Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Horoscope

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Horoscope

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was born on 28 October 1956 in a small village in Iran called Aradan, birth time unknown. I’ve part intuited, part rectified the birth time and am very confident it is accurate. 4:34 am gives an Ascendant of 12 Libra which means the fixed star Algorab was rising when he was born.

This “kill or be killed” star is linked to terrorism and in particular the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. It can give an aggressive and agitating nature which was on display in Mahmoud’s latest address to the United Nations, where he accused the USA of orchestrating, or at least allowing the September 11 attacks.

The Midheaven of 13 Cancer means the brightest star of all, the fixed star Sirius, was culminating overhead when he was born. The ancient Persian name for Sirius was “The Leader”. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei authorized Mamoud’s presidency in August 2005, following a New Moon on Sirius. The previous Lunar Eclipse was conjunct his Sun. Sirius has always been linked to fame, and Robson say that Sirius culminating gives “High office under Government giving great profit and reputation” [1], and Ebertin says that when Sirius is near the Midheaven and in good aspect to Mars that there is good fortune in matters of government [2].

Mahmoud does have Mars favorably aspecting his Midheaven, the trine gives him a strong sense of his calling in life and the self confidence to carry it out. His Mars on the fixed star Achernar gives success in public office [1], and it is also on the fixed star Ankaa which gives power, ambition and fame [1]. The transiting Sun was opposite his Mars during his inflammatory speech in New York today, and transiting Mars was on his Sun.

The Mouth Of The Lion

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Horoscope

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Horoscope

Also influencing his communication style is his natal Moon which is on a star in the mouth of the Lion called Ras Elased Borealis, “said to indicate those with an appreciation for language and a power of expression, but also those who may be heartless and cruel” [3]. Now the planet ruling the mind and communication is Mercury, and Mahmoud is a path finder here with the most fortunate fixed star Arcturus on his Mercury, adding to his leadership qualities and Ebertin says it has a reputation of achieving “justice through power” [2].

Venus conjunct Jupiter is an indicator of adoration which Mahmoud does enjoy among his followers in the Muslim world. It is a fortunate and attractive conjunction, though there is a darker side with Venus conjunct the fixed star Alkaid. The name comes from the Arabic Ka’id Banat al Na’ash, the Governor of the Daughters of the Bier,“The Chief of the Mourners” [4], and Ebertin found that when this star is activated “many human lives are to be mourned” [2]. Noonan say that Alkaid was known as “the destroyer of nations” by Islamic astrologers.

Mahmoud is very powerful now, transiting Pluto is sextile his Sun in 2010 and will remain so all of 2011. This is a transit of increased personal power and influence over others, a controlling and reforming energy. The other planet to watch for power and authority is Saturn, and it is conjunct his Ascendant in November 2010 and again in April and August 2011. Robert Hand says of transiting Saturn conjunct Ascendant “This is one of the most significant transits of your life. During this time your responsibilities will increase considerably, and you will try to eliminate everything in your life that that is not necessary” [5]. The New Moon on 7 October 2010 is on the fixed star, conjunct Mahmoud’s Ascendant. The four week period following that New Moon will be a good test to see just how accurate this birth time is.–

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40 thoughts on “Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Horoscope

  1. I am not sure whether you are consciously aware of it, or are simply furthering the narrative of irrational fear of terrorism out of ignorance, but your using a very modern word coinage: “terrorism” to describe ancient celestial patterns is most disturbing. That singular word is being used by more governments puppets to foment war than any other word in our millenial times and its use should be well thought out. Particularly since the west is just rattling its chains for any reason to bomb Iran. Responsible reporting is not simply the domain of journalists, but of astrologers as well.

    Mr. Ahmenijadin’s allegations regarding the US’ possible involvement in bombing the WTC are not new nor original. In fact, there has been a great deal of forensic evidence assembled by US scientists since 9/11 which offer very compelling arguments to support such governmental involvement on our own people. At the very least, the total failure of the US air force, allegedly the smartest and most sophisticated in the world, to intervene AT ALL on that fateful morning is highly suspect.

    There is an alternative possibility to the isolating of Mr. Ahmenijadin’s and insinuating that he is a “terrorist.” Perhaps, in fact, he might possibly be the courageous namer of the true terrorists on the planet. I personally have no agenda either way, but it is my hope we can all refrain from the mob mentality in rushing to use popular, propagandistic terms to vilify others and actually take the time to contemplate the narrative we wish to put forth before we speak.

