning.” ABC Australia.

    Here are some transits to the Egypt horoscopes for the next few days:
    Friday – Sun opposite Pluto
    Saturday – Jupiter square Mars
    Sunday – Mars opposite Pluto

    • I just went and googled “nostradamus egypt”…and yep there is mention, but all the interpretations are different…too hard to figure out…but HEAPS of people commenting on what is going on in Egypt, even asking if Mubarak is the 3rd anti-christ…(I have a strong feeling it will be a female anyway, plus it is predicted they are “popular” )…people on the internet seem to be really nervous about what is happening in Egypt.

      • I do remember reading some interpretations of Nostradamus which mention Rome, in particular the Vatican falling to Islam. There is also a prophesy by Saint Malachy that the current Pope is the second last.

  25. Seems like we all have an eye on this. It’s such a big issue. Egypt’s alliance with the West has been keeping things together in the Middle East. Things get get really out of control from here, the anti-Western sentiment has been more than simmering in the region and it’s playing into the hands of Iran.

    • Yeh and look out for Israel, toughening stance, could isolate them, which is what needs to happen if they’re going to be pushed to change, but, at what cost – also Jupiter squaring Egypt nodes on FM oooeee

      • Been trailblazing with a group of friends re what’s happening in Egypt since the early days of demonstration. All speculations came out but one thing’s for sure – Mubarak’s demise is the beginning of the end. Being the gatekeeper between the ME and Africa, he’s the real man keeping it all together in terms of security, so much so that getting him off the post is like a security breach in itself. And now, the unrest is spreading like a virus. Bahrain is another strategic location, being the ‘gatekeeper’ between Saudi and the GCC countries. I see a pattern here – this is a simultaneous attack on the core elements that keep the ME security fabric in one piece.

        • To me, it all looks like a demolition job against the Middle East to render it unsafe and unstable. This is a slap against whoever is behind wikileaks. It’s not Julian Assange. A man who’s got nothing to lose, gets nothing to gain by being a hero. There’s an ongoing media-instigated war in our midst, and the frontliners are already engaged.

  26. collect $100 eqyptian pounds and a get out of jail card? something real something free. it’s amazing what free pizza, extra cheese, will do. Mubarack must continue on as a patient uncle and not hurt them.

  27. did you notice mubarack’s suit, it was both of formal power and mourning. it does 2 things 1) shows seriousness 2) evokes sympathy. he has the emotional control,pisces/mars trine cancer/pluto, scorpio/sun sextile sun/mercury and he means to die a martyr. his chart is that of a man destined to rule. it is one of dynasty, he cannot leave egypt and will die tomarrow if he has to. aires venus/jupiter trine sagittarius saturn. he loves egypitan history and wishes to protect it for the ages. it will be a huge mistake to harm this man a blot on the soul of egypt. he it trying very hard to do what’s right. the crowd needs something real, in writing so they won’t be punnished but will go home

      • thankyou Jamie. a life and death struggle on the street too, the prez. and protesters are in a hall of mirrors. imagine sun mercury moon in a line w/ mars in aspect, thoughts/images/ emotion are in constant duplication….days nights show little differentiation

    • Oh dear – Mubarak is doped untill the ears – you can see it in his eyes! Looking at the great picture, if allready Jupiter re-entering aries can result in such a worldwide echoed cry for freedom, what will happen when Uranus gets in? In no way the people will go home – this is a bushfire that will envelope soon the all planet. Thats the end of the people now in “power” who lyed and missused the ordinary folk. Its like the fight of winter and spring – there is allways spring who will win…


    But is Omar Suleiman, the vice-president a puppet? Is this good for Egypt. Thanks for posting the resignation time/date data, Jamie. I’ll make a chart.

      • Jamie…I have a really strong feeling that something bad is going to happen, re: Egypt…so strong I mentioned it my son, who is a “logical Virgo” and quite knowledgeable about world affairs…he dismissed my concerns…but the feeling is SO strong..can’t work it out…I know that I don’t like the military in charge, toooo easy to take control…can’t work it out…just get : “bad bad bad bad vibes”

  29. Transits to Egypt chart, precess 48′
    Lunar Eclipse conjunct Sun 10′
    Uranus square Sun 19′
    Jupiter square Mars 01′
    Mars opposite Pluto 51′
    Sun opposite Pluto 46′
    AntiVertex conjunct Mars 23′

    • Hi Barb, the Full Moon is trine the AC, which sounds positive for the next two weeks.

