Lunar Eclipse June 5, 2020 – Love and Hate

Lunar Eclipse June 2020 AstrologyThe Full Moon on Friday, June 5, 2020, at 15 degrees Sagittarius, is a lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse June 2020 astrology is impulsive and angry because the Moon is square Mars. The Moon is also opposite Venus retrograde which not a good omen for love relationships. Strong relationships will withstand the test through patience and unconditional love.

However, lunar eclipse June 2020 poses a real threat to strained relationships. Impatience, sexual frustration, and lack of self-control could turn love to hate, resulting in impulsive actions and hostility. The June 5 lunar eclipse also brings the danger of war between enemies, as well as earthquakes.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Like a regular full moon only stronger, the Sun opposite Moon of a lunar eclipse brings your home, family, and intimate relationships into sharper focus. Opposing forces such as work versus home, or what you need versus what you want, create inner tension and external pressures. This can lead to conflict and crises that drain your energy.

The lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a lunar eclipse. So use your increased emotional strength and intuition to overcome any relationship challenges. Subconscious awareness allows for an impartial and balanced look at your personal relationships. You will clearly see any relationship dynamics or negative feelings causing disharmony. A lunar eclipse represents a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months.

Lunar Eclipse June 2020 Astrology

The chart below shows the June 5 lunar eclipse at 15°34′ Sagittarius in an extremely tight square aspect to Mars. This creates heated emotions that can quickly turn to anger. The opposition to Venus retrograde focuses this anger on love relationships.

The fixed stars around 15° Sagittarius further intensify relationship tensions. They make it harder to show love and affection while making it easier for minor irritations to turn into all-out conflict.

Lunar Eclipse June 2020 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse June 2020 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse Mars

Lunar eclipse square Mars with the tiny orb of 0°18′ is easily the strongest influence on the lunar eclipse June 2020 astrology. It brings simmering anger to the surface so care is required to avoid being hurt or causing harm. You could lose your temper with a loved one or face emotional attacks from others. There is a danger when taking risks or acting impulsively. But holding onto anger and frustration is not advised, so some degree of emotional discomfort is to be expected.

The key to handling this quick anger is to release your frustrations in a controlled way. Avoid being overly defensive or mean if someone shares their feelings with you. Courage is needed to face what is making you feel threatened.

Lunar Eclipse Venus

Lunar eclipse opposite Venus brings the potential for laziness, gluttony, carelessness with money, and indiscretion in love. You will likely want more love and affection but have trouble giving it. If dating, you may have a tendency to lower your standards just to be with someone.

If already attached, tension may arise due to different moods or needs. If your emotional needs are not fulfilled through human contact you may feel an urge to substitute with sweet food, drink, drugs, or spending money.

Venus retrograde also makes giving and receiving love and affection more difficult and can indicate financial stress. Old friends or lovers may reappear or you may relive past life experiences in order to sort out karmic issues. But pleasant destiny encounters are possible and you could find your soul mate, and experience a feeling of inevitability or familiarity.

Love and Hate

Venus square Mars increases your sex drive but sexual or competitive tension can cause a lack of self-control, impulsiveness, anger, and conflict. Compromise will help avoid hostility, but a tendency to agree to anything just to get your way could lead to buried anger, frustration, loss, and regret.

If dating, sexy action is possible but take care not to lower your standards or put yourself at risk because of your impatient lust. In a healthy relationship, tension can be relieved through more exhilarating sexual activity. But in a difficult relationship, a buildup of sexual frustration could be expressed as hate, aggression, or an affair.

Frustration and physical tension can be released more safely through sport, exercise, or masturbation. You could also channel this dynamic energy into hard work, or creativity like sculpture or dance.

