Full Moon August 2015 – Strange Extremes

Full Moon August 2015 AstrologyThe full moon on August 29 2015 is at 6 degrees Pisces, falling within Pisces decan 1. The full moon astrology at best is spiritual, mystical and revealing. The full moon aligns with a spiritual star and the planet of spirituality, Neptune. However, with this full moon also opposite  Jupiter, at worst it could bring massive deception, slander and scandals.

The full moon brings forward and increases the influence of the September 17 Jupiter Neptune opposition. This will lead to greater tension, especially in relationships as we experience polar extremes in behavior and belief.

Full Moon Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect is Sun opposite Moon. Along with the conjunction, this is the most important of all aspects in astrology. A full moon focuses our attention on relationships of all kind. A full moon itself has a relationship to the previous new moon. Projects you started during the previous moon phase two weeks ago can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time.

As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationships imbalances causing disharmony.

Full Moon August 2015 Astrology

The August 29 full moon aligns with the major planetary aspect for September 2015, Jupiter opposite Neptune. Although this strange opposition does not peak until September 17, the full moon will activate its potential and strengthen its influence for the first weeks of September.

Moon conjunct Neptune will act a lot like the Moon and Neptune with spiritual fixed star involved. Only half a degree from the full moon is star Deneb Adige (05 ♓ 33 ) in the Tail of the Swan. This will increase our level on intellectual curiosity and make it possible to receive spiritual revelations via spirit guides.

If it were simply the Moon and Neptune with this mystic star all would be fine. Vivid dreaming, telepathy and psychic insights would reveal accurate information. Heightened emotional sensitivity and empathy would bring harmony to relationships and peace where it is most needed.

The Sun conjunct Jupiter opposite the Moon means things are not so simple. Although the Sun Jupiter conjunction alone brings happiness, growth and good fortune, the excess and waste of Jupiter imbalances or polarizes the whole mix of good energies.

The Sun and the Moon will actually accentuate the negative influence of each of the planets they team up with. The Moon will place emphasis on the subconscious and habitual side of the Jupiter Neptune opposition. This will decrease will power when it comes to addictions and other bad habits. We will more likely revert to paranoid responses and all manner or underhand tactics when involved in relationship dramas.

The Sun will increase our Jupiter desires for easy money and comfort eating. When under pressure we may revert blind faith or extravagance to prop up our egos. The best way to understand this full moon is to understand Jupiter opposite Neptune in more detail.

In our spiritual journey to understand the truth, tension may rise as result of going to extremes in behavior and belief. The full moon is going to increase the tension especially in close relationships. It will also makes the extremes of behavior and belief all that more extreme.

Full Moon August 2015 Astrology

Full Moon August 2015 Dates and Times

Los Angeles
New York
August 29 – 11:35 am
August 29 –   2:35 pm
August 29 –   7:35 pm
August 30 –   0:05 am
August 30 –   4:35 am

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17 thoughts on “Full Moon August 2015 – Strange Extremes

  1. I have been already having a noticeable increase sensitivity to this, an extremely sensitive being naturally in the true occult sense of the word, which comes with equal burden of responsibility to the blessing of its privilege, I have Pluto at 5Virgo52 opposing Chiron at 6Pisces37, trine Jupiter conjunct IC at 5Aquarius45, so obviously this full moon has huge potential, good or not, for me.

    It has been an epic “Heroine’s journey” the last 12 years since Jupiter was here last, which if different to that of the Hero, yet still requires battles with dragons and demons, except from within a dungeon, to free oneself from purgatory and it has been full on, thanks to having Pluto square Uranus in affect on my Cancer Sun and Merc (0 and 8) and 14Libra moon in 12th house ta boot…

    Another astrologer who viewed my chart without my saying anything actually gasped when looking at my chart and hearing the “labours” involved, who then looked ahead, this full moon stood out and said…well Its either the “return of the queen bee” to the riteful place in the hive, or a fate worse than death for her and all responsible, depending completely on whether I have fulfilled the quest completely or not, it will prove just is or isnt…

    Of course there is a lot more than this directly affecting my natal. and progressed charts currently as well.

    So in case others can relate or find it of interest, I just thought I would share 🙂

    • oh I will add even though the goddess asteroids/other Goddess influences are not as much interest to many, there are some like myself who are, due to the strength of the feminine in their makeup, that at this full moon, Venus will be aspecting my 15Leo BML in 10th house, asteroid Karma will be conjunct my Aries DC and Hekate will be reversing over my Jupiter IC conjunction…fingers crossed hahaha!

    • Debbie what year were you born in? Your chart seems similar to mine 6-16-61 2:37 am but flipped with Jupiter and Saturn on the mc. This full moon conjuncts my Chiron in Pisces 11 th house and the sun and Jupiter conjuncts Pluto in my 5th house

  2. Being on The Cancer leo cusp and an empath I am not really wanting any more stress in my life

  3. Jamie, if you could possibly venture an opinion on the role of Orcus in this chart it would be greatly appreciated…. Orcus will be within 29′ of the Sun at this lunation. I know that it’s not one that usually gets looked at but after the recent Pluto fly-by and the fascinating nature of Orcus’ orbit and similarity in size in relation to Pluto I just think that it is worth looking at in this one.
    Many thanks for this informative post and double plus many thanks if you opine re Orcus 🙂

  4. Having Sun 5 Gemini exactly on my Imum Coeli I am so tired of Neptune square and Saturn opposition my natal Sun, Saturn is already close to my MC. I have a terrible turmoil and conflicts in my Family being unable to comfort everyone. Transiting Pluto is opposing my progressed 14 degrees Cancer Sun as well on 6th-12th house axis…
    I am so feed up I cant see a good creative solution to overcome all this.

  5. Well my progressed ascendant is 7 Virgo and progressed mc is 3 gemini conjunct progressed saturn 4 Sagittarius so I can’t figure out what might happen especially concerning my love life and my relationship. The solar eclipse on 20 March on 29 pisces caused me enough pain in love having natal venus 29 gemini.

  6. Jamie,

    Thanks as always for the informative article. I’m excited about this moon. I’ve been feeling more optimistic since Jupiter hit Virgo. So excited for Venus direct and Saturn finally leaving Scorpio in less than a month. Each day seems a like we’re inching a littler further away from misery.

    I have a natal mutable t-square but what orb do you think this will effect? Do you use a 10 degree orb for full moons? More or same for eclipses? The moon in Pisces will fall in my 5th house. I have 2 Gem Chiron, 1 Virgo Merc, 9 Virgo Venus, 1 Sag Jupiter, 5 Sag Uranus.

    • Hi Anthony, and thanks for your input on Mars square Saturn. For the monthly and yearly horoscopes I use a ten degree orb for full moon, more for eclipses. But in your natal chart I would tighten them up a fair bit. I would probably leave out Venus in the configuration. But all those planets at one degree sort of increase the effect and orb of the T-Square.

  7. Hi Jamie, This is the first tome I saw your website. Its great. I was born with Pisces moon, sun in Sagittarius, 12/13/64 birthdate. I went through a divorce in Dec 2014. The best to happen in life after 25years marriage. I just joined my master Med, on Aug 17th, but I had to withdraw because I did not pass my prerequisites. Exactly on Aug 29th. What is your thought. Can I progress further and turn my life to be successful. Do you also see charts and predict. Please reply.

    • I think you will do well from the upcoming solar eclipse for ambition and growth. Sorry, won’t be doing personal reading for a couple of years yet. All the best.

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