Maria Sharapova Horoscope

Maria Sharapova Horoscope

Maria Sharapova

We have no time of birth for Maria Sharapova but her horoscope still reveals why she has been ranked number one in world tennis. Maria suffered a shoulder injury a few years ago, and had surgery in October 2008. After a break of nearly a year she dropped out of the top 100. Now in May 2010 she is back in the hunt, winning the Strasbourg International today on the way to the French Open. She is now ranked 13 in the world, and  the top Russian.

We can’t get details in the natal chart from the Ascendant or Moon, but Mars tells the story enough. Mars is energy, desire and sexy attraction. Mars is sextile Jupiter which is excellent for a sportsperson. It is an aspect of success, athletic ability and sex appeal.

Mars is also aggression and fighting spirit, and Maria has Mars on the militant fixed star Aldebaran “popularity, courage, ferocity… Extraordinary energy”. Of all degrees of the zodiac, this is the place to have Mars for optimum energy levels and fighting spirit. However, with Mars “liable to accidents”. The sextile to Jupiter has enabled her recover from her injury and come back strong.

As if that wasn’t enough intense energy, her Mars is also the action point of a Yod aspect pattern. So her mission in life is Mars related, in her case sport. The sextile is Neptune Pluto which is a transpersonal, generational aspect. This is why she is a sex symbol for the masses. Neptune sextile Pluto is an aspect of mass consciousness.

Maria Sharapova Horoscope

Maria truly is a modern day personification of the Mars archetype. A competitive, athletic and sexy warrior. Transiting Sun will conjunct her Mars in the middle of the French Open which starts today. Let’s see how that screaming energy goes!

Maria Sharapova Horoscope

Update January 28 2011

Maria Sharapova is currently screaming her way through the Australian Open final against Victoria Azarenka. “Sharapova’s run to the final ensures that she will return to World No. 3 in the WTA Rankings and if she wins the title, she will return to World No. 1. [Maria Sharapova – Wikipedia.]

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  1. Maria Sharapova was caught using illegal medical substances. She failed a drug test before the Australian Open –> Transiting Neptune square Natal Mars. Solar Eclipse(March 2016) square Natal Chiron. Transiting Pluto opposite Natal Lilith.

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