Threat of War

Both Mars and Venus retrograde are portents of war. So this lunar eclipse definitely increases the risk of war. Venus also rises before the Sun as the morning star, another portent of war. According to Deborah Houlding:

The Mesopotamians knew her, not only as the Goddess of Love and Procreation but also as the Goddess of War, while her periodic re-emergence was associated with the seasonal fertility of the Earth. Her evening manifestation was said to bring men and women to the act of love in bed, but her morning appearance woke them up to go to war. [1]

Lunar Eclipse Stars

Although the lunar eclipse is in the Sign of Sagittarius, the image below shows that is lies within the Constellation of Scorpio. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, the Sun Signs are almost a whole Sign out of alignment with the Constellations from which they were named.

Full Moon June 2020 Astrology

Full Moon June 2020 Astrology

The Scorpius stars are only minor ones but the lunar eclipse is conjunct a major star in Hercules Constellation. Ras Algethi is in the Head of Hercules but in the image above is actually shown in the Head of Ophiuchus.

The small stars in Scorpius listed below are found in the upper joints of the tail. According to Ptolemy, the stars “in the joints of the tail are like Saturn and partly like Venus”. [2] Saturn-Venus is lazy, immoral, shameless, revolting, mean, and causes sorrows in love.

15 ♐ 03 – Delta Herculis, Sarin
15 ♐ 26 – Alpha Herculis, Ras Algethi
15 ♐ 34 – Full moon June 2020
15 ♐ 37 – Epsilon Scorpii, Larawag
15 ♐ 39 – Rho Herculis
16 ♐ 26 – Mu1 Scorpii, Xamidimura
16 ♐ 31 – Mu2 Scorpii, Piprima

Fixed star Ras Algethi gives boldness and a drive to gain power. Like the Scorpius stars, it has a Saturn-Venus nature. And connected with unhelpful planets (square Mars), “it is said to cause much irritation, especially in connection with the female sex.” [3]

Constellation Hercules gives strength of character, tenacity, and fixity of purpose, an ardent nature, and dangerous passions. [2] The constellation is indicative of events that affect large portions of mankind and presages earthquakes if poorly placed with respect to an eclipse. [4]

Lunar Eclipse June 2020 Summary

The June 5 lunar eclipse is not a good omen for strained relationships. Even maintaining harmony in healthy relationships will require extra effort. Patience and unconditional love are needed to stop frustration and irritation quickly escalating to anger and hostility.

So the lunar eclipse June 2020 astrology could test even the strongest of love relationships. As for enemies, the danger of impulsive actions leading to conflict is very real. The threat of war is amplified by the “boldness and a drive to gain power” from the star Ras Algethi. And “large portions of mankind” could be affected by events like war and earthquakes.

The effects of the June 5 lunar eclipse may not last the usual six months of an eclipse because it is superseded by the July 5 lunar eclipse. But the June 5 lunar eclipse will form an eclipse phase of at least two weeks duration with the June 21 solar eclipse.

Full Moon June 2020 Visibility

The June 5 lunar eclipse can be viewed from Africa, Asia, Australia, and the Middle East.

Lunar Eclipse June 2020 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse June 2020 Visibility

If the Lunar Eclipse June 2020 astrology directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Full Moon Transits.

Lunar Eclipse June 2020 Times and Dates

  • Los Angeles – June 5, 12:12 pm
  • New York – June 5, 3:12 pm
  • London – June 5, 8:12 pm
  • Delhi – June 6, 0:42 am
  • Sydney – June 6, 5:12 am


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26 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse June 5, 2020 – Love and Hate

  1. My natal moon is opposite Mars, will I ferl it more strongly?

  2. Perhaps Mars being conjunct Neptune in the Eclipse chart,will offset some of the tension…also,perhaps opportunity,although not necessarily straightforward,can be found in the T – Square?

    • I would suggest that the violence is based on emotions and irrational. As was the Minneapolis murder. You see these mars-neptune combinations more often in charts of oversexed people like Bill Clinton. If mars-neptune should be the solution for the opposition sun-moon, I get worried.