    • Sistertongue I am totally with you there. Jamie, I think you have to be carefull with what you are saying here
      “4:34 am gives an Ascendant of 12 Libra which means the fixed star Algorab was rising when he was born.
      This “kill or be killed” star is linked to terrorism and in particular the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York.”

      I know you wrote about this in your post about Algorab. But when you read this is looks very biased, as if you are seeing this guy as a terrorist just because he is Iranian and has this star rising (only by your recification) at birth.

      I must admit I am woefully ignorant of conventional world news, so I really don’t know much about this man. But what I DO know about, is that 9/11 has to be one of those huge moments in history where something suspicious was going on to say the very least. And what about that other building that came down the same day?!! What’s that all about?

      One mans terrorist is another freedom fighter huh? I don’t trust the media, but we as Astrologers are part of it. We have to make sure we don’t fall into the same sensationalist traps.

      And I think you have a personal gripe with Algorab which is demonizing the poor star.
      (As one of our old adversaries likes to say) “Just sayin'”

      • OK I maybe could have worded it better, people seem to think I’m calling him a terrorist. This is a distinction between natal and mundane astrology. Scheat causes flooding and stroms in mundane astrology, but people with Scheat in their chart don’t cause storms, yet they may be affected by them.

        So Mahmoud has this star rising, he is going to be somehow associated with the “kill or be killed” energy. Israel want to kill him, he wants to wipe Israel of the map. It is a “kill or be killed” situation. Isreal is wanting to wipe out his nuclear capability before he drops a bomb on them. This is the energy of Algorab, a racer against time, you have an enemy who want’s to kill you. What do you do? Strike first and get called a terrorist, atleast you live, if you had waited you would be dead. It’s a definite stellar ifluence and if it’s in your chart then you have to work with it an make the most out of it. It can be used in a positive way, for example fighting for a righteous cause and doing the dirty work everyone else shy’s away from. We in the West might not think Mahmoud is fighting for a righteous cause but he sure thinks he does, and millions around the are backing him.

    • Terrorism is a word we are stuck with and it’s not going to go away. I’m not calling Mahmoud a terrorist, just as I don’t call anyone with this star in their chart a terrorist. In mundane astrology this star is linked to terrorism, assassination, attackes on civilians. IRA bombings in London were terrorism. Whoever hit the WTC, the act was terrorism, an attack on civilains to instill fear and terror. So we are stuck with the word, there is nothing stopping us calling the USA, British or Israeli military actions terrorism if they attack civilian targets. This is the key distinction between terrorism and conventional warfare – civilian targets. A Palestinian rocket attacks in Israel is terrorism, the Israeli attack on the aid ship was terrorism.

      Some fixed stars are associated with war like Betelgeuse and Regulus. Algorab is associated with terrorism. I find it most interesting that the Ascendant and Mercury were on Algorab the moment the first planet hit the Twin Towers, now Mahmoud, with Ascendant on Algorab, is voicing to the world what a lot of people think about that event.

      • “Terrorism” is to the new millenia what “pinko and commie” were to the 1950’s McCarthy era. We are NOT stuck with the word terrorism. We have choice about how we use our words and where we apply them. Discernment and precision in language are useful to practices. They are often co-opted by the powers that be to get the masses used to an idea and go along with it like tranced-out drones. “Food insecure” is one of those terms – it puts a soft spin on what is, really, starvation.
        Glad to see the post has brought up so much discussion. Always a good sign of hitting on thoughts that need exploration.

        • I think just because the USA twisted the word with slogans like “war on terror” doesn’t mean we still can’t use the word. People call Bush and Blair terrorists and they have a right to use that word, sending it back at them. The next time a bimb kills civilians on a bus or in a city, it will be called a terrorist act and I can’t think of a better word at the moment.

    • Suggesting that by your own words ‘sistertongue’~” he might possibly be the courageous namer of the true terrorists on the planet.” Is beyond sickening and an insult to the majority of the 77 million citizens of Iran who do not support the IRIs rule (the majority of whom live in constant sickening fear of this man and that which he considers to be reasonable )A man who presides over the stoning to death of many people for adultery!!.. amongst other numerous Human rights violations inflicted upon the oppressed citizens of this country..If you have any doubt as the grotesquely indescribable torture and inhumanity of such a death PLEASE take the time the watch the movie ‘The stoning of Saroya M’ it is a true story and is anything BUT a Disney movie. So perhaps if you are not happy with the term terrorist in Jamies piece, simply replace it with WAR CRIMINAL in the appropriate parts of the article where the word terrorist seems to have offended you so greatly. Because one day when karma comes knocking for him THAT is what he will be looked upon in history as.

