Maria Sharapova Horoscope

Maria Sharapova Horoscope

Maria Sharapova

We have no time of birth for Maria Sharapova but her horoscope still reveals why she has been ranked number one in world tennis. Maria suffered a shoulder injury a few years ago, and had surgery in October 2008. After a break of nearly a year she dropped out of the top 100. Now in May 2010 she is back in the hunt, winning the Strasbourg International today on the way to the French Open. She is now ranked 13 in the world, and  the top Russian.

We can’t get details in the natal chart from the Ascendant or Moon, but Mars tells the story enough. Mars is energy, desire and sexy attraction. Mars is sextile Jupiter which is excellent for a sportsperson. It is an aspect of success, athletic ability and sex appeal.

Mars is also aggression and fighting spirit, and Maria has Mars on the militant fixed star Aldebaran “popularity, courage, ferocity… Extraordinary energy”. Of all degrees of the zodiac, this is the place to have Mars for optimum energy levels and fighting spirit. However, with Mars “liable to accidents”. The sextile to Jupiter has enabled her recover from her injury and come back strong.

As if that wasn’t enough intense energy, her Mars is also the action point of a Yod aspect pattern. So her mission in life is Mars related, in her case sport. The sextile is Neptune Pluto which is a transpersonal, generational aspect. This is why she is a sex symbol for the masses. Neptune sextile Pluto is an aspect of mass consciousness.

Maria Sharapova Horoscope

Maria truly is a modern day personification of the Mars archetype. A competitive, athletic and sexy warrior. Transiting Sun will conjunct her Mars in the middle of the French Open which starts today. Let’s see how that screaming energy goes!

Maria Sharapova Horoscope

Update January 28 2011

Maria Sharapova is currently screaming her way through the Australian Open final against Victoria Azarenka. “Sharapova’s run to the final ensures that she will return to World No. 3 in the WTA Rankings and if she wins the title, she will return to World No. 1. [Maria Sharapova – Wikipedia.]

14 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova Horoscope

  1. Hi Marina,
    Interesting comments about Sharapova, but with all due respect, i think you might just be a bit off.

    First off, Sharapova’s known as much for her modeling work than she is for her tennis/sports work.

    Her birthdate astrology seems to support this, as she has Mars in Gemini, not necessarily the strongest Signs for the Red Planet, and only makes one major aspect, a sextile to Jupiter as you noted. True, this aspect can and often does confer athletic ability, but as you also noted in yor post, Sharapova’s career has been hampered by injury. Now, note the Signs here – Gemini represents the arms, and she’s had shoulder surgery. Moreover, note the role of mutual reception, as Mars exchanges places with Jupiter, where the latter goes to its detriment. This exchange has clearly manifested in Sharapova’s life, yes?

    So, how do we see the glamor and beauty, the modelling and so forth? That’s easy – she was born with Venus exalted in Pisces, and only two degrees or so away from its strongest point in that Sign to boot. Venus also tightly squares Uranus, which adds to her “buzz” insofar as the modelling and fashion world is concerned.

    for point of comparison, let us consider the chart of Serena Williams, born on Sep 26 1981 at 8.28PM EDT in Saginaw MI. Her Asc is 3 Tau 11, making her angular Venus in Scorpio both her Asc ruler and ruler of her Sun as well. Venus then also squares tightly her 5th house Mars in Leo, which in turn is sextile both Jupiter and an exalted Saturn in Libra – I have found the Mars-Saturn aspects are very common in the charts of high level atheletes.

    Williams has also done her share of fashion world work, too. It is easily found online.

    I think if we compare these two ladies’ Mars placements, Williams’ Mars comes up quite a bit stronger than Sharapova’s.

    I’m just sayin.


  2. I wrote this one Bey. Mars in tropical Gemini really means little when you consider Alderbaran, the sextile to Jupiter, and action point of the Yod. Mars is also sextile Mercury and North Node. That just discounts any Sun sign astrology totally. Action point of a Yod not a major aspect? This blog is full of powerful examples of how important Yods are.

    The injuries are explained by Alderbaran “liable to accidents” and the Yod as I explained, quincunxes are health aspects.

    She models primarily because she is sexy, Mars sextile Jupiter. Venus square Uranus defintely addz buzz, but you don’t need exaltation to get that.

    Sarina has the same athletic aspect, Mars sextile Jupiter. Interesting. The Mars Saturn sextile is wide at 4 degrees though, not strong at all so I would say Maria’s Mars is definitely much stronger. No major fixed star on Sarina’s Mars. Will be intereting to watch this French Open. Sarina is still number one despite Pluto squaring her Sun this year.

