Jupiter Opposite Jupiter Transit

Jupiter Opposite Jupiter TransitJupiter opposite Jupiter transit is only mildly challenging and maybe a time of confidence and optimism, although you may tend to become overconfident. For this reason, you should avoid taking on too many projects simultaneously. Several things in your life could be reaching a climax at this time, even things you started years ago. So long as you have enough time, energy and resources, you should enjoy success with just about everything.

Even though a lot is happening in your life, you may feel anxious to be doing even more to experience bigger and better things. It could be travel, education, adventure, entertainment, or a yearning to experience different cultures that make you feel restless. If you have felt limited lately, this is an excellent time to broaden your horizons. But again, take care not to take on too much.

You will also feel an urge to improve and succeed in your professional life. You may seek a promotion or a pay increase, but diplomacy and tact are essential. Your ambitions are likely to make others feel threatened and cause jealousy or resentment among your peers, but more likely with superiors. Try not to seem overly ambitious, confident or zealous.

With some moderation and humility, Jupiter opposite Jupiter transit can be a time of increasing wealth, prosperity and good fortune. You can do a lot of good by being charitable and generous. But again, make sure you leave enough for yourself. This is a good time for enjoying life through travel, entertainment, and amusement.

2 thoughts on “Jupiter Opposite Jupiter Transit

  1. Bernie Sanders is having Jupiter opposite Jupiter right now, with the full moon in Virgo reaching its zenith just hours after he announced his 2020 run! He’s also a Virgo sun and a Virgo Midheaven. Woooo this is going to be big, whatever happens!

  2. Jamie, transit Jupiter is a bit less that a degree short of an exact opposition to my natal Jupiter. I quite dropped my chin, reading your piece above: It seemed to me that you know my personal condition exactly. And it is only today that my recent long stretch of anxiety gave way to this sort of conviction: ‘So long as you have enough time, energy and resources, you should enjoy success with just about everything.’ You are amazing!

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