      • So, here’s where the focus shifts to an attack/defense mode. I am not at all speaking about who in Iran supports the current leaders. I am talking about a very specific incident in the US on 9/11. I certainly would never presume to make any assumptions about what the current iranian regime is like to live under. That reality is the truth for those who have to live within it.

        That does not, however, mean that what Mahmoud said about the 9/11 attacks is false. The western media wants us to split the world into good and evil and conscious debate gets thrown by the wayside when this happens.

        War criminal is a far more useful term than “the war on terror” or “terrorism”, and, I think we have to take a good long deep look at the War Crimes of the West that have been perpetrated over centuries as well as anyone else. War crimes by any state or nation or person are unacceptable, whether they occur in the Middle East, Africa, America or anywhere else.

      • I hope we can add Blair and Bush to that list of war criminals or terrorists…. Or are we just restricting it to the people of the middle east? Is the near annihilation of one of the poorest countries in the world (afghanistan) with billions of pounds of bombs or the killing of 100’s of thousands of innocent civilians in Iraq not an act of terrorism?

        Also can we keep seperate all the different points being made ?
        No one is arguing that Ahmadinejad is a great leader to his people- we all know of the human rights violations happening in Iran. But as an iranian who hates what he is doing in my country I cannot but marvel at how he is showing up the hypocrisy of western foreign policy and western media.
        As for the stoning of Soraya _ I abhor all capital punishment. ALL capital punishment including stoning, the electric chair, lethal injection etc. One method is just a little more palatable than the other but killing is killing. This inhumane act should be stopped all over the world. I hope the issues raised with the soraya case can make all western countries exercising capital punishment question not only this terrible act in Iran but what is happening on their own doorstep.

        • Blair and Bush are on my list.

          Like I said before. Just because it comes out of the mouth of someone who isn’t squeaky clean doesn’t mean what Mahmoud is saying is not valid. I guess the fact he is has such a bad reputation is a convenient way for the US to deflect from the truth of 9/11.

          “Terrorism” is to the new millenia what “pinko and commie” were to the 1950?s McCarthy era” – Sistertongue

          I think this is very true.

        • I do think the stonings and other punishments are more to do with the religious laws of Iran more than anything to do with the president.

  2. This man – a sthe position of the stars demonster – is dangerous, but not as such… I think of him as someone else thoought of Adolf Hitler – **not** because the two are the same!, but due to the similarity of the role they can have even if in a far different situation…

    So that one said of Hitler: “It is not him, it is the noise he makes…”

    • That’s very interesting, one of my early astrologers said that if it hadn’t be Hitler it would have to have been someone, he was a manifestation of the mass counsciousness. Someone had to do it.

  3. Elaboration on Sirius on the suggested midheaven degree does “shed light” on the professional behavior of the man:

    In ancient Egypt, the dog star Sihor rose along side the Sun when summer was at its very hottest. Oddly enough, the ancient Egyptians celebrated the return of the “dog days,” because the rising of the Sun – combined with the Dog Star – announced a very good and significant thing. The Dog Star Sihor, was later named Sirius by the Greeks, after the Greek word for “serious” or “ardent.” The Hebrew’s Old Testament text of Job refers to Sirius as the star Mazzaroth.


  4. I respectfully agree with sistertongue. I’m fascinated by Ahmadinejad, as an unlikely truth teller in a time of universal deceit. Perhaps he is mirroring back an ugly reality that some just can’t face….literally.

    From Art Gianfermo of Aquarian Solutions:
    Sept. 23, 2010: A bold, risky and independent speech to the U.N.
    Ahmadinejad reflects the power of this Full Moon in Aries TSQ Pluto and Saturn all in cardinal signs.
    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (born Oct. 28th 1956) an intense Scorpio has Venus-Mars transiting in Scorpio and TSQ his natal Chiron in Aquarius and Uranus in Leo delineating America’s Chironic wound in dramatic fashion.

