Sun Opposite Pluto Natal and Transit

Sun Opposite Pluto TransitSun opposite Pluto natal creates an intense struggle to safely express your strong ego. Being such a powerful, determined and private person, you may go to extreme lengths to ensure others see you as a perfect human being, totally in control of yourself and all around you. If you believe that you don’t meet your own high standards, or that others think less of you, dissatisfaction can lead to negative behaviors or a crisis.

It is most often through interpersonal relationships that this struggle is fought. Starting as an internal battle, it often leads to conflict with others, self-sabotage, or some other destructive process. The Pluto theme of death and rebirth runs deep in your soul. You may have an intense fear of both death and rebirth, or failure and the process of change. Transformation is needed to perfect yourself, or some creation which you see as an expression of your identity.

Change and transformation will be a constant in your life. If your self-image, homework, or productivity at work is not perfect, then you must change in order to get better. Accepting change and imperfection is most important so you can evolve out of the darker sides of this challenging aspect. This darker side can include stubbornness, domination, manipulation, possessiveness, jealousy, and spying. You may experience this in yourself or through friends, family, and partners.

Your strong need for deep understanding and the truth, are complemented by your talents for research and investigation, the uncovering of secrets, and sometimes occult or psychic ability. These assets are your tools for transformation, to evolve out of the darkness of suspicion and mistrust, conflict and aggressiveness, or self-destruction through addictions such as opiates.

You may experience a major crisis in your life which forces your hand to make a major change. Even then, there will still be more change in your life. This is a lifelong process because of an inner need to work hard and aim for perfection.

At a certain evolutionary stage, you reach a point of great satisfaction and comfort with your self-image and how you express your power. You have a great potential to wield your power safely and productively, leading to an influential position of authority or leadership. You leave a deep impact on others with the ability to heal through your deep insights.

Sun Opposite Pluto Transit

Sun opposite Pluto transit can indicate some sort of crisis either with self-esteem, a relationship or an event. This may be due to a self-destructive character trait such as addiction, spying or stubbornness. In relationships, you may be the subject of, or the perpetrator of, manipulation, jealousy, domination or spying. Events may include the breakdown of an appliance or car, theft, violence, or the destruction of possessions by people of a natural disaster.

If something like these examples were to happen at this time, it is important not to be overly assertive, egotistic, or resistant to change. Things like this will more likely happen if you have been stubbornly resisting change, or have been engaging in some habit that is destructive to yourself or others.

Things like this appear to happen out of your control, in a way they help you to realize that you don’t need to have total control over others or your environment. Even though you may experience a bruised ego during this transit, there is also great potential for positives if you are open to change.

Change may be forced upon you, or better still, you may instigate it and this transit will be less disruptive. The aim is to transform for the better. To evolve your soul so that you may live a better life and experience more satisfaction. It is most common that this would occur through a close relationship, such as a family member, close friend or partner.

This interpretation for Sun opposite Pluto transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon opposite Pluto.

Sun Opposite Pluto Celebrities

Jessica Savitch 0°11′, John Hurt 0°13′, Marie Curie 32′, Anna Freud 0°33′, Natalie Cole 0°44′, Friedrich Nietzsche 0°48′, Gustav Doetsch 0°51′, Farrah Fawcett 1°01′, Louis XV 1°03′, Naruhito 1°14′, Miranda Kerr 1°22′, Lady Bird Johnson 1°16′, Chris Brown 1°23′, Neil Diamond 1°38′, Jack Nicklaus 1°40′, Melanie Safka 1°41′.

Sun Opposite Pluto Dates

July 17, 2021
July 19, 2022
July 21, 2023
July 23, 2024
July 25, 2025
July 27, 2026
July 29, 2027
July 30, 2028
August 1, 2029
August 2, 2030

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