      • Just watching the news re: Egypt…looks like an American female journalist raped…don’t know by how many Eygptians…Barb

  30. Just read your segment on “Israel 2011 – Spiritual War” and the full moon 18th Feb seems important.
    Bad feeling, re: Eygpt / Middle East.
    PS Do you think people do go more crazy at a full moon???
    PPS Best I stay off the red wine friday night!!!!!

    • There is anecdotal evidence of people going a bit nuts on a full Moon. Just ask any nurse, copper or ambo.

      • You have just reminded me of my neighbours…they havn’t done anything to me for at least a week now…think I will baracade myself in on 18th…!!

    • Interesting! The US seems to be getting squeezed out of the Middle East, so it would make sense.

  31. I posted on 16th Feb that a USA female journalist had been raped in Eygpt…well, thats what it said on the news…first said she had been sexually asaulted, then said she had been actually raped, but due to privacy laws the permission for the media had to be granted by the rape victim first…but today, the news went back to her being sexually asaulted, (no mention of rape)…so forgive me if I blogged the wrong information.
    It’s like trying to keep up with the Australian news on the floods here..different story every hour! Regards Barb

  32. Hey Jamie!!!!…it’s 1pm Melbourne time, 18th feb, full moon time….just said on the radio that telecommunications could be effected around the World due to a solor flare that has erupted from the sun & it’s the size of Jupitar.
    What do you reckon?…a sign? !!!
    (Na you say…Barbs going nutty!!!)

  33. I am now blogging re: this solor flare under Jamie’s “Israel 2011 – Spiritual War” segment as I think it may have something to do with israel.
    My son has just told me that China’s radio communication effected due to this solor flare.

  34. Now 2,000,000 gather in Egypt chanting “to Jerusalem we are heading, martyrs in the millions” :

    • This is not correct, Rob, there is written “many chant…” and in your posting it seams like “all are chanting..” quite a difference. And when I saw those pictures at Al Jazeera, there was no notice of that at all.

      • Ok, I stand corrected – thanks for the update Edda but not being fluent in the language I am simply passing it on as it was passed on to me – I did try to get some confirmation of this, its verity, but, no success so far, the media being coy? – anyway, please don’t shoot the messenger – hopefully this will come out in the fullness of time – could be propoganda, perhaps you can shed some more light

        • Oh sorry Rob, did not want to offence you. I think those who have win theyr fight of freedom, have surely many more important things to do now then to march to Jerusalem :o)

          • thats ok, but, I won’t be drawn now… sincere hope is that this all leads to great things, for us all….we are bound to be misled, experience confusion and with SO much at stake, best to stay cool – thanks for your eagle eye

          • Marina and I were talking just an hour ago about the role of women in the protests in the Arab world. She is going to write a blog about this topic, women wanting more freedoms. Uranus, Lilith and Mars conjunct at 1 Aries on April 4.

            • just one other thing before I sign off Jamie – been looking at the upcoming eclipses this year, starting June 1st; Jan eclipse just grazed northern China, wondered about this, June 1st eclipse starts there, a little further south, and with this eclipse square China’s Saturn, trans Pluto opposite China Uranus, trans Saturn on China Sun and trans Mars square China Mars this looks difficult and provocative…

              Chiron in trop Pisces could bring the healing aspect of the rising voice of women to the fore, its so much needed – lets hope – looking forward to the post Marina

        • Mercury Mars and Neptune together for a few days. We will have to be wary of all news services.

          • perhaps I’d better keep my mouth shut! all the above opposite my Pluto…Mars and Mercury exact today….time for some hard writing work behind the scenes?

            • Ha! Don’t let that stop you. I have the Full Moon on my Mars, now Neptune, Mars and Mercury opposite my Mars.

            • shut down of internet, so we have cell photos as reference to freedom. pluto opp/power struggle.
              the old ‘death to Isreal,’ doesn’t fly as a ‘we the people’ takes hold, tyrants get lost, Libra/saturn is america’s touchstone and they want to be like us.
              here in the US various power structures fence off.
              also the sun spots, volcanos, quakes, and tsunami? it is pisces w/ nep in opp.

  35. Todays paper states that Palestinians are angry & re-evaluating the entire Middle East peace process because the USA has vetoed an Arab sponsored UN resolution branding Israel settlements illegal.

    Satelite not being effected by solar flare is it ?(have not heard any more on that flare, even though news said it would effect World for a few days)
    Jamie…how long does the effect of the Full Moon on 18th feb last for?

