Pluto Sextile Sun Transit

Pluto Sextile Sun Transit

Pluto sextile Sun transit brings significant soul growth where changes and new opportunities increase your power and ability to improve your life. You will feel more driven to get ahead as Pluto’s intense and transforming nature helps you push through to achieve your goals. Forces acting behind the scenes are helping you, which could manifest as assistance from bosses, other important people in your life, corporations or government agencies.

Relationships, in general, may seem more intense, but in a good way. Bonding and deeper meaning come through a greater understanding of the psychological makeup of the relationship. Pluto is an interpersonal or generational planet, so your role within social groups, the family, clubs, or in the workplace may take on more importance, even a leadership role.

Self-confidence should be very high during this time as you enjoy more power and authority. This is a great time to transform your life, get ahead, and promote yourself. You should also find deeper meaning in all areas of life which will stay with you. Hidden talents and abilities can surface and be added to your tool kit, helping in the personal advancement this transit brings.

Pluto Sextile Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Scorpio & Pisces Decan 2January 2013December 2018
Scorpio & Pisces Decan 3February 2018November 2024
Aries & Sagittarius Decan 1March 2023November 2030
Aries & Sagittarius Deacn 2March 2029September 2037
Aries & Sagittarius Decan 3February 2036January 2044
Taurus & Capricorn Decan 1March 2043December 2051
Taurus & Capricorn Decan 2April 2050January 2060
Taurus & Capricorn Decan 3April 2058February 2068

19 thoughts on “Pluto Sextile Sun Transit

  1. Hi after such a long time there is a ‘good’ prediction / new after being beat up by eclipses, psychotic stars and saturn…thanks a bunch 🙂

  2. Pluto was sextile my sun (trine North Node) back in 08/09. Was randomly fired from a job (tr. saturn 10H square natal uranus) Not fun… But the next job I got allowed me to do some soul searching and was far better for me. From that experience I learned a lot about myself (pluto is sextile my pisces stellium now) and I have been discovering lots of interesting things about myself. Definitely ready to put my life in the direction it needs to go!

  3. so true! I’m pisces 1st decan and this is really what has been happening to me since 2008, and I like those changes very much (inside me, with my friends, my relatives…). it has been difficult at the beginning to accept those changes (I didn’t understand what was going on!) but now I see them as a benefit to my life which is now far better than before. This transit will end in Nov. 2013: I wish it could last longer…

  4. yes, this pluto sextile with sun is a positive immediate effect in markets.i have wondered about these aspect and i have balance these aspects upto november 2012

  5. i had a platonic love with someone, that is started long ego (6 years ego), till now there was no progress, sometimes we were close and then we were detached, my birthday is on november 8, 1987. this story is prolonging, so what will happen next? or what should i do now?

    • Hi Hasan, with your Sun about 15 Scorpio, The dates for Pluto sextile Sun are roughly:

      20 January 2016
      28 July 2016 Rx
      22 November 2016.

      So it covers the whole year ahead basically.

      Also, the best times for growth and happiness will be during the Jupiter Pluto trines. Plus the rough dates for Jupiter sextile your Sun are:

      26 October 2015
      29 March 2016 Rx
      20 June 2016.

  6. Hi sir Jamie, it’s Rub here again!
    I was just wondering if I’m having this transit right now, I’m November 9th born In (year 1996 I think I am).
    Also.. I’m wondering if the Pluto transiting natal venus has ended my Venus is in 13 degrees Libra, some sites say it’ll end of 8th of feb ‘016 (this is exactly 3 years later) && I think/feel that pluto retrograde will make it return again next year(for 4 months), is it true? A little frustrating to hear to be honest.

      • But the transiting Pluto enters higher degrees of 17 in 2017 itself..isn’t that supposed to mean that this transit for me is just for next year most significantly hitting..?

  7. Hi Jamie,
    I am a Scorpio Sun at 24.05. When Pluto sextiles my natal Sun it will also trine my natal Jupiter to a degree.
    Using I see the exact Pluto sextile/trine to my Sun/Jupiter will be in February 2021.
    I would like to know if the effects of this alignment can be felt before the exact degree and if yes, how long before.
    Also, would be grateful if you could shed some light on these specific transits coming together.

    Many thanks!

    • Good question Nevena. I would say at least one year before the exact Pluto transit, even longer if you have high awareness. Jupiter-Pluto combinations means positive evolution on a grand scale. This combination means large scale undertakings, multinational corporations. It should feel like Jupiter trine Pluto.

  8. HI Jimie ny bday is Nov 3, 1987 @1am can you tell me what’s going on in my birthchart

  9. Is this transit good for health? Also I have transit neptune trine jupiter. Jupiter cross ascendent. Feels good to have good transits. Progressed venus to taurus. But progressed sun at late taurus
    28. I be prog. Gemini. I do not like progressed. Late degrees.

  10. Dear Jamie,
    Pluto is now two degrees short of an exact sextile to my Sun. I think I felt the effect of this over the past two days:
    The person my residential company employs as manager is a perfect prat whose neck I often feel like wringing. But I did not work up any such aggression two days ago. I saw that his neglect of our garden was causing severe alarm and discomfort to a young family in the basement flat. (A rat infestation usually does!) I emailed the prat manager to tell him exactly what he must do, and do immediately. He answered in his usual prevaricating, insolent way. My reply was an ultimatum: ‘Get this job done by tomorrow midday. Should you fail to do that, I shall call in my own workmen, and charge their cost to the company.’
    He wrote back more drivel, which I did not answer. And, low an behold! The job was done by midday of the following day!
    The strange thing was that I did not even consider the possibility that he would defy my order. I do not recall ever having experienced my power so confidently: it did not even occur to me that the prat would disobey me. That was Pluto on my Sun, wasn’t it?

    • PS to my previous note: Pluto is still where it was, but now retro, when I wrote the above. And my sense of being able to correct wrong behaviour in my living context is still with me. I confess to being more than a little pleased about this: the aloof and retiring woman I was in my home context is now become firm and pro-active. But I often tell myself to be aware of an indelible fact: Fixed Star Scheat is exactly conjunct my natal Sun. Jamie, would it be wise for me to butt out?

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