Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Pluto Conjunct Ascendant Transit

Pluto conjunct Ascendant transit can represent a couple of years of intense soul-searching. Like other transits to the Ascendant, relationships may be affected, but the main focus is on you. Close Richard Nixon had Pluto on his Ascendant between 1965-67.

For him these were years of introspection. He had lost the 1960 presidential election to JFK, and after campaigning for colleagues in 1966 he took off for an extended holiday to South America and the Middle East in 1967. “Toward the end of 1967, Nixon was experiencing a crisis of indecision about whether to run for president the following year. He consulted with long-time friend the Reverend Billy Graham, who urged him to run. He later held a dinner at his home with friends and all except his wife supported a presidential bid”. He went on to win the 1968 presidential election.

Margaret Thatcher had Pluto on her Ascendant from 1989-90. The Iron Lady had already ruled Britain as prime minister for a decade and her combative personality ruthless disregard for the opinions of her colleagues was wearing thin inside her own party and with the electorate. In November 1990 her deputy resigned, and the next day she was challenged by Michael Heseltine. Thatcher narrowly won the first ballot, and stated she “intended to “fight on and fight to win” the second ballot, but consultation with her Cabinet persuaded her to withdraw. After seeing the Queen, calling other world leaders, and making one final Commons speech, she left Downing Street in tears. She regarded her ousting as a betrayal.”

Celebrities who have more recently experienced this transit include Nicholas Cage (2006) who decided it was time get out of movies and try something different, stating “I feel I’ve made a lot of movies already and I want to start exploring other opportunities that I can apply myself to, whether it’s writing or other interests that I may develop”. He was back on the big screen in 2008. Jamie Lee Curtis also had Pluto on her Ascendant in 2006 and told Access Hollywood that she had “closed the book on her acting career to focus on her family”. She returned to the big screen the next year. Prince William experienced this transit in 2007 when it was announced he had split with girlfriend Kate Middleton, yet he was seen with her in public a number of times in 2007 after that announcement, including on a holiday to the Seychelles.

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  1. Ed_Gemini says:


    thank you for the article!

    my daughter’s going through this transit right now….and it is only 2 degrees away from a pluto trine natal sun as well. I’m hoping it’s a pleasant experience for her but in light of our financial situation, all I can do for her is to give her all the love and support. she’s only 12 going on 13 in april, and she’ll have her saturn opposition soon as well!

  2. Jamie says:

    Hi Ed, my eldest was born with Pluto just in the 1st house. Then it went retrograde into the 12th house then forward over the Ascendant again. I was really worried back then and it was an intense time. For children, natal Pluto on the AC can mean a close relationship with one of the grandmothers, which may cause problems with the other side of the family. Will be interesting to see if you see this with your daughters transit.

    My Saturn is 24 Aries so later this year should be interesting for me, I also have Mercury and Venus at 24 Libra!

    • Ed_Gemini says:


      my daughter’s natal pluto is right on the 12th house cusp (in Equal house system, 11th house in Placidus) in Sagittarius.

      one good thing I see (at least I think it will be good since it was a great transit for me) is that her Part of fortune is in the first house and Pluto will conjunct it in 2021. when Pluto conjuncted my part of fortune when I was a teenager, we moved from Asia to America and our standard of living increased, our futures went from very dim to bright! hopefully, it will have the same effect for her.

      right now though, my daughter is going through a lot of worries. due to our financial situation, I had to cut back a lot of expenditures and it is worrying her a lot including the possibility of losing our house….she has told me all about her worries and it is affecting her studies. as I’ve said, all I can do is give her the love and support while not being able to promise that everything will be alright.

      as far as the grandmother possibility, one of her grandmother (my wife’s mother) will be emigrating from Asia to america. we just don’t know if she wants to move in with us, or if she’ll move in with her sister in the east coast of US. something to keep an eye on…she has never seen the kids and I’m sure it’ll be a good event when she does finally meet the kids.

      • Ed_Gemini says:

        I think I should add an event that my daughter experienced in school. a boy in school directed a racial slur at her – called her a “rice-eater” (in a derogatory way) and when she wrote up a complaint (a requirement of the school in reporting bullying incidents) the boy tried to reverse the situation by saying that she called him the “n” word….well, there were witnesses that my daughter did nothing of the sort and that he’s the one who used the racial slur.

        I’ve read somewhere that Pluto transiting ascendant brings bullies into ones life and that one is going to be forced to either stand up for themselves or be rolled over by bullies.

        it’s happening to both my kids this school year.