      • 9am Monday
        I read the blogs here, then went to a “spiritual” website, shocked to see a segment about Libya, protesting against the “media communications” being shut down…so you guys are not the only ones noticing it.
        Then when I left that website saw on the Yahoo news that 200 killed in Libya. Will have to watch the morning news and catch up. Regards Barb

  36. The link did work Rob. The story is not on CNN or BBC. Just went to Al Jazeera and cannot get any information, it says “Al Jazeera is currently suffering interference on Arabsat satellite …”

    • I just was listening to the very courageous Journalist Robert Frisk on Al Jazeera reporting from Bahrein and he says, that all those talks about Muslim Brotherhood and so on is pure rubbish – he did not see the islamic flags waving in all those revolutions taking place in the middle east. Its just the peaople from all Classes and religions who ask for freedom and human rights. And he said something very interesting for me: After Tunesia and Egypt, the Arabs have lost theyr fear – and when ones the fear is gone, then nobody can reinject it to them.

      Here in Germany I look at the life-stream in the net, as for long I have thrown the Television out of my life :o)

          • I’ve had Al Jazeera on for the last 30 minutes on the computer and only got about 3 minutes of live stream news so far, it’s not working again. A Facebook friend from Malta said she is getting it OK on her cable TV.

            • Strange – here in Munich it works good – but I really dont have the knowledge how satelites work. Guess someone could be fiddeling against this network?

              And yes, Jamie, thats surely interesting to see, how womans will react towards the new freedom – maby the will throw theyr shaddor/burka into the garbage can :o) and start to rock n’ roll …

  37. “During jamming, Al Jazeera English can be watched on Nilesat 7W Frequency: 12015 Vertical FEC: 5/6 Symbol rate: 27500”

    Well that doesn’t help me!

    • Got Al Jazeera back online. They said it was Libya blocking their transmission. Apparently some of the miltary are siding with the protesters in Benghazi, against other soldiers loyal to Gaddafi – civil war.

  38. “Ha! Don’t let that stop you. I have the Full Moon on my Mars, now Neptune, Mars and Mercury opposite my Mars.” LOL…..with you there mate – this Moon on my Pluto has been amazing so far, so, no doubt if it will…… 😉 thanks!

    • And in my chart the fullmoon – wouw – I allmost startet flying. T-square to my Uranus Jupiter Moon Sun stellium End Taurus beginning Gemini…I jumped headover into the work of a huge painting – that helped.

      • Just had a look at your site Edda – really lovely work, lyrical, vibrant and clear – saw 3 or 4 paintings I would love to have on my walls at home (if only the bank would allow) – happy painting & thanks!

          • It looks very professional, but surely you don’t get your inspiration from Germany! It looks more at home down here in the Pacific.

            • You are right with the Pacific, Jamie. Tahiti and Moorea where a incredible inspiration for me, allso my trips to India,(the magic of the real white elephant…) the Mediteranian Island of Ibiza. But I guess you dont know the splendid beauty of Bavaria in the spring and summer. Finaly I try to paint an Ode for our homeplanet earth – as a little thanks for beeing here on transit :o)

              From french Astrologer Koechelin de Bisemont I learned something I find quite interesting about our soul traveling: The last planet the moon was in conjunction before our birth, thats the planet our soul is coming from and the next planet the moon conjuncts after we are born, thats where we are going to next.

  39. And just to ensure that today is “extra special” we have severe storm expected in Queensland & a cyclone in WA.
    I need a wine and it’s only 1pm.

  40. Jamie…I blogged on 15th Feb that I had a really bad feeling re: Eygpt/Middle east.
    Well, last night had a really bad feeling re: Somali…fear went thru me & felt sick in the stomach.
    (Am a Cancerian, not much “locgic”, just “feelings”!!!)

  41. 9.15pm Monday
    Australian news just getting better:

    Mini tornadoes hitting WA (Cyclone due too)
    Homes in Sydney under bushfire threat
    Queensland to get: flash flooding, winds of 90k, HAIL.


  42. 6/7/42 gardaffi, uranius/saturn conq in very early gemini, (.59&2), pluto leo trine, (3.5) & a jupiter/neptune square. diluded, venus in taurus & moon in Aries. 1 flameingly strange dude w/ a massianic complex, will play the pity card as if he’s the injured 1. (venus/taurus…loose sextile of neptune virgo to mars/cancer). seemingly crazy harmless guy isn’t.

    • Thanks Lucy, just looked at his chart, fixed stars are amazing. Will post on this soon.

      • don ‘t know but suspect libra AC, ‘look what you made me do,’ as bodies pile up in the aries/moon 7th and venus in taurus 8th. large humanitarain crisis and a weak american president.

        • Hi Lucy, we do not have a birth time so can’t take any notice of the AC anyway. I have posted the Gaddafi Horoscope but didn’t even look at aspects, got carried away with the fixed stars as usual.

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