  3. Jamie,
    Even if you discount the role of the Signs (something no major astrological authority would do, including guys like Ebertin, etc), you still would have a very powerful Venus-Mars square in Williams’ chart, only 45 minutes of arc apart. Keep in mind here, that Venus is the ruler of both the Asc and the Sun in Williams’ chart, and that Mars is in Leo, ruled by the Sun, and in the 5th house, which has always been associated with sports, yes? And then, there’s the fact that both Williams sisters have been a force in tennis for quite awhile now. As you noted yourself, Williams remains at the top of her game, with no downtime due to injuries. we can’t say the same for Sharapova.

    No matter how you slice it, Astrology 101 gives Williams the nod here for most Martian gal on the clay…


  4. We do use the signs,but as constellations and all the fixed stars in between. Half the world uses the sidereal zodiac.
    There are more ways to crack a nut!

    Why would Jamie’s post be “a bit off?” I think what he wrote was spot on! He’s not saying she is the number one gal in the world. Just that she is the personification of her Marsy chart.
    She even grunts, VERY loudly. Jupiter/Mercury sextile Mars.

  5. Marina,
    per the time-tested rules of mutual reception – known in Vedic circles as Parivartana Yoga – what I said about Sharapova was indeed valid. Her Mars isn’t particularly strong signwise, both because of its natal placement in Gemini (in the vedic world, Mercury and Mars do NOT get along) and because it exchanges places with Jupiter; when Jupiter moves to Gemini, it goes into its place of detriment. Mars in Gemini, then Jupiter in Gemini, speaks quite eloquently to Sharapova’s career being delayed as a result of a shoulder injury. As I’ve noted earlier, Gemini rules this region of the body, the hands, arms shoulders.

    Moreover, she cannot be the personification of Mars in the same way Serena is seen, and we can verify this astrologically by virtue of the fact that Williams’ Asc and Solar rulers, Venus, is in Scorpio (power) and tightly squares Mars. Sharapova’s known more for her fashion world work, clearly seen by her highly exalted Venus, only one degree away from its strongest point of exaltation. BTW, the Vedics use this system, too.


  6. Jamie,
    Yes, but he also totally valorized the aspects, too. So again, would you agree, that if one’s Asc and Solar rulers are in hard aspect to Mars, that it counts as quite a Martian influence?


  7. If we do as Kepler did, then there are no rulers. I’ll pull up Sarina’s chart shortly and have a closer look.

  8. Serena has had injury problems, knee sugery in August 2003, one month before her sister was killed. I can’t see anything in the transits to explain that.

  9. Jamie,
    Yea, i’ll have a look at Serena (proper spelling of her name)’s chart too in a minute. As for Kepler, the point is that he was a big fan of planetary aspects, yes? And if that’s so, Serena wins.

    More in a sec…


  10. Jamie,
    OK, I’ve taken a look at Serena’s chart. In Sep of 2003, transit Saturn was squaring her natal Saturn, which rules the knees and is natally in her 6th house of health issues. Then, when we consider her Solar Arcs for the year 2003, we get the following hits:

    SA Moon=Saturn, May 03
    SA MC=Saturn/Neptune, May 03
    SA Saturn=Asc, Jun 03
    SA Mars=Saturn/Asc, Nov 03

    Notice the recurrance of Saturn in these pictures, giving a clear echo of the knee concerns. Also, for the death of her sister, note that by transit, Saturn was passing through her 3rd house.


  11. And Jamie,
    While we’re at it, please list out all the notable astrologers who don’t care about Signs at all? I’m just curious. Thanks.


  12. @ Bey.
    Cosmobiologists hardly use Signs.
    Uranian/Hamburg School Astrologers, Western Harmonic Astrologers and Magi Astrologers don’t use them at all.

    Like them, we get the detail and fine tuning from using other elements which more than make up for it in my opinion. It’s just another method. But you are entitled to your opinion, I prefer to air mine on my own blogs. Zodiac Signs & National Stereotypes,
    If I posted on every single Astrologers blog who’s work I take issue with I’d never get any work done!

    In my earlier blogs I did try Western Sidereal for a while. I guess it was because the overriding mind-set of signs was so ingrained in my psyche, it was hard to let them go. Only I haven’t really, the houses very much correspond to the signs. Aries=House 1 etc etc..but because they are dependant on the AC they are far more personal IMO.
    Once I fully assimilated the fixed stars and constellations into my readings they really took off. Go ask our clients if they miss the signs!

    I also use Ceres and Eris as standard, yes its experimental, but it’s the only way to learn about these new bodies.
    The known Solar System is expanding, Astrology is evolving to reflect that.

  13. Maria Sharapova was caught using illegal medical substances. She failed a drug test before the Australian Open –> Transiting Neptune square Natal Mars. Solar Eclipse(March 2016) square Natal Chiron. Transiting Pluto opposite Natal Lilith.

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