        • Jamie says:

          Pluto on the AC could definitely be associated with bullying. I expect that this would toughen her up, make her stronger so that it doesn’t affect her so much in the future. Pluto should make her stand up for her rights more and not accept abuse.

          • Ed_Gemini says:

            “Pluto should make her stand up for her rights more and not accept abuse.”

            that is good to hear. to see my kids find their own strengths due to their pluto transit would be a good transit in my book. bullying will always be there, at any place or school – there will always be bullies…I believe it’s how kids react to them is the key.

            that goes the same for racial prejudices. I have traveled half the world and I can definitely say that racial prejudices exist in any country, any race, and any culture. I have been subjected to many instances of it, not just here in the US but in many of the countries I’ve been to (this is while Pluto was transiting my 9th house, and neptune is in my 9th house, conjunct my part of fortune by 5 degrees, sextile my stellium of pluto, jupiter, and uranus).

            that was a time where I saw that racism does not come from any “superiority complex” within an individual, but it comes from fear and ignorance of an individual…those who are racist are simply afraid that a person of another race might be better than they are, which they aren’t (which is the ignorance part of the equation). racism is more of an inferiority complex than the other way around. since I’ve been reading about astrology, I now view this as the result of Pluto transforming my beliefs (9th house) after a series of ugly experiences (racism). I just don’t want my kids to be “beaten” by it…hoping that, as you’ve stated, they will find the strength to overcome all of it.

  3. Vallin says:

    Pluto transited my ascendant actually at the first height of my musical career 1987-1989. I have a Neptune, ASC, Venus, Mercury stellium from 11 d/g’s to 15 d/g’s SCO, and Pluto sextiled itself (10 d/g’s VIR natal) at this time. Circumstances changed rapidly after late 1989-1991 as Pluto reached my natal Mercury. I was “forced” to pursue my main ambition which actually led to my first long-term romance when Pluto conjuncted my Sun in 1994.

    • Jamie says:

      Excellent feedback, just read the description of your style. Marina is going to looove that!

    • Ed_Gemini says:

      don’t know if this is a coincidence but both my kids are in the school marching band and both have neptune in the first house…with pluto about to enter their first house maybe being interested in music is the effect for both of them.

      what’s also amazing is that since I can not afford to rent their instruments from a music store that the school uses, the band teacher made a deal with me to rent instruments directly from the school at a VERY affordable price in order to allow my kids to continue participating in the school band which they are excelling in!

      just one of the good occurrences the kids are experiencing in troubling times.

  4. Jamie says:

    Neptune is also charity and empathy. Good to hear! My kids all love music too, our school does have affordable instrument hire, I think it’s only $30 a term. But they do encourage parents who can afford it to buy their kids an instrument so there is more to go around.

    • Ed_Gemini says:

      “Neptune is also charity and empathy. ”

      learning something new every day. thanks Jamie!

      the school my kids go to only have spare instruments to be used just in case they have a performance and a band members instrument breaks or for whatever reason can’t be used. my kids’ band teacher was kind enough to take a risk and allow me to rent the spares for $25 for the whole year. if I have to rent from the music store, it would be $30 per month for each instrument which I simply can’t afford right now….that would literally take food off of our table!

  5. Jackie says:

    Interesting comments. My asc is 6 degree cap exactly trining my natal pluto in the 8th.
    WOW!!!! Bullying. I went through an experience that rocked my world. My boss, a Christian fundamentalist tried to convert me with no success then tried to fire me with all his might. He was in a tenured system for many years and bullied his bosses. He watched every move I made and documented every breathing living second of my time at work. He was a nut. Eventually through inner strength that I had to build and find, I started to fight back. He was demoted after two years of this battle. However, it was a living hell experience, even for his superiors.
    Things I learned – 99.9% of people are cowards. Everyone quivered near him but knew what he was doing was wrong. Cowards are not friends. My boss manipulated people through fear and had the power to fire and always hung that over there heads. He always had to target someone.

    Now that he’s gone and I went through the first hit of the transit, I realize to only depend on myself for strength. I have learned to meditate and seek answers from within. Thank you pluto!

    • Jamie says:

      Definitely WOW!!! Excellent story Jackie, sounds like you really are finding your power. Glad the nutso felt the ruthless side of your power.

