Sun Quincunx Moon Natal Aspect

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Sun Quincunx Moon NatalSun quincunx Moon natal shows outwardly as a changeable personality and inconstant moods. On the inside, you can feel unable to truly relax and find harmony in relationships. Constant stress and tension can make you feel anxious, neurotic and insecure.

Your assertive, masculine side can interchange with your emotional feminine side. If one side dominates then tension escalates until a rapid change occurs and tension is relieved. If one side of your personality always dominates, you can seek out your hidden side in others. Such relationships seem harmonious but if your mood changes your partner may not cope, feeling as if they do not know you.

In order to avoid the sometimes dramatic tipping point when your stress levels climax, you may learn to adjust, compromise or adapt your behavior. In this way, a sort of an equilibrium can be reached. You can be very successful in your personal and professional life by living in this highly energized state of give and take. You will learn to accept this heightened state of tension or anxiety. It requires only subtle inner changes and flexibility and masks your insecurities and anxieties.

The nervous or neurotic energy produced by Sun quincunx Moon can cause health imbalances. This is often too much or not enough of a particular hormone of chemical. Feeling always on the go and a lack of harmony in relationships is the karmic price you pay this life for mistakes when your soul was younger. Emotional manipulation or abuse of power may have been the reason.

You can use the heightened energy levels of the quincunx aspect to gain more self-control over negative habits. Greater feeling and empathy can resolve any power and control issues you may have. Conscious and subconscious awareness of internal and external energy flows will lead to a well-balanced, focused and ambitious nature. Karmic guilt can be removed and your contagious energy and enthusiasm can lead to health, wealth and happiness.

Sun Quincunx Moon Celebrities

Glenda Jackson 0°04′, Kim Kardashian 0°19′, Robert Englund 0°21′, Michael Caine 0°22′, Ritchie Valens 0°24′, John Hurt 0°26′, Patrick White 0°34′, Zenna Henderson 0°51′, Dolly Parton 1°32′, Saddam Hussein 1°56′, Goldie Hawn 2°31′, Arnold Schwarzenegger 2°34′, Jack Nicholson 2°53′.

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