      • Emotions are a classic characteristic of the Lunar influence. Last weekend’s violence and rioting, especially Friday evening and throughout Saturday and into Sunday, the Moon transit Virgo. So it got triggered by the progressed Age of Aqr Moon at 28°Leo. Further set up by the 22May Angular New Moon on the Gravity Axis in the New Age charts, and in the 11March Pandemic chart. A Virgo Moon is actually a rational moon, in opposition to an irrational Pisces condition.

  3. Man did you hit the nail on the head with the January 10 eclipse. Mayhem!

      • The above post was originally written around May 20th.

        It would have been a lot harder to predict this specific, widespread explosion of rage (Mars) over hurt and murdered loved ones (Venus) 3 weeks ago.

        I’m sceptical about a lot of what astrology blogs say, but this one’s been on the nose for a while.

  4. Could it be that these eclipses start something like a week before? Been wandering about this for some time. What happens now in US and elsewhere fits the description perfectly.

  5. I was born 10 April 72 Offenbach Germany and the 10th January eclipse hit me hard. I’m right now in a nuthouse after beaten hard in the head from my (EX) boyfriend (domestic violence) and the day of the eclipse I have to go to the house we where living together to pick up my staff. I’m terrified but have to do it.

  6. ps The “approach” (applying) is the worst phase- that leading up to the 5th June. Maybe you will be able to sqeak through once the exact opposition takes place.

  7. Venus in Gemini square Mars in Pisces, Mars square the moon in Sagittarius. This does look bad. Mars in Pisces, pummeling Venus in Gemini, and the Sagittarius Moon. S & G represent the mind, thought and vision, facing off against Pisces, deception and pseudo-spirituality. Crowds of protesters and looters, what are they protesting? There is a massive crime wave going on for years, of blacks attacking whites in the US. Compared to the percent of population, the number of cops killed by blacks is very high. The Floyd autopsy is released, also the police manual covering resisting arrest. He was 6’6″ over 200 lb.Floyd died in the hospital, though the process began in the street. The cops were following procedure and were not suffocating him. He was on meth, fetanyl, and had heart disease. The stress of resisting arrest killed him. As the prosecution has upped the charges, this actually makes it more difficult to convict. Looters termed “protesters”. Whites humiliating themselves over “white privilege”. Massive dishonesty, very Piscean. Neptune is in Pisces it’s strongest point. Maybe this eclipse will be a complete unveiling of the problem, the next step is reconciliation. If Neptune/Pisces is not inherently dishonest, the conflict with Gemini/Sagittarius must create this sort of unhappiness.

    • This is classic Ben Gunn, but what is missing is the USA Sibly chart. Where is Pluto in that chart?’where is it now? And the Moon? Aquarius. We know it wasn’t easy nailing the ascendant over those Phily hills, but I was there…… 5:10pm, serving drinks at the bar!

  8. The Eclipse will be conjunct my natal Saturn, which is at 12 Sag., and square my Chiron at 12 Aquarius. Isn’t that fun?

  9. At the Full Moon, 15Sag34

    Asteroid 3050 Carrera

    Natal, 15Sag34
    Transit, 21Can19

    Sounds exciting, perhaps a quick dash around in my friends sportscar?
    A 6 gear stick shift.


    • That is the final Pandemic Yod ‘gear box’, btw.

      The three Up, 1-3-5, Mercury, Neptune, Uranus
      the three down, 2-4-6 Saturn, Venus, and the Transits*

      *very complex; all your 3rd decan Capricorn and 3rd decan Pisces

      The operator is you, the Moon, or the Public in this chart, Progressed Age of Aqr., 3rd Decan Leo

      The boomerang part of the Yod is the brake, clutch, accelerator, Mars and Sun

  10. First, my pal Sam Clay has natal Saturn in the 7th. He got married during an eclipse to his Saturn. Ergo, eclipses aren’t necessarily bad, as you pointed out.
    Second, I’ve examined the historic dates in the downloadable booklet about this upcoming eclipse, and I’ve discovered that it’s always an interesting time for relationships and personal contacts in general, with both couplings and breakups. Although I should point out the 5 Scorpio eclipse affects both my ascendant and midheaven.

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