New Moon 26 April 2017 The Dark Side

New Moon April 2017 AstrologyThe New Moon on Wednesday April 26, 2017 is at 6° Taurus. The New Moon April 2017 astrology exposes some dark and sinister energies that are often associated with strong leaders and dictators. The new moon fixed stars and planetary alignments make it easy to identify and understand your inner dark side.

The April 2017 new noon allows you to make sense of the strange invisible energies working away inside you. Shining a light on your dark side can lead to a positive transformation and liberation from guilt, fear and shame.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon marks the beginning and end of the 28 day lunar cycle. Sun conjunct Moon gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. This is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf or starting any new project.

All possibilities are on the table as you put yourself at the center of plans for your future. Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.

The influence of the April 26 new moon lasts for four weeks up to the May 25 new moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of this new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the Moon lasts from April 26 to the May 10 full moon.

New Moon April 2017 Astrology

The April 26 new moon at 6°27′ Taurus makes no planetary aspect at all. There are two fixed stars just ahead of the new moon that have a sinister reputation. There is also a very strong planetary alignment at the time of the new moon which can transform demons into angels.

Fixed star Hamal at 7°53′ and fixed star Schedir at 8°00′ Taurus are both associated with strong, protective leaders. A lust for power can make them cruel and violent dictators. Although headstrong and aggressive, they slowly work their way to the top using cunning and patience. Inside a generous and loving family man can lie a killer instinct and demonic powers. Evil associates, egomania, overindulgence and love affairs can lead to trouble, loss and disgrace.

New Moon April 2017 Astrology

New Moon April 2017 Astrology

New Moon April 2017 Aspects

The influence of the fixed stars is amplified by the new moon and felt by everyone. Even if these stars are not active in your birth chart, everyone has their inner demons or little dictator to contend with. In a similar manner, it does not matter that the following aspects do not link directly to the new moon. We all feel them to some degree just as we all feel the new moon to some degree.

Mercury conjunct Uranus gives flashes of insight and higher awareness of your inner demons. This electrifying influence on your brain makes this an ideal time for any mental or creative work requiring originality. Increased open-mindedness and intuition make it easier to grasp concepts and abstract ideas. The things you discover will surprise you and unexpected news may come your way.

Mercury trine Saturn gives disciplined thinking, good concentration and attention to detail. It makes the abstract concepts from Uranus more tangible and easy to apply in real life. Saturn will also tone down the shocking nature of some Uranus insights. This is a good new moon for making important decisions and for serious discussions, negotiations and business dealings.

Saturn trine Uranus represents a transition phase in life. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly. Change will not be upsetting or erratic as it sometimes can. You will remain calm and patient, planning every step methodically. This is also a good time for experimentation and creative self-expression.

New Moon April 2017 Summary

The April 26 new moon aligns with two nasty fixed stars that are associated with dictators and the dark side. The major planetary configuration this year, Saturn trine Uranus, is activated by the messenger Mercury. This brings stunning insights and understanding which will lead to a positive transformation.

Revealing your inner demons will be very liberating. Shining light on such dark and sinister energies makes them weaker. Discovering and accepting your dark side can lead to a rapid and positive transformation. This reduction in negative karma will relieve you of guilt, shame, self loathing and fear.If New Moon April 2017 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Full Moon 11 April 2017
Next Moon Phase: Full Moon 10 May 2017

New Moon April 2017 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
April 26 – 5:16 am
April 26 – 8:16 am
April 26 – 1:16 pm
April 26 – 5:46 pm
April 26 – 10:16 pm

15 thoughts on “New Moon 26 April 2017 The Dark Side

  1. Ahhhhhh this is opposite my natal Pluto in 11th house

    And conjunct someone’s Chiron in 8th house..oh boi this yr is proving out to be quite eventful..

    Uranus almost making a square to my natal moon at 28 Capricorn 2nd house. I want to cryyy

  2. Dang, just when I dodged the Full Moon bullet, Uranus and Merc sit on my Mars opp Uranus and Mars nudges Kassandra opp Nep/Merc. At least my sun and N/N are safely under the Sat Rx shield (…!). Prob the only one who can contain it all at this stage..:)

    Thanks Jamie, as always, for keeping it real.

  3. It will be trine my natal Jupiter – co-ruler of 5th house. What to expect Jamie?

  4. Hello
    There’s another fixed star which has not been mentioned in the article and it’s a shame and it is Metallah, located precisely on the same level as the new moon, I share with you what is said:
    From Ptolemy, it’s like mercury. It is said to give a character just, sociable, honest, just and caring society, with an interest in architecture and Freemasonry. [Robson *, p.64.]
    For the fixed star Hamal and Schedir and yet another star fixed 7 ° 52 Adhil which has not been mentioned and you share what is written:
    According to Ptolemy, the influence of this constellation is similar to that of Venus, although the legend would lead us to assume an any with the Virgin. It is said to confer the purity of thought, virtue, honour and dignity of its people, but to cause the fears with chimerical battle (wildly fanciful and highly unlikely) and a tendency to be easily discouraged. It gives the love between husband and wife and reconciles the Adulterers. If March afflicts fixtures of Andromeda and especially if it’s in a corner, it causes death by hanging, beheading and crucifixion, impalement. By the Kabbalists, it is associated with the Hebrew letter Pe and the 17th asset of the Tarot, The Stars. [Robson *, p.26.]