  5. hi jamie and marina,
    your new design threw me for a sec. is it my imagination or did the change cost you PR (and does that even matter)? making sure that i was on the right site, i learned that you’re involved in a “long-distance” romance. best of luck with that!

    now, for mahmoud. he’s the terrorist and YOU get attacked! how can anyone defend that a-hole, when he never stops talking about destroying israel, the western world, and edible underwear. i just read a news article about schools in the u.s. defending islam, while denigrating christianity.

    everyone living in america should take an oath of allegiance or get the hell out. it drives me nuts to see demonstrations here with people waving foreign flags. the fbi and dea have to tell mexico’s law enforcement where the the drug kingpins are (IN MEXICO). how ridiculous is that?

    apparently, some very sophisticated hacking has been going on – directed at iran’s nuclear facilities. i’m sure that we’re just trying to save israel the trouble of a strike. doesn’t mahmoud look like a scruffy, little weasel (his eyes are a good half inch apart)?

    thanks for the post. now, i’m all sweaty!

    • It takes up to 3 months for google to work out the page rank for a new site, but we still seem to have our posts raked OK on the searches.

  6. I think the time is right – the Moon is in Leo, the showman, and is in the Sabian degree of the “Carrier Pigeon fulfilling His Mission”. Read into that what you will, but he sure gets his message across! And the Sun, at 5 Scorpio, is the “Massive Rocky Shore resists the Pounding of the Sea.” Perfect for someone who continues on his chosen path and refuses to be deflected even when there are waves of worldwide public opinion against him. Perhaps that’s exactly what drives him.

    • Good confirmation Jan, I would be interested about the symbols for the AC and MC too, pretty please? 🙂

      • You’ll love the Ascendant degree Jamie … Particularly when you look at the Libra/Aries pairing. Sometimes the opposite degree resonates even more strongly. 13 Libra is “Children Blowing Soap Bubbles” and 13 Aries is “An Unsuccessful Bomb Explosion”.

        I can’t do better than quote Blain Bovee on this one – “listen for loud hollow sounds, innocent remarks that blow up in your face, hollow threats … think of a big show for little result, extreme expressions of gaiety and doom”. There’s a strong image here of something explosive held in a shell – and a need to walk on eggshells round the individual lest you let something explosive loose.

        Midheaven is “A Very Old Man Facing a Vast Dark Space to the Northeast”. He’s alone in this. I sense it’s his one chance to make the world notice him and if that means international condemnation, so be it. He won’t stop staying what he wants to say. I’ll check out Mercury too. I got a sudden shiver with this midheaven – a nuclear winter. Opposite is “An ancient bas-relief carved in granite”. A repeating theme from the Sun degree, of someone with rock-solid beliefs who won’t budge.

        • Thanks Jan. I must say I find the “Children blowing Soap bubbles” for Libra 13 very relevant personally. Hollow threats…Uncanny!

  7. @ Jamie. Thanks for clearing that up. It all makes a lot of sense now. It’s amazing about Algorab being on the AC at 9/11.

    Glad you made the distinction about terrorism and civilian targets. I don’t think there are many wars that DON”T hit civilians. Therefore there’s a pretty fine line between Terrorism and honorable fighting. Yet look at the way the War propaganda films portray for example, the British in War films. They are always brave, civilized, honorable tea drinking chappies like David Niven. Even when the British were occupying India.
    How would the Brits be portrayed by the Indians who suffered from this occupation if they could make films? As westerners we rarely get the view from the other side.

    That’s why the internet is so great, the world is shrinking. We can interact with people from all over the world, barriers are breaking down. Very Neptunian.

    What is annoying is that what Mahmoud is saying is pretty much the truth, yet its just going to be dismissed as the rantings of a terrorist. I wish Prince Charles had said it, or someone like that. Though he does talk to plants and make organic sausages so he probably wouldn’t be taken seriously either….

  8. I just have to add that. I don’t think the British Empire got so big by some smart English gentlemen walking in to the various countries and saying “Hallo chaps, we bring you civilization, care for a biscuit?”
    You think they went in there without getting civilian blood on their hands?

    I’m just having a rant this morning… Not having a go at you Jamie! Glad you wrote this. Has provoked an interesting discussion.

    • I was just thinking about this half an hour ago watching the beginning of “Narnia” with the kids. The bombing of London was terrorism, and then so was the bombing of Dresden, and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All civilian targets.

      • Hi Jamie – in for a penny…..

        War, Terrorism, its all MURDER by another name…..and, what if the content were seperated from the source, would this make Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s words any less valid, if we did not know who had uttered them…..? He showed an astute sense of timing speaking on this FM and certainly chose his setting for the maximum impact – would be interesting to see what the astrocartography for him is in relation to this

        there is so much double speak being thrown around in the world, we need clarity and a little less holier than thou propogandist noise from ‘our’ leaders – of course they produce the soundbites that everyone expects – boring – honesty wins out every time

        Seeing the header for this article raised my eyebrows and I felt a frisson of expectation and, yes, excitement that you were prepared to go there – good call and good timing – it was always going to produce a reaction – so grateful to Sistertongue and all for the way this has been handled and responding with intelligence and openness

        and, BTW, I think you fielded this discussion rather well yourself old chap – very useful insight into the application of ancient knowledge in a contemporary context….more tea vicar?


