Gemini 2013 Horoscope

Gemini 2013 HoroscopeGemini Horoscope 2013 with decans for a more accurate forecast. If you are on a cusp, use the free horoscope to find your decan.

   Gemini Decan 1 – born May 21 to 31.
   Gemini Decan 2 – born Jun 1 to 10.
   Gemini Decan 3 – born Jun 11 to 20.

Decan 1 Gemini 2013 Horoscope

The November 2012 lunar eclipse fell in your decan and this remain an important influence through till May 2013. This eclipse cycle is shining a spotlight on your close relationships, plus your home and family life. You will be feeling more emotional and sensitive and may have to address some issues relating to the polarities in your life. There are other transit during this time which influence how this eclipse plays out. The strongest influence comes from Jupiter in your decan till the end of March 2013, so you can expect lots of love and support from family and friends. This is an extremely fortunate transit associated with good luck, wealth and happiness.

The May 25 Lunar Eclipse comes around your birthday so this relationship and emotional focus continues through till November 2013. While that eclipse influence earlier in the year was about supporting loved ones, now the emphasis is much more directed onto you. While earlier in the year, any relationship difficulties may have centered on your problem dealing with others, from now on, it is more likely that others may find you a bit too egocentric, needy or over emotional. So the big theme this year is on gaining higher awareness of relationship dynamics and improving how you relate to others, and this will require compromise on your part.

For most of you, positive change and excitement are still in store with Uranus sextile your decan a lot of this year. All those born from May 24 to 31 will feel this till the end April 2013. If you were born May 29 to 31 only, you again have this stimulating transit from October 2013 to February 2014.

For Gemini horoscope born May 21 to 27 only, Neptune is square your decan this year. This is a challenge because it may make you feel discouraged and looking for new meaning in your life, and as I wrote in the post about it, “The weird cosmic aim of this transit it to get you in touch with the real you, without depending on a pile of material possession or fake friends or any other ego boosting things.” So with the emphasis this year on relationships because of eclipses, you will have to draw on your own faith, more than relying on others to prop up your identity or sense of self-worth.

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Decan 2 Gemini 2013 Horoscope

There is just one little period to watch out for this year then it’s all good. From February 23 to March 8 2013, Mercury retrograde is square your decan which is not so good for clear thinking. During this time I would avoid important decision-making, signing of contracts or entering into negotiations. Do things like this earlier in the year, or even better, during the extremely fortunate Jupiter transit you have coming up.

Jupiter is in your decan from mid March to mid May 2013 and this is a very fortunate time for you with great potential for personal growth and happiness. you should be feeling most optimistic and confident, with anything you try your hand at having a good chance of success. Starting a new study course or travelling would appeal to you, with your desire to broaden your horizons really enriching your life. Relationships will also go through a period or warmth and growth, and even your professional life could benefit via promotion, this is a lucky transit.

For Gemini horoscope born from June 1 to 3 only, the longer term Uranus sextile is starting from April 2013 will add excitement and positive change to your life. You will be anticipating the coming opportunities and should find this transit most stimulating and enlightening, “your life are rapidly changing, new people, new opportunities, new discoveries”.

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Decan 3 Gemini 2013 Horoscope

There are only two major influences this year for you guys and they are both really good. First up you get  Jupiter in your decan from early May to the end of June 2013 raising your spirits and bringing enthusiasm and good luck. You only get this most fortunate transit once every twelve years so it is something to look forward to. Because you should be feeling so happy and contented, it is important not to sit back and relax too much and let any opportunities pass you by. The exception here would be relaxing on a holiday and long distance travel is favored now. You would also get the most out of starting a new education course as this transit allows you to expand your horizons and bring personal or spiritual growth. Material growth is also on offer through a bit of luck with investments, speculation, or promotion. If looking for a job, then your confidence should impress prospective employers.

Later in the year there is a lunar eclipse on 18 October 2013, making the fortunate sextile aspect to your decan. This harmonious influence will last through to early 2014 and should bring more peace and joy to your home life and close relationships. Thanks to this and an inner sense of calm, you will find that there are fewer obstacles in your way in other areas of life too. This is because other people will warm to you and want to be around you or support your projects. The influence of this eclipse is in fact a bit like the Jupiter transit earlier in the year, though more relationship focused.

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  1. I want to thank you for posting according to decans. It’s more accurate.
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    I was just wondering, will decan 3 gemini have it tough for the 1st 2 weeks in 2013. In december 2012 it says that decan 3 will be having a frustrating time 4 weeks from the new moon or was that meant to be 2 weeks from the new moon?

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  4. Hi Jamie- this eclipse is falling on my saturn and mars in gemini, and neptune in sagitarius. also, what does saturn/lilith/venus conj in transits mean? thanks!

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