Solar Eclipse 8 March 2016 Growing Pains

Solar Eclipse March 2016 AstrologyThe solar eclipse on Tuesday 8 March 2016 at 18°55′ Pisces falls in Pisces decan 2. The solar eclipse astrology focuses on the healing of a deep wound in your soul, represented by Chiron alongside the solar eclipse. It may be an old or new wound affecting your body, mind or spirit. Growing pains due to challenging aspect from Jupiter and Saturn are relieved by the recuperative and evolving power of Pluto. Freedom from pain allows for a spiritual transformation, the evolution of your soul.

Solar Eclipse Meaning

Like any new moon, a solar eclipse represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. The strongest and most important aspect in all of astrology is the Sun conjunct Moon. It means that all possibilities are on the table and you can rightly put yourself in the forefront of new plans for the future.

Old habits, behaviors and beliefs can be questioned as you search for new and inventive ways to make progress. This is the ideal time to make a fresh start and start writing down a to-do list on a blank sheet of paper. The impulsive and enthusiastic nature of a solar eclipse means that not all new projects will succeed, however a solar eclipse in not only one point in time.

The horoscope for a new moon or solar eclipse is like a snap shot in time, but like old style photography, it takes time to develop. This solar eclipse will remain active until the next solar eclipse in September 2016. As the eclipse cycle progresses, planetary aspects to the eclipse degree will mark more active times when events relating to the eclipse will likely unfold. The strongest of these  being Mercury on the eclipse degree on March 15 and Venus on March 27.

Solar Eclipse March 2016 Astrology

The March 8 solar eclipse degree of 18°56′ Pisces contains no major fixed stars or asteroids. Astrological interpretation therefore relies on planetary aspects but this area of the sky does contain some small fixed stars in the water steam at the end of Aquarius Constellation.

A solar eclipse in Constellation Aquarius suggests events connected to aviation, flooding of rivers and its impact on agriculture. Revolution and war will continue but with a greater focus on new directions and humanitarian organizations. Another small star in this area of the sky between Constellations Aquarius and Pisces is π Pegasi on the Hoof of the Flying Horse.

I have written about the Astrological Ages and suggested we are in the Age of Pegasus. An era of climate change and rising oceans, carrying us from the Age of Pisces to the watery Age of Aquarius.

Solar eclipse conjunct Chiron gives the strongest indication of what your new goals or new focus for the next six months is about. To the Greeks, Chiron was the wise Centaur who brought astrology to humanity. To Christians he is Jesus Christ who counted the number of the stars and called names to all of them. Both were healers of wounded souls who used natural methods like hands on healing, herbs and the power of the mind.

Think of all the healing techniques you can that start with the word chiro, the Greek word for hands. Even palm reading is termed chiromancy. Chiron was not part of the establishment and he mingled with other outcasts. He was seen as maverick who used unorthodox methods to heal others and promote spiritual enlightenment.

The major theme of solar eclipse March 2016 therefore relates to a deep wound in your soul. This could be some existing physical or emotional pain, but may also indicate a new wound received following this eclipse. Other aspects in the solar eclipse March 2016 astrology chart and the lunar eclipse in two weeks time will give more detail about the nature of your wound and the healing process.

Both Chiron and Constellation Aquarius have the new age feel about them. The wounding/healing may manifest physically or emotionally but will involve a spiritual component, especially during healing. Your new start or new goals may involve natural or alternative methods but also new breakthroughs in science and technology. Air travel and the Internet have a part to play in both wounding through the spread of disease, and healing through information sharing.

Your wounding and healing journey could be in response to dramatic changes in global weather which are affecting our bodies and souls in way we cannot even image. The story of Chiron will be further understood in relation to the transition of healing from medicine, to hands, to the mind and ultimately to purely spiritual healing.

Solar Eclipse March 2016 Astrology

Solar Eclipse March 2016 Astrology

Solar eclipse opposite Jupiter means there are forces acting against your growth, prosperity and happiness. The influence of Chiron suggest health issues impeding your growth and happiness. An old wound that has been pushed inside would now manifest as unhappiness, selfishness, exaggerated pride or gluttony with food or drugs.

Unethical or immoral behavior will not be rewarded. Moderation, self-control and self-discipline will help you avoid the over optimistic and excessive nature of Jupiter. Try not to take on too much or push yourself too hard because of a tendency to over-estimate your resources and abilities.

Solar eclipse square Saturn frustrates and delays the achievement of your solar eclipse goals through setbacks, separations or loss. Fear and pessimism can lead to a defeatist attitude and melancholy. There will be a tendency to evade responsibility and give up on your goals. Saturn may indicate that your wound stems from guilt and resulting self-abuse. This would indicate the karmic repercussions of inflicting a wound on another person.

