Lunar Eclipse 18 August 2016 Special Mission

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 AstrologyThe Lunar Eclipse on Thursday 18 August 2016 is at 26 degrees Aquarius. The lunar eclipse August 2016 astrology is very positive and exciting for a change. New discoveries and relationships will send you on a special mission to find plans for a brighter future.

Lunar eclipse August 2016 will not produce any shadow over the moon so is going to act more like a normal full moon lasting 14 days. This is just long enough to finish tying up the loose ends of the last six months and start preparing for a brand new eclipse cycle starting on September 1.

Lunar Eclipse Meaning

Like all full moons, the major planetary aspect of a lunar eclipse is Sun opposite Moon. This focuses your attention on your home, family and relationships of all kind. As the lunar qualities of emotions and instincts reach their peak at a full moon, you can take an objective and balanced look at your personal relationships. Being in touch with your own needs and intentions, and those of others, you can clearly see any relationship imbalances causing disharmony.

Lunar eclipse August 2016 will bring balance to, and compliment the August 2 new moon. Projects you started two weeks ago can now be fine-tuned or completed, it is harvest time. This is also the final moon phase in an eclipse cycle which began with the March 6, 2016 solar eclipse. Any major themes or goals in your life over the previous six months will be seeking finalization before the September 1 solar eclipse clears the slate and begins a whole new eclipse cycle.

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 Astrology

The August 18 lunar eclipse at 25°51′ Aquarius does not come under the influence any major fixed stars or asteroids. As I do not use Sun Signs for interpretation, it is a fortunate thing there are some interesting planetary aspects to talk about.

Moon sextile Uranus acts in unison with Sun trine Uranus to bring two weeks of stimulating experiences, surprising events and exciting change. Relationship imbalances and polarities in life can be reconciled using higher awareness, originality and experimentation.

Increased intuition and flashes of insight lead to self-discovery and revelations. Combined with increased self-confidence this allows you to express the more unique or quirky side of your personality. You will feel like trying sometime new, so leave your comfort zone and widen your social circle with some extra ordinary people.

Stale relationships can be rejuvenated by allowing for greater individual freedoms. Old relationships can be renewed through unexpected meetings or contact on the Internet. Chance encounters may lead to instant attraction and new friendships or romances.

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 Astrology

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 Special Mission

A Yod aspect pattern contains a blue sextile aspect with two green quincunx aspects. This forms a long triangle shape which in the chart above points to Mercury and Jupiter. A Yod signifies a special karmic mission you need to complete in order for your soul to evolve.

The changes, new relationships, higher self-awareness and insights of Moon sextile Uranus create a heightened state of anxiety and tension. The quincunx aspects focus this neurotic and unstable energy on the action point of the Yod. It is through Mercury and Jupiter that you manifest all that crazy energy in a stable and useful form.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter brings good news, optimism and a happy frame of mind. You should feel broad-minded, generous and sociable. This is the ideal time to start a new course of study and to sit exams. Journeys and holidays can be booked or started.

Social charm, tact and diplomacy make this the right time to settle disputes. Buying and selling should turn a profit and you can negotiate a better deal in any area of life. Making plans for the future is favored but don’t forget to have some fun. Catching up for a chat with friends and making new friends will be easy because of your positive energy.

The mission of this lunar eclipse Yod is to take the exciting changes and new discoveries in your life and turn them into optimistic plans for a brighter future. Saturn square Neptune has brought so much fear and anxiety recently so it is about time you had some fun and used positive thinking to make the most of new opportunities.

Venus trine Pluto is the strongest aspect in the lunar eclipse August 2016 astrology chart apart from the eclipse itself. Perhaps the good news coming out of your special mission has something to do with big improvements in your love life and finances.

If Lunar Eclipse August 2016 directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your monthly horoscope.

Previous Moon Phase: New Moon August 2, 2016
Next Moon Phase: Solar Eclipse September 1, 2016

Lunar Eclipse August 2016 Times and Dates
Los Angeles
New York
18 August – 2:26 am
18 August – 5:26 am
18 August – 10:26 am
18 August – 2:56 pm
18 August – 7:26 pm

138 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse 18 August 2016 Special Mission

  1. Jamie, what size orb would you consider for aspects to a lunation? I have 7 planets at between 23 -28 degrees of leo,cancer,libra and gemini.

    • About 2 degree for a single planet bit when you have a stellium of planets like you have, the orb widens considerably. I would say the eclipse is conjunct your stellium in general, i.e. all seven.

  2. Dylan, Libra, birthday October 16th, 1995. Friday evening I acted completely out of the ordinary for myself, by driving up to the beach while looking for a pool, only to swim, I absolutely hate the beach mind you, on top of that I did this alone, without letting anybody know. After I swam in the ocean for a while I started running, and didn’t stop or slow down for a single break and ended up running seven miles, barefoot, I gave myself blisters. I’m not saying I’ve never ran that distance before, but just never like that. Any theory’s ?

