I am Doing Readings Again

I have put my Readings Page back on the menu now my chemotherapy treatment has finished. I am feeling much better already and am happy to be back at work full time. I offer a natal (birth chart), transit (forecast), and solar return readings. There is also the very popular fixed star report.

New and Interesting Posts

I will continue with weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes. There are still some planetary aspects and plenty of transits that are left to do, plus the regular moon phases. But I am really excited to start writing more interesting articles like I once did. I would love to hear your ideas for topics to write about. We certainly live in interesting times. You can leave your suggestions in the comments section below.

All the best, Jamie.

42 thoughts on “I am Doing Readings Again

  1. Glad you’re feeling better Jamie and look forward to your articles! No ideas at present but I’m sure you’ll get plenty 🙂

  2. Very happy to hear you’re getting better. Much love and blessings. And appreciation at what you do.😊

  3. For those considering doing a reading or report.with Jamie, *Just Go For It! ♡I loved the one he did for me and it truly helped me focus on living my best life. For example, after the reading-report, I reflected on my life and made changes. I am now in a masters program, loving myself at any size, dating again and addressing the challenges of the report regarding childhood issues with a professional therapist. Making it count again. Feeling BETTER! ♡ Try a Report from Jamie. Highly recommended!
    PS. So glad you Recovered Jamie!
    Love, Chrissy

  4. So glad to read you are feeling better Jamie! Looking forward to reading your new articles

  5. God Bless you! Happy you are feeling better. Thank you for all you do. Much appreciated. ❤️🍀

  6. So glad you are feeling better Jamie! I look forward to reading anything you do. And maybe treat myself to a reading again one of these days.

  7. So sorry to you have been unwell but so glad you are better! Love your posts/emails and thank you

  8. Glad to hear that you are doing better Jamie. Take good care, eat healthy!!!

    Best wishes

  9. Well done on your recovery Jamie! The large number of loving & positive thoughts will speed you on your way to full health.

    Suggested Topic to cover: Are ‘they’ really trying to kill large numbers of us? How does this end; does Good triumph over evil and can we have any esoteric influence on the outcome?

  10. Prayers answered. And prayers for continued healing. So glad you are feeling better

  11. So good to hear you are feeling much better. I get so much pleasure out of reading my weekly forecast. Best wishes to you

  12. oh wie schön, dass man lesen darf, dass es wieder Bergaufwärts geht, dem Licht entgegen. Das freut alle hier, mach weiter so!!! Mit lieben Grüssen und weiteren Genesungswünschen begleitet

  13. Dear Jamie. I am happy your health has improved and you are feeling much better. A follower.

  14. So glad you are feeling better, now time to get some healing herbs into your body to rid your system of the nasty chemo stuff you had to have for your life’s sake.xxxxxxxxxxx

  15. I would first like to thank God for prayers answered, you made it through this illness, completed chemotherapy, feeling good and ready to get back to work, what a Blessing. As for topics, there are so many especially with the times that we’re living in but my first topic would be, Will this worldly chaos end once Pluto leaves Capricorn, especially in the USA?

  16. God bless you Sir! As an amateur astrologist myself I’m so very happy for You. Would also like to thank You for not leaving your passion behind even when you were not well and You continued to share your talent with us!
    Wish You best of luck and health!

  17. very happy to hear that your heath is better;i wish the best best ; I will demande a reading as soon as possible; your previsions are very precise; but is it also possible to hear from you some vedic insights also? thank you very much

  18. I am happy to hear that you are done with the chemo and start to do reports again. I always happy to see when you write about new aspects and analyze fixed stars. So if possible could you do Sesquiquadrate and Quincunx meaning in a chart if they are strong influence or not? But overall and first of all concentrate on your health first

  19. Hello! I am so happy you is feeling better. I had no idea what you was going through.
    You have my blessings!

  20. So happy to hear your treatments are over and you are feeling better. God bless you and keep you safe and well. Much blessings and prayers!

  21. You’re a legend Jamie ! Thanks for all you do and courage with your health. The stars report is BEYOND for anyone new looking to get HIGHLY recommend

  22. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better! Perhaps an article on the Pluto Return the US is currently going through?

  23. Thank God that my prayers have been answerd.Every time
    I go to your Website I pray for you.I will keep praying for you to remain healthy.
    I would love to see you writing about Fixed Star Rigel conjunct Natal Planets within one degree.And does it really bring wealth in life? If so how can we determine from where we might receive wealth?.
    I have this aspect with Venus and not much is written on it.
    I would love to read about Natal Moon conjunct Natal South Node.

    Wish you all the best 🙏🙏

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