New Moon July 2013

New Moon July 2013 AstrologyThe new moon on Monday, the 8th of July, 2013 has a very upbeat and optimistic vibe about it. Like all new moons, it signals the start of a new monthly cycle, providing the energy and motivation to set off on the next leg of the journey. Unlike recent moon phases, this one comes with built-in satellite navigation and some other bonus features that make the whole experience more enjoyable. The highlight of this luxury cruise is a generous grand trine, coming into perfect alignment at the midway point, illuminated by the July 22 full moon. The inspiring grand trine is just one of the nice features of this new moon. I have narrowed these down to five bonus features from the new moon horoscope included below.

New Moon July 2013 Astrology

New Moon Bonus Feature #1 – The new moon falls at 16°17′ Cancer, which puts it under the guiding influence of the second brightest star of all that we call Canopus, in the good ship Argo. This lighthouse of the universe is the GPS sat nav to keep us on course. Canopus not only lights the way, as the wise and handsome admiral of the fleet, he also takes the helm. This frees us to focus on other pursuits this star favors, like buying low and selling high to increase wealth, or broadening your knowledge through study or travel.

new-moon-july-2013New Moon Bonus Feature #2 – Mercury is conjunct the new moon to promote conversation among the company of travelers. Decisive thinking and good judgement will assist in planning the itinerary. Mercury’s liking for bartering will be a bonus for bean counters. The odds of bickering or lost luggage due to Mercury retrograde are lessened by the fixed star Wasat. This star, which joins the Gemini Twins at the hip, promotes compromise and partnership.

New Moon Bonus Feature #3 – No need to watch your back anymore Julia, the time for settling old scores had ended. The Saturn retrograde period winds up only hours before the new moon, so there is no extra weight to carry and no need to procrastinate. Ideal for turning over a new leaf or starting new projects, now that the slate is clean and the hand brake is off.

New Moon Bonus Feature #4 – Venus trine Uranus is a good sign for anyone booked on the love boat. Singles will be pleasantly surprised by the quality on display in the meat rack. Venus square the lunar nodes applies more to those already entangled in a karmic contract. Uranus will either toss up a get out of jail free card, or reactivate the honeymoon period to keep your eyes from wandering. Venus trine Uranus could also excite with a win in the gaming lounge, or some other financial bonus you didn’t see coming.

New Moon Bonus Feature #5 – The new moon July 2013 horoscope shows the forming grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Neptune is your ideal vision of the future, Saturn turns the dream into a reality, Jupiter makes it all good. The awesome potential stored in this triangle keeps building as it tightens up to geometric perfection, midway through this four-week magical mystery tour. It will be vibrating at its highest frequency as the July 22 full moon opens up a stargate portal. Mars catches up to Jupiter at the same time, unleashing this pyramid shaped treasure chest and hurtling the thing through the cosmic portal at warp speed. Don’t miss this boat, tickets are selling fast.

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  1. You have a way of painting movies with words. So well rounded and thoroughly done. Really. Bravo. . . . .

    But, be nice to Venus and don’t paint pictures of meat markets when you know darned well she likes pink, and fluffy and sparkly. . . . . Mr. Man.. . . . . ;). . . . .She’s a tango but no matter how she gets to you, you eventually forget you were mad and you know it. ;))
    Aloha from Hilo Jaime. 🙂

  2. In looking at the potentials for this period the obvious primary focus is on: Jupiter’s ingress in Cancer, the Grand Trine in water, the various manifestations of the Grand Trine and the transiting T-square in cardinal signs also with (at various times during the period, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter participating. July 1st, my son called me about 3:00am to tell me he had won the lottery for several hundred dollars. His M.C. is 1 degree Cancer and he has a Cancer Moon at 12 degrees. I hope this is just beginning of a very pleasant period for him. As for me I am a Sagittarius so besides the rulers of my Sun sign (I subscribe to the view Jupiter and Neptune co-rule Sagittarius as well as Pisces) being in very good places the triggering of the two focal determinators, the Grand Trine present a very interesting astrological dynamic for consideration. In short I anticipate and interesting and exciting month in which there will be pleasant surprises related to my dreams and the goals which I am seriously in pursuit of at this time. The truly intriguing aspect of this period is, how will the relationship of the two determinators
    interact? Will they compliment each other and if so will one dominate or will there be give and take? Will some of both ways of manifesting be present depending on the components and the circumstances involved? Will (and I think highly likely) the presence of an exalted Jupiter in Cancer as well as a very comfortable Neptune at home, connected by trine and affinity mitigate the abrasive tendencies usually associated with the T-square in just the right combination to allow for the definite accomplishment of positive and productive results? I believe the mix will give us the added impetus to “do” what the trine suggests as easy…if you go do it but as we know the trine also lacks initiative, so unless its already in motion it may not tend to get in motion during the trine. With this mix we may not have that. Lastly and on the more mundane front over the last several days (1st-3rd) we also have seen the apparent sudden ouster of the Egyptian president Mosri who has only been president about a year. The civil unrest which is marking that entire general area from Nigeria to Egypt is most definitely connected to the square between Uranus and Pluto at time and Pluto’s placement in Capricorn. The period of Jupiter’s transit through Cancer may help to soften situations which otherwise might be quite volatile and precipitous dragging other nations into the conflict. Some believe the conditions are ripening for the start of WW lll and obviously under these conditions (the relationship between Uranus and Pluto and Pluto’s placement) such opinions cannot be dismissed out of hand.
    However, we may take heart for at least the next year Jupiter may play a huge roll in moving collective humanity towards the realization of the promise and potential of mankind endorsed and encouraged in Esoteric and New Age thought…stay tuned!

    • I think it is a good sign for anyone with a strong Cancer in their chart. My eldest girl has Sun in Cancer decan 1. She’s been happier than usual lately and picking up medals and awards at school and with gymnastics.

  3. In the previous reply the line: …triggering of the two focal determinators, the Grand Trine… should read the triggering of the two focal determinators, the Grand Trine and the T-square. I apologize for not having proof read the reply before posting. J.P.

  4. This is some of the best astrological news and a fantastic birthday present! After the eclipses, the Uranus/Pluto square, this is a breath of fresh air. Much thanks

  5. Well. What if your Sun and Rising signs are Capricorn/Aries/Libra ? New Moon will be horrible.

      • I suppose that also goes for any planet of the trine that is square or opposing natal planets? I have a grand cross with Neptune conj Desc squaring natal moon saturn right now, so was just wondering.

  6. I had cancer asc but my Uranus is in asc……so I m bot confused how this new moon or Jupiter transit will work for me

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