  3. Hi, my lunar return is at the time of the eclipse (in the 7th house), does this mean that aspect is heightened? It feels significant, and i was curious as to whether there’s anything i should be aware of at this time

    • Yes it would be Caitlin. Especially if it “feels” so, an in your intuition. It is arguably the most important of all transit, an eclipse conjunct Moon, the other being conjunct Sun. Apparently life would not be possible without our Moon. She is part of us and responsible for us being here at all. See Giant-impact hypothesis.

  4. Thank you Jamie! and hurrah for the good news of this lunation!

    The year so far has been an emotional roller coaster of revelations and Hollywood class jump-scares of the first order. I just looked up the symbols, Sabian and Kozminsky respectively:

    26º Aquarius: A garage man testing a car’s battery with a hydrometer.
    Capacity of self to take up and deliver spiritual power. Controlled release of power through the emotions. Measurement.

    26º Aquarius: Three fires blazing above three triangular hills, a cross sword floating in air above.
    Denotes one of mystic and reformative leanings who may be impressed by invisible forces for certain work on earth, but who may not be conscious of the part he is called upon to play. He has intelligence, force, and bravery, with a strong will, and what he is willed to do he will do. He should never permit himself to be hypnotized nor entranced, nor yield his will to the power of another, in the body or out of it. It is a symbol of Service.

    Kozminsky in particular sounds so much like one of the new Windows 10 Solitaire games it’s uncanny.

    Mercury/Jupiter are conjunct my natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction and opposite my natal Saturn Rx/Chiron Rx. Venus is sitting pretty conjunct with natal Uranus/Pluto and my natal Venus in stellium is opposite Pluto Rx.

    What any of that means I don’t know but the pattern that it makes has a feel to it that is pleasant even if there is more red on there than I like seeing.

    An interesting two weeks coming up.

    • Those symbols well match the theme of a Yod aspect pattern, thanks Purplelight. Your Uranus Pluto opposite Saturn Chiron makes you about my age I believe. It seems to gives a very unique wisdom at this age, after the Uranus opposition. Practical healing methods or teaching methods.

      • Haha wisdom? Perhaps. But finding that I’m biting just about everyone’s head off lately, dreams are lucid beyond what I would have expected and my patience levels are in need of a refill. Meditation is the only remedy that I can think of at the moment to enable healing.

  5. Thank Jamie.

    It makes a lot of sense for me.
    So a great thank you for the Yod definition.

    Jupiter transiting my 7th house and I have been struggling in relationship area since the March eclipses.
    I think I have a work to do with my Moon (12h) and Uranus (1h) in order to liberate my Jupiter.

    Thank you

  6. Hello Jamie and everybody, my natal Mercury 26 Aquarius 11th opposing Moon conj. Uranus in Leo 5th, friends and close relationships just waiting to see if is possible getting worster than it is…. Thank you folks! Best wishes to you all!

    • Hi Lucia. Yes that would be a hard configuration for friendships. I know mu daughter struggles in this area with Moon conjunct Uranus on its own. On the positive side of things, the opposition from Mercury will force you to understand relationships dynamics better, to watch, listen and learn. With m ore experience will will master this and be able to share your feelings much easier.

    • I have to disagree with you. Eclipses are wild cards and bring drama and changes that people perceive both as good or bad. They are not only bad, that is certain! Maybe because they are powerful and the changes are so significat, one can feel overwhealmed at the time of the eclipse.

      • Well said. There is a lot of fear surrounding astrology going way back, eclipses, retrogrades, Saturn etc. If it were all so bad we wouldn’t be here by now.

  7. I was born with Sun 0 Taurus Conjunct Saturn 28 Aries, quincunx Pluto/ Jupiter/South node stellium running 22-29 degrees Virgo- Right next door is my 0 Libra Uranus and the Virgo stellium is sextile my Neptune at 28 Scorpio. A yod. I am at the culmination of many lifetimes of letting go. I think this full moon yod is the yod for me!

    • I have a similar chart to you Griselda. This eclipse is well aspecting our Yods. Good to hear your take on it, very helpful for me.

  8. I agree with Alina.
    Using such strong comments on a website of a qualified professional is crass and looks sad.

  9. i experienced an extremely harsh and unexpected breakup on sunday, it was our 2 yr anniversary to top it off,
    neither of us were acting ourselves, and i sense that there has to have been something major happening in the planetary realm ,.. Im an aquarius w/ scorpio rising. 3rd feb 1986 and she is a sag. 8th dec.. any insight would be massively appreciated

    • On that date, the August 18 lunar eclipse fell on your Jupiter so I can only imagine the break up was in your best interests. The solar eclipse square Saturn may be needed to hold you back from being overly confident or excessive.

  10. That’s interesting, August was the hardest month of the year for me. I also experienced a harsh break-up from a longterm relationship a few days before the lunar eclipse. I’m a leo w/leo rising, and he is a leo w/gemini rising. Probably that was in our best interests, but i’m still trying to grasp. Your articles are very inspiring and comprehensive. Thank you for sharing your assessments.

  11. That was the week I discovered my husband’s emotional affair with an employee. My instincts told me something was “different,” and after looking at his phone I discovered the truth. Now he proclaims his undying, “rediscovered” love for me, but I don’t know how I can ever trust him again.

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