        • Thanks, Rob, my point exactly (see my replies to replies above). Mass media wants us to become personally, emotionally involved in good/evil mudslinging against each other. It occupies our time while those in charge of dropping the bombs and ripping us off financially go about their business, leisurely whistling down their murdering paths. Time for us all to stop and bring some rational/spiritual integration to the whole.

    • Yes…and do you remember a British film called ‘OH what a Lovely War’ – says it all

      when asked what he thought of Western civilisation Gandhi answered “I think it would be a very good idea”!

  9. All the while this thread has been going I have wondered about the Ascendant and Algorab – this provocative conjunction in the chart works well for the interpretation, but I cant shake off the feeling that it rather conveniently fits preconcieved ideas about what we might ‘want’ to find – as you say Jamie, I would like to see if it holds up through the period following the October 7th New Moon, to see if there are strong visible (or, more likely, audible, Moon) signs that the placement is correct – I would like to think that it will make of your reading a very good example of investigative/predictive astrology too – but, what would we expect of such a transit anyway, and, would it look that different if Algorab was not on the scene? Are we not playing to our expectations and is this uncomfortable possibility not also catalysing, feeding into the discussion at a more subconscious level……

    What about the chart aspects? Are there not at least two very strong indicators of this man’s perceived character, personality, ambition and drive without having to speculate on the birth time? The T square Uranus opposition to Chiron conj. Lilith squared by the Sun Neptune stellium in Scorpio have reaction, deception and the ability to wound written all over it – but how much of this is a reflection of our own shadow and hypocracy – looked at from another point of view, we could say that it represents a conflict within the man to pin down his drive on a personal level, coupled with a compulsion to ‘do it his way’, which could also be his downfall as well as the personal wound that he must heal – it makes of his self-image a mirror for opportunistic collective projections of unpredictabiity, obscurantism and wounding – could the same not also be said of other world leaders – it is perfect for the role as agitator to the ‘West’, which might well serve his inner purpose well – is he willingly falling to the low side as a way of resolving this nexus of transpersonal energies – is he really able to be honest with himself, and therefore with the world? (are any world leaders – Blair, Bush, the usual heads we love to hate?)

    Does this not unsettle our perceptions of him, get beneath our skin and feed into our individual and collective subconscious as well? Perhaps that is his role in the world, and, taking Blackunykorn’s point up, also makes him the visible mouthpiece for the fundamental ideologies that the Ayatollah et al are disseminating behind his role? He certainly is highlighting fundamental issues of Human Rights and the question of ethical enactment of Law, inspite of himself…….how symptomatic is this of world politics

    His Pluto square the Nodes further compounds the issue – a soul path that is challenged to transform at depth and with the suggestion of collective as well as personal Karma being the grist to his nodal mill – tough calling that needs a powerful motor/strong ego – and, with Saturn conjunct the North Node in Sagittarius he could be pulled towards embodying the Father figure, the shaper of idealogies, as a way resolving the problem of his Gemini karmic shadow, in relation to which the vocal role is a constant undertow – he looks trapped by gravity on the Karmic see-saw – his family are Jewish, converted to Islam when they entered Iran – he has been stingingly vocal against his Jewish roots and it has been suggested that this is a (Neptune) screen to compensate, distract – it also embodies the nodal question

    Without the MC Mars is unaspected – that gives a pervasive energy throughout his chart…….I do like the MC aspect though – it makes sense of an ego that has directional and out-going force at its disposal – further embeds him in the leadership role

    Speculative charts have been cast by many other astrologers for Ahmadinejad, some seeking to fit the MC to expectations, some focusing on the aggresive dynamics – he is more often ‘read’ through the lense of public perception than as an individual, like you or I, with a mandate for personal evolution written in his stars

    The fixed stars jigsaw make up a very compelling picture that seems to fit the overall pattern – for one in a position of power, in whom the playing out of his inner dynamics become a perfect screen for our projections, we cannot help but take notice – once again, apologies for the length of this comment

  10. Well, this discussion is lively … not surprising when you choose to write about volatile figures! It is difficult to step back and talk about energies and their necessary interplay when specific individuals are taking specific actions (especially ones we personally consider horrific). There is a wonderful card in the Osho Zen Tarot in the suit of the Rainbows, #10, entitled We Are the World Link, which shows the connection we all have going all around the world. If I could see the energy fields of my connections, beginning with those closest to me and expanding out, I am confident I would find a thread that connects me to Ahmadinejad. It may be weak in comparison to other threads, but it will be there.