Any Jupiter unethical or immoral behavior will now be punished. If your own wound stems from guilt about hurting someone else or being disloyal, then forgiveness is critical to healing your wound. Forgive yourself but also importantly forgive anyone who has hurt you. Forgive even the person who you have harmed because they must have done something to deserve it. This aspect requires hard work, patience and discipline.

Jupiter square Saturn can limit your growth and represents the struggle to heal. Conflicting urges to move ahead or stay safe and secures leads to inner tension and stress. Disappointment and delays make it that much harder to focus on the original solar eclipse goals of healing your wounds. It tips the balance of Chiron’s wounding/healing theme to the wounding side.

Solar eclipse sextile Pluto comes to the rescue as it increases your need to succeed. You will feel more determined and purposeful than usual to achieve your goals. Any obsessive or compulsive tendencies you have can actually be harnessed to get a difficult task done. This aspect also gives tremendous healing and recuperative powers which can be used to overcome the negative influence of Jupiter and Saturn.

This aspect also describes the result of your healing process, which is the evolution of your soul. The reduction of pain allows you to soar higher at the spiritual level. A rapid leap in spiritual development can actually cause physical pain as your higher self jumps ahead but leaves your physical body behind. The resulting growing pains will then need to be healing through those methods associated with Chiron.

Jupiter trine Pluto means large-scale growth and transformation due to a staggering increase in power and influence. This is one aspect that can really combat the limiting and depressing influence of Saturn. It compensates for any defeatism or lack of faith, and ensures higher moral and ethical standards. Powerful forces keep you striving ahead, and the wounding/healing balance of Chiron tips back to the healing side.

Uranus square Pluto is behind the solar eclipse, the radical, wide-ranging change over the last five years. The routine and structures in your life may have changed abruptly, requiring flexibility and a broad view to help you adapt. Old structures and routines became outdated, as children arrived, or grown up children left home. Your parents may have needed more care, or have pass away. Whatever the circumstances, they have forced you to evolve, and evolve rapidly.

Saturn trine Uranus is ahead of the solar eclipse, another transition phase in your life over the next year. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly. Change will not be upsetting or erratic as it sometimes can. You will remain calm and patient, planning every step methodically. You may be given more responsibility but also be allowed enough freedom to tackle the work in your own way.

March 2016 Solar Eclipse Summary

The March 8 solar eclipse shows you and your goals for the next six months. Chiron shows a wound in your mind, body or soul; an illness, disease or injury at the physical, psychological or spiritual level. It could be an existing wound from this life or a previous one, or it may come during the eclipse phase. With wounding comes healing, in some cultures there is only one word to describe both.

Jupiter shows how you need to take it easy. Don’t overdo things or take on too much, give yourself the time to heal. Saturn shows the struggle, pain and fear involved. Be patient, self-disciplined and take responsibility. Forgive yourself and others.

Pluto shows your powerful will to succeed and gives recuperative and healing powers. Growing pains come through the healing process or as your spirit leaps ahead of your body. The healing of your wound leads to a spiritual transformation and the evolution of your soul.

Chiron’s golden rule has been broken but it is easy to fix. Treat others like you want to be treated, with respect!

If this eclipse directly impacts your horoscope decan you can read about its effect in your 2016 horoscope and monthly horoscope. For more detail about how it affects your natal chart see Sun Transits.

Previous Moon Phase: Full Moon February 2016
Next Moon Phase: Lunar Eclipse March 2016

Solar Eclipse March 2016 Visibility

Solar Eclipse March 2016 Visibility

Solar Eclipse March 2016 Visibility

Solar Eclipse March 2016 Times and Dates

Los Angeles
New York
March 8 – 5:54 pm
March 8 – 8:54 pm
March 9 – 1:54 am
March 9 – 7:24 am
March 9 – 12:54 pm

133 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse 8 March 2016 Growing Pains

  1. “Solar eclups sq. Saturn”,
    How long will it be felt, the entire 6 months?
    Thx, Coliberi
    *Have a speedy recovery*

  2. My ascendant is 18 degrees 55 minutes Virgo, and my Saturn is 0 degrees Sag (Sun 12 Taurus) so this eclipse is a bullseye on my chart. I’m having trouble seeing my way through this one, so far noticing urges to leave everything behind. But that may be the healing – Chiron on 7th house cusp – not to give in to separateness. Any thoughts anyone?

    • Maybe you need change, Nina? As you said about ‘leaving everything behind.’ Maybe the old is no longer serving you. Keep the hope and faith, you never know what will/could happen in the future. It’s unpredictable and even beyond astrology. Astrology doesn’t have all the answers to our destiny. Where you were born with Saturn in Sag, you will be effected by this transit, as it’s your Saturn Return. It’s a karmic time, as you probably already know? What you can do to help this Karmic Saturn Return transit, is to try to give out as much good karma as you can, to help ease some of the Karmic effects of your Saturn Return. I too am going through my Saturn Return with it being in Sagittarius. Although, I experienced most of the karmic events when it was travelling through my Sun sign Scorpio. I’ve had my fair share of karma! We can’t escape it! Good luck, Nina. Give out good. Embrace the new and unfamiliar, and don’t be afraid of change and exploring a different way of life/career, whatever it might be for you.

