Mars Conjunct Sun Transit

Mars Conjunct Sun TransitMars conjunct Sun transit gives a tremendous increase in ego drive, a strong urge to get what you want regardless of what other people think. You are much more self-assertive than usual, which could cause arguments or conflict with others because of your desire to win at all costs. You can achieve much if you channel it constructively. Physical activity is especially favored, so competing hard to win in a team or individual contest is ideal for expressing this fiery energy.

Winning in any area of life and achieving your goals will go well so long as you remember you do not have to destroy others off the sporting field. An excellent example of this Mars conjunct Sun transit dynamic is with physical love relationships. Sex is a great way to express this energy as your sex drive is heightened, and this can be most rewarding for both of you so long as that aggression is channeled into a passion.

The Mars conjunct Sun transit lasts about two weeks in each decan unless Mars is retrograde. Then, it can last up to three months.

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  1. I remember going thru this for my solar return last year, it felted more like my natal ** sun square mars ** alot of energy , anger, I just wanted to fight people. Alot of aggressive !!

    • Yep, these transits do apply to solar return charts. I guess you felt it so strong because of that natal placement. A few months ago I had transiting Mars conjunct my Sun at the same time as transiting Sun conjunct my Mars. I vented on the forum and picked a few fights. I think I hurt a few egos but it deflected the anger away from my loved ones.

      • This coming week Obama will have this same setup. Mars on sun and sun on mars. He is trying to get congressional approval to strike Syria. Do you think these transits will help or hurt him.

  2. Transiting Mars (18 degrees Sag) will conjunct the degree of the
    eclipse of Dec 10, 2011, 2 days before my birthday, what is the significance of this transit?

    • I don’t think that eclipse would still be having any affect but it might be worth looking back to see what was happening back then for you out of interest. Perhaps Mars mat trigger some issue you were dealing with back then, but I don’t think it would be so strong.

  3. Hi Jamie, Hope you are well. Here’s MY interpretation of Mars conjunct Sun 😉 (as I’m experiencing it right now–)

    Nobody is going to f*cking push their Mother-f*cking agendas on me. And you know what else? I am NOT suffering fools gladly today, as I always do, you know–Miss Five Planet in the 8th-house Cancer stellium always worried a*bout everybody else’s f*cking feelings. And I am bloody f*cking sick and f*cking tired of having to f*ucking dumb Mother_f*cking down. And what the f*ck is the mother-f*cking problem with people’s Mother_f*cking listening skills? And btw the f*cking way, I don’t need anybody telling me I don’t know how to communicate or that the skills/talents I have are not needed in this in f*cking trash community where I live are useless because “anybody can do that”. Yeah, mother-f*cking right. Just like because I can use a scissors, I ‘m a brain surgeon, right?

    Beware of the temper of a kind, compassionate person who has spent a mother-f*cking lifetime putting others first. Because when we BLOW, we BLOW.

    If you need to dump this, Jamie, I understand. I am just so fucking fed up and disgusted with so much bullshit–and btw, folks, if you care to respond with the love and light shit, take it and stick up your as*es. You have NO idea what I am dealing with and don’t give me any sh*t about how you are worse off than I am or you’ve suffered more, or any wise old person crap. For once in your lives, all you quicker-fixer-uppers without a mother-f*cking clue, who need a reason to live so you play wise-sage, back the F*ck off and attend to your own failing lives.

    And PS: don’t give me any BS on how “aggressive” I am. My mere lifeforce frightens people on a day when I have no Mars transits, lol.

    Nobody listens. Everybody is an expert. Everybody can fix everybody else but they can’t fix themselves. “Sanctify yourself and you Sanctify Society”–St. Francis of Assisi

    There! I feel much better. Thanks, Jamie. Sincerely, HD

    • This is exactly how I am feeling! I have been so angry the last couple of days and am ready and waiting for a fight! So I was looking at my chart and they only thing I thought was possible is transiting Mars conjunct progressed Sun? Do you think this has the same effect? This is happening in my progressed 6th house and my natal 8th house. The feeling of revenge towards the evil Estate Agent that manages my apartment is off the scale!

  4. Hi All,

    I’m going through a mars transit to my natal sun. It’s also in my 7th.

    HD.. love you’re work honey. I was smurking from ear to ear.

    It’s definately an.. ‘I don’t give a damn what you think’ kinda thing. The energy is so forceful it knocks people over a bit. Yeh.. i’m gonna do, what i wanna do, and everybody elses agenda is being left to deal with themselves. Not my problem. Heaps of energy. I always put everyone else first. Not with mars on my sun. I am more aggressive. I just walk away, it’s their shit to deal with, i’m not getting dragged into their bullshit. As for channelling correctly, well theirs plenty of men i don’t want, around and none of what i do.’s the weight bench for me and lots of yard work.

