New Moon 6 March 2019 – Practical Magic

New Moon March 2019 Astrology Practical MagicThe New Moon on Wednesday March 6, 2019 at 15° Pisces joins Neptune. This gives the New Moon March 2019 astrology a spiritual and enlightening influence. Harmonious aspects to Mars and Saturn give passion and practical results, and ensures you need not worry about the confusion and deception associated with Neptune.

The March 2019 new moon also joins asteroid Vesta for sexuality and devotion, and fixed star Achernar for morality and success. This new moon encourages compassion but also karmic friendship and soul mate unions. In particular, this is an excellent moon phase for practical magic and making your dreams come true.

New Moon Meaning

A new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of another new 28 day cycle. Sun conjunct Moon gives an invigorating burst of energy and initiative. So this is an excellent time for making a fresh start, turning over a new leaf, or starting a new project. You can also question old habits, behaviors and beliefs as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress.

The effects of the March 6 new moon will last four weeks up to the April 5 New Moon. The best time for making a fresh start and for beginning new projects is during the first two weeks of this new moon cycle. This waxing phase of the Moon lasts from March 6 to the March 20 Full Moon.

New Moon March 2019 Astrology

The March 6 new moon at 15°47′ Pisces joins Neptune and asteroid Vesta on a star called Achernar in the Mouth of the River. The planet, the asteroid and the star all have a spiritual influence on new moon March 2019. Harmonious aspect to Mars and Saturn gives practical mysticism without the deception, confusion and fear of Neptune.

New Moon Conjunct Neptune

Sun conjunct Neptune increases your sensitivity, intuition and empathy. Being more affected by the thoughts and feelings of others and the environment, this can be a positive or negative experience. But this new moon is on a pleasant star and makes harmonious aspects to Mars and Saturn.

Still, if you have a tendency to be drained by negative types of people, it would be a good idea to set some boundaries to protect yourself. This will allow you to enjoy a sense of togetherness with loved ones. You may benefit from joining or learning more about environmental, charity, social or community work and groups. Spiritual or occult subjects like astrology may be better understood under this high awareness new moon.

New Moon March 2019 Astrology

New Moon March 2019 Astrology

Mars and Saturn

Sun sextile Mars increases your self-confidence, physical strength, vitality and courage. So this is a good new moon for physical activities, especially of a competitive nature. It’s time to start new projects and tackle difficult projects which you have put off in the past. Intimate nature will benefit from you extra warmth, charm and charisma.

Sun sextile Saturn gives the patience, perseverance and strong work ethic to meet your goals. You will be determined to get practical results and make no mistakes. This is a good new moon to complete serious or difficult tasks. You could earn the trust and respect of others. Advancement and recognition is also possible now, especially in your professional life.

Mars trine Saturn gives even more strength, ambition and perseverance to take on the hardest of tasks. You will find the most efficient way to get the job done without being distracted or discouraged. Increased sex drive and sex appeal is a good omen for new and existing relationships. Your love life will benefit from your loyalty and devotion. This is a good new moon to legitimize, consecrate or formalize a partnership.

Mars sextile Neptune increases your sensual desires making new moon March 2019 ideal for romance. Your mystic allure will attract people more in tune with your level of spiritual development and you may even find your soul mate. You could assert this spiritual energy to defend the mistreated or fight for a just cause. Your strong sense of what is right and true will guide you in your actions.

Saturn sextile Neptune helps you make your dreams come true with hard work and a sensible, realistic approach. You will understand your own limitations but will be optimistic at the same time. You will also gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual goals and how they fit into the bigger picture. Spiritual wisdom brings the patience and self-discipline to sacrifice short-term gratification for long-term success.

New Moon Conjunct Achernar

Fixed star Achernar at 15°34′ Pisces gives success in public office, beneficence, and religion. [1] Well placed, it promises happiness and success by giving good morals, faithful adherence to one’s religious beliefs, or a philosophical inclination. [2]

Constellation Eridanus the River gives a love of knowledge and science, much travel and many changes, a position of authority, but danger of accidents especially at sea and of drowning. [1]

New Moon March 2019 Astrology

New Moon March 2019 Astrology [Stellarium]

Asteroid Vesta

Vesta was the Roman virgin goddess of the hearth, home, and family. According to Leah Whitehorse [3] :

The sacred fire is an ancient symbol for sexuality – the burning passion of sexual desire and its resulting fecundity… With Vesta, sexuality is revered and honored within oneself but channeled to spiritual service.

