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To create your own free horoscope, simply enter your birth details in the form below. The monthly and yearly horoscopes at Astrology King are divided into decans to give you a more personal and accurate forecast. This free horoscope is interactive, so you can hover over different areas of the chart to read information on the planets, signs and houses. Find the degree of your Sun to see which decan to read in your horoscopes. You can also read my horoscopes for your Moon and Ascendant decan. If this chart does not work on your mobile device then go to the free astrology chart online.

  • Decan 1 is from 00°00′ to 09°59′
  • Decan 2 is from 10°00′ to 19°59′
  • Decan 3 is from 20°00′ to 29°59′

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151 thoughts on “Free Horoscope

  1. Oh please will you do that for me? I’ve been studying my chart so in depth for the last couple weeks or so. My whole life I’ve been drawn to the stars but especially now! It would be nice to have the links there for me like you did above for Luah. My brain needs to rest a sec. It’s all so much. I’ve been feeling different. I could explain but it would take a long time and you will see for yourself if you would be so gracious! Thank you! I was born the 26th of July 1979 at 13:52. Mary Greeley medical center Ames, Iowa.

    • I can’t see anything to be too worried about Rhonda. I nice subtle link between your Saturn and Midheaven seems to be helping your interest in astrology along. Saturn on fixed star Zosma may be a little melancholic but does give you past life experience in this field. Mercury conjunct Midheaven also points to an intellectual career or calling. Obviously your brain never stops.

      The September 1 solar eclipse on your Saturn will keep this re-learning experience going. It is your soul’s path anyway with Saturn conjunct North Node.

      September 26 looks significant with Saturn trine Midheaven transit coinciding with Jupiter sextile Sun transit.

  2. Thank you! No, my brain never stops! Always analyzing, dreaming, wondering about my past incarnations. Desperately wishing I could remember them. Desperately wanting to fly thru the stars, into the Sun, into all the planets really. I’ve always felt like I wanted to live in the1800s. Always! I so desire to access more of my brain but so desire it to rest a lil. Thank you!!

  3. Also, my childhood was not pleasant. It was highly traumatic with a lot of mind games and brain washing. Could Saturn be to blame here? Was I paying an old debt on Karma or was I learning something difficult? Man this stuff fascinates me. How accurate it is. As I learn more, I desire more knowledge. Especially about the past because it was so detrimental to my life and success spiritually, I think. My cousin was born the same exact day as me only a few hours apart and in Alabama. We are so much the same but she was able to fulfil her dreams while I was stuck in some kind of cosmic time out. And punishment. Was this due to the north node?

    • Yes, mainly Saturn but the past is also rules by the Moon and IC (opposite Midheaven) at the bottom of your chart.

  4. hello. I m a having exams on December. my dob s 5th Oct 1990. 9.17a.m India (manglore). Pls let m. wil I get successful?

  5. Am a Sagittarius decan 3, 19th Dec. ’72, 0240 hours and I’m currently drawn to watching animal slaughtering videos on Youtube (as if reaching out towards the prime “source” of my sustenance), then stumbled on the article for the star Algol. “Rise up and ride with it’s teachings…”

    I seem to be going through some clearing or expunging of pent-up anger & frustration with work since Friday – almost like something I need to undertake before I can make any move “to the next level” of my existence.

    Am harbouring a bright, positive feeling about the 29 Nov. new moon period into the 1st half ’17, now. Any thoughts, Jamie?

    • This is an interesting case Daniel. You do not have anything in your chart on Algol, but maybe with place of birth I could find something. Interestingly though, you have Mars directly opposite Algol on a star called Unukalhai. Both Mars and this star are associated with violence. Mars in particular is the planet associated with killing animals, hunting, butchering, knives etc.

      The new moon on November 30 is 7 degrees Sagittarius which is right on your Mercury. The fixed star here is another strongly Mars-type star, Antares in the heart of the Scorpion.

      • My place of birth is Johor Bahru in Malaysia. In the mean time, my attention seemed to shift toward reckless show offs causing car accidents and now vehicle fires being extinguished by fire departments… (fire, aggression, colling off..?).

        Also, I have Saturn retrograde in Gemini – what life conditions might I need to address? I think that part of it is self-discipline and attention to detail in diligent preparation…



    • Not Vedic but Westertn astrology, using the Tropical zodiac. Best to read your yearly and monthly horoscopes to get a better idea about partners.

  7. Hello Jamie ,
    I have a Libra rising at 23 deg. 11′. On Spica fixed star.😀 I Just would like to ask you whether Jupiter will be giving his blessings for both signs. or just for the Libra sun signs? I mean Jupiter is going to be just efficient for sun signs or risings too?
    Thank you my Dear friend.

    • May, google Jupiter conjunct Ascendant transit and you should find something. It is very significant. Jupiter turns retrograde at 2308′ Libra on 6 February 2017. The direct conjunction is 7 September 2017.

      • Dear Jamie,
        I am thankful to you,as you are always ready to reply me with your gracious and smart answers. many thanks to you Jamie. I adore this brilliant Blog .


  8. Hi Jamie,
    I usually read that anything done on a void of course moon is said to be void and nothing would come from a matter.
    Or If you want to have fewer repercussions on a matter in the long run, do it during the “Void” of Course Moon. And if there is something that needs to be done or said and you just want fewer consequences around your actions, it’s believed to do it under a “Void” of Course Moon.But really I don’t find you mentioning any of that. And it happens that most of the times we do essential big matters on a VOC. also once you told me to do operation to my daughter on a VOC And not to fear anything. considering it a date of destiny. I always abide by your instructions. But listening to astrologers saying all of the void things about the void moon made me think WHY???
    What is their point of view??? What scientific concepts are taken for this?
    Thank you Jamie, if you are busy just reply me on your convenience.

    Many thanks for you.

  9. Dear Jamie, my dob is 20th December 1972. Request you to let me know when I will get a better and suitably senior job. Thanks in advance, Prakash

  10. To add to my previous question, the last seven to eight years have been very tough for me professionally with major office politics and back stabbing to damage my career prospects.

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