    Hamal and Schedir, to remain cautious, the conjunction with the new moon, born not give the same sense if it was a conjunction with Mars or Saturn
    With Hamal:
    With the Sun: Dissipation, evil associates, loss and shame. [Robson *, p171.]

    With the Moon: Patient, slow success thanks to the hard, troubled by love, but favorable work for marriage, marriage partner of the gains by the company or speculation. [Robson *, p171.]

    With Mars: Violence, crime trends, influential position but final disgrace and ruin. [Robson *, p171.]

    With Saturn: Careful, thoughtful, critical, sarcastic, materialistic, interested in geology or agriculture, some favorable, domestic happiness to gain. [Robson *, p171.]

    What is written for Schedir:
    Influences: From after Ptolemy, this constellation is the nature of Saturn and Venus. It is supposed to give arrogance, bragging and exaggerated pride, but at the same time the power to command respect. It is associated with the Hebrew letter Beth Kabbalists and the 2nd part of the “High Priestess” Tarot. [Robson *, p. 36]

    You can also add the fixed star Cap at 5 ° 07 and still Alphrik 5 ° 33 (note all these positions stars stopped by the year 2000, the movement is equal to (1) every 72 years…)

    • Hi Lunesoleil.
      Metallah is not a major fixed star and is not used by many fixed star astrologers. Fixed star Adhil has no specific influence.

      • Hello Jamie
        Metallah is still closest to the new moon since on the same degree as the other two fixed stars that were cited.
        What is imporiant is the symbolic nature of the planet in conjunction and not only the symbolic nature of the fixed star which changes its interpretation according to the nature of the conjunction, the Sun and the Moon, this isn’t March, Saturn or Uranus and Pluto…

      • hi ,
        i am shitting my pants, My boss resigning on the 27th.
        most formalities completed on the 26th even i am sure he is up to no good
        scared i am.
        Fingers crossed. really could use some advice
        mail at
        much appreciate it.

      • hi ,
        i am shitting my pants, My boss resigning on the 27th.
        His exit formalities completed on the 26th
        i am sure he is up to no good, never really liked me.
        scared i am.
        Fingers crossed. really could use some advice
        mail at
        much appreciate it.

  5. Metallah is still closest to the new moon since on the same degree as the other two fixed stars that were cited.
    What is imporiant is the symbolic nature of the planet in conjunction and not only the symbolic nature of the fixed star which changes its interpretation according to the nature of the conjunction, the Sun and the Moon, this isn’t March, Saturn or Uranus and Pluto…

  6. Conjuct Ceres in 7th, aspecting Jupiter conj IC 6Aqua, MC 6Leo, Chiron 6Pisces, Pluto 6Virgo..all if them more or less by no more than 15 seconds…then Merc 8Cancer, Neptune 8Scorpio and thats only natal chart… Its a stretch even for my imagination lol!

    • ETA a few days on….the only way to overcome darkness is to penetrate & embrace it with the sword…of light…not steel….sourcery can only be fought with sourcery…sourcery is the weilding of the power…there is only one power, divine love, there is no evil in majik that is made from the source…it can only exist in the hearts of humans, but it doesnt have to, but when it does, it cannot be removed by the mentality of the father nature just “thinking positive” it requires carefully feeling ones way through the emotions of the mother nature, honestly until complete ease and comfort is found (Taurus) represented by the bull, yet highly feminine, he us the protector of the sacred cow after all? Be aware of any “red rags” that signify a threat to endangering ones pure “love” flow, we have had 4 years to do our part in the huge clean up effort of the emotional waters…dont need to be going of like “a bull in a china shop” by reacting to threats that arent real, or over reacting to ones that are? Worked hard to make sense of this given my afore mentioned aspects because I though I already had reached a point of understanding this, and I have, this was simply triggering a “lot of bull” from my inner tyrant trying to gain control again to believe I havent and be planting those negative seed again now during the dark moon…sorry, not swallowing bull shit anymore, even from myself lmao! 😉

      • Ps.sourcery is only spelled sorcery when “u” arent in the flow of love…language…its an art form, formed by the colours and tones of the letters and words that are then expressed by the voice (Taurus).

  7. Absolutely feeling the energy!! No doubt the leadership, dictators and the bad ego running high!! Time for the darker side to show out!! Hoping for a great transformation ????????

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