  6. tom fox says:

    Yes, good for you ,Jackie ,and you will be tested .know they self !

    i not only born with it on Asc but have lived on the pluto Asc astrocaragraphy line. The placement does seem to stir up confrontations . Seems that i’ve tried various transformational methods …. techniques or even drugs, sacred chants etc. I was the joker and trouble maker at a catholic poracial school and some nun’s kicked my butt , emotional abuse ,sometimes it felt like piscean age enslavement .Later , i grew my hair long and became the radical who challenged alot. Now im wiser yet well informed but am tired of arguing etc.

    i’ve been learning not to stir up hornets nest , so much , or looking at ways how to rephrase it in a more balanced way.

    • Maureen Phillips says:

      Very interesting post Tom, I have pluto pretty close to my ascendent natally and your sharing of your experiences, have been pretty similar to my life time experiences, kinda cool to see it’s not just me lol transformation has been a huge key word in my life, and confrontation as well. lol

  7. rebecca says:

    greetings to all. this is very helpful and informative. pluto is about to conjunct my ascendant for the last time. it’s going to be a doozy, within a degree for all of july, august, september (stationary/direct on a 5 degree capricorn asc.), october and november. wow. am looking forward to the experience.

    • Lulu says:

      I love the Zombie graphic! I will be looking forward to hearing more experiences as I have ASC at 9 Cap so 2012 is my year of zombies!

      I’ve just watched my Mum (1 Cap) and best friend (3 Cap) go through this and my observation is a lot of seemingly unwarranted fears (financial and emotional) that force some major delving on sub conscious level, plus in the case of my friend an outward physical transformation created through her newly found devotion to yoga in the last 2 years… my mum also let her hair go white after dying it black for her whole life – a dramatic change!

  8. ELD says:

    I have 9 degrees Capricorn rising square 9th Libra Pluto. Saturn has been conjunct natal Pluto square my Asc. WHile Pluto made it to 7 degrees Capricorn before going Rx, I am positive I have strongly felt it’s presence heavily in my existence…And it’s NO joke. I have become very aware of mere functions like my breath and posture like never before! The tension has been unreal. It’s strong energy makes ‘exploding’ from the pressures really easy. Much of these tensions come from my relationships with the patient’s I manage home hospice care for. It’s been unreal. I keep getting the hostile and very angry family members or patients who are steaming pissed at ‘God’, nothing makes many happy, and frankly I have learned not to try or exhust my energies(Pisces Sun/Mercury, Neptune 12th, Chiron IC/SN, Aquarius Moon 1st) or sacrifice my self. God forbid one tell the ‘truth’ yet that is liberation. There’s just been so much grief around me…SO much perceived suffering. The fear is not ‘just’yet I keep attracting this? I highly doubt I will be in this line of ‘service’ once Saturn reaches my late Libra MC opposite Aries Venus-Chiron. Something more meaniful is around the corner…Pluto get out of the 12th already!

    I’m tired of all the racism too! I’m “white” but have “black” children who have been rejected by family and while I love unconditionally, I’m getting real tired of people I am around (family, patients, etc)expressing all the hatred within. Telling me how the “niggers and wetbacks” have ruined America when I am trying to get your high ass blood pressure is so mean! Of course, you can’t understand how “God” has allowed you to suffer. No one deserves any of this, but painfully I have come to learn I can’t change folks, nor can I forgive or love if they don’t from within. I can merely just be there, yet harder said than done in reality, with Capricorn Asc 7th Saturn. Well, that’s my 9th natal Pluto, now transit Asc story, so far that is. It is a hard but worth it time in space.

  9. Knar says:

    Thanks for this artical

    I’m waiting to see what happen when Pluto conjuncts Asc.
    My Asc. is in 8′ 35″ Capricorn that pluto will move on it asap. My chart, the pluto is placed on 9th house in libra 9’38” that may square each other aswell I dont know what will effect my life hopefully positive moment because the 9th house 5 stars on it – Pluto,Mercury in Libra :Mars , moon , the sun in Virgo

    I am beginner of astrology so I wanna read from you :-))

    Right now i really have hard time i used to have oppotunity to go around ,money to live, new apt.
    But it seems like i am falling from heaven until now and i feel so depressed with no job, no income , hopeless.. I just hope when Pluto move to Asc. Completely something may change

  10. Silvija says:

    Pluto is conjunct my asc 9’19” right now. It will be conjuncting my north node eventually at 22’14”. Pluto is also sextiling my saturn in scorpio8’49” and making a trine to transiting jupiter. Natally my pluto is 23’6″, neptune 25’30” in libra and sun 23’14” in pisces.

