Fixed Star Gomeisa

Gomeisa is at 22°12′ Cancer with an orb of 1°00′

Fixed Star Gomeisa Astrology

Fixed Star Gomesia

Gomeisa is a white star in the chest or neck of the Lesser Dog, Canis Minor.
The traditional name Gomeisa, comes from the Arabic al-ghumaisa’ “the bleary-eyed (woman)” [1] short for مرزم الغميصاء mirzam al-ghumaisa’ “girdle of the bleary-eyed one“. In Arabic, the short form would be identical with the name of Procyon. In Chinese, it is known as 南河二 (Nán Hé èr, English: the Second Star of South River.)[2]

Occasionally it has been Al Gamus, from another of the Arabians’ titles for the whole; and Al Mursin, identical with the name of Beta Canis Major, and for a similar reason, – as if announcing the rising of the brightest star of the figure. [3]


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