Sun Square Mercury Transit

Sun Square Mercury TransitSun square Mercury transit is such a busy time mentally that so much interaction with others, and so many ideas popping into your head can make it difficult to make sense of everything.

The information overload can lead to scrambled thinking so you may have trouble expressing yourself clearly. This can lead to arguments with other people because you are not making sense to them or you say something you do not mean.

These other people in your life may also unsettle you if they question your plans or thinking on a particular subject. Listening is better than taking at the moment, and this is not the best time for making important decisions even though you may feel like you are being pressured. This is not the best time to sign contracts or make business deals.

This interpretation for Sun square Mercury transit can also be read for a Solar Eclipse and New Moon square Mercury.

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  1. Hi all, this relates to the full moon in May 2012. Natally I have Saturn square mercury…at 21degrees Scorpio. The full moon is at 16 degrees Scorpio. If I had planned ahead I would have done a retreat in an silent ashram or something. Now I’ll just try to communicate as best I can! Lol

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