Suggested Keywords and Phrases for Vesta
Keeper of the flame, keep the home fires burning, sacred flame, inner fire, devotion, dedication, constancy, conviction, spiritual commitment, personal sacred sexuality, sexual control, channeled kundalini energy, virginity, purity, purity of intent, chastity, virtuousness, diligence, modesty, principles, centered, self-discipline, control, the utmost care, focused passion, the devil finds work for idle hands, service orientated, a life of service, integrity, truth.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury stations retrograde one day before new moon March 2019. This may result in painful words because Mercury is conjunct Chiron. However, the spiritually enlightening influence of the new moon encourages healing words. Mercury stations direct on March 28 at 16°05′ Pisces with Neptune and Achernar. This will amplify the influence of new moon March 2019.


New moon March 2019 has a spiritual, passionate, romantic influence which is a good omen for karmic friendships and soul mate encounters. This is also a good new moon for practical magic because it brings material gain from spiritual pursuits like astrology, Tarot, dreaming and meditation. Devotion and service to others will increase your spiritual awareness and understanding.If the New Moon March 2019 astrology chart directly affects your Sign you can read about it in your free Monthly Horoscope. Finally, for more details about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

New Moon March 2019 Times and Dates
  • Los Angeles, March 6 at 8:03 am
  • New York, March 6 at 11:03 am
  • London, March 6 at 4:03 pm
  • Delhi, March 6 at 9:33 pm
  • Sydney, March 7 at 3:03 am
  1. Fixed Stars and Constellations in Astrology, Vivian E. Robson, 1923, p.44, 116.
  2. Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1971, p.77.
  3. Asteroid Vesta, Lua Astrology.

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  1. Jamie,

    That is such a fine uplifting read on this upcoming New Moon. Thank you. As my birth Sun is 17deg of Pisces, I’d best let it all flow through my being. What do you think?

    • Thank you GarGal. Yes I think you are on the right track. You should already be feeling Neptune conjunct Sun transit which does give best results by trusting in a higher power and “letting go”.

  2. I agree, go with the flow…17 Pisces is my Saturn opposite Neptune…I am intending to tune in…

  3. This all sounds so great! Thank you, Jamie.
    The New Moon will be on my IC. And on the Ascendant of my SO.

  4. It falls on my 8 house, sextile venus in taurus in 10th.
    What to expect?

  5. I have Pisces ascendant at 19 dog but based on transit chart, this new moon will conjunct my ascendant

      • Thanks Jamie. Btw, I’m curious as to why my son’s chart is not in order. For instance, he has 5th and 6th houses in Cancer and 11th and 12th houses in Capricorn. His 1st H is Aquarius and then it jumped 2nd H in Aries. There are two other houses that skipped the order. Please explain why it’s like this. Thank you so much for taking time.

  6. it is dismaying to see hateful right wing propaganda still railing on Hillary Clinton on this supposedly “enlightened”
    astrology site….words matter!

    • I know, it is unbearable. Bring back September 2016. What was the astrology we loved?

  7. Hi Jamie, I could be wrong, what with Mercury Retrograde & all but you have not mentioned new moon effects for any of the 12 signs in any of 3 decans in March 2019 monthly scopes. Is it an oversight? I’m a Taurus, Decan 2, it should affect me I think. Please check. Thanks

  8. how do i know where does it fall on my chart…? I’m a pisces 11 march

  9. This is such blessing! New Moon conj natal Jupiter (18 deg) which in sextile with Saturn in Capricorn. Transit Mars in trine with natal Mars while making aspect in this new moon.
    There is Sun-Saturn-Mars aspect with a dash of Neptune, the ultimate male sexuality enhancer, wish me luck!!

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