    Astrologically, volatile figures play well in a volatile age, no less than they did in World War II or the American and French Revolutions, and any country’s with Civil Wars. And we have had a Dark Age to show us that outcomes are not always positive moves forward, but some times regressive moves backward. Katrina, in the US, showed us how thin the veil of civilization can be and the Gulf recently showed us how inadequately we prepare for accidents in our greed to consume. Buried in the Gulf Oil Spill was a massive recall by Johnson & Johnson on children’s medication and Kelloggs 27 million boxes of cereal (that had a funny odor in the bags). Our mass production society allows us to mass produce problems (Pluto in Capricorn).

    And, America did have a hand in the 9/11 attacks, our military and espionage forces trained Bin Laden and his men. When it was Russia and the Cold War we warmed right up to Bin Laden and the seedlings of Al Qaeda and provided them with the training and mindset to take on a much larger, more sophisticated enemy (the mirroring effect). Ahmadinejad is a voice that resonates with many in the Arab world who have lost a loved one to a US attack as “collateral” or civilian “damage”. At that level, ideology is not much of an issue I suspect.

    I have to agree with Rob that much of it is distraction. Scott Ritter is well worth reading and catching up with on Youtube, as he is probably the best Western analyst of the Arab world. In his experience Ahmadinejad is a noisy figurehead; all real decisions get made by the Ayatollah, the supreme religious leader. And while oil gives the Arab world a more poignant voice, the big table is reserved for Nuclear Weapons, which is one of the reasons North Korea and Pakistan have voices well beyond their economies and ideologies. Ahmadinejad wants Iran to sit at that table. The oil could run out one day, but nuclear warheads will last forever.

    We do have to figure out how to respond to Ahmadinejad, the Tea Party, the Taliban, fundamentalists of any faith, and any of the other Underworld energies churning significantly at time. We are definitely in a testing phase.

  11. I’d like to add to what others have said about this discussion. It is fantastic to see a controversial topic being discussed with maturity even though we all have different opinions. Thanks everyone, it’s a pleasure not to have to “babysit” like on a forum.

    Rob, I had a rough idea on the time of birth from a few months ago. There was a lunation on my Mercury, same degree as Mahmoud’s – same star. I meditated and saw the outside of the room he was born it, it was dark outside and I realized it was early morning, the Sun hadn’t come up yet. Then just the other day I played around with the time till the Moon, AC and MC made sense with the fixed stars and also the trasnits for the annointment of his first presidency. Standard rectification techniques would be very difficult in this case because there is virtually nothing recorded of his life before he became mayor of Tehran.

    • I am glad that you shared this – it makes a big difference to know how people work within the ‘zone’ and to get more of a sense of you living your practice – thats a powerful facility you have, to ‘look-in’, what I would call ‘seeing’ – suddenly the uncomfortable feelings I had have dispelled! This reading rings true – thanks

      • The best astrologers I have consulted were intuitive. Astrology is magical and it sure does help to believe in, and feel, or see more than the standard three dimensions. I love the half awake half asleep stage, and love even more making use of it for a particular purpose. I think we all have some ability with this kind of thing, but the big step if believing that it is real.

        • Yep – extra sensory reality is at odds with so much that we are induced and expected to believe – once we see it working in our own lives the belief becomes easier – when we see it working in the lives of others and, when the feedback we get from our own work shows its magical fruitfulness to be alive in the larger web, it brings a stronger connection – its an exponential loop – you could say more ‘belief’ gets more reality and a sense of ourselves transcending the known – and of course Life always throws in reality checks to keep us on our toes and make sure we are paying attention!

          The Mercury lunation you shared with Mahmoud and how you responded to it is fascinating

  12. Jamie, interesting article on A.
    I noted “Alkaid”, which is at 27^ Virgo. Mars will be there on June 27,2012 on the day, when Venus, ruler of his map is stationary.
    Also, the Solar eclipse at 0^ Gem. will hit his Neptune, Saturn and Pluto.
    Will the planets “help” remove him from the world stage?


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