    Have a great week everyone. Cool your jets. lol.

    • for sures. GO shake things up now! I am excited that I would feel and think like you when warrior Mars enters my sign on 10/15.


  6. Nice…So this is what I have to look forward to? I have transit Mars and Sun conjunct my Vertex on July 23, 2015

  7. So accurate. Mars is currently conjunct my virgo sun in the 9th house. Angrily… no, RAGE-ingly philosophical. Many perceived injustices to myself in my surroundings, stemming from those little mf-er classmates, and I’m going to complain and hammer the issues into my teacher’s head, and hopefully ground all my classmates into a fine powder until these issues are rectified to suit the class environment in a “fair and logical way” (i.e., to MY preferences). And believe me, I’m RIGHT and I KNOW what I’m talking about and have given these things MUCH thought. More than anyone else, and if people disagree with me or think they know better, then to hell with ’em. lol…

    But man, I hate feeling this way. One hell of a transit… 😛 Can’t wait for it to be over…

  8. HAHA, VENTING IS AWESOME. tthis is for me happening today as i also have mars square sun in natal chart.
    TOUGH to deal with all my anger but have no choice to let it fly!!!!! EXTREME ANGER, TRYING TO LAUGH after reading these other people it really rings true…

  9. My Virgo Sun trines my Capricorn mars , and my Taurus I tend to be a ‘ deliberate ‘ plodder LOL♍

  10. Is someone has this (mars conjunct Sun) in the 12th? I’d like to know how it works. Thks! 🙂

  11. In my Natal, Sun and Mars are conjunct in Capricorn, with Venus, 6th house

    In the Age of Aquarius chart I use, the 12th house is Capricorn.

    Mars in Capricorn is exalted. In the Joy chart, the 6th is Mars’ preference.

    In the 12th, Mars is the soldier residing in Saturn’s Joy, the general.

    This axis, one of service, the other of secrets, the subject (12th) may become the object (6th) of a unique intelligence project.

    • Planetary Joy Houses:
      1st, Mercury
      3rd, Moon
      5th, Venus
      6th, Mars
      9th, Sun
      11th, Jupiter
      12th, Saturn

      Age of Aquarius:
      1st, Aquarius
      3rd, Aries
      5th, Gemini
      6th, Cancer
      9th, Libra
      11th, Sagittarius
      12th, Capricorn

      Using the NewAge chart, over the next few days Jupiter and Saturn are transiting their Joys and are exact antiscia the Winter Solstice. In mid Libra, the Sun is in its Joy, opposite Moon in its Joy in Aries. So an interesting Full Moon then, with Mars and Venus in debility. With this, we are seeing massive social gender bending, practically everywhere.

  12. Currently, Mars and Venus are in mutual reception (Mars in Libra, Venus in Scorpio). I have a Libra ascendant, so Scorpio (Mars) is my 2nd house of values, income and possessions.

    Mars is currently conjoining my natal Sun, and my house just sold for a fine price, and now the time crunch to divest myself of all unneeded items and pack and move the rest. Lots of stress, lots of focus on values and possessions – what to keep, what to give away or throw away… and of course all the stress that goes along with that.

    Add in the time crunch – all must be out of the house and the house completely cleaned before the buyers’ walk-through date prior to closing. Astrology is so literal sometimes!

  13. I’d rather have it myself easier to deal with it. It’s when others around me are having it that I want to run and hide from them especially when they don’t know anything about astrology so they don’t know what’s hitting them. The two people in my life I am depending on, one of them has it on her sun and the other one on his ascendant. Both of them 3° Pisces today. It’s trine my 2° Scorpio moon so I am in La La Land while they are trying to pick a fight

    • The majority of the population suffering from,

      ‘Lack of Nurturing’,

      ‘Lack of Unconditional Love’.

      hence duality,duel states,always striving for the positive,
      and neglecting and running away from the negative.

      Society hooked on Addiction,
      to stay in 1 state and neglect the other.

      Neglected shadow/s,unfelt negatives feelings/emotions rising to the surface.

      Think ‘asceticism’,Prepare ‘Psychic/Spiritual Warfare’.

      Unaffected by projection/s.

      • Ps.In effect,unaffected by projection/s,
        one changes the projections and there surroundings.

        Self denial of everything outside oneself,
        not succumbing to drama,temptation and addictive behaviors,
        and integrating the feeling behind the compulsion/s/drama/s is key.

        What one reacts to,is there own Karma,
        ie: unintegrated feeling/s,emotions.

  14. I’m going thru this transit right now and the amount of energy is tremendous, I don’t want eat, I’m not tired and physically can work without breaks and not much sleeping. Trying to control my anger as much as possible. And on top of that I’m going thru Saturn- Saturn opposition

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