    I have tried everything that I could to find a full time job for 3 years since the econonmic downfall. I’ve wasted my money ($5000) and time (6months)on school for medical coding, a scam as no one will hire you without 1 year of experience even as a volunteer.
    So now I am back in school getting my prerequisites to pursue a masters in occupational therapy(OT). I am hoping so much that I will be accepted in this fall term as it is a 2 1/2 year program full time. But once I get my license, I will always have work and security for my older years coming up (I will be 58 3/14). What brought me to this path was my passion for horticultural therapy(HT). At this HT conference a woman well known in the field told me that the way to go was in OT as it will be another 10 years at least before HT will become a licensed practice and that I can use HT as an OT. So that is my goal now as well as finding a more rewarding way of sustaining myself thru a career that I can incorporate art and gardening, both of which I love as I am an artist and a master gardener. i have been a scenic artist for almost 20 years, however, since the economic downfall, there has been very little work and not much work for me as a gardener in the field either because my experience doesn’t matter to these people in this area. ( I grew up here but lived in Baltimore for almost 20 years where I was established without a Bachelors degree, whereas in the Chicago area without a Bachelors, even though I have over 15 years of experience, they won’t even look at me.)

    So my concern is Pluto on my asc and what it may entail for me in the coming future in regard to this path I have chosen. what do you think?

  11. libra6603 says:

    Very interesting comment here. I’am having Pluto Trine Ascendant right now.(not exact yet) So far I notice that people just respect me more…

    When will u write about Pluto Trine Ascendant Jamie? :)
    It’s a great site,respect.

    • Jamie says:

      yes i will get to all the transits, just taking a little longer than I expected. Thanks for the compliment!

  12. lunashining says:

    This Pluto/AC transit is very curious to me. I have to admit, I’m not looking forward to this as I have a few things going on all at once.

    Pluto is 1 degree from conjuncting the AC. Saturn is one degree from conjuncting the MC. Natal Pluto opposes natal Mars in which both square the AC

    Can anyone fit the pieces together?

    • Jamie says:

      Saturn sextile Pluto will make this so much more beneficial for you. It’s in one degree orb from January to March 2013, (10-11 degrees Sco-Cap), then September 2013 (8-9 Sco-Cap) I will write up this transit before it happens. I think we can make some very substantial long-term achievements from it. I’m having tr Pluto trine natal Moon, with tr Saturn sextile natal Moon. So thinking about moving to a nicer, bigger home for the family is one manifestation I’m dreaming up.

  13. lunashining says:

    Thank you for your response, Jaimie. I’m hoping for a sextile between saturn and pluto, if this will be beneficial in any way. All I am seeing is a couple squares and an opposition involving the MC and AC, ALL AT ONCE! These powerful plants: pluto, mars and saturn, I feel they are not going to throw me a happy party, if you know what I mean.

    This saturn sextile, will happen January-March 2013? I really should have you do a birth chart interpretation. Do you do those, or your wife? I’d love feedback this transit and on my 2 fire kites in a grand air trine.

    Nice planning ahead for a bigger and nicer home for your family. Power to manifestation and of course, your wonderful work!
    Thank you!

  14. Rocío Incera says:

    I have to set my ground. I´ve worked a lot now. I don´t know what to do neither feel sure within. The only thing I can do now is to deep breathing my inner crustacean -ASC- in order to go out of my crust. It has always been so! I have simple and raw fear for others, I don´t really like the way they act. I hope I find my strength I do have many responsabilities.

    Thankyou Jamie!

    There are times when I read, and others when what is read incarnate on myself! Significant learning, I guess!

    Marina? Still up there?

  15. Dawn says:

    Hi Jamie, Not used to you and Marina on two different sites! But Googled Pluto conj. Sun and ended up here! Glad I did! So I have a progressed Sun in Capricorn and Pluto is at 11 degrees in my progressed 12th. It will conj my progressed Sun at 19 degrees. Not sure how long this transit will take or what it will mean for me. Natally though, I have Pluto on my MC. Could it mean blows to my ego in the work place? I have been experiencing this off and on now for weeks. Should I get out now?

    Congratulations too Jaime on your new website!! Will visit more often!

  16. Ruby says:

    Pluto is in exact opposition to my ascendant NOW and crossing over from the 6th to the 7th house while it’s at it. Almost died last few years but now I’m out of the woods and wondering wft now? ;) Any chance for comment on that aspect? Especially since it’s right there with this Uranus square crunch?? Heeeelp? ;)

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