        • Hi Nina, you’re welcome. Sometimes life can get so hard. I’ve had quite a difficult life, but many hight points too. The only thing that ever got me through these really hard times, was having hope. And hope worked. It can take time, but things can only get better.

      • Nina, mirecules can & will happen…
        Trust yourself. Take action.
        You will see.
        Best of luck & joy

  3. Great words. I haven’t had the chance to read all of this right now, but will do at a later point. I’ve read parts and the summary. It’s interesting, because I’ve started Yoga lessons recently that are coinciding with this solar eclipse and I think that it will help heal my body. Release energy, open up the chakras, stretch out muscles that get too tight, relax the nerves etc. We all need healing on this earth. Also, I just wanted to mention that on your map, this total solar eclipse is moving past the deepest part of the Ocean, next to Japan. It makes me think of; emotion, hidden depths of the soul, somethings that’s deep rooted – at the deepest parts of the water – literally. There’s something to that.

    • I’ve just finished reading the other parts of this article. It makes me think of the poem titled ‘Pain,’ by Khalil Gibran in his book ‘The Prophet.’ Here’s part of the poem.

      “It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.
      Therefore trust the physician, and drink his remedy in silence and tranquillity:
      For his hand, though heavy and hard, is guided by the tender hand of the Unseen,
      And the cup he brings, though it burn your lips, has been fashioned of the clay which the Potter has moistened with His own sacred tears.”

      The potter makes me think of Chiron. And “the tender hand of the Unseen,” sounds quite spiritual and esoteric. When you look up at the stars tonight. Think about it.

        • Aww, thanks Colibrie. That’s kind of you to say! I feel like I’m stealing the ‘limelight,’ whilst Jamie’s having a few days to heal! Haha 🙂

  4. I was the absolute archetype of the wounded healer and have had to work diligently the fast few years to successfully release a lifetime of emotional wounds. I recently decided this is the year to begin writing, speaking and creating a business model with a focus on spiritual and energetic healing. In regards to Chiron, I think its very interesting (and hopefully highly fortuitous) that I enrolled in a Reiki Healing class earlier today.

    I believe I am in perfect alignment with these energies, and because I’ve done all the grunt work so to speak, it seems as if Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto can actually assist me in creating and manifesting some new goals and in helping me to recreate myself in the image I most desire to be.

    I’m a new student of astrology, but Jupiter is in my 12th House (Gemini), Saturn my 9th (Pisces), and Pluto and Uranus are in my 3rd (Virgo). Totally clueless how it all fits within this New Moon and Eclipse and would welcome any feedback.

    Namaste, peace and healing.

    Anam Cara

  5. Jamie — not sure whether you can sense this: by reading your this article, heavy loads of wounds in my spirit and soul suddenly started to go through a brand-new healing process. Came to your article without knowing much of hope of understanding, as I didn’t know anything about astrology. But within seconds after I was done with it, ‘a bright light lit in the darkness’ and showed me the path that I was unable to see previously. Renewed confidence, renewed hope, renewed spirit… . Also your idea: spirituality combined with practicality. In order for the body syncs with spirit, to serve longer and serve better, serve more, on this earth.
    Virgos are healing the world. Thank you Jamie.

  6. What happened with everyone with the eclipse? My bf broke up with me yesterday!!

    • Know the feeling – The love of my life broke up with me on the Saturday (12th March) 🙁

  7. I have been in bed with a terrible fever for the past two days and today, right at the time of the eclipse my ex-husband, who I have been in the process of breaking up with for the past year walked in and started pushing and shoving and throwing chairs like a maniac. Although it has been painful, I have realized over these days that yet another one of his tentacles has been broken and even though I am really feverish and weak I feel optimistic that I can and i will make it out of this sick relationship, even if it means I have to crawl out. So, yes, wounded healer…. I have five planets in Pisces and my birthday is on the 23rd. He has moon in Pisces. All healing thoughts and prayers are welcome.

  8. Uranus is now at 19Ari18 inconjunct my Sun at 20Vir52, trine my Saturn at 19Sag27 and semi-sextile my Midheaven at 17Pis04. I’ve got my whistle out. It’s making a shrill noise.

  9. I remember this date. It was the culmination of a build-up (attitude-wise) from the 22nd Feb. full moon whence I quit my present job in Spirit while on vacation to attend a faraway family wedding. “See what the next 18+ months brings…”, I smiled inwardly to me. Am a Saggitarius decan 3, 19th Dec. ’72, 0240 hours.

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