Neptune Square Sun Transit

Neptune Square Sun TransitNeptune square Sun transit can be hard to come to terms with initially because it might slowly start to feel like you are losing your way, or at least starting to question what it really is that you want out of life. This is because Neptune in this square aspect tends to eat away at or dissolve your sense of self which can be seen as a weakening of your ego. Neptune tends to creep up on you, so this is a gradual process but at some stage, you will realize that you may not have a much drive or energy as you did a year or so ago.

The result may be an increased level of insecurity or confusion and disappointment in your personal or professional life. This can lead to a reassessment of what is really important to you. There is also a heightened risk during this transit over over-idealizing people or circumstances, for instance imagining that a prospective partner is more genuine than they really are, or expect that any problems will just work themselves out and continuing on a path that may not be right for you.

Deception and treachery are more likely if you let yourself get involved in relationships that seem too good to be true. The same goes for financial matters so it would be wise during this transit not to take big risks or speculate on the stock market, or to gamble for that matter. Any feeling of insecurity will only be made worse by turning to escapism through drugs and alcohol. The weird cosmic aim of this transit is to get you in touch with the real you, without depending on a pile of material possession or fake friends or any other ego-boosting things.

You will find strength by turning inwards and having faith in yourself, and this may involve a religious or spiritual journey of self-discovery. This is a very personal quest in which you will find your own spiritual truths, not those preached to you by a guru or someone who believes they have all the answers. As this transit progresses you will slowly become more secure in yourself, and emerge with a very strong faith and self-belief.

Neptune Square Sun Transit Dates

Sign and DecanFromTo
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 2March 2016February 2021
Gemini & Sagittarius Decan 3April 2020January 2026
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 1March 2025March 2030
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 2May 2029February 2035
Cancer & Capricorn Decan 3July 2033March 2039
Leo & Aquarius Decan 1May 2038February 2044
Leo & Aquarius Decan 2July 2042April 2048
Leo & Aquarius Decan 3June 2047May 2052

71 thoughts on “Neptune Square Sun Transit

  1. Hi Jamie

    Hi my birthday is 03 Dec 1977 born at after 5pm how long will this transit stay with me ?

    Thank you

    • Hi Melanie. You have 5 exact squares between May 2016 to December 2017:

      12 May 2016
      17 Jul 20146 Rx
      03 Mar 2017
      20 Oct 2017 Rx
      25 Dec 2017

      Give or take a few days depending on time and place of birth.

  2. Hi, I was born June 1st 1992 at 11:47am on andrews air force base, Maryland. How long is this transit going to affect me and when will I reap the positive effects of this transit?

    • Wow. I was born June 2nd 1992 at around 10:30 am but very far away from your place. How’s your experience with this transit been like?

  3. Deception and treachery this I have already experienced with friends. not a good experience but managing.
    I am Sag decan 2 born 3 Dec 1977.

    thank you

  4. Hi I was born june 7 1996. This aspect has been affecting me for almost 2 years in my personal relationship .. I’ve experienced dissapoinment after disappointment in love . it been so tough I just want to hide my heart from everyone.I feel as if I’m deserving of love after all the heartache ive expiernced

    • June 7th here as well,
      Exact same relationship situation. Regrettable, yes. It’s been a boot to the neck for sure, but as difficult as it has been, is .. it’s for the best. This isn’t so much the Neptune transit as much as the Saturn transiting our 7th house of relationship.
      Which, good news in that regard, will be leaving in early December. Be warned though, Saturn is making a retro dip back into the 7th currently after a brief exit in March. Sort of a final exam to see if we learned our lesson. Stay strong.

  5. I need serious help, please. This period is just horrible..what is it’s purpose. to lose your ego and all material, human, love and support?

    Transit Neptune (6 th house) square sun in third. I suppose as Neptune takes 164 years to transit our solar system, such a square comes once every 82 years? As it is so often in retrograde the transit can be 2 years or so. ( bn. 10 Dec, 1956, 1:10 am Sydney Australia) . Neptune in 6th some say do humanitarian work?

    • Hi Andrew. It feels worse than just transiting Neptune square your Sun because of Jupiter square Neptune (test of faith). That climaxed on September 21 but transiting Jupiter was on your Sun October 3 which amplified everything. You are through the worst of it now.

  6. Hi I’m Mella, born Dec. 5. Is the transits in decan 2 already over or not? cuz 2018-2019 is the worst year so I hope in 2020 will be a good year for me.

  7. Hi I m farooq Ahmad born 11 June 1988 I want to know about that i have an important interview which will be on 14 april 2020 . Is 14th April for me a lucky day or it bring bad luck
    My email address is
    Please reply me

  8. I have neptune squaring my sun at the moment and I feel exhausted and very depressed!! I wonder how long this transit will last 😕 I know it might be quite a long one.

  9. I have transits… Neptune (6th) square sun( 3rd) , Saturn( 4th) Square Neptune (1st) , and Chiron (6th) Square midheaven.
    Hell in career, and life. ( Bn. 1am, 10 Dec, 1956, Sydney , Australia). Help, or tell me where I can find it. Will pay for help.

    • Hi Andrew. Lots of our careers have been hit hard by the pandemic. You especially because of that heavy Neptune influence. But the Saturn transit is waning and your outlook is very good. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in late December 2020 in trine your Jupiter. That is a much stronger and longer-lasting influence than the other transits. See my readings page for more options.

  10. Welp, I was drawn to this article today, checked an ephemeris, and by golly today Neptune is square to my natal sun exact to the degree ON THIS VERY DAY.

    Working on a complete transition into a whole new vision of how I see myself and my place in the world. Maybe some of the persistant obstacles will finally disolve.


    Incidentally, my sun is exact opposite Donald Trump’s sun, which means he’s also getting an exact square transit today. I saw he was in the news for some long winded wedding toast..

  11. My god, I just found this today, I was born 14 June 1973, does that really mean I have another 4.5 years of this shit to look forward to?! I was hoping relationship bootcamp